This photograph is copyright © 2012 by Shinji Salmoiraghi


This photograph is copyright © 2012 by Shinji Salmoiraghi
This photograph is copyright © 2012 by Shinji Salmoiraghi
The Hilo Photo Club
is based on the Big Island of
Hawai‘i on the Hilo side. It
has been meeting monthly
since 1978. Our members
have a common interest in
photography and in sharing
their craft/profession/hobby
with others. Skills range from
novice to professional. We
currently have around 70
members from all parts of the
Big Island. We have a mentor
program. We welcome photographers who are visiting the
The Club holds a meeting
every month in Hilo on the
third Wednesday of the month
at 7 p.m. at the Kamana Senior
Center at 127 Kamana Street.
We often have demonstrations, presentations and
slide shows (now mostly
digital) from members or
invited guests and visiting
photographers, in-club photo
contests and exhibits,
discussions about upcoming
exhibitions, photographic
technique, technology,
equipment, digital manipulation - you name it.
Newsletter Editor is
Tom Whitney.
[email protected]
This photograph is copyright © 2012 by Shinji Salmoiraghi
Shinji Salmoiraghi was born in Wainaku on
Ohai St. At age nine he moved to Oahu with
his family. Exposure to photography came at
a young age and he quickly developed a love
of seeing the world through different lenses.
He graduated from UH Manoa where he
majored in Geography. Learning about the
world exposed him to the prevalence and
severity of conflict on the planet. This
motivated him to minor in Conflict Resolution
and pursue a graduate certificate in Mediation.
With a dedication to working toward world
peace, Shinji went on to pursue degrees in
education and counseling. He returned to his
hometown of Hilo in 2007 to escape the Oahu
rat race and build his house.
A self described introvert, yogi, surfer,
fledgling renaissance man and part time
dharma bum, he views photography as a
“practice” and a “lifestyle”, akin to having a
commitment to a spiritual path. Photography
is a way of connecting with people and places.
“It helps me to get out of my shell, see the
world, and engage with others” he says.
Shinji will be presenting on “Photographing
People” at the Hilo Photography Club. He
will draw upon a diverse body of work of
various people in the world including Africa,
Asia, Polynesia and America.
This photograph is copyright © 2012 by Shinji Salmoiraghi
David Dow will give a slide talk “Birds of Midway Atoll” at the January 16 meeting. One of David’s photographs is
featured on the poster for the Photo Expo this year.
Here are David’s words: “I've just returned from my 4th trip to Midway Atoll, a wildlife refuge that is home to the
largest nesting colonies of Laysan and black-footed albatrosses in the world. I‘ve spent a total of five months volunteering
with the US Fish and Wildlife Service on the Atoll and photographing these magnificent birds and the many other seabirds
such as frigatebirds, boobies and tropicbirds that nest on these islands. Living in the midst of such a large congregation
of birds has provided opportunities to photograph birds up close and in flight that are not often available.”
“Black-footed Albatross - Midway Atoll” © 2012 by David Dow
Poster by Tom Whitney • Sharks by Leila Pihana
This photograph of an ‘Apapane at Hawa‘i
Vocanoes National Park. is one of Christina’s
fine bird photographs that was my favorite.
- Tom Whitney
Copyright © 2012 by Christina Helilker
Copyright © 2012 by Christina Helilker
Copyright © 2012 by Christina Helilker
Copyright © 2012 by Christina Helilker
Our annual holiday gathering was fun. We saw the show that Noel prepared with nice photographs taken by members
at the various Outings we have experienced in the past year, ate some good food and the settled in to the Yankee Swap.
George Jensen was the Master or Ceremonies, as usual, and it was run his way, contrary to the rules published in last
month’s issue that generated some hot emails. So hot that Robbyn sent me an email of condolences. When I told my
sister in Vermont about the minor controversy, she, speaking from a true Yankee state, said she found it “interesting
that you state the rules so clearly. I look forward to the arguments over the rules each time, since we say that the hosts
of the party can make the rules, and being Whitneys, we never agree the first time around.”
The way it works, According to George, is that when your number is called, you go up, pick a likely looking wrapped
gift, unwrap it and show it as George is doing with his gift in photo 1. If you want to keep it, fine, or you can walk around
the room and trade it for something you do want. In photo 2 Eric is holding up some cooking device he did not want
that ended up in Chris’s hands in photo 3. Also in photo 3 you see Eric holding George’s painting. Also in photo #3
unsuspecting Mary is wearing happily wearing a vest of many pockets she had traded for.
In photo 4 Chris has unwrapped a frog with a little light inside. In photo 5 Linda has unwrapped a gift that was from
a previous Yankee Swap, which is allowable and encouraged. In photo 6 Jenn is examining a glass bauble with a critical
eye. Tom is showing off his hard hat in photo 7 which was later given to someone who wanted it for wear during lava
tube explorations. In photo 8, George and photo 9 Sudha examine their choices.
In photo 10 unsuspecting Mary, who was robbed of her jacket with many pockets during the first round, in the second
round was able to go up and pick another wrapped item. By coincidence, that item was also a vest with many pockets
similar to the one she had wanted before. And in the last photo in the series Steve is laughing - about something he has
just unwrapped.
We have to thank Doug Halsted for taking and sharing the many humorous photos from the event, including the group
photo below.
- Tom Whitney
“The one thing I've always known is that the camera lies.”-Cindy Sherman
Cindy Sherman is widely considered the most preeminent and influential artist of postmodern photography in the world.
She has created one of the most distinctive and influential bodies of work in contemporary art.
Last spring, Patrick and I were delighted to be at the MOMA for her exhibition titled “Cindy Sherman.”. It was a major
survey of her 35-year career, showcasing over 170 photographs from the mid-1970s to the present, investigating the
construction of Shermanís artistic identity. It included the "Untitled Film Stills" (1977-80), 70 black-and-white photographs
of Sherman in common female movie roles influenced by 1950s and '60s Hollywood and European art house films. All
12 of her controversial Art Forum magazine-commissioned centerfolds (1981), selections from her major series works:
"Fairy Tale/ Mythology" (1985), "History Portraits" (1988-90), "Sex Pictures" (1992), "Head Shots" (2000), "Clowns"
(2002-04), "Fashion" (1983- 84, 1993-94, 2007-08), and "Society Portraits" (2008).
To create her photographs, Sherman assumes multiple roles of photographer, model, makeup artist, hairdresser and
stylist. Working alone in her studio, she photographs herself with wigs, costumes, makeup, prosthetics and props, she
alters her face, physique and surroundings to create a variety of tableaux, from screen siren to clown to aging socialite.
She sustains a provocative investigation into the nature of identity, drawn from movies, television, books, magazines
and Internet and art history.
The most fascinating aspect of her photographs is in how much story they tell in a single image and how much they
inspire a story in the viewer's imagination that continues outside the frame. While all of Sherman's major periods are
represented in the show, one of the most affecting series is the "Society Portraits" created for this exhibition, large images
of mature, privileged women of a certain class and their struggles as they age in a youth-oriented society. At first they
seem satirical, but they convey intense pathos.
Even though Sherman is the model in the photographs, she disappears into her characters and settings. They are
evocative, memorable images and have a haunting familiarity. She blurs the line between fiction and nonfiction.
Photography gives her leeway to play with stereotypes, and the power of her images derives as much from exaggeration
as facts. She reminds us that we all do very strange things to present ourselves to the world. Sherman is inventive,
consistent, and frames incredible compositions, but it is the layers
of questions she asks and refuses to answer in them that are captivating.
Her work is narrative, but she is just illustrating the stories. They
are all untitled and numbered in sequence. It forces the viewers to
engage with the images unencumbered with pre-judgment or
unintended direction and in New Jersey in 1954, beginning her artistic
work as a painter. She now lives and works in New York.
- Sudha Achar, MD
You can visit the exhibition by going to this web site:
Adopt-A-Room Project Details
The Hilo Medical Center is receptive to club members who would be interested in donating images to hang in their
newly refurbished rooms. Steve Godszak is coordinating this for our club. This project is different than the group of
photographs that will soon be hung in the lobbies that are shown in the accompanying article. The addition of art really
enhances the rooms as can be seen in these photos. Steve said he feels that having our photographs on the hospital walls
contributes to the increwasing the quality of ife in the Hilo region.
The hospital will do the mounting, framing, and hanging. Over time, the images will be rotated within the unit consisting
of 32 rooms. Forty-six (46) images are needed to outfit the 32 rooms. Members can donate their images and get a receipt
from the Foundation which is a 501(c)3. You will need to affix the value.
The details for submittal are: images are to be Ohana friendly with Hilo and East Hawai‘i being the first subject choice
followed by Big Island and lastly by other islands. All printed images are 18”x24” in landscape format. The title and
artist name may be embedded in the image either as a title plate or watermark such as the examples in these photos.
Donations may be made from now through January 2013.
You may send thumbnails to Daniel Krause at [email protected] for approval/acceptance prior to printing
so you don’t waste the cost for printing when it never gets hung.
Also, Robbyn Peck at the Hilo Fine Art Center <[email protected]>has said she will give a 10% discount on
the 18x24” prints for the Adopt-A-Room renovation.
Please feel free to call Steve Godzsak (969-1035) or email him at ([email protected]) with questions or your
wish to help.
The January Photo Outing will be
on Saturday, January 12, 2013.
We will be going into Waipio Valley
as well as Waipio Beach.
There will be many things to photograph waterfalls, reflections,
the black sand beach, wild horses,
(as wild as they get in Hawaii anyway)
exceptional views and coastal scenics.
We will meet at the Wailoa Art Center
in Hilo at 1 p.m.
I will send out a " what to bring list "
as we get nearer the date of departure.
4- wheel drives are required
for this outing.
Please let me know asap if you are
planning to join us so we can plan accordingly.
Thank you to those of you
who have let me know in advance.
Also, we will leave as close to
1 p.m. as possible:
it's not fair for those who come early or
on time to have to wait for others.
Any questions, or to let me
know in advance:
[email protected]
808 345-7179
Mahalo, Robert
Copyright © 2012 by Tom Whitney
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This shows my great friend Kimo Pihana cutting the turkey for the 2012/13 New Year’s Eve feast at his house.
In the background is a nice woman named Adah Glasser who has her arm around Kimo’s wife Leila. On the
wall in the background is my collage with about 80 pictures showing the history of Kimo’s life – a cornucopia
of experiences out of which flows a cornucopia of absolutely delicious food that Leila and Kimo prepared.
The red lei is around a picture of Leila’s parents. The photo above that is a grouping of Leila’s Aunties in
- Tom Whitney
Copyright © 2012 by Tom Whitney & Kimo Pihana

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