Winter-Spring 2014 - Holy Child Academy



Winter-Spring 2014 - Holy Child Academy
The Herald
A Newsletter for Parents,
Alumni/ae & Friends
of Holy Child Academy
Winter-Spring 2014 - Vol. 7 - No. 1
for Sandy
Holy Child Academy collaborated with
Drexel Hill Middle School to present
a “Concert for Sandy” in April 2013
at St. Dorothy Church. Holy Child
Academy’s handbell and vocal choirs
performed with the Drexel Hill Middle
School choir and St. Dorothy’s adult
and children’s choirs.
While the concert was free and open
to the public, donations were accepted
at the door for victims of Super Storm
Sandy. Also, attendees were invited to
write spiritual messages or prayers for
families impacted by the Sandy Hook
Elementary School shootings. These
messages were used to create a spiritual bouquet that was sent to Sandy
Hook families.
Proof of Success:
Holy Child Academy Eighth Graders
Expand Their Geometry Expertise
Every Tuesday morning a group of Eighth Grade students at Holy Child Academy prove
they are prepared for the challenge of solving geometry problems.
(continued on page 13)
Tackling Tenth Grade math is not the norm for most Eighth Graders, but Holy Child
students Joseph Brenner, Charles “Chick” Hallinan, Dylan Robak, Norah Sanoury,
and Rudy Shiller participate in a geometry enrichment class each week. This enrichment
work is in addition to the geometry lessons that Mrs. Maureen Cameron teaches them daily.
The setting for the class also is unique because the teacher, Mr. Ethan Levine, isn’t
physically in the room with them. Levine, a high school math teacher at Archmere Academy
in Claymont, Delaware, works with the students via Skype video chat technology. The classes
are held in the computer lab, and Mrs. Maureen Cameron sets up the Skype session which
requires a projection screen, webcam, and microphone.
“Offering geometry to the advanced Eighth Grade math class is a first for HCA,” said
Anita Coll, head of school. “We are very proud of these students whose tenacity and
intellectual curiosity have brought them to this high level.”
2012-20 NOR REPORT
n page
Levine has given the students problems commonly used in honors geometry classes with
advanced freshmen and sophomores at Archmere Academy. “I pick fun problems and
expose them to some of the off-the-beaten path topics in geometry,” he said. “I’m trying
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Join Us for
Summer CamP
Where Summer
is Fun Again!
June 9 - August 8
Ages 4 - 12, Programs include:
• swimming • science • art • laser tag
• sports • teambuilding activities • yoga
• cooking, and much more!
Ages 2 and 3
Learn about our exciting Summer Camp
programs on Thursday, April 24 from
6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. or Thursday, June 5
from 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Both sessions
will be held in the HCA Multi-Purpose Room.
For more information,
contact Christine McLaughlin
at 610.259.2712.
Holy Child Academy is an independent, Catholic, co-educational,
elementary school for students in Nursery School through Eighth
Grade. It is sponsored by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus and is a
member of the Network of Holy Child Schools.
Holy Child Academy is accredited bu the Assembly of Middle States
Association of Colleges and Schools and is a member of the National
Association of Independent Schools (NAIS); the Pennsylvania
Association of Independent Schools (PAIS); Educational Records
Bureau (ERB) and the Association of Delaware Valley Independent
Schools (ADVIS).
Holy Child Academy has an institutional commitment to the principles
of diversity. In that spirit, we do not discriminate on the basis of
race, religion, creed, color, gender, national origin, or any other
New Organic Garden Offers
Hands-On Learning Opportunity
for HCA Students
Planting season is quickly approaching,
and the students and staff at Holy Child
Academy (HCA) are looking forward
to growing their first crop of fresh fruits
and vegetables in the new organic garden beds that were installed last fall.
Chantell Reagan, mother of Third
Grader Zachary Reagan, proposed
the idea to principal Anne Wood and
head of school Anita Coll in the spring
of 2013. Both agreed to create the
garden because it would offer students
an experiential educational opportunity.
In October 2013, several HCA students
and their parents volunteered to installed fence posts around the garden.
A few weeks later, Chantell’s brother,
Gene Sell, a master carpenter and
owner of Bethlehem Woodworking
and Restoration, generously donated
the supplies and his expertise to build
the three garden beds, located near
the playground area.
In addition, Gary St. Cyr, Fourth Grade
homeroom and science teacher, coordinated a composting project with Drexel
Hill resident Chris Pieretti of Kitchen
Harvest to create organic seed-starting
soil for the garden. Kitchen Harvest is
a local food and yard waste collection
service and compost producer, and they
also offer seedlings and garden design
and maintenance.
Several HCA families participated in
this composting effort which will result
in what Pieretti calls “the best fertilizer
on earth.” He describes composting as
“waste turned into wonder.”
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(continued from page 1)
Holy Child Academy Eighth Graders
Expand Their Geometry Expertise
to mirror their curriculum and give them problems that are related
to what is going on in their class.”
The students agree that the enrichment classes will help them in
high school.
In addition, Levine has presented more advanced problems to the
Eighth Graders. “We’ve done problems that have hinted at some
calculus ideas that they won’t see formally until probably their
senior year of high school,” he said. “They’re putting in a lot of
effort, and it’s nice to see them so excited about it.”
“It’s a great experience because it gives you a chance to learn
with a high school teacher and you get a feel for high school,”
James said. “High school teachers and grade school teachers are
different in the way they teach. It shows you how you high school
teachers teach.”
Levine has been impressed with the students’ perseverance.
“We do a lot of problems where it takes a full half hour to get a
solution,” Levine added. “They won’t rest until they figure it out.”
“It feels good that before high school we’re already learning high
school math,” Rudy added. “We’ll get a big jumpstart over most
people who will be just starting in algebra.”
The students have been enjoying the geometry enrichment classes
and the challenge of learning different ways to solve the problems.
Chick said this enrichment opportunity has helped him feel more
prepared for high school. “I think it gives us an advantage because
we need to think hard to solve the problems,” he added. “Sometimes they’re not always that easy, and the solutions aren’t there
right away. I think that will help us, not just in math class, but when
we’re taking a test and don’t know the answer.”
“If you keep working at the questions, you’ll eventually get them,”
Dylan said. “They’re not impossible. You just have to keep trying
and eventually you’ll get it.”
“You feel really good when you finally solve them,” added Chick,
who is interested in a career in engineering. “It’s fun proving stuff.”
Rudy, who is also considering an engineering career, finds the
problems interesting and challenging. “They’re not everyday
problems that you have to work on,” he said. “I like the proofs
we do because you have to use something you already know
to figure out different ways to solve a problem.”
Norah said the enrichment classes have helped build her confidence. “I like doing harder things because it challenges my
skills, and it helps me to excel and go past my limits,” she said.
“I feel great that I’ve gotten this far.”
Norah also appreciates gaining experience with high school level
math. “The problems are hard, but I like that because it makes me
think more and it shows me how hard a high school geometry class
would be,” she said. “I think it’s going to help me a lot.”
Cameron has been impressed with the students’ performance in
the enrichment sessions. “Each of these students has a terrific work
ethic,” she said. “They enjoy being challenged and challenging
one another.
“It would be easy to see this as extra work, but for these students
it’s an opportunity to expand their learning. What better way to
prepare them for high school and beyond.”
Levine knows the skills the Holy Child students are learning now will
serve them well in high school. “I think it’s really good, especially in
math, to get used to higher level thinking skills as early as you can,”
he said. “We can do non-routine problem-solving where they have
to think outside the box. They’ll be much better prepared to be
good thinkers and good mathematical reasoners.”
“I think it’s really good, especially in math, to get used to
higher level thinking skills as early as you can,” Levine said.
“We can do non-routine problem-solving where they have
to think outside the box. They’ll be much better prepared to
be good thinkers and good mathematical reasoners.”
Go, Dragons!!
and Field
HCA’s track and field team had
two individuals and one relay
team qualify to compete at the
Archdiocesan Championship.
The top eight individuals and
top six relay teams in each event at the Area D meet moved on to
the Archdiocesan Championship which is open to all 170 schools with
track teams.
HCA’s Novice Girls’ 4x200 relay team of Sarah McGrath ’16,
Grace McNelis ’16, Ava Rosenberger ’16, Victoria Villalobos ’16,
and Mara Zwilling ’16 placed third in Area D and ninth at the
Archdiocesan Championship.
Mara Zwilling ’16 placed sixth in Area D in the Novice Girls
Long Jump, and fifteenth at the Archdiocesan Championship.
Grace Smith ’15 placed seventh in Area D in the Minor Girls
Long Jump, and twenty-second at the Archdiocesan Championship.
Cross Country
Last fall the HCA cross country team participated in the
Philadelphia CYO Cross Country Championship races
at Belmont Plateau in Philadelphia.
• Kindergartener Sarah Antczak ’22 finished
sixth in the Kindergarten girls race.
5K and Fun Fair
What a wonderful day we had!
On September 7, 2013 HCA hosted the annual 5K Run/Walk
and Welcome Back Picnic. HCA broke an attendance record
with the 5K Run/Walk, and many students and their families
enjoyed the picnic.
•Eighth Grade Cadet Boys Joseph Clay ’14, Chick Hallinan ’14,
and Dylan Robak ’14 finished as the third place team out of 18
teams from CYO who scored at the meet.
In November 2013 at the Cross Country Coaches Youth Eastern
Regional Championships at Belmont Plateau, the following students
won individual awards for top-20 finishes in their age groups:
• Kate Smith ’19 (Primary Girls, Fifth Place)
• Chloe Zubah ’19 (Primary Girls, Eighteenth Place)
• Ella Zwilling ’20 (Primary Girls, Nineteenth Place)
• Dylan Robak ’14 (Youth Boys, Fourteenth Place)
• Joseph Clay ’14 (Youth Boys, Twentieth Place)
On November 23, 2013 at the National Meet in Louisville, KY, the
follow students ran as part of the Philadelphia CYO teams: Victoria
Hiscott ’19, Kate Smith ’19, and Camiel Warren-Taylor ’21
(Primary Girls); Nico Robak ’17 (Bantam Boy); and Joseph Clay ’14,
Chick Hallinan ’14, and Dylan Robak ’14 (Youth Boys).
Congratulations to Camiel Warren-Taylor ’21 on finishing
seventh in the 6-year-old girl 2,000 meter run.
Congratulations to all our
Cross Country students on
a great year!
Spotlight on Students
Eighth Grader Jimmy Bell plays ice hockey for the Haverford Fords
Middle School varsity team and the Delco Phantoms’ bantam team.
In November 2013 the Phantoms played in a Canadian/American
tournament in Lake Placid, N.Y. Jimmy plays center and forward on
both teams and is ranked number two on the Phantoms and number
five on the Fords.
Eighth Grader James Jardine is the youngest member in the
Springfield Fire Department’s Cadet program. He joined the program
in summer 2013 and has participated in many community events.
James is currently taking Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
and fire fighting classes.
Seventh Grader Matthew Mallon auditioned for the Archdiocesan
Honor Band last October and was accepted as a member. Matthew
also played the drums in the Archdiocesan All Star Jazz Band, and
he played the timpani (kettle drums) in the honor band. Both bands
performed in a concert in early February 2014 at Archbishop Wood
High School in Warminster.
In addition, Eighth Grader Maggie Browne (trumpet) and Seventh
Grader Palmer Anderson (trombone) were also selected for the
Archdiocesan Honor Band.
Sixth Grader Alexandra Murray has been a cheerleader for the
Drexel Hill Raiders Athletic Association for seven years. She is on the
junior competition team which recently earned first-place trophies at
the following competitions: Bert Bell, Haverford, Garden State, and
Garnet Valley.
For the past three years Sixth Grader Nekko Ward has coordinated
“Nekko’s Way,” a toy drive collection for patients at the Children’s
Hospital of Philadelphia. His inspiration for the toy collection comes
from his fight with asthma. Nekko spent approximately four to six
weeks a year at Children’s Hospital from age seven months to
5 years old. To lift the spirits of children in the hospital during the
holidays, Nekko collects new unwrapped toys from the Holy Child
school community, his church, as well as friends, family, and
neighbors. He delivers them to the hospital a week before Christmas.
Students from HCA Win
As an independent elementary school, Holy Child challenges
students with an advanced curriculum. As a result, most students
typically place out of introductory foreign language courses, and
many other subjects, when they enter high school.
HCA Students Win Medals
at National Spanish Exam
Fourteen students from Holy Child Academy attained
national recognition for their excellent performance on
the 2013 National Spanish Examinations. The National Spanish
Examinations are administered each year in Grades Six through
Twelve, and they are sponsored by the American Association of
Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.
Holy Child students earned one bronze medal and five silver
medals. Silver medalists Maggie Brown ’14, Chick Hallinan ’14,
Christopher Hibbs ’13, and Madison Richards ’14, scored in
the top 86-95% nationally, and bronze medalists Paul Browne ’13
scored in the top 75-85% nationally.
HCA earned an additional eight honorable mentions: Mia Anthony
‘14, James Brenner ’14, Tayla Cooper ’14, Kiera Devers ’13,
Dylan Robak ‘14, Luke Radich ’13, Sophia Scarpone ’13, and
Megan Zimmerman ’13.
“Attaining a medal or honorable mention for any student on the
National Spanish Examinations is very prestigious,” said Kevin
Cessna-Buscemi, National Director of the Exams, “because the
exams are the largest of their kind in the United States with over
156,000 students participating in 2013.”
Students from HCA have a long history of high achievement on
these exams. According to Spanish teacher Señora Sara Lydon,
“Students perform well on these exams because of Holy Child’s
strong commitment to its language program and the students’
abilities to excel in the four areas of the exam: listening, reading,
grammar, and vocabulary. Students begin learning Spanish in the
Lower School, and proficiency is evident in the classroom and in
the standardized testing. We are very proud of our students!”
Local and National Honors
in National French Contest
Last spring HCA students competed in the National French Contest
sponsored by the American Association of the Teachers of French.
A total of 97,000 national and 3,000 local participants in Seventh
through Twelfth Grade took the test, and three HCA students were
ranked as top performers. Hannah McGrath ’13 ranked third
locally and nationally; Elizabeth Boyle ’13 ranked sixth locally
and nationally; and Jessica Atoo ’13 ranked twelfth locally and
French teacher Madame Susie Ledieu prepared her students for the
exam by teaching vocabulary, grammar, as well as cultural customs.
“Our students participate in this competition each year, and they
consistently demonstrate their ability beyond their grade level,”
Madame Ledieu said.
2013 National Spanish Examinations winners.
Around the Academy
Serving Others
with Actions Not Words
Susan DiBonaventura, mother of HCA alums, Tina ’93 and
Dominick Martino ’89, and grandmother of HCA students,
Christopher ’18 and Brandon ’20, lost her battle with colon
cancer in May 2012. Her two children Tina and Dominick s
tarted a team called “Susan’s Colonoscopy Crusaders” to help
raise money for colon cancer research. Also pictured in the
photograph is David Peppelman ’89, and Catherine Souder,
mother of Eric ’02.
Middle School Students
Love Science!
The HCA Middle School students wowed the faculty and staff
with their impressive science fair projects. Sixth grade teacher Mr.
Scott Hartsock is pictured here with students who won awards for
their projects. Seated in front row from left to right: Gianna Anthony,
Conor Wood, Sydney Bell and Palmer Anderson; middle row from
left to right: Cloe Zwilling, Andrew Haney, Joseph Clay, Emma
Lueders, Rebecca Clay and Sophie Urban; and back row from left
to right: Samantha McGarvey, Cartier Thomas, Christopher Zimmerman, Norah Sanoury, Gianna Faia, Mia Anthony, Grace McNelis,
Maggie Browne, and Madison Richards.
Honoring Dedication
and Service
The Holy Child Academy community recognized Sharon
DeBardino (15 years), Bernie Capuano (15 years), Jean Kasmer
(35 years), Christine McLaughlin (20 years), and Anne Wood
(25 years) for their dedication to the Academy during the
Faculty/Staff Appreciation Liturgy on November 27, 2013.
to Camp Korea Friends
Holy Child Academy welcomed five middle school students from
Camp Korea who attended classes at HCA in January 2014. Camp
Korea is a program that gives South Korean students the opportunity
for an immersion experience in the United States. This is the first time
Holy Child Academy has participated in this program.
Welcome to HCA
Elena Perri, Director of Communications and Marketing: Elena has
a B.A. in communications from Temple University. She also attended
the Defense Information School and served as a photojournalist for
12 years in the Army Reserve. She has worked for the Sisters of
Mercy Mid-Atlantic Community, The Catholic Standard and Times,
and The Academy of Notre Dame.
Samantha Dramis, French teacher: Samantha has a B.A.
in French Language and Literature from Temple University.
She tutored students in French prior to teaching at HCA.
Emily Dougherty, Grade Five Homeroom Teacher: Emily
has a B.S. degree in elementary education and training from
The Pennsylvania State University, and she is currently pursuing
a master’s degree in special education and teaching at Cabrini
College. She taught for three years in the Dallastown Area
School District, Dallastown, Pennsylvania.
Theresa Festa, Kids’ Club: Theresa has a certificate from
the Wyndmoor Montessori Teacher Training Program which
is sponsored by Chestnut Hill College. She was a Pre-Kindergarten
Educational aide and co-director of the CARES after school program
at St. Laurence School in Upper Darby. Theresa joined HCA as a
member of our Summer Camp staff in 2012.
The HCA Fund
Needs Your Participation!
T he 2013-2014 HCA Fund is underway. We are off to a great start
but we need your help! If you haven’t yet made your gift, please send
one today! An envelope is included with this edition of The Herald.
To make an online donation, visit
For additional information regarding The HCA Fund, please contact
Rebecca Antczak, Esq., in the Development Office at 610.259.2712
or [email protected]
Class of 2009 College Choices
Class of 2013 High School Choices
Meghan Brennan – King’s College
Miranda Darden – University of Colorado, Boulder
Alexandro DeJesus – Columbia College, Chicago
Christine Duffy – Bucknell University
Joseph Farrell – Mercer University
Catherine Kirk – Bryn Athyn College
Dante Liberatoscioli – The Pennsylvania State University
Kayla Manison – Hampton University
Dean Marsaglia – West Chester University
Ryan Mattox – L oyola University in Maryland
Elizabeth McBreen – T he Pennsylvania State University
William McCarthy – The Pennsylvania State University
Sara McLean – Fordham University
Kathryn Repetto – Temple University
Nora Rigney – New York University
Caroline Ryan – The Pennsylvania State University
Justin Russell – St. Joseph’s University
Francesca Simms – St. Joseph’s University
Madeline Sullivan – W
heaton College
Sara Touey – The Pennsylvania State University
Thomas Verdi, Jr. – Lehigh University
Allen Vu – U
niversity of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Brianna Williamson – Temple University
Kortney Wilson – West Chester University
Domenique Marie Aguirre – Cardinal O’Hara High School
Griffin Anderson – Archmere Academy
Jessica A. Atoo – Country Day School of the Sacred Heart
(academic scholarship)
Elizabeth Renée Boyle – Country Day School of the Sacred Heart
Maya Naki Simone Brown-Hunt – The Agnes Irwin School
Paul Joseph Browne – St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
Kiera Danielle Devers – Merion Mercy Academy
Christopher Loprete Hibbs – St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
Hannah Lillian McGrath – The Shipley School (academic scholarship)
Anthony M. P. Truscello – Archmere Academy
Luke Daniel Radich – M
onsignor Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast
Catholic High School
Sophia Isabella Scarpone – Merion Mercy Academy
Joseph David Viggiano – St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
Megan Zimmerman – The Episcopal Academy
Additional Academic Scholarships
Griffin Anderson – Roman Catholic High School
Paul Joseph Browne – Devon Preparatory School
Hannah Lillian McGrath – Merion Mercy Academy
Joseph David Viggiano – Roman Catholic High School
Megan Zimmerman – Country Day School of the Sacred Heart
keeping in touch with friends and family
Alumni/ae News
The 60s
Patricia Carey Carafella ’62 is the owner of
Club Soccer in Metirie, LA.
Rev. John Swope, SJ ’68 is the president at
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Baltimore, MD.
The 80s
Laura Bracken Lewis ‘81 is living in Vero Beach,
FL with husband Ron and daughter Olivia. Laura’s
parents, sister Amy Bracken ’82, and brother
Jack Bracken ’96 also live in Vero Beach.
Rosalie “Lee” DelleMonache ’82 has been
appointed director of the Institute for Sport,
Spirituality, and Character Development at
Neumann University in Aston, PA.
Christopher McNichol ’84 is managing director
and co-head of Public Finance at Citigroup.
Joseph Farrell ’09 was selected for the prestigious
Stamps Leadership Scholarship Program
(170 students selected out of 500,000 applicants)
by Mercer University in Georgia. Joe started
Mercer in the fall of 2013.
Arielle Verdi ’06 is a senior at Dickinson College
and plans to do marine research.
Ryan Mattox ’09, a graduate of Devon Preparatory School, was named an Advanced Placement
Scholar during his senior year at Devon.
Christopher Jones ’07 is a junior at Georgetown
University, after graduating first in his class at
St. Joseph’s Preparatory School. He is double
majoring in biology and psychology and is in
the pre-medical program. He earned his EMT
certification in the summer of 2013. He volunteers
in Georgetown’s GERMS (Georgetown Emergency
Response Medical Service) program and takes
shifts on the ambulance throughout the school year.
He is also a teaching assistant for the head of the
Georgetown University’s biology department.
During the summers of 2012 and 2013, Christopher
volunteered at the University of Pennsylvania as a
lab assistant, doing work focused on developing
a vaccine for breast cancer.
Kathryn Repetto ’09, a graduate of The Shipley
School, received All-Friends Central League
honorable mention in softball during her senior
year at Shipley.
Nora Rigney ’09 was recognized as a National
Merit Commended Scholar and, upon graduating
from The Shipley School, was selected to be
one of 100 students to spend freshman year at
New York University in Florence.
Tom Verdi ’09 graduated with a 4.0 average
from Malvern Preparatory School where he
played in the jazz band and was lighting and
sound chief for all four years.
Christina Stanton Cawley ’86 is the director of
communications at Merion Mercy Academy.
Jennifer Adelizzi ’08 is a sophomore at
St. Joseph’s University and is studying to be
a speech pathologist.
Brianna Williamson ’09 is attending Temple
University with a major in biology and minor in
communications. She is considering a career in
pediatric development or sports medicine. Brianna
was awarded academic scholarships to St. John’s
University, St. Joseph’s University, Stevenson University, Xavier University, and Bloomsburg University
Paul Badame, Esq. ’87 is a named partner in the
law firm of Rubin and Badame specializing in Social
Security disability and family law matters.
Alison Kerelo ’08 is double majoring in public
health and political science at the University
of Massachusetts, Amherst.
Madeline Sullivan ’09 is a freshman at Wheaton
College, and she is a member of the co-ed a
cappella group The Blend.
The 90s
Alora McDonnell ’08 is an occupational
therapy major at the University of the Sciences
in Philadelphia.
Christopher Bradley ’10 is the co-editor of
The Haligoluk, The Haverford School’s yearbook,
is a member of the stage crew, and won the
Technical Award last spring. He will play on the
Ultimate Frisbee team this spring.
Brian Leinhauser, Esq. ’85 is a partner at
MacMain Law Group specializing in labor and
employment law.
Colleen Becht-Foltz ’91 is working as a consultant
at Schultz and Williams.
Michael Crawford ’91 is the owner of Neptune
Media, Ltd., a film production company focusing
on the production of feature length films.
Conrad Benedetto, Esq. ’93 is an associate at
the law firm of McCormick & Priore in Philadelphia.
Katie Harmer Leubecker ’94 is a national
account executive at Aetna Inc. in Washington, D.C.
Michael Donovan ’95 works for Melmark and
produces comedy nights for companies.
Maria DiDonato Ippolito ’97 was inducted into
the Academy of Notre Dame De Namur Athletic
Hall of Fame on October 25, 2013 for basketball.
Classes in 2000
Michael Dougherty ’03 graduated from
Neumann University in Aston, PA, and is training
to be a U.S. Navy Seal.
Taylor Gregory ’06 is a senior at the University of
Vermont and played the role of Christopher Wren
in the University’s fall production of Mousetrap;
and wrote, directed, and starred in Chittenango, a
production offered to the community of Burlington.
Kathryn Sullivan ’07 is a junior at the University
of Maryland and is spending the spring 2014
semester in Rome.
Samathna Mastricolo ’08 is double majoring
in English and education at the University of
Rhode Island.
Miranda Darden ’09 received Outstanding
Participant status in the 2013 National
Achievement Scholarship Program in her
senior year at Cardinal O’Hara High School.
Alexandro DeJesus ’09 was awarded the
Imagine America Foundation Award at
graduation in June 2013 from Cardinal O’Hara
High School.
Colleen Donnelly ’10, co-captain of the
Academy of Notre Dame volleyball team, was
named a Main Line Girls’ Athlete of the Week.
Colleen also plays basketball for Notre Dame.
Michael Esposito ’10 was in the Archmere
Academy production of You’re a Good Man
Charlie Brown in February 2013.
Garrett Largoza ’10 was inducted into
the National Spanish Honor Society at
The Haverford School.
Claire Smith, ’12, a sophomore at Episcopal Academy, recently participated in
the school’s Urban India J-Term Trip. While in India, Claire worked on a community
service project and visited organizations and schools that are helping people
in need in that country. She also experienced Indian culture including learning
cricket, visiting an ashram, performing yoga and guided meditation, and commuting on a train in Mumbai. Episcopal’s J-Term program gives Upper School students
the opportunity for in-depth study in the United States and abroad.
Frank Pica ’93
Nicole Derogatis
Jennifer Motter ’10 was named to the All Main
Line Basketball Team, recognizing the top high
school players from the Main Line independent
and public schools in 2012-2013. Jennifer is the
captain of the Baldwin School’s basketball team.
Katie Shimkus ’10 was awarded an academic
scholarship to Chestnut Hill College and received
distinguished honors at the Academy of Notre
Dame de Namur.
Matt Strahan ’10 received Best Lead Actor for
his role as Toad in A Year with Frog and Toad
at the Upper Darby Summer Stage.
Alexandra Tamaccio ’10 is a senior at the
Academy of Notre Dame de Namur and was
awarded academic scholarships to Widener
University and La Salle University. Ali will be
attending Widener in the fall of 2014.
Leighann Adelizzi ’11, assistant coach to the
HCA girls’ varsity basketball team, is running cross
country, and winter and spring track. In addition,
Leighann was recently recognized as a Main
Line Student of the Week. She is a member of
Episcopal Academy’s Haiti Exchange Program,
a group that raises awareness of the needs of the
Haitian people. Leigh has traveled to Haiti twice
with this program to aid the Academy’s partner
school, St. Mark’s. She is also active in Episcopal’s
Community Service Program.
Julia Brenner ’11, a junior at Merion Mercy
Academy, is on the varsity soccer team where
she was named the Most Improved Varsity
Player. Julia also plays softball and volunteers
at Philabundance.
Amanda Devers ’11 is on the varsity swim team
at Cardinal O’Hara High School and also swims
on the Lansdowne Marlins Team.
Nia Holland ’11, a junior at The Shipley School,
was recently named a Main Line Girls’ Athlete
of the Week for her amazing record as a point
guard on Shipley’s basketball team. Last winter,
she received second team All-Main Line basketball
honors as a starter for the Friends’ Schools
League champions. Nia is also part of S.U.R.E.
(Students United for Racial Equality) at Shipley.
Matt Kelly ’11 serves on the student Judicial
Board at The Shipley School, where he also plays
the drums in the Jazz Ensemble, and participates
on the baseball team.
Madeleine Procopio ’11, a junior at Merion
Mercy Academy, was inducted into the National
Honor Society.
Julia Adelizzi ’12 is a sophomore at The
Episcopal Academy and is running winter and
spring track.
Elizabeth Lamb ’00
Christopher Giannini
Brenna Fiore ’12 played the role of mole in
the Archbishop Carroll High School production
of A Year with Frog and Toad.
Claire Smith ’12, a sophomore at The Episcopal
Academy, has been playing on the varsity softball
team since freshman year. Claire also is a member
of the Episcopal soccer team. She received
high honors on her most recent report card. See
photo on page 8.
Ceyahni Warren ’12, a sophomore at
Ursuline Academy, is a member of the
Science Olympiad and the soccer team,
and is taking leadership classes.
Rachel Pall ’99
Vince Roettger
He will receive his master’s degree in history from
Miami University of Ohio. In September, he
will be attending Johnson and Wales Culinary
School. Eric and Alex live in Providence, RI.
Rachel Pall ’99 married Vince Roettger on
December 28, 2013 at St. John Neumann
Church in Bryn Mawr.
Blessed Events
Megan Brolly Long ’86 and Kevin Long
welcomed daughter Sarah Margaret Long on
May 30, 2013.
Griffin Anderson ’13 a freshman at Archmere
Academy, was selected for the teen volunteer
program at University of Pennsylvania
Health System last summer. He completed
an eight-week program providing services
across the organization.
Angela Pica Oandasan ’87 and husband
Todd welcomed twins Vincent and Lena on
September 19, 2013.
Keira Devers ’13 is playing basketball for
Merion Mercy Academy.
Thomas Laskas ’96 and Elise Stephenson
Laskas welcomed their first child Jacob Douglas
on January 18, 2013.
Christopher Hibbs ’13 is playing J.V. soccer
and running for the varsity track team at
St. Joseph’s Preparatory School.
Hannah McGrath ’13 is a freshman at
The Shipley School where she starred as Sandy
in the Shipley production of Grease. She also
participates in the glee club and tennis at Shipley.
She received Best Lead Actress for her role as
Pinocchio in My Son, Pinocchio, Jr. at the Upper
Darby Summer Stage in the summer of 2013.
Wedding Bells
Jeffrey Glasse ’84 married Christine Pluta on
Saturday, November 23, 2013 at the Housing
Works Bookstore Café in New York.
Frank Pica ’93 married Nicole Derogatis on
September 29, 2013 at St. Pius Church in
Broomall. The reception was at the Talamore
Country Club in Ambler. The best man was
Peter Pecorara ’93.
Elizabeth Lamb ’00 married Christopher
Giannini ’11 on February 9, 2013 at Holy
Cross Church in Springfield, Pennsylvania.
Eric Matthew Souder ‘02 and Alexandra Bilas
were married on June
16, 2013 at St. Nicholas
Russian Orthodox Church
in Philadelphia. Eric
received his bachelor of
arts degree in Russian
language and history
at Dickinson College.
Erin McLaughlin Baker ’90 and husband Steve
welcomed twins, Peter Joseph and Michael Henry,
on May 3, 2013.
Emilie Klein and her husband Jason Connors ‘97
welcomed Liam David on September 20, 2013.
P.J. Pucillo ’04 and Camille DeLiberty welcomed
Gianna Rose Pucillo on May 31, 2013.
Jennifer and Phillip Henness welcomed a son
Shane on April 30, 2013.
Thomas and Andrea Fitti welcomed Lauren
on September 23, 2013. Anthony Fitti is in the
Nursery 2 program.
John and Kimberly Lewis welcomed their fifth
son, Blaine Henry, on August 15, 2013. Jack is in
second grade, Grant is in Kindergarten, and
Quinn is in the Nursery 3 program.
Kevin and Heather Dale welcomed twins, Tom
and Frank, who were born November 6, 2012.
Nora Dale is in the Nursery 3 program.
Thomas and April Papa welcomed son Thomas
who was born January 14, 2013. Bella Papa is in
the Nursery 3 program.
Condolences are offered to the family and friends of:
Gladys Casale, aunt of Anita Coll, Head of School.
Giuseppina Costa, grandmother of Alexis
Cavarocchi ’00 and Nicholas Cavarocchi ’03.
Rosemary McCarthy Crumlish, ‘36 of West
Chester and a member of the first graduating
class of Holy Child Academy, passed away on
September 27, 2013 at Paoli Hospital.
(continued from page 2)
We want your taxes!
(continued from page 9)
Holy Child Academy wants your taxes!
That’s right–businesses that pay
Pennsylvania taxes can pay them to
a school of their choice. Both the
Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit
(OSTC) and the Educational Improvement
Tax Credit (EITC) programs allow
businesses to send their taxes to a
scholarship organization like HCA!
Bill D’Arcy, grandfather of Nick D’Arcy ’15.
Susan DeVlieger, grandmother of
Michael Koenig ’15, Pierre Koenig ’17 and
Harry Koenig ’21.
Dolores Gatta, mother-in-law of former trustee
Roseanne Gatta and grandmother of
Michelle Gatta ’04.
Ralph Hewitt, great uncle of
Taylor Murrell’s ‘20.
Anne Marie Lydon, mother-in-law of Spanish
teacher Sara Lydon and grandmother of
Keira Lydon ’17.
Michael Makos, great-grandfather of
Zachary Makos ‘20.
Sadie (Sarah) McGurk, mother-in-law of teacher
Kate McGurk.
Binny Nast, grandmother of Olivia ’16 and
Max Nast ‘19.
Josephine Pezzetti, grandmother of Giuliana ’17
and Anthony Auteri ‘20.
Robert V. Quindlen, father of Anna Quindlen ’66.
Carol Lucille Olson Rindfleisch, grandmother of
Sarah ’16 and Hannah McGrath ’13, mother
of Kate McGrath, and mother-in-law of trustee
Tom McGrath.
Thomas Simms, grandfather of
Francesca ’09 and Tom Simms ’15.
Listen to what one
participant had to
say, “The phrase
‘win-win’ comes to
mind,” said Mark
Hammond, partner
at Land Air Water
Legal Solutions LLC.
Another participant attests that
“the process is easy, HCA helped my
company every step of the way.”
Learn more about EITC and OSTC by
contacting at Rebecca Antczak, Esq.,
at [email protected] or
Sarah Margaret Long
Rafael Villalobos, Sr., grandfather of
Victoria ’16 and Nico Villalobos ’19.
Organic Garden Offers
Learning Opportunity
Pieretti also provided HCA with seeds,
seed flats, and grow lights for the
potting bench that Mr. St. Cyr helped
students build on the Martin Luther King
Jr. holiday. The bench will be in his
classroom, and the students will be
able to watch the plants grow. In April,
the seedlings will be transplanted to
the garden.
Mr. St. Cyr is teaching his students
about the parts of the plant as well
as the anatomy of a seed. “A lot of the
students aren’t aware of where their
food comes from, so they will be able
to find out where the seeds come from
and then plant the seeds,” he said.
“We’ll be documenting each part
of the plant as it grows up.”
The initial plans are to plant lettuce,
broccoli, and carrots, and then add
tomatoes, pumpkins, and peas during
late spring and summer. “We’ll probably
be able to plant and harvest the lettuce
by the time they get out of school in June,”
Mr. St. Cyr said.
During the summer months, the children
attending Holy Child’s Summer Camp will
be tending the garden and possibly using
the fresh vegetables in cooking classes.
Dorothy A. Szekeres, mother of
Joy Szekeres Mercer ’68.
“We’re grateful to all the volunteers who
helped create the garden,” said principal
Anne Wood. “We’re looking forward to
growing delicious food and offering our
students a unique learning opportunity.”
The Baker boys from left to right:
Peter, big brother John and Michael.
Shane Henness
Liam David Connors
Gianna Rose Pucillo
The raised beds of the new organic garden.
Board of Trustees
Mrs. Mary Emily Pagano,
Mrs. Anita P. Coll, ex officio
Mrs. Colleen Becht-Foltz ‘91
Sr. Margaret Mary Bell, SHCJ
Mr. Michael Bradley
Rev. Dr. Daniel DeLucca
Mr. Stephen Donnelly ‘72
Mrs. Rosanne Gatta
Mr. Joseph Gorman
Sr. Carol Ann Knight, SHCJ
Mrs. Sandra Lovascio
Mr. Anthony Mirenda
Mr. Thomas McGrath
Mr. John Ryan
Mr. Joseph Smith
Development Committee
of the Board of Trustees
Mrs. Sandra Lovascio, Chairperson
Rebecca Rimmer Antczak, Esq.
Mr. Michael Bradley
Mrs. Colleen Carroll
Mrs. Anita P. Coll, ex officio
Mrs. Colleen Becht-Foltz ’91
Mr. Thomas McGrath
Mrs. Mary Emily Pagano
Mrs. Elisa Loprete-Hibbs ’73,
Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Christine Thomas,
Parents’ Association
Executive Committee
Parents’ Association
Auction Committee
Mrs. Denise Koenig, President
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zwilling,
Co-Vice Presidents
Mrs. Mia McGarvey,
Recording Secretary
Mrs. Denise Koenig
Mrs. Michelle Hiscott
Kimberly Krzyzaniak Stark, Esq.
Mrs. Marie Salvato
Kimberly Krzyzaniak Stark, Esq.
Ms. Anne Marie Sullivan
Mr. Ed Taylor
Mrs. Christine Thomas
Catherine Lourenco Villalobos, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. David Viggiano
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zwilling
Thank You to Our Volunteers!
Mr. Jay Adams and
Mrs. Karen Fiore
Mr. Phil Anderson
and Mrs. Ellen Anderson
Rebecca Rimmer Antczak, Esq.
Mrs. Gina Anthony
Mrs. Diane Auteri
Dr. Robert Barsotti
Mrs. Alayne Bell
Mrs. Adrienne Bennett
Ms. Lisa Bos
David Brenner, Esq. and
Christine Brenner, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown
Mrs. Eizabeth Kanara Cade
Mrs. Stephanie Carroll
Ms. Ceceley Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clay
Rev. Erin Cooper
Mrs. Kathleen Daly
Mrs. Lisa D’Arcy
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Devers
Ms. Michele Egan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ehnot
Mrs. Sheila Faia
Mr. Christopher Hibbs and
Mrs. Elisa Loprete Hibbs ’73
Mr. Christopher Hillyer
and Mrs. Donna Hilferty Hillyer
Thomas Hiscott, Esq.,
and Mrs. Michelle Hiscott
Mrs. Bernice Ho
Mrs. Mary Beth Jardine
Mrs. Bethanne Killian
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koenig
Mrs. Judith Kurland
Mrs. Odette Lewis
Mrs. Kimberly Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. John Lydon
Ms. Jane Madden
Mrs. Genevieve Madigan
Mrs. Sandra Mallon
Mrs. Kathleen Markopoulos
Mr. John McErlane and
Mrs. Mary McBreen McErlane
Mrs. Joann McCullough
Mrs. Mia McGarvey
Mrs. Katherine McGrath
Mrs. Chrisanne McNelis
Mrs. Megan Meehan
Mrs. Eileen Mianulli
Mr. and Mrs. David Millay
Mrs. Colleen Moore
Mrs. Beth Morales
Catherine Muldoon, Esq.
Mrs. Cassandra Hall Murray
Jeffrey Nast, Esq.
and Mrs. Jennifer Nast
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Newman
Mrs. Mary Ellen Patton
Mr. Donald Procopio ’75
and Patricia Procopio, Esq.
Mrs. Chantell Reagan
Mr. and Mrs. William Richards
Mrs. Rosa Romo
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Robak
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rosenberger
Ms. Christine Rosser
Mrs. Lisa Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Salvato
Mrs. Shelly Beard Schleigh
Ms. Stephanie Seldon ‘85
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Shiller
Mr. Joseph Smith
and Mrs. Lisa Barczak-Smith
Mrs. Tara Smith
Mrs. Patricia Smith ‘71
Mr. William Smith
Welcome New Board Members
Bill Curtis, co-founder and principal of Porter
and Curtis, LLC, is one of two new members of
the Board of Trustees. Bill serves on the finance/
investment committee of the board.
Mr. Curtis holds a bachelor of science degree in
accounting and an M.B.A. in finance from Saint
Joseph’s University and a juris doctor degree
from Temple University School of Law. He also earned the
Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Associate
in Risk Management (ARM) and Associate in Reinsurance (ARe)
designations from the Insurance Institute of America. His
professional licenses include Pennsylvania Resident Broker,
Pennsylvania Surplus Lines Broker, Pennsylvania Reinsurance
Intermediary, and Pennsylvania Attorney.
He is the father of three HCA alums, Michael Curtis ‘02,
Kimberly Curtis ‘05, and Maureen Curtis ‘07.
Another new member is Julia Hartnett ‘81,
the director of Consultative Business Services –
Informatics for Independence Blue Cross. She
has also worked at Corporate Data Warehouse
as a Manager of Business Intelligence Solutions.
Ms. Hartnett has a bachelor of arts degree in
mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor of
science degree in economics from the Wharton School of Business,
at the University of Pennsylvania. She is an alumna of Holy Child
Academy and serves on the board’s development committee.
Annual Fund Gifts - T han k Yo u to O u r D O N O R S
We are grateful to the Sisters
of the Holy Child Jesus for their
financial contribution as well as
their support and continued
sponsorship of Holy Child
Mr. John Tyler Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Auteri
Mr. and Mrs. William Boyle
William P. Curtis, Jr., Esq.
The Paul E. Kelly Foundation
Mr. Charles Zimmerman and
Dr. Michele Tedschi-Zimmerman
Mr. William Bricker and
Mrs. Diane Colaianna Bricker ’59
Dr. Gerard Deeney and
Mrs. Judith Kurland Deeney
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gatta
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gorman
Mr. Fulvio and Dr. Jackeline Iacovella
Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh Kingston
Mr. Michael Lunny and
Ms. Allyson Frank
Joy M. Szekeres-Mercer, Esq. ’68
The Honorable and
Mrs. George Pagano
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rimmer
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Romo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rosser
Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan
Mrs. Zenobia Selden
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wielgus
Mr. and Mrs. David Young
Green and White Circle
($1,000 - $2,999)
Board of Trustee’s Associate
($250 - $499)
This report reflects those
who have contributed from
July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.
Cornelia Connelly Society
($3,000 +)
David Antczak, Esq. and
Rebecca Rimmer Antczak, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Coll
Ms. Julia Hartnett ‘81
Thomas Hiscott, Esq. and
Mrs. Michelle Hiscott
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin
Mr. Anthony and Dr. Rosalie Mirenda
Ms. Anna Quindlen ‘66
Mr. and Mrs. William Richards
Dr. and Mrs. Vijay Srinivasan
Mr. and Mrs. David Viggiano
Drexel Benefactor
($500 - $999)
Mr. Michael Boyle
Mrs. Erin McLaughlin Baker ‘90
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Benedetto
Mrs. Susan Blanch
Mr. Stephen Boon and
Ms. Michele Egan
Mr. Michael Bradley and
Ms. Margaret Grant
Kevin Carroll, Esq. and
Mrs. Colleen Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. John Carroll
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cavarocchi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clay
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Civillico
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Daniel DeLucca
Mr. Stephen Donnelly ‘72
and Mrs. Beatrice Donnelly
Ms. Francesca De Simone
Mr. Daniel Fahey
V. Richard Ferreri, Esq. ‘62
Mr. and Mrs. William Glynn
Mr. Roland Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kelly
Mrs. Adeline Kieffer
Mrs. Doris Kobulsky
Mr. James Lydon
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Makos
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McGarvey
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McLean
Mrs. Carol Miller
Anthony Mirenda, Jr., Esq. ‘76
Richard Nenno, Esq. and
Mrs. Mimi Nenno
Ms. Maryann Pantano-David ‘68
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pucillo
Thomas Smith, Esq. and
Mrs. Tara Smith
Mr. Andre Tate and
Michaune Tillman-Tate, Esq.
Mr. Charles Walsh ‘78
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zwilling
Head of School Patron
($100 - $249)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Anderson
Mr. Phillip Anderson and
Mrs. Ellen O’Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Atoo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baker
Dr. Robert Barsotti
and Christina Kaba, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. James Bell
Mr. David Blanch ’92
David Brenner, Esq. and
Christine Brenner, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Breslin
Ms. Kaitlin Briggs
Ms. Lynette Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Browne
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burke
Mr. Joseph Burke and
Kathleen Foley Burke, Esq.
Mr. Harry Cade and
Mrs. Elizabeth Kanaras-Cade
Mrs. Eileen R. Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Capuano
Dr. Richard Caruso and
Mrs. Sally Caruso
Mr. Nicholas Chieffo
Mr. Alexander S. Coll ’93
The Honorable and
Mrs. Michael F. X. Coll
Ms. Mariam Collins
Ms. Kimberly Curtis ’05
Ms. Maureen Curtis ’07
Mr. Michael Curtis ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dale
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Daley
Mr. and Mrs. William D’Arcy
Mr. Benjamin F. Davis, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Deeney
Mr. John DeLucca ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Devers
John DiDonato, Esq. and
Mrs. Marcia DiDonato
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dominguez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Doughtery
Mr. Donald Doyle and
Mrs. Eleanor Doyle ‘63
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Ezzo
Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Faia
Mr. Richard Fiore
Dr. T. Forrest Fisher
Mr. Dan Foltz and
Mrs. Colleen Becht-Foltz ‘91
Ms. Gabrielle Jones Geller ’86
Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Gibson
Mrs. Susan Gibson
Ms. Janeanne R. Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Grace
Dr. and Mrs. Julius Guarino
Mrs. E. Carolyn Hazell ’53
Mr. Christopher Hibbs and
Mrs. Elisa Loprete Hibbs ‘73
Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Hneleski
Mr. Robin Islam and
Dr. Donna Yosmanevich
Mrs. Jean Kasmer
Mr. and Mrs. James Keenan
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kobulsky
Dr. Joshua Koehler and
Dr. Melanie Koehler ‘81
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koenig
Michael Leonard, Esq. and
Marchelle Leonard, Esq.
Ms. Jane Madden
Ms. Natalie Malseed-Sturgeon ‘91
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Markopoulos
Ms. Kathleen McAleer Wagner ‘73
Mr. and Mrs. James McBreen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGrath
Mr. W. Sean McLaughlin ’94
Ms. Donna M. McManus ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McNelis
Mr. and Mrs. Dermot Meehan
Ms. Eileen Mianulli
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Morales
Mr. Francis Murphy ’62
Mr. Brian Murphy ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Laughlin
Ms. Rachel Pall ’99
Leo Pall, Jr., Esq. and
Rosemary Pall, Esq.
Drs. Thomas and April Papa
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Polischuk
Mr. Daniel Procopio ’70
Dr. John Radomile ‘62
and Mrs. LuAnn Radomile
Mr. and Mrs. John Reagan
Anne Rigney, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Robak
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rosenberger
Mr. Marc Ross ’87
Mr. John Rubert
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Russell
Mrs. Maria Santone
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Schultz
Mrs. Andrea Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shields Jr.
Mr. Rudolph Shiller
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Shiller
Mrs. Erin Coyle Strawn ’89
Mr. Kevin Sullivan and
Catherine Muldoon, Esq.
Dr. Thomas Sutula ’63
Rev. John W. Swope, SJ ‘68
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas
Ms. Claire Viggiano ’01
Catherine Lourenco Villalobos, Esq.
Ms. Anne Wood
Drexel Donor
($1 - $99)
Mr. Joseph Adams and
Ms. Karen Fiore
Mr. Christopher Anderson and
Ms. Maria Ventresca
Mrs. Rita Balch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barsotti, Sr.
Mrs. Anne Schulcz-Basener ‘60
Ms. Adrienne Bennett
Mrs. Elizabeth Boles
Mrs. Laura J. Bracken Lewis ‘81
Ms. Angela Brown ‘90
Ms. Erin Burke ‘92
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bryom
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Caruso
Mrs. Kristina Stanton Cawley ’90
Mrs. Mary T. Celebre ‘58
Ms. Ceceley Chapman
Mr. Nantambu Chavis and
Mrs. Stephanie Carroll
Mrs. Lorraine Conigliaro
Mrs. Helen Connors ’56
Mrs. Lidia Contento
Ms. Kathryn Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Daly
Mrs. Dorothy D’Arcy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiFilippo
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dolce
Ms. Colleen Donnelly ’10
Ms. Kathleen Duffy ‘07
Ms. Christine Duffy ‘09
Mrs. Rita Liberace Eckhart ‘52
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ehnot
Mr. and Mrs. David Facenda
Mrs. Joan Faustman ‘64
Ms. Michelle Gatta ‘04
Sr. Elizabeth Gehrman, SHCJ
Mrs. Anne Gengenbach ‘42
Mr. Joseph Gengenbach ‘75
Mrs. Mary Gengenbach ’73
Ms. Judith Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Godwin
Ms. Kelly Grace ’00
Mr. Bernard Greene and
Mrs. Treerita Johnson-Greene
Mr. John Hallinan and
Ms. Bethanne Killian
Ms. Kathleen Harmer-Leubecker ’94
Mr. Scott Hartsock
Mrs. Mary Jane Healy O’Brien
Mr. Christopher Hillyer and
Mrs. Donna Hilferty-Hillyer
Ms. Jennifer Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Holland
Mrs. Patricia Lally-Buck ‘58
Mr. and Mrs. Linas Kucas
Mrs. Janet Kuzio ‘66
Mrs. Susan Ledieu
Dr. and Mrs. John Lewis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis, Sr.
Sr. M. Theodosia Linus, SHCJ
Ms. Jean Bridget Loomis ‘07
Mr. Thomas Loomis and
Mrs. Patricia Loomis
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lovascio
Mr. Godfrey Lue and
Ms. Odette Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. John Lydon
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Macon
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Madigan
Ms. Victoria Marre ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Martino
Mr. Richard D. Martorelli
Mr. Rocco Mastricolo and
Ms. Maryann Kenkelen
Ms. Carolyn Mauriello ’94
Mrs. Joan Mauriello
Sr. Helen McDonald, SHCJ
Mr. John McErlane and
Mrs. Mary McBreen McErlane
for Sandy
Mr. Joseph McGarvey
Mr. Tim McGrath ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGurk
Ms. Nancy Menno
Mr. and Mrs. William Messick
Mr. and Mrs. David Millay
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mueller
Mrs. Larayne Murrell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Myers
Mr. and Mrs. David Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nazzario
Ms. Janice Pantano ’71
Sr. Alice Penrose, SHCJ
Mr. Andrew Procopio
Mr. Donald Procopio ’75 and
Patricia Procopio, Esq.
Mrs. Nancy Pugh ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reott
Ms. Christine Rosser
Dr. Christine Coldwell Runser ‘91
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Salvato
Mr. and Mrs. Searfass
Mr. Brian J. Sheldrake ’97
Mr. Walter Sherwin, Jr. ‘52
Mrs. Barbara Sherwood
Ms. Francesca Simms ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Simms
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sullivan IV
Mr. Albert Them and
Ms. Jane Rutledge
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Vacchiano
Mr. and Mrs. John Warner
Ms. NeCole Warren
Mrs. Ethel Wesley
Ms. Heidi White ’88
Mr. Joseph Zubah and
Ms. Claudia Harris
(continued from page 1)
Holy Child Academy’s director of music Carol
McGarvey shares that the Concert for Sandy
was the idea of Drexel Hill Middle School
music teacher Anna Schneider. “Ms. Schneider
approached Holy Child Academy to collaborate
on this project, and with a school motto of
‘Actions Not Words,’ we were eager to
participate,” McGarvey said. “Holy Child has
a strong commitment to service and the arts.
Our students were delighted to perform with
Drexel Hill Middle School and St. Dorothy’s
choirs, and honored to help the victims in a
special way.”
Financial Report of The HCA Fund
Financial Report of The HCA Fund
Donor Category*
Year Ending June 30, 2013
Current Parents
Parents of Alumni/ae
*Due to some donors receiving credit for multiple categories, a total is not provided.
Gift Category
Year Ending June 30, 2013
Cash & Pledges$112,210
United Way Pledges
$ 10,160
Non-Capital & Capital Support
Year Ending June 30, 2013
HCA Fund Tuition Assistance
Teachers’ Retirement
& Development Fund
Parents’ Association Fundraising
Parents’ Association Dues
$ 88,000
$ 6,500
$ 31,700
$ 33,700
$ 24,200
*Due to several donors receiving credit for multiple categories, a total is not provided.
Summary of Expenses (Actual)
Year Ending June 30, 2013
Student Activities
Plant Operation and Maintenance
General and Administrative
Depreciation and Interest
Faculty and Staff
Holy Child extends
gratitude to the 2012-2013
faculty and staff who
generously gave to
The HCA Fund:
Rebecca Rimmer Antczak, Esq.
Mrs. Susan Blanch
Mrs. Elizabeth Boles
Mr. William E. Boyle
Ms. Kaitlin Briggs
Mr. Bernard Capuano
Mrs. Colleen Carrroll
Mrs. Judy Clay
Mrs. Anita P. Coll
Mrs. Gertrude Ezzo
Mr. Scott Hartsock
Mr. Christopher Hillyer
Ms. Jennifer Hoffman
Mrs. Jean Kasmer
Mrs. Susan Ledieu
Mrs. Sara Lydon
Mrs. Julie Myers
Mrs. Kathleen McGurk
Mrs. Christine McLaughlin
Ms. Nancy Menno
Mrs. Lyn Ann Mueller
Mrs. Ethel Wesley
Ms. Anne Wood
United Way Campaigns
United Way of Burlington County
United Way of Camden County
United Way of Chester County
United Way of Delaware
United Way of the
Greater Lehigh Valley
United Way of Greater Portland
United Way of
Southeast Delaware County
United Way of
Southeastern Pennsylvania
The following donors have
supported Holy Child
Summary of Revenue (Actual)
Academy’s athletic and
library programs through
2012-13 United Way
Revenue Year Ending June 30, 2013
Net Tuition and Fees
Investment Income
Ancillary Income
Miscellaneous Income
Mr. John Tyler Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Atoo
Mr. Phillip Anderson and
Mrs. Ellen O’Neill
Dr. Robert Barsotti and
Christina Kaba, Esq.
Mr. Dan Foltz and
Mrs. Colleen Becht-Foltz ‘91
Ms. Adrienne Bennett
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas
C. Cavarocchi
Mr. Richard Fiore
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Linas Kucas
Mr. Thomas Loomis and
Mrs. Patricia Real-Loomis
Catherine Lourenco Villalobos, Esq.
Mr. Michael Lunny and
Ms. Allyson Frank
Mr. and Mrs. William Richards
Ms. Anne M. Rigney
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Robak
Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Viggiano
Mr. and Mrs. David Young
Memorial Contributions
In memory of John Blanch
- Mrs. Andrea Sheridan
In honor of Anita Coll
- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gorman
In honor of Robert Ferreri
(General Excellence Award
at graduation)
- V. Richard Ferreri, Esq.
In memory of Delores Gatta
- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bryom
- Mr. Nicholas Chieffo
- Mr. and Mrs. Searfass
In honor of Georgianna Juliano
(graduation Award).
- Mr. Donald Doyle
and Mrs. Eleanor Doyle ‘63
Gifts in Kind
Bonnie’s Wondergardens
Conner Printing
Fiore Design
Incompra Design
Innovations Printing
Signs by Tomorrow
Corporate Contributions
and Matching Gifts
Exelon Corporation
- Courtesy of
Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan
and John Tyler Anthony
FMC Corporation
- Courtesy of
Mr. and Mrs. William Richards
- Courtesy of Anonymous
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
- Courtesy of Mr. Michael Boyle
REIT Management
- In appreciation of the
HCA Handbell Choir
Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation
ourtesy of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Polischuk
Vision Solutions
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Food Sponsors ($1,000)
Holy Child Academy
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Society of the Holy Child Jesus
Bar Sponsors ($500)
Computer Systems
Resource Incorporated (CSRI)
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Holy Child Academy ($250)
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Shillady Plumbing,
Heating and Drain Cleaning
Tri-State Elevator Co. Inc.
Voluntary Contribution
2012 – 2013
Mr. Joseph Adams and
Ms. Karen Fiore
Mr. Ernesto Aguirre and
the Honorable Kelly Micozzie
David Antczak, Esq. and
Rebecca Rimmer Antczak, Esq.
Mr. John Tyler Anthony
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Society of the Holy Child Jesus
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Society of the Holy Child Jesus
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5K Run & Walk
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Pretzel Boy’s of Drexel Hill
HCA Parents’ Association
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Peter Moore Painting
Kevin McGurk Landscaping
The Fresh Grocer
Holy Child Academy
475 Shadeland Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
The Herald
The Herald is published
for parents, alumni/ae,
and friends of
Holy Child Academy.
Connect with
Holy Child Academy
In September 2013, several HCA students and their parents
volunteered to install fences and build three garden beds,
near the playground. This area is now a dedicated organic
garden for hands-on learning. Read entire story on page 2.
Save the Dates!
April 26 First Holy Communion
April 30
HCA Twilight Tour
May 5
Mothers’ Dinner
May 8
Spring Concert
May 10
Mother/Son Event
May 15
Sports Banquet
May 16Student Recognition
May 19-21Eighth Grade Trip
to Washington, D.C.
May 22
Graduation Dance
June 2 Graduation
U.S. Postage
Upper Darby, PA
Permit No.39