Gift of Life Family House Newsletter


Gift of Life Family House Newsletter
New Jersey Family Keeping Memory of Daughter Alive
Turning tragedy into something positive isn’t easy,
especially when that tragedy is the unexpected death of your
23-year-old daughter. But when Fran and Ranea Pesaresi of Alpha,
NJ, were faced with that situation, they found a way to help others
by donating their daughter Samantha’s organs and later honoring
her memory by underwriting a room at Gift of Life Family House.
Samantha’s story was one of promise. A recent college graduate who
was a three-year starter on the field hockey team, she was working
at an interim job while planning her next step in life – attending
graduate school to study library science. Unfortunately, she would
never have the opportunity to follow that path.
On the evening of September 5, 2013, Samantha left her family
home to visit with friends. About a quarter-mile up the road,
she suffered a sudden brain aneurysm and lost consciousness.
At the hospital, doctors gave the
family the worst possible news –
Samantha was brain dead and there
was nothing further they could do
to help her.
Fran and Ranea in front of
guest room #406 - Sam’s Room.
Family and friends of Samantha Pesaresi present Family House with a check in the amount
of $25,000 to permanently underwrite a guest room in the Family House.
As the family waited for doctors to confirm Samantha’s condition,
her aunt Gina remembers the face of a young boy who was
waiting for a transplant. The boy pictured on a banner that hangs
from the Gift of Life headquarters in Philadelphia. Gina sees
the banner every day when she parks on the street in front of
Gift of Life and walks to her job a block away. She immediately
goes to her brother and sister-in-law and says, “You should think
about organ donation.”
“I was pretty much numb,” says Fran. “My wife didn’t want to
and our younger daughter, Sydney, was against it at first, too. But
eventually we realized that if it was Sam who needed an organ,
we would want someone to help her.” Gina also pointed out that
Samantha would want to give whatever she could. “She would
want to help someone else,” Gina says.
After speaking with a Gift of Life representative, the family decided to
donate Samantha’s organs. Her heart, liver and lungs went to three
recipients and her corneas were recovered for transplant.
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Philadelphia, PA
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NEW JERSEY FAMILY, continued from Family House page 1
It wasn’t long after Samantha’s death that the Pesaresi family began
helping Gift of Life Family House by requesting that donations
be made to the house in lieu of funeral flowers. Nearly $6,000 was
donated to the Adopt-A-Family program in Samantha’s name –
enough to support 150 nights at the house for families who cannot
afford the nightly rate of $40.
Underwriting a room at the Family House involves raising $25,000
sometimes over a five-year period, but the Pesaresis are on track
to raise the funds much quicker than that. Samantha’s high school
friends immediately stepped in to help and raised $6,000 from a
“Sprint for Sam” 5K race they held last fall.
“I work as a part-time bartender at a golf course,” says Fran. “We’re
planning to hold a golf outing next September and make that an
annual event. We’re going to raise the $25,000 pretty quickly.”
Ranea adds that they are also starting a scholarship fund in
Samantha’s memory.
The Pesaresi family and Samantha’s friends also paid a visit to the
Family House to explore other ways that they could help. “The
house is really amazing,” says Fran. “We got to meet some families
whose loved ones were waiting for life-saving transplants. It really
brought things full circle for us.”
“According to her friends, Sam was going to designate herself as
an organ donor when her license was up for renewal,” says Ranea.
“Some of her friends have now decided to register to be organ
donors on their driver’s license. Awareness is spreading. People are
getting a second chance and that’s what Sam was all about…she
loved to help people. It’s because of her that all of this is happening.”
While they plan to participate in the Home Cook Heroes program,
the Pesaresis thought they could do more. When they learned that
there was one remaining guest room at the Family House that
didn’t yet have an underwriter, they knew instantly that this was
the perfect opportunity to honor Samantha’s memory.
If you are considering making a gift or would like more information on underwriting opportunities at Gift of Life Family House,
please contact Sara Cohen, Development Manager at 267-546-9812 or by email at [email protected]
50,000 and Counting!
Home Cook Heroes Program Hits Milestone Meal
“Thank you for filling our bellies,
the program’s launch, 981 different groups made up of 6,119
individuals have cooked meals through the program. Together,
these individuals gave an amazing 18,357 hours of their time.
but most of all our hearts.”
— Andrea, Family House Guest
The 50,000th meal was prepared on February 1st by five local
couples who turned their regular “Family Dinner” that they host
for each other at their homes into a “Family House Dinner.” The
close friends, who are advocates of donation and transplantation,
prepared a delicious meal of grilled flank steak, vegetables,
homemade mac & cheese and tasty desserts. A reporter from
KYW Newsradio was there to cover the milestone meal.
Those were the words used by one Gift of Life Family House
guest when she thanked a group of volunteers who participated
in the Home Cook Heroes program. This popular program
provides a much-needed service to house guests who often don’t
have the time or funds to prepare meals for themselves.
The program brings volunteer groups to the Family House to
prepare healthy, home-cooked dinners each weeknight evening and
brunch on weekends. Participating groups have included families,
schools, businesses, services clubs, sports teams and more.
Our guests are so grateful for the thousands of volunteers who
have supported the Home Cook Heroes program over the past 2 ½
years. These volunteers bring far more than delicious meals into
the house – they also bring a warmth and kindness that everyone
appreciates. They are part of what makes the Family House a true
home for transplant patients and their families.
The Home Cook Heroes program recently hit a milestone
when it served its 50,000th meal to Family House guests. Since
Help us reach 100,000 meals!
Family House is always looking for volunteer groups for the Home Cook Heroes program.
To learn more about the program and how to sign up, visit
to the past Home Cook Heroes
October – December 2013
AIG Benefit Solutions
American Heritage Federal
Credit Union
Arcadia for a Better Community
Ascend - Temple Chapter
Atlantic Coast Roller Girls
Bachich Family & Friends
Barnes Family
Bria Innaurato
Brownie Troop #41825
buildOn - Bodine High School
buildOn - Furness High School
Butterflies INC
Capsicum Group LLC
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Cardinal John Foley 6th Grade
Confirmation Class, Havertown
Caroline’s Crusaders
CB West High School Basketball
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Division of Nephrology
Christ Our Light Mitzvah Day
Christiana Care Respiratory
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Sacred Heart
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Friends Select School
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Pennsylvania - Rhoads 5
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Jimmy Masiak
Kestenbaum Family
Kiana & The Morning Glory
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Liaisons for Life
Lucas’s All in the Family
Meredith & Friends
Methodist B6 Nurses
Five Philadelphia couples serve the 50,000th meal through the Home Cook Heroes Program! (L-R): Casey Lyons Dilsheimer, J.B. Dilsheimer,
Craiger Drake, Denise Duszak, Robert Shino, Julie Cassel, Jeanne McFalls Lamb, Patrick Lamb, Aaron Maass and Ashley Via.
Missy Gurmankin
mmm...Marvelous Mommy!
Moms Club of Drexel Hill
Neher Family
Omni Hotel
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Paget Family and Friends
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Reiff Family
Reilly Family
Robbie’s Mitzvah Crew
Rowan University Office of
Student Activities
Rutgers Gang
Sbraga + EIMER Design
Sprint for Sam
St. John’s Community Service
Team Fritz
Team Spiers
The Drain Family
The Timothy School
TIC Team Coyote
TJUH 7 West Nursing Unit
University City Kiwanis
Wills Eye Hospital Lions Club
Woodside Presbyterian
Church - Yardley, PA
YouthBuild Philadelphia
Charter School
Thank you to our generous
community partner for their
ongoing food donations:
Starbucks at the Bellevue
An Unexpected Diagnosis and a Pledge
Evan Morgan’s symptoms first cropped up several years ago.
A young, multi-sport athlete, he began having foot and ankle pain
that later spread to his knees and hips. His pediatrician chalked it
up to normal growing pains and Evan played on.
During their wait, the Morgans wanted to continue spending time
at their remote cabin in the Endless Mountains. But it had no phone,
cell service and internet service, so doctors advised against staying
there, since transplant candidates have to be reachable at all times
in case an organ became available.
When the symptoms didn’t go away and Evan suffered several
broken bones, his parents took him to an orthopedic specialist.
The doctor found several stress fractures and a small tendon tear in
his right knee, but otherwise all tests came back normal.
“I ended up having a phone put in at the cabin and we gave our new
number to the hospital team and our families. On the first night of
service I was talking to my dad in Georgia and he said, “Don’t worry,
you’ll get good news soon,’” says Jeff. “Later that evening the phone
rang and it was the hospital telling us that it may have a kidney
for Evan.”
“This was a kid who played well and
the other coaches would warn their
players to keep an eye on him, but as
time went on he lost a lot of his usual
energy and stamina,” says Jeff Morgan,
Evan’s father. “He also wasn’t eating as much and his color was off.
Finally, even though his doctors had cleared him to play, one of his
coaches came to us and said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with him
but he’s hurt and shouldn’t be playing.’”
On April 2, 2013, Evan received a new kidney and was discharged
two weeks later. After an initial bout with rejection, he has done
well. By June of that year he was back on the soccer field and
today has more energy than ever.
Not long after Evan’s transplant, the Morgans made the decision
to become involved with Gift of Life Family House as a way of
“giving back.” A group from Jeff’s office participated in the
Home Cook Heroes program. The family also decided to launch a
campaign to raise $25,000 for the House’s Adopt-a-Family program,
which helps support families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to
afford to stay at the house. Money is primarily being raised through
colleagues, friends and family.
During a scheduled doctor’s visit, Evan’s orthopedic physician
recommended that he return to his pediatrician for blood tests.
The results of those tests turned the Morgans’ life upside down.
“At the pediatrician’s office, on August 20, 2012, the doctor told us
to go home, pack a bag and get to the CHOP [Children’s Hospital
of Philadelphia] ER right away,” says Debra, Evan’s mother. “The
tests showed that his hemoglobin level was extremely low, which
means there wasn’t enough oxygen in his blood.”
“To assist with the Morgan’s campaign, the Family House is providing
them with a number of tools to promote it, including a webpage
and donation page,” says Sara Cohen, Development Manager for
the Family House. “This is something new for us and something
we can offer to other families, groups or organizations who want
to raise funds for the house.”
At CHOP, Evan was put on oxygen and was given blood transfusions
to raise his hemoglobin level. He also underwent more tests.
“I remember them doing an ultrasound and spending a lot of time
looking at his kidneys,” says Jeff. “They weren’t saying much.”
Complementing the Morgan
family’s campaign is a separate
effort by Evan to raise money
through fundraisers at his school.
One of his goals is to raise money
to purchase a basketball hoop for
the enjoyment of those staying
at the Family House.
A shocking diagnosis was soon made – end-stage renal failure, the
cause of which is still a mystery. Due to the advanced stage of his
disease, a kidney transplant was deemed the only viable treatment
option. He was put on nightly peritoneal dialysis treatments at
home, and in November 2012 Evan’s name was added to the
national candidate list and his wait began for a new kidney.
“Looking back, the symptoms make sense and we now know that many
are indicative of renal disease,” says Jeff. “But, at the time, nobody
thought to look at his kidneys. The doctors at CHOP couldn’t
believe he was able to keep playing sports through all of this.”
Jeff, Evan and
Debra Morgan.
Although on dialysis, life was surprisingly normal for Evan while he
waited for a transplant. He went to school, practiced with his soccer
team and even played basketball that winter. During this time, his
family explored the possibility of a living kidney donation through
a series of educational appeal letters, but a match couldn’t be found.
Evan Morgan,
kidney transplant
900 Miles
to Give Back
“The Family House is an amazing place,” says Debra. “It gives
families a warm, comfortable place to stay so they don’t have to live
in the hospital. The house is also a great place to meet other families
who are in the same situation.”
10,000 Nights
What do you do when you’re living 900 miles from home and you’re
waiting for a double-lung/liver transplant that could take days, weeks or
months to happen? If you’re 57-year-old Jimmy Powell of Decatur, AL,
you find a local meat market, grab your spices, and start barbequing.
“When you have a successful transplant you realize how important
it is to give back in some way,” adds Jeff. “Our goal is to do as
much as we can to support the Family House and the people who
stay there.”
Jimmy and his wife, Belinda, have been staying at Gift of Life Family
House in Philadelphia since July 16 while he awaits a rare transplant
surgery that has only been performed about 60 times in the world. Jimmy
has Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (Alpha-1), a rare genetic disease that
causes non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver and non-smoking emphysema.
For information on how to start your own fundraising
campaign, please contact Sara Cohen, Development
Manager at [email protected] or call
continued on Family House page 7
For those who have never had a journal before, starting a journal might
seem intimating. Just remember to start small and write about something
that is comfortable for you. With practice, the process will become easier
each day.
Caregiver Lifeline
Also, remember that this is an opportunity for expression, so your thoughts
don’t have to be beautifully organized. You might draw pictures or write
down words to describe your feelings. Your journal is your private space
to describe, reflect, explore, and imagine. It can help you understand what
you’re feeling. Or you might give yourself permission to express what you
would never say out loud. Here are some prompts to get your started:
• “What I really want to say is….”
• Write a short poem that doesn’t rhyme
• Write about a typical day
• Write out your dreams or hopes
• Write about what is helping you
• Write about what you’re finding most challenging
• Use a metaphor to describe what you’re going through.
Are you swimming in deep water? Are you alone in a dark forest?
• Brainstorm to solve a problem or concern
• Write about someone who is an inspiration to you
• Write a thank you letter to someone who helped you today
• Write a letter to your future self—express what you’re going through and what you hope will happen in the next weeks,
months, or year
by Sylvie Beauvais
Family House Social Work Intern
for Emotional Health
If you’re the primary caregiver for a transplant patient, there’s a good
chance several of your relationships have been changing while you’ve
adjusted to the new role and responsibilities of taking care of your loved
one. You might find yourself managing to-do lists, keeping track of tests,
bills, phone calls and doctor’s appointments. The rest of the time might
be devoted to supporting your loved one through their transplant journey.
Many caregivers neglect caring for themselves, so it’s good to find simple
activities, like journaling, that you can do to support yourself, renew your
energy and give you a sense of hope. It’s also something you can do in five
minutes or between appointments.
Journaling can help you:
• Regain a sense of hope and control
• Reflect on each step in the journey
• Express complicated emotions that you may not be ready to share
• Take time to recognize the impact of this experience on friends
and family
• Organize your thoughts
• Plan what you need to say for an important conversation
• Help document the journey and its ups and downs
Taking care of yourself through the journey will help keep you strong.
It’s worth the investment for you and your loved ones.
Here are two online tools you might consider (there are many others—just
search for iPhone or Android Diary or Journaling Apps): allows you to save a few sentences to describe your
day, each day. It’s also available as an app for the iPhone. allows you to send yourself (or others) emails that will be
delivered in the future.
If you would like more information on journaling or can’t seem to find the right words to start, feel free to email
[email protected] or visit our website for more information.
Through the support of our generous financial contributors and the commitment of Family House staff and volunteers, the
Family House provided comfort and support to thousands of transplant patients and family members in 2013. The Family House is
proud to share operations statistics resulting from your giving in 2013.
Supported by Volunteer Shuttle Drivers
1, 362
*Data represents all Family House Guests
900 MILES, continued from Family House page 5
Recently, the Powells became “milestone guests”
at the Family House when they helped it mark its
10,000 th night
of providing lodging to transplant patients and families
since opening in 2011. During their months-long
stay, Jimmy decided he wanted to put his
passion for cooking and grilling to good use.
“We eat a lot of pasta in the house and one day I decided we needed
some meat,” Jimmy says simply. It wasn’t long before the Powells
found Kissin Fresh Meats in Fishtown. When owner Steve Verica heard
Jimmy’s story he donated two whole rib eyes (30 pounds of meat)
to the cause. Jimmy has been cooking for guests at the Family House
ever since.
1,848 2,012
“Jimmy cooked rib eye – people went nuts over that,” says Belinda. “He’s
also cooked smoked turkey, pulled pork, chicken and chili – all donated
by Steve Verica. He makes his own rub and sometimes serves as many
as 30 to 40 people at the house. It’s something he can do and not exert
a lot of energy.”
May June July
Aug. Sept. Oct.
Jimmy’s cooking supplements the Family House’s very successful
Home Cook Heroes program, which invites groups from the community
to come in and prepare healthy, home-cooked meals for guests.
Jimmy and Belinda met as teenagers in the 1970s and dated for two
years before Belinda moved away. Fast forward to 2003 when their
paths crossed
they were THROUGH
both divorced HOME
and quicklyCOOK
picked HEROE
up where they left off 27 years earlier. They married one year later.
13% 9%
Gift of
“Right away I noticed that Jimmy wheezed all the time and I asked
to see a doctor,” says Belinda. “He told me ‘that’s just how I am,’ but
I knew that wasn’t right. Four months after we got married, we found
out he had Alpha 1.”
After a medical odyssey worthy of2,484
a novel, the Powells found themselves
in Philadelphia. From 2010 until May of this year, Jimmy and Belinda
drove back
and 2,012
forth from Alabama 2,062
to Philadelphia for medical
appointments and tests. During that time, they
didn’t know about
Family House and spent thousands of dollars of their savings on travel
and lodging expenses.
Houses of Worship
When Jimmy was finally listed for transplant, the Powells had to move
to Philadelphia. Hotels were out of the question and every apartment
they looked at required a six-month lease. When they found
Family House, they were relieved. Belinda says that being able to talk
with other transplant patients and families has been therapeutic. And
Jimmy’s cooking
his fellow
a way July
to “giveAug.
back” Sept. O
Jan. forFeb.
Apr.has given
May himJune
while he awaits his life-saving transplant. “It’s meant a lot to stay at
Family House, a whole lot,” says Belinda. “I feel safe here.”
Hospitality Industry
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Penney Girls Foundation
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Samantha Pesaresi
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BOLD = renewed member
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Beth Furrh
Donna Pyper
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sugarman
Ken Cohen
Amalgamated Transit Union
Local Division 1056 A.F.L. C.I.O.
John H. Reck
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rubeo
Rachel Rossi
Joel Cooper
Shoel and Eileen Silver and
Mike Cuddyre
Carol Harp
Margaret Devinney
Dr. Lainie Ross
Edward Eaton
Dr. and Mrs.
Jonathan Van Kleunen
Dave Edwards
Gary B. Dunkelberger
Dave and Patricia Edwards
Susan D. Kriznuski
Christopher Schimpf
Patricia White
Karen Forbes
Carole Forbes
Roxie Forbes
Dr. Karen Forbes
Dr. Gerard Fulda
Emery Healthcare Consulting
Beth Furrh
Michael and Sue Classen
Martha DeCandia
Ling Rhodes
Charles Chester Rhodes
Joseph Richetti
Shawna Richetti
Sandra Salvino
Stephen and Susan Iaquinta
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Kleisner
Chloe Rogal DeOliveira
Vincent and Cynthia Pasceri
Elise and Pete Rossi
Michael and Sue Classen
Jonathan Ryan
Kevin Ryan
Lloyd Saba
June H. McKim
Sandra Salmieri
Richard and Sandra Salmieri
Laurie Schulte
Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Schulte
Lindsey Schwartz
Brenda and Tom Noll
Stephen C. Schwartz
Robert and
Suzanne Lippencott
Jillian R. Shallock
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McGowan
Mackenzie Smith
Vincent and Cynthia Pasceri
Karen Cole
Sandra Cantera
James M. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Freeman
William G. Smith
William and Donna Smith
Philip Costabile
Katherine K. Costabile
Jack Iaconelli
Absecon Ladies League
Patty Stephens
Mr. and Ms. Kevin Alderfer
Amanda Davis
Joann Mozelewski
Erin Ivey
Carol and James McKelvey
Kevin Sweigart
Brenda and Tom Noll
Charles Michael Del Vecchio
Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew Sacksteder
Michael Jadick
Marie Jadick
The Carr Family
Mr. and Mrs. William DeCara
The Chase Family
Martha Reisinger
Kayla Kelly
Christine Sandrock-Stone
Cole Patrick Kershner
Andrea Draves
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Mauldin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Inverso, Jr. Cynthia Kleiman-Kaleck
Frank Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Reiter
Mary Ann Dunlap
Kevin Kless
Dr. Marc Uknis
Amy Grant
Carol Vangeli
Jessica Bacho
Robert Weinberg
Laurie Bernstein
Jan L. Weinstock, Esq.
Mildred Ellerson
Harry Roth, Esq. and
Lisa Heller, MD
Brian Wise
Brian and Elicia Wise
Phyllis Zook
Verena Voegele
In Memory of...
[GIFTS OF $50+]
Harlow Ayars
Java Dog Coffee and Tea
Jay Banion
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Faust
Vanessa Radcliff
Bethany L. Barnes
Richard Clem
Robert Sheppard
Deborah Barsh
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Barsh
Isobel and George Berry
Vincent and Cynthia Pasceri
Joseph Bottino, Jr.
Absecon Ladies League
Greg Bronk
Paige Bronk Schwab
Judge Martin Burman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Epstein
H. R. Caines
Cheryl Caines
John Castrenze
Elizabeth Rizzotte
Sherry L. Cederberg
Russ and Kitty Sams
Caitlin M. Ciquero
Michele Busacca
W. Wayne Clapp
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown
Sean Clegg
Laurentians Senior Citizens
Francine Cohen
Chari Cohen
George Dilliard
Lois Dilliard
Sean Early
Dr. N. Nina Ahmad
Rachel Fie
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Grigoriades
John Kless
Doris Kolman
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Reiter
Christine Lambert
Brian J. Fleagle
Franklin W. Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Fleagle
Darin N. Leibovitz
Christopher Bradley
Sue S. Hood, M.S.
Donald H. Gallagher
Gavin Leong
Jean and Sam Jones
Deidre Wendell
James Gervato
Thomas G. Lynn
Brenda Gervato
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brown
Verna “Mimi” Gingrich
Meghan Lowery
Faulkner Harrisburg, Inc.
Geraldine Lynn
Brooke Golden
Bill Johnston
Lynda Cudihy
Mrs. and Mr. Bernadette Ronca
Elizabeth Stevenson
Janet Majcher
Anna Villari
Martin Majcher
Mr. and Mrs. Curtin Welden, Jr.
Dylan Manning
Doreen Norton
Bailey Family Chiropractic
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bristow
Center, LLC.
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Korn
Arlene and Robert Romanoski
Colleen Maier
Rachel Schumacher
Arnold A. Markley
Brian Meyer
George Grekalski
Mary and Carl Pucul
Daniel Mason
Todd Hoffman
Katlyn Groom
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Groom
Ralph McConnell
Linda and Ralph McConnell
Brett A. Harding
Arthur and Lou Brickman
Elizabeth McCullough
Aileen McCullough
Brianne Harrell
Lori Taylor
Robert McCullough
Alison Haygood
Maryann McCullough
Todd Hasz
Michael D. McVey
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hasz
Terry and Sue Dillon
Ally Heintz
Thomas G. Miller
Mary Kay Heimbach
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mater
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hersey
Mason W. Hess
Gary McWilliams
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hill
Sharon Seifert
Philip and Christine Manolio
Heidi Dukes
Paul Kovach
Richard Schultheis
Dolores DeVos
Suzann Rowley
Debby Mittleman
Alan J. Mittelman, Esq.
Matthew Hoffa
Mr. Parmley
Ethan Moyer
Eleanor K. Doerr
Charles Holmes
Richard Spier
Frank Narciso
George and Pam Holmes
Ms. and Mr. Cheryle Narciso
John Homolash
Mary Ann Navin
Laura Tinner and
John Navin
Dean Manning
Beatrice Nicoletti
John and Lori Peruto, Esqs.
Joseph and Donna Ferrier
Deborah Nothstein
Gregory Nothstein
Scott Osborn
Kimberlee Redmile
A. Charles Peruto, Sr., Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Altman
Samantha Pesaresi
Alpha Public School Board
of Education
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelly
Paula and Rich Kumpf
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Delfico
John Dolak American Legion Post #446
William R. Pistiili
Lisa Pistilli
Florence Pitchnick
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Reiter
Carl Rausch
Kathleen Rausch
Heather Templeton
Kathleen Balch
Trent Tirpak
Jeanne Fiorelli
Sharlene Toncik
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parsley
Mary Unger
Diane Wasson
Gary Unterkolfer
Ken and Deb Beissel
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Clark
Mr. and Mrs. James Dietrich
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horner
Brent Meitzler
Craig Miller
Linda Young
Dave Charles
Megan Vonada
James Regan
Colleen Weiler
Dennis Wallace
James D. Scully and
Marlene Stoczko
Rita A. Waters
Tim Raymond
Mike and Dana Abatemarco
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Clouse Jr.
Tyler Christ
Elizabeth Reger
Richard Feldesman
Patrick and Jean Reger
Dr. David Herrstrom
Christie Hutenburg
Les Rich
Michelle Israel
Sharon Rich
Amanda Margitich
Julie A. Riggi
Helene Taub
Giovanni Riggi
Russ Klettke
Ally Randazzo
Debbie Rodgers
Donna and Scott Kral
Susan Dolphin
Jimmy Mohsin
Philip Saba
Janell Weddington
June H. McKim
Maggie Moyer
Nicholas Sayles
Scott and Vickie Sayles
Dr. Peter Brothman
Brian Seidel
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Chapman
Richard Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Eisenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Gottlieb
Thomas Selemba
Eugene S. Polgar
Keystone Community
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hurok
Louis and Harriet Berneman
Eric R. Smith
Judy Finkel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hoyer
Mr. and Mrs. Ross J. Smith
Cody J. Souders
Nancy and Paul Doucette
Walter and Linda Kieseling
Connie Nelson
Brad Sowden
Mr. Ronald L. Leymeister
Ruth Speer
David Heward
Shirley and Calvin Stevenson
John Spinuzza
Joann Mozelewski
George Steinmetz
Lynn M. Fallon
Zachary Sweitzer
Carol Leas
Robert C. Taylor
Marlene Denber
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Allen
Elayne Gasmer Kalina
Kate and Peter Kelsen, Esq.
Beth and Adam Share, Esq.
Shelly Communications, Inc.
Jill and Lenny Feinberg
B&D Donor Recognition
Michael Moritz, MD and
Cary Mortiz, Esq.
Abbi Cohen, Esq. and
Tom O’Connell, Esq.
Joseph and Donna Ferrier
Sharon and Kenn Spinrad
Harris Devor
Bruce Shelly
The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A.
Eden Kratchman
Dr. Marshall Schwartz
Thomas White
Vreeland Realty Inc.
Margaret M. Winters
M. Luanne Chynoweth
The Legacy Garden
Paver Program
Thank you to those who dedicated
Legacy Garden pavers in 2013
Doug Wright Memorial Fund
Gloria Friedberg
Anthony Giambruno
Sam and Jean Jones
Kassie Hagan Memorial Fund
Krysta Hankee Memorial Fund
Beatrice G. Lipschultz
Coleen McVeigh
Nelson Family & David’s Parrot Party
David, Rachel, Jessica and
Alix Steerman
Frederick Toncik
Family and Friends of Ryan Viola - RYANSTRONG
We apologize for any errors or
omissions and ask that you contact
Sara Cohen at 267-546-9812 or
[email protected]
to report any corrections.
A Special Thank You to Our Volunteers in the Community for Coordinating
Fundraising Events to Support the Mission of Gift of Life Family House
2013 York County Employee Appreciation Day in honor of Chuck Noll
Ally’s Angels Breakfast & Blood Drive in memory of Ally Heintz
Andover Township Community Softball Game and Fundraiser
Craig’s Styleathon Fundraiser hosted by the Watson Family and Friends
Delaware Good Sam Club Event
Doug Wright Memorial Golf Outing
Dylan’s Holiday Food Drive and Fundraiser hosted by the Manning Family
Charity Partnership of the Philadelphia Marathon - TEAM Family House
Kyle “Cowboy” Downin Memorial Ride for Gift of Life
Papa Carl’s 9th Annual Jam for Life Event
Punk-A-Poo Holiday Gift Drive and Fundraiser
Punkin Chunkin Fundraiser
Q2 Concert hosted by Eryka Waller in memory of Quinn Robert Payne
Shippensburg University Fundraiser
Neiman Marcus Fashion Show Fundraiser Stylish Support hosted by
Carol Giungo and Lori Peruto, Esq.
Tap the Gap Golf Outing hosted by Delaware Water Gap Country Club
Wendy’s Restaurant of Warrington Fundraiser
To make a contribution to Gift of Life Family House, please visit
Gifts of $250 or more qualify you to become a member of the Family Circle. The Family Circle is an annual giving program
composed of generous contributors who donate annually to support Gift of Life Family House.
Gift of Life Family House is a partner of United Way of Southeastern PA. Please consider designating your donation to us –
UWSP Code# 48974 (listed as Gift of Life Family House)
The official registration and financial information of Transplant House (d/b/a Gift of Life Family House) may be obtained from PA Dept. of State by calling toll free 1.800.732.0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

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