History Of Innovation And Quality



History Of Innovation And Quality
History of Innovation and Quality
advancements were
made for one unit to heat
100,000 Sq. Ft. (Current
Air-Rotation Technology
can heat/ cool 150,000
Sq ft.
Johnson Heater
Corporation was
established in
Boston, MA.
Johnson patents the first
Air-Rotation® heating
and ventilating design
applicable to large open
space facilities
Johnson develops indirect and direct-fired
makeup air HVAC offerings.
Johnson/MarCraft launches Arizon Structures
division. Arizon Companies is created with all
three divisions underneath.
Johnson Heater
Corporation purchased
by Ron Scharf and
moved to St. Louis.
Johnson Merges with
MarCraft Custom HVAC
Solutions. Johnson
introduces cooling in its
Air-Rotation® Systems
named to the
INC. 500 list
for the 6th
straight year.
How It Works
At the same time, the unit will “draw” the same amount of air through the return
air section
The continuous process of discharging air up high and returning air from floor
level is what we call the Air-Rotation® effect
Air-Rotation® Systems can routinely circulate conditioned air up to 350 feet
radius for heating and 250 feet radius for cooling units
Typical Johnson Air-Rotation Applications
Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
Warehouses, Distribution Centers, and Retail
Product Sensitive Storage
Hospital & University Equipment Rooms
Plastic Injection Molding Facilities
Pharmaceutical Storage
Exhibition Centers
Aircraft Hangars
Sports Complexes, Athletic Facilities &
Johnson Air-Rotation Effect
Easy Access for Maintenance
All piping on Johnson Air-Rotation
Systems is easily accessible
outside of the Air-Rotation
The interior of the Air-Rotation
Systems piping, drain pan, coils,
fans, belts, motors and bearings
are easily accessible through a
side-access door.
Johnson Air-Rotation System Features
Air capacities up to 170,000 CFM
Indoor or outdoor systems
Heat input capacities up to 6,250 MBH
Available in Duralast, aluminum mesh, oil mist
and pleated
Cooling capacities up to 450 Tons
Ultra-Violet light available for bacterial
Most efficient system available
Custom unit configurations
Make-up air can be incorporated to the system
Johnson Air-Rotation System Features
Fewer Johnson Systems per area –
One system can condition 150,000 Sq. Ft.+
Simplifies gas piping
Fewer electrical power connections
Reduces roof loading-less structural steel
Lower fan motor horsepower reduces wire size
Reduces misc. steel-roof openings framing
Eliminates supply and return air duct work
No roof curbs – less roof openings, hence
minimizing potential leaks
Lower start-up and commissioning costs
Smaller rigging equipment required to set
Lowest Installation Costs
Johnson Air-Rotation Systems have the lowest costs associated with installation in the industry. The total cost
of installation for a Johnson Air-Rotation System is a fraction of the cost to other HVAC systems.
1. No Additional Rooftop Support
2. No Ductwork
3. Fewer Utility Hook-ups
4. No Rooftop Penetrations
5. Installation Time Savings
6. Outdoor or Indoor Mounted
Return on Investment/ Cost Savings
Johnson Air-Rotation Systems Provide Significant Cost Savings Vs. Traditional HVAC Options, Often Resulting
In A Return on Investment For The Customer In A Matter of Years.
1. Utility Savings 30-70%
2. Installation Cost Savings
3. Lower Horse Power
4. Reduced Maintenance
5. Longer Product Life
6. Portability
7. Engineering Support
Johnson Air-Rotation System
Engineering Support and Customer Service
Johnson Applications Engineers
will design the optimum system
for your building
Advise on the best way to
condition the building
Determine the amount of heating,
cooling and air volume required in
the space
Determine the quantity of systems
and the best system locations
Start-up service technician
Decades of experience
Johnson Air-Rotation System
Operating & system efficiency
Controlled and uniform temperatures
Long equipment life
Low installation cost
Engineering support and custom service
Johnson Air-Rotation System
Operating & System Efficiency
Cost ($)
Typical Utility Costs
Johnson Air-Rotation
Conventional Heating & Cooling Systems
Compared to other HVAC equipment Johnson Air-Rotation® Systems consume up to 70% less fuel
Less fuel and electric consumption = Huge saving to the customer
Case Study: Manufacturing
Customer Saves $3.5 Million with Johnson Air-Rotation System
Customer: A Major Aircraft Manufacturer
Location: Amarillo, Texas
Building Square Feet: 250,000
System Style: Outdoor, Heating and Cooling
System Size and Qty: 6 Johnson Air-Rotation Systems, for
redundancy purposes required by client
Savings: $3.5 million in savings as a result of less utility
connections, removal of duct work and installed costs.
Case Study: Manufacturing
Air-Rotation Keeps Temperature Consistent
When measured with a digital thermometer there was ONLY a 2 degree difference
between 6 inches from the floor and 36 feet from the floor.
Case Study: Gymnasium
“The Best Money We’ve Spent”– Scott Wilkerson, Claude High School Principal”
School District Stays On Budget By Installing Johnson Air-Rotation® System.
Customer: ......................................Claude high school
Location: ........................................Claude, Texas
Building Square Feet: .................. 10,000
Project Specifications: ..................Cooling only, with provisions made for heat in the future.
System Size and Qty: ................... 1 outdoor mounted, cooling-only
40 ton Johnson Air-Rotation system with the
ability to cool the 10,000 square foot gymnasium,
replacing the original proposal of 4 x 10 ton split units.
Savings: ........................................ $50,000
Case Study: Gymnasium
Johnson Air-Rotation Capabilities
•The only UL Listed Air-Rotation system
• Reduces Cost on equipment, Labor, Operation
• Cooling Throw – 275’
• heating Throw – 325’
• 150,000 square Feet with a single unit
• up to 6,250 MBH per heating unit
• up to 450 Tons per Cooling unit
• up to 170,000 CFM per unit
Johnson Air-Rotation System
Controlled and Uniform Temperatures
Provides even temperatures in the space – within +-2 degree
Eliminates air stratification and associated condensation
Eliminates drafts and cold or hot spots in the space
Available with condensation control package
Available with humidifiers
Controlled temperatures and humidity levels prevent product damage
Johnson Air-Rotation System
Alternative Solutions
Indoor or outdoor units
Condensation control package
High efficiency filters
Low temperature cooling
Evaporative cooling
Special construction
Mixing box
Bacterial control
4 seasons applications

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