Family and Youth Counseling Agency Statement of Financial Position



Family and Youth Counseling Agency Statement of Financial Position
A Cornerstone for Family Services
Family & Youth has been a cornerstone for family oriented services in
Southwest Louisiana since its founding by the Junior League of Lake
Charles in 1970. In its forty-six years of service, Family & Youth has
grown from a small counseling service agency into
the inclusive organization that it is today, boasting
eight divisions under its business umbrella. Together,
the eight divisions of Family & Youth provide an
encompassing range of services to the community of
Southwest Louisiana. Just as Southwest Louisiana
itself has grown and expanded to meet the needs
of its community over the years, so has Family &
Mark Hanudel
2016 Chairman of
the Board
Today, Southwest Louisiana is growing again,
bringing in new residents, businesses, and other
beneficial economic growth. Again, Family & Youth
will expand and grow to accommodate our residents,
both new and old, and the needs that may arise during
this time.
Already, Family & Youth has responded to the
expected increase by initiating a Domestic Abuse
Response program to help women overcome the struggles of an abusive
relationship. Family & Youth is also increasing access to the Children’s
Advocacy Center by training new staff and adding daily interview slots,
ensuring that as the number of cases of child abuse increase that the CAC
will be able to meet the demand. This guarantees no child is turned away
and interviews occur in a timely manner, reducing the trauma of physical
and/or sexual abuse experienced by children and adolescents.
Julio Galan
President and CEO
Family & Youth’s ability to make a difference in SWLA and to continue to
expand and grow to meet the needs in our community is due to the generosity
of our donors who support Family & Youth in all of its endeavors. We
would like to say a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who
has supported Family & Youth in the past, the present, and in the future.
Our donors are critical to the work we do; every donor, every dollar, makes
a difference in the lives of the clients we serve. We thank each of our donors
for giving their time and treasure to support Family & Youth and its mission
to serve SWLA. We hope that you continue to support Family & Youth, and
individuals in our community, for years to come.
2015 has come to an end and we are looking forward to all that 2016 and
beyond will have to offer. Southwest Louisiana is looking towards a bright
future, and so is Family & Youth. Thank you again for your guidance and
support throughout the year as we dedicate ourselves to continuing to meet
the needs of Southwest Louisiana’s children and families.
Mark Hanudel
2016 Chairman of the Board
Julio Galan
President & CEO
Family & Youth Mission
It is the belief of Family & Youth that all individuals possess the ability to
solve their own challenges and live full and healthy lives when support is
available. It is the mission of Family & Youth to provide affordable and
professional support, through programs and services dedicated to advocacy,
counseling, and education for the people of Southwest Louisiana. Our effort
and commitment to building family values will guarantee a stable and
stronger community.
Board of Directors
Ann Barilleaux, Chair
Mark Hanudel, Vice Chair
Randy Davis, Secretary
Donald Brinkman, Treasurer
Buddy Hamic, Immediate Past Chair
Emily Abshire
Joey Alcede
Kerry Andersen
E.T. Browning
Mike Byrne
Rachel Chatters
Lauren de Albuquerque
Phil de Albuquerque
Trey Fielder
Greg Guilbeau
Caitlin Guillory
Leslie Harless
Mark Ieyoub
Wanda King
Nicholas Langley
Paul Pettefer
Nora Popillion
Ben Reynolds
Gene Steech
Owen Thompson
Fr. Alan Trouille
Tammy Truax
Mark Hanudel, Chair
Donald Brinkman, Vice Chair
Nora Popillion, Secretary
Owen Thompson, Treasurer
Ann Barilleaux, Immediate Past Chair
Emily Abshire
Joey Alcede
Kerry Andersen
E.T. Browning
Rachel Chatters
Ron Childress
Trey Fielder
Lisa Guerrero
Caitlin Guillory
Gustavo Gutierrez
Leslie Harless
Mark Ieyoub
Lynn Jones
Caitlin Morris
Paul Pettefer
Gene Steech
James Steward
Fr. Alan Trouille
Tammy Truax
Why Focus on Strengths?
Dr. Candis Carr, Ed.D., Senior Vice President
Picture this outdated scene: A counselor and client sit face to face.
Because the client has requested a meeting with a counselor to
discuss a problem in his life, and because the counselor is able to
identify and understand problems, certain assumptions hang in the
air. For the client, it is the conviction that the counselor knows what
to do and has all the answers to fix the client’s problem, and for the
counselor, it is the expectation that a deficit, disorder, or dysfunction
contributes to the problem and therefore has to be eliminated.
Once upon a time, professional counselors were entrenched in a
“concept of knowing” that suggested they could “objectively observe
clients and accurately come to know particular truths about them.”
After these truths were determined and explained by the counselor, a
remedy could be prescribed to minimize or even eliminate the deficit,
disorder, or dysfunction troubling the client. In turn, the client would
accept the counselor’s views, pay his fee, and set out to apply the
remedy as prescribed. Seems simple enough, yes? But is it realistic?
Fast forward to today. Professional counseling in modern times is a
collaborative effort between a skillful counselor and willing client
for the purpose of focusing on concerns highlighted by the client.
The overall goal is changes in behavior leading to improvements in
emotional, social, and vocational functioning as desired by the client.
It goes something like this…
A counselor and client sit face to face. Because the client has
requested a meeting with a counselor to discuss a problem in his life,
and because the counselor is able to quickly connect with the client,
establish rapport, and accurately validate the client’s strengths,
coping skills, and support systems, a feeling of fresh hope hangs in
the air. For the client, it is hope buoyed by an awareness that the
counselor understands exactly what the client is concerned about
and wants to focus on issues important to the client. The two will work
together to address the client’s concerns. For the counselor, it is the
understanding that all clients have unrecognized, unnamed, and
unappreciated strengths, talents, and skills that when highlighted
create advantage in securing problem resolution and long-term
improvements in well-being.
And thus we see that strength-based counseling is a shift from the
pathology-focused, medical model of counseling to a perspective that
uses clients’ assets to create lasting change. Armed with our strengths,
we are able to learn and prosper from adversity, as opposed to being
forever diminished.
Family & Youth has long been guided by the strength-based principle
that all individuals possess the ability to solve their own challenges
and live full and healthy lives when support is available. Based on
the belief that people are resilient and will bounce back from life’s
adversities, despite the odds, a strength-based perspective discourages
amplifying deficits and encourages a preoccupation with developing
strengths. As is often said, “What we pay attention to grows.”
While perusing the 2015 Family & Youth Annual Report, we also
reflect thoughtfully on the people behind the numbers. Professional
staff from Shannon Cox Counseling Center, Performance Employee
Assistance and Business Services, and Autism Support Alliance
are able to recall countless instances in which clients mustered their
strengths, talents, and skills to battle grief and despair; sexual and
physical abuse; family separation and divorce; job loss and uncertainty;
accidents and illnesses; and the persistent anxiety and depression that
can accompany any of life’s challenges.
I recently asked a client to name again his most predominant
strength. Moments before my question, he had shared with me a
stunning disappointment
involving his family, his
money, and his future.
He starred achingly
into the distance for
a few seconds, and
then spoke strongly
the word endurance.
“When it gets really bad,
something comes over
me, and I just know what
I must do to get through
it.” “Maybe it’s my ancient Viking heritage,” he laughed, “but I know
how to endure, and I will get past this.”
Minutes later, as he stood to leave the office, I noticed he seemed a
little taller than before, and certainly more confident.
Thank You To Our Supporters!
Platinum Circle
Ben & Molly Marriner
BG North America
Delta Downs
Entergy Louisiana
Greg Guilbeau
John & Ginny Henning
L’Auberge -Lake Charles
Nora Popillion
Stream Wetland Services
President Circle
Bank of America
Brown & Root Industrial Services
Center for Orthopaedics
Donald Brinkman
First Federal Bank
G2X Energy
McElroy, Quirk & Burch
J & J Exterminating
Julio & Maria Galan
Lake City Trucking
Lake Charles Toyota
Leslie Harless
Magnolia LNG
MKC Construction
Morgan Stanley- Ruven Rodriguez
OneTeam Workforce
Port of Lake Charles
Sasol North America
Tammy Truax
Trey Fielder
Southern Chemical Co.
United Rentals
Executive Club
Alfred Miller Contracting
American Press Foundation
Ann Barilleaux
Baggett, McCall & Burgess
BancorpSouth Bank
Billy Navarre Chevrolet
Blalock Contractors
Blue Cross Blue Shield of LA
Bolton Ford
Botsky’s Premium Hotdogs
Brandt Pedersen Construction
Calla Restaurant
Cameron Communications
Cameron LNG
Capital One Bank
Chennault Int. Airport
Children’s Clinic of SWLA
Christopher & Candace Howay
Christus St. Patrick Hospital
CitgoPetroleum Corp.
Cops & Jocks
Courtney & Sally Fenet
Cox, Cox, Filo, Camel & Wilson
Crossroads Bookstore
CSE Credit Union
Deidra Doucet
Dermatology Associates
Dr. Jay & Jules Maust
Dr. Philip D. Moses, D.D.S
Dr. Scott Bergstedt
Dr. Stuart & Blanche Landry
Endocrinology Center of SWLA
E.T. Browning
Gragson, Casiday & Guillory
Gulf Coast Rubber & Gasket
Hart Eye Center
Henderson Implement & Marine
Institute for Neuropsychiatry
Isle of Capri Casino Hotel
Jeff Davis Bank & Trust Co.
Jeff Kudla
John & Cindy Surles
Junior League of Lake Charles
Justin & Heather Jones
Kerry Andersen
Kiwanis Club of South L.C.
Lake Area Medical Center
Lake Charles LNG
Langley, Williams & Co.
Latter and Blum
Laundry World
Lavender Touch
Lundy, Lundy, Soileau, & South
Mallard Cove MGA
Mark & Ginger Ieyoub
Mark & Kathy Hanudel
Mark Jester
McElveen Insurance
Menard Eye Clinic
Merchants & Farmers Bank
Moffett Mortgage Company ERA
Mollie Broussard
Morgan Stanley - Edward Ellington
NAI Lake Charles
Nissan of Lake Charles
Northern Trust Company
Oak Crossing
Pat Hight Ins. Agency
Paul Pettefer
Phillips 66
Pinnacle Management Holdings
R&H Quality Refractory Services
Randy Davis
RelaDyne/Pumpelly Oil
Reddoch Land Surveying
Sam Hebert Financial
Scofield & Gerard
Shawn & Roxanne Camara
Shearman Media
Signatures Salon
Southwest Beverage Co.
The Wine Store
Tim & Kathy Flavin
Tim & Tammy Andreas
Tower Land Company
Villa Maria
Vincent, Liles & Thompson
Virtual Communities
Walnut Grove Development
West Cal-Cam Hospital
Whitney National Bank
William Dore
William Owen Thompson
Action Arms
Ann Dentler
Axiall Corp.
Beau & Maria Faul
Big Easy Foods
Bill’s Classic Painting
Bridget McMorris
CenterPoint Energy
Community Foundation of SWLA
Country Club Veterinary Clinic
Coushatta Casino Resort
Credit Suisse Securities
D & D Designs
Dave McCarty
David Duplechian
Dr. & Mrs. Greg Bowling
Dr. Candis Carr
Dr. John & Liz DiGiglia III
Edward Jones
Ehlers & Associates CPA’s
Finchum Enterprises
Gulf Coast Carpet
Jay Ecker
Judge Patricia Minaldi
Kelly Lee Insurance
Kimberly Caton
L’Auberge -Baton Rouge
Louisiana Companies
Louisiana Mortgage Associates
Martin GMC
Matthew & Tracy Bryan
Mike LeBlanc
Morgan Stanley - Stephen Shaddock
Patricia Prudhomme
Renew Medical Spa
Southern Homecare
Stephanie Weaver
Stephen Dwight
Sweet Lake Land & Oil
Tom & Shirley Henning
Vein Center of SWLA
Ware Enterprises
W.W. Lewis Middle School
Anniversary Club
Alberto Galan
Ben Reynolds
Calcasieu Refining Co.
Century Group
Dr. Carlos Choucino
Dr. Keith & Dale DeSonier
Financial Management Professionals
Fr. Alan Trouille
Gene Steech
GiGi’s Downtown
Gray Gaming
Hale & Associates
Heather Hohensee
J.D. & Amy Allen
Jane Donahoe
Jonathan Mathieu
Kayla Sherer
LA National Guard YCP
Advocate Club
Leonard & Ann Knapp
Accent Restoration/Alloy Wheel Repair M.B. Rich Jewelry
Access of Louisiana
Mark Doiron
McNeese State University
Melanie Dees
Merrill Lynch- Patricia Philmon
Morgan Stanley - William Rose
Morgan Stanley- Frank Wood
Morgan Stanley- John Doumite
Prebula Public Relations
Reeves Uptown Catering
Sabine Pools & Spas
Stine Lumber Co.
The Lost Hollows
Tri Textbooks
T-Shirt Warehouse
Hunter Perrin Ins. Agency
International Dance Co.
Ironclad Title
J & R Carriage Rides
Jackie Royer
Jamar Simien
Jambalaya News
James Boyer
Jeff Davis DA’s Office
Jeffrie Duberville
Jim & Jean Evans
Joey Alcede
John & Jodi Fontenot
Jonathan Tabor
121 Artisan Bistro
Joyce Alexander
Acadiana Roasters
Katie Richard
Alfred Doucette
Ken Conner’s Tire Pros
Amedisys/LC Home Health
Knight Media Printing
Andy & Tammy Fontenot
Kristen Cassidy
Anytime Fitness
Kristy Como
Artisan Tiling
Kurth & Associates
Ashley Hughes
Lake Area Marine
B.C. Bit Service
Lake Arthur Butane/Propane Co.
Beauregard Electric Co-op
Lake Charles City Marshall
Bijoux Jewelry Design Center
Lake City Printing
Billy & Bernell Ezell
Larry Turner
Bolton Construction
Lauren de Albequerque
Buddy & Nancy Hamic
Lee Boyer
Business First Bank
Leo Reddoch
Caitlin Guillory
Lewing Construction
Cajun Red Head
Linda Thibodeaux
Calcasieu Community Clinic
Lords & Ladies
Calcasieu Parish District Attorney
Lucinda O’Quinn
Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Dept.
Lutcher Theater
Carlie Gaudet-Sonnier
Manuel Realty
Center for Chiropractic and Rehab. Maurice Tynes & Associates
Chaney Trucking
McDonald’s of SWLA
Charles Johnson
McNeese Banners Series
Charlotte McCann
Michael & Vickie Wicks
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Michael Bibby
Christine Perry
Michael Cagle-Attorney at Law
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Club Tabby
Mitchell & Blanco
Consolata Cemetary
Mimosa Boutique
Craig Broussard
Mr. & Mrs. David Buttross, Jr.
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Painting With a Twist
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Diamond Replacement Centers
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Emily Abshire
Pronia’s Deli & Bakery
Erin Flavin
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Expedited Logistics and Freight
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First Federal Insurance Services
Randy & Nancy Roach
Fox’s Pizza
Robert Phillips
Frank Tartamella
Robinson Dental Group
Frasch Golf Course
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Gray Plantation
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Gregory Driskell
Sandra Duhon
Hairsay Salon
Sandy Doty
Harlow Lawn Mowers
Sherry Lutz
Home Instead Senior Care
Shonda Darbeau
SITI Construction
Skate City of Lake Charles
Snap Fitness
Soram Enterprises
Southern Spice
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St. Louis Catholic High School
Stephanie Rhodes Hankins
Steve Couch
Street Breads
Superior Supply & Steel
SWLA Credit Union
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The Art Factory
The Dev Department
The Louisiana Market
The National Golf Club
Thomas Duncan
Tim Huffer
Toby & Tracy Bright
Tony & Terry Granata
True Blue Watersports
Uniformly Fit
USS Orleck
Van Seneca
Virginia Grimball
W.D. Contracting
Walter Farque
Wanda King
Wendi’s Flower Cart
William Boyer
Wing Stop
In Memory of
Zachary Mark Gaspard
The Estate of J.G. Stream and Family
In Memory of
Billy Baggett
Ms. Susan Blake
We value our supporters and want
to recognize each and every one of
them. We apologize for any names we
may have missed, corrections will be
listed on our website at
Certified by the Standards for
Excellence Institute in Maryland
Thank you to our Friends and Partners!
Mark & Kathy Hanudel
Dr. Jay R. Maust, II &
Juliet Hardtner
Entergy Corporation
Whitney National Bank
Laura & Buddy Leach
First Federal Bank of LA
Cameron State Bank
Lake Charles Toyota
L’ Auberge Casino Resort
Andrew & Lania Vanchiere
Robert & Eileen Piper
McDonald’s of Lake Charles
Sam Hebert Financial Group
SASOL North America, Inc.
W.A. Glasspool, Jr.
Sam & Denise Hebert
Friends of Shannon Cox
Christine Perry and Children
Ward 3 Marshal Joey Alcede
Employees of Chennault
International Airport Authority
New York Life
Dr. & Mrs. Scott Bergstedt
Rick and Donna Richard
American Press Foundation
John & Sylvia Stelly
Delta Downs Racetrack and Casino
Nissan of Lake Charles
Ed, Madeline, Dori & Edward
Sylvester Myers
Friends of Family & Youth
Langley, Williams, and Associates
Jim & Jean Evans
G2X Energy, Inc
Tim Broussard &
J&J Exterminating Company
Ben & Molly Marriner
Mrs. Jules Maust
The Family of Mollie Courmier
Foundation Circle
Friends & Family of
Dr. Alberto Alcantara
Joseph & Cathy Banks
Cameron LNG
Dr. Candis J. Carr
Capital One Bank
Pedro & Carmen Rosa Choucino
Philip & Lucie Earhart
Jeff Davis Bank
Julio & Maria Galan
Doug & Gay Gehrig
Lake Charles Racquet Club
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Landry
PPG Industries
The Family of E. Leo Reddoch, III
Joe & Janet Stoma
Nancy Sylvester
Trunkline LNG, LLC
The Family of Dr. Charles Vanchiere
Women & Children’s Hospital
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Bowling
Fontenot & Camara Family
McElveen Insurance, LLC
Randy & Shari Davis
John & Cindy Surles
Darren & Suzanne Labove
Steve and Ann Kuypers & Children
Dr. & Mrs. A.T. Ordinario, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James Gobert
Marty & Julie DeRouen
Thank you to our supporters who have established endowments with the
Family Foundation of Southwest Louisiana. Through support such as yours we are able to
guarantee the life and stability of the services offered by Family & Youth. The mission of the Family
Foundation of Southwest Louisiana is to connect donors to the priorities that enhance the quality
of family and community life for generations to come. If you are interested in establishing your own
endowment or would like more information please visit or call 337-436-9533.
Different Reasons, Same Challenges
David Duplechian, Vice President
2005. Hurricane Rita. Housing shortages. Population increases as people
move into the area to rebuild homes, apartments, and infrastructure.
2015. Economic Expansion. Anticipated housing shortages. Population
increases as people move into the area to build out the new industrial
Different reasons. Same challenges and opportunities. HSRI is there.
In 2005, HSRI began as the Human Services Response Initiative in response
to Mayor Roach’s request to establish a “command center” for human
services to meet the needs of residents returning to SWLA in the aftermath
of Hurricane Rita. HSRI established a process and structure for the
systematic, coordinated, and effective delivery of human services to address
the consequences of not only Hurricane Rita, but any major disaster or
emergency faced by communities, promoting collaboration and partnerships
on behalf of affected people.
As the needs of the community shifted from the immediate response phase to
the long term recovery phase, HSRI became the Human Services Response
Institute, a Disaster Recovery Organization, with a mission to establish a
supportive network, process, and structure for the systematic, coordinated,
and effective delivery of human services to address the consequences of
disaster. HSRI worked closely with governmental officials and national
nonprofits in the procurement of financial resources, and was able to invest
$1.8 million dollars on behalf of 1,599 families in SWLA, enabling them to
transition from temporary government housing into permanent structures,
to resume their previous occupations, and in some cases, to get the training
necessary to secure better employment than they had before the storm.
Now, as SWLA experiences the largest economic growth in the nation, HSRI
continues to respond by facilitating solutions for a changing environment.
HSRI’s organized system enables it to proactively address emerging human
needs and improve the area’s quality of life, identifying and responding to
community challenges brought about not only by disaster or emergency, but
by growth and change as well.
Family & Youth believes that all individuals possess the ability to solve their
own challenges and live full and healthy lives when support is available, and
it is through programs like HSRI that affordable and professional support is
Fiscal Year 2015
Sources of Support
Fees, Grants & Programs
United Way of SWLA
Special Events
Contributions, Investments & Other
Total Revenue
Programs & Services
Fundraising Management & General Total Expenses $1,054,039
Family and Youth Counseling Agency
Statement of Financial Position
December 31, 2015
Current Assets
Cash and Cash Equivalents- Unrestricted
Cash and Cash Equivalents- Restricted
Governor’s Conference
Unconditional Promises to Give
Accounts Receivable, Less Allowance for
Doubtful Accounts of $3,419
Contracts Receivable
Prepaid Expenses
Total Current Assets
Property and Equipment
Furniture and Equipment
$727, 810
Less Accumulated Depreciation
Net Property and Equipment
Total Assets
Family and Youth Counseling Agency
Statement of Financial Position
December 31, 2015
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable
Accrued Expenses
Due to Governor’s Conference
Unearned Income
Total Current Liabilities
Long Term Liabilities, less current portion
Total Liabilities
Current Net Assets
Board Designated- Building Fund
Board Designated- Program Expansion Reserve
Board Designated- Dissolution Reserve
Board Designated- Operating Reserve
Total Unrestricted Net Assets
Temporarily Restricted
Total Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
Philanthropy and Fun!
Thank you to all who supported our special events!

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