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The 10th AAECR National Conference
Romanian Reality in 2016 and its Outlook for 2030.
Constanța, Hotel IBIS, Ovidiu Hall, 13 mai 2016
A number of European directives established ambitious targets regarding a new attitude towards the excessive and irrational use
of fossil energy resources. It is of our best interest to analyze to what extent Romania adopted in its legal framework the content
of these directives, to what extent the laws and norms are being applied in practice and, last but not least, what is the net effect on
the national economy, on the construction material and technology market, on the population personal savings, and on the quality
of our environment. Is Romania ready to achieve the assumed targets for 2020? The 2030 EC goals have been set. Are they
realistic for the Romania speed of response?
We invite you to be part of a fruitful dialog between experts responsible with the progress of our country on different levels:
professional, legal, social, educational, and commercial, meant to serve our aspirations for a future in better consensus with the
other Member States.
The 10th National AAECR conference represents a good opportunity to meet, discuss and find solutions for the problems that
Romania still encounters on these issues. The subjects proposed for presentations and debates include the following aspects,
without excluding interesting interventions on associated issues:
1. What has been achieved and the follow-up in Romania vs. the European requirements.
2. Sustainable technologies for buildings.
3. Sustainable/renewable energy sources for the building sector.
4. Models for energy performant buildings: Passive, Active, nZEB.
5. Intelligence in buildings, neighborhoods, energy grids and building users.
6. Quality and conformity of EPC and of estimated energy performance after renovation of
7. Financing sources and schemes.
Informații suplimentare se pot obține de la:
Director de Comunicare: Stelian Bara
Secretar AAECR: Liliana Georgescu
Telefon: 0725.954515, e-mail: [email protected]
Telefon: 0740.198.955, e-mail: [email protected]

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