More of Everythingat Celtic Marketplace!


More of Everythingat Celtic Marketplace!
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Celtic Marketplace
September 18, 19, 20, 2011
9:30am to 6pm daily
Embassy Suites Hotel,
Lombard, IL
August 2011
More of Everything at Celtic Marketplace!
The show kicks off on Saturday night with a fun
and informal get-together for buyers and vendors at the
Embassy Suites. Everyone receives a complimentary
drink, and we will be entertained by Conor Cunneen Irishman Speaks! Acclaimed presenter, Cunneen
is bringing his sage business advice to our informal
podium for a stand-up routine that will inspire and
entertain you.
Sept 18, 19, 20
Seminar topics include Digital Marketing (help
your customers find you in the post-Yellow Pages era);
Store Layout & Merchandising (merchandising guru
Bob Podrasky returns with his experience and wisdom);
In addition to top class seminars and increased
When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Take Action.
networking opportunities, this year’s Celtic Marketplace
(presented by Brad Huisken who returns by popular
Trade Show will also feature several new exhibitors and
demand) as well as a vendor seminar, also presented by
hundreds of new products. “We are delighted that there
Brad entitled Strategies for Selling in Tough Times. See
has been such a strong turnout for the show this year”,
page 6 for seminar details.
said NACTA president Fran Siefert. “It’s gratifying
As well as the huge number of products from
to see that our suppliers are supporting the show and
new exhibitors, several of your current suppliers have
supporting our market. Buyer registration is way up too
announced that they will launch new products at the
– people know that as well as being a fun show, it has
show. See page 8 for details.
value far beyond the buying opportunity”.
We know that buyers love to meet
After a long hot summer, we
new suppliers and this year we are
all need to re-energize and prepare
rewarding you for doing so! We have
for our most important season.
re-introduced a giveaway whereby you
Trade shows are a good way to
visit four new exhibitors, i.e. compaget back out there, but Celtic
nies with whom you do not currently
Marketplace offers much, much
do business, and have a chance to win
more than your average show. As
a $200 voucher to use with one of
your trade association, NACTA
them. This together with opportunicarefully plans every aspect of the
ties to win other prizes each night.
show to give you a more rewarding
And don’t forget Kilt Day on
and worthwhile experience. From
Monday! Maeve O’Malley has once
seminars to networking opportuniagain taken on the task of Kilt Day
ties to new products to giveaways
Boss, so be prepared to show your
to entertainment, we have more of
Celtic pride and strut your stuff.
everything this year…and it’s all
Derek Warfield will perform
Fabulous prizes to be won and great
at Celtic Marketplace on
wrapped up in a warm welcome
fun to be had. See you in Lombard!
Monday Sept 19th
and a friendly atmosphere!
President’s Message
The mission of the North American
Celtic Trade Association is to facilitate
communication among businesses
involved in Celtic retailing in the USA and
Canada, and to develop and implement
programs of value to its members.
Fran Siefert
Ballyhugh Irish Imports, Audubon, NJ
Vice President
Stephen Hand
Legends of the Celts, WI
Margaret McLemore
Irish Traditions, Easton, MD
Anne C. Gleine
Ha’penny Bridge Imports of Ireland, OH
Executive Director
Anne Tarrant
Board of Directors
Michael Cox, The Scottish and Irish Store, Ottawa, ON
Lanora Davidson, Things Celtic, TX
Clinton Lloyd, Irish Import Shop, Rochester, NY
Patricia Lloyd, Irish & Celtic Imports, NY
Ilene Moss, All Things Irish, ID
Betty Flanagan Rohman, Harp & Thistle Imports, IL
Patricia Theobald, The Irish Walk, VA
Eve Turner, JMH Manufacturing Co., Ireland
The North American
Celtic Trade Association
27 Addison Avenue
Rutherford, N.J. 07070
Tel: 201-842-9922
Fax: 201-804-9143
Email: [email protected]
It is the middle of July as I write. I’m listening to U2 on my iPod as I prepare to head
to North Jersey to see them perform! No
backstage passes, we’re up in the nosebleed
seats, but still looking forward to the show
that seemed so far away when I bought the
tickets. It’s a reminder that the holiday season
might seem an awfully long time away, but it
creeps up fast and I need to be ready. I have
my usual check list at hand and am reminding myself that I will be happy not to have to
spend time on advertising, promotions and
event planning when I’m busy at the register!
This is also a time where we do some heavy
duty cleaning (both of the shop and inventory). We get the “dogs” together and price
them to go out the door. I don’t need those
hanging around during Christmas.
As I plan and clean and strategize, I am
thinking about our next get-together in
Lombard. I hope you are planning to attend Celtic Marketplace which takes place
September 18-20. This is the show I look
forward to most, because it is the best opportunity we have as an association to mix
and mingle and renew our business friendships. If you have not yet reserved your discounted hotel room, call the NACTA office
now. This makes your trip really affordable
and you know it will be worthwhile. As you
know, we start working on this show 12
months in advance, talking to our members
about what they like and what they would
like to see at next year’s show. That’s why
our seminars are so good...the ideas come
from you!
This year’s show is sticking true to our core
objectives; to provide you with an opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow retailers
and vendors in our market, to see new products, to learn some new skills and business
tactics and to generally re-energize for the
coming year.
Lombard is known for having vendors that
you do not see at other shows. We know you
like to see new products, so again, we are
proud to include new exhibitors at this year’s
show. But we are even more proud that our
long-standing suppliers who have been at
the show from day one, are not only supporting the show but are coming with exciting new products and services and attractive
show specials. All your favorites will be there
– see the complete list in this issue.
Our seminar line-up again has top class
presenters with powerful messages and useful ideas that you can use in your shop right
away. We are bringing back Brad Huisken
who presents for both buyers and vendors
at two separate seminars. Brad is fabulous
and I could have listened to him for a few
hours more! His logical advice is brilliantly
delivered and he really makes you think.
Don’t miss this one.
Merchandising our shops can be anything
from rearranging products on shelves to
cleaning shelves to product placement to
curb appeal. And it is something we need to
be on top of on a daily basis. It’s easy to be
‘blind’ in our own shops so our merchandising seminar is designed for you to cast a
critical eye and learn how to fix obvious and
not-so-obvious merchandising mistakes that
we all make. Bob Podrasky is an expert and
has years of experience in the mainstream
retail market. At our request, Bob’s presentation will also address clever and inexpensive
ways to ‘makeover’ your existing display
units (like the ones we all have sitting unused in our storage area). This mini ‘facelift’
can give your shop a whole new look.
Bob will also offer individual consultations
to NACTA members, so sign up now if you
want to take advantage of this. You will receive advice and knowledge worth hundreds
of dollars – absolutely free! These sessions
booked out quickly last time and Bob was
unable to accommodate walk-ins, so it is
important to make your appointment in
advance. Just call the NACTA office and we
will schedule your time with Bob.
Many of us hear the words digital or online
marketing and we assume this involves a
website. Actually, it doesn’t. We all have an
online presence – whether we want it or not!
Here’s an eye-opening exercise for you…
put your shop name in a google or other
search and see what comes up. Other than
your website (if you have one) look at the
listings – Yelp, Yahoo Local, City Squares,
Manta, etc. etc. There’s lots of information
about your shop, much of which is probably
inaccurate! Our Sunday seminar will teach
you how to claim and manage these listings
and use them to drive local business to your
door. This is more important than ever with
fewer people using the Yellow Pages to find
local businesses. Everyone should attend this
Lots of learning to be done at the show, but
lots of fun too! We are changing our Saturday
night get-together to make it more inclusive
and informal and to kick off the show with
good old fashioned chat and camaraderie.
Join us in the bar at the Embassy Suites at
9pm. A late start because we wanted to give
exhibitors a chance to set up their rooms and
to accommodate buyers who arrive later in
the day. Corkman Conor Cunneen will be on
hand to provide us with some sage business
advice wrapped in humor!
One last thing…remember to log into the
NACTA Member Forum on our website
from time to time. In the Merchandise
section, members are always posting about
items they are looking for, and it just might
be that you have that item in stock. When
you are looking for a hard to find product or
perhaps a discontinued item, you can find
help there too. There’s also a place for you to
share ideas and ask general questions about
business. It’s a great resource, but only if you
use it!
Have a safe, healthy and busy summer!
Welcome New
NACTA Members
Celtic Seasons
Mattawan, MI 49071
Eileen Chlebana
Kathleen’s of Donegal
Rockville Centre, NY
Kathleen Alcock
The Jaunting Cart
Mackinac Island, MI
Patrick McManus
Irish American Heritage Museum
Albany, NY
Jeff Cleary
Hennessy & Byrne Ltd
Co. Meath, Ireland
Giftware made from Connemara Marble,
Kilkenny Limestone and Wicklow Granite.
Kerry Crafted Glass
Hand-made mouth blown colored glass, using
100% recycled material.
Fran Siefert
National Geographic Maps
Evergreen, CO
Wall Maps of Ireland, Ireland/Scotland, Europe
and folded adventure maps of Ireland
Ireland’s Eye Knitwear Ltd
News from Susan Banks of Faith & Begorra, Denville, NJ.
We are now in our 20th year, so we are beginning to plan our Anniversary
Celebrations. We are also removing our “thatched” roof (currently made of hula
skirts) over the jewelry counter and replacing it with real thatch! Thatcher McGhee
is here in town and he’s coming in, so our shop will have a nice new roof over our
jewelry area!
Congratulations to Eve Turner of JMH Manufacturing on the birth of her son Hugh
Turner. Hugh arrived on July 17th 2011 much to the delight of dad Crawford and
grandparents Joe & Betty Harbourne.
Congratulations to Gene & Tara Callaghan of Irish Eyes in Westwood, New Jersey.
Gene and Tara were recipients of the top 50 Irish Small Businesses presented
recently by the Irish Echo newspaper.
The Irish Crystal Company, Overland Park, KS celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.
“I do appreciate all you and NACTA have been doing over the years” said owner
Michelle Nestel. Thanks Michelle, and congratulations!
Dublin, Ireland
Design, manufacture and wholesale of knitwear
and accessories in wool, wool/cashmere, wool/silk
and linen.
Woolcore Designs
Co. Wicklow, Ireland
100% wool felt & merino wool pile baby
& lifestyle products.
Erin Knitwear Ltd
Cork, Ireland
Handknit trendy clothing & accessories
in 100% wool.
Brian Cubitt / Grange Craft
Co. Cork, Ireland
Socks, Tin Whistles, Shillelaghs, St. Bridget’s
Crosses, Hazel Sticks, Tea Towels, etc.
Patrick Francis Designs
Dublin, Ireland
Silk ties & scarves, wool and cashmere knitwear.
A complete list of all NACTA members
is available on our website
The Shop Corner
The Celtic Ranch
Weston, MO
Following a family trip to Ireland in 2002,
and a month-long stay in Scotland in 2003
I opened The Celtic Ranch in 2004. Friends
and acquaintances always wanted to purchase
the jewelry I was wearing and adored fairies,
so I used that as an excuse to go
back to Ireland and purchase items
with the plan to sell at small festivals
around the area. I bought numerous
Celtic themed bracelets, pendants
and handmade fairies. Eventually,
consumed with the business and
Ireland, and sales being good, I quit
my corporate job with A.T.&T.
after 18 years.
My husband and I went to
Weston to look for land and saw an
old building with loads of personality. He thought it would be better, or
at least easier (not!) than street fairs.
The Celtic Ranch was moved into our current
building in 2005. With a love of horses and
a passion for Ireland we filled the store with
these two themes. Anything we could find
that was Irish or Celtic, and horse-centered
was a sure buy. My husband was severely
injured in an auto accident in March of 2007
and thanks to employees like Renata Henley,
the store was kept open while my husband
fought for his life. He healed.
Since that time we have been putting
product together to complete our Celtic
Ranch look. We buy sweaters from Carraig
Donn & West End, and Branigan Weavers
capes and wraps, and we mix them with jeans
and boots. We love Mucros wraps, and mens
and women’s hats as well as Hanna Hats. We
call ourselves mad hatters!
We buy pendants and stones, ball chain
and leather necklaces and my Store Manager
and in-house artist Jennye Rose, creates great
combinations. We card our jewelry on our
own Celtic Ranch branded cards and we sell
‘earthy’ Irish gifts and fill our store with the
old world charm of Ireland. We have a really
cool Celtic Cross custom pendant made out
of horse shoes nails and a shamrock and a
wall cross created from horse shoes, which is a
huge seller. These are our products and what
we consider part of our brand.
After attending a seminar by Build A
Bear creator Maxine Clark in 2009 I redid
my store and our customer presentation.
Maxine said “make your store an experience.
They can shop anywhere, but if you create
an experience, customers will buy”. So we
took the theme of
nature in honor of
the Celts (and my
personal fascination), and turned our
storeroom into a forest complete with trees
and a bridge entrance. That room allowed
us whimsy with fairies, garden items, horse
statues, kids books, flutes, bells from the tree,
wind chimes etc. As male customers come
into the store we say (scripted for the employees to use) “be careful….the trolls moved in
when we built the bridge and they don’t like
men, so watch your step”. It all makes it fun
and light hearted, and an experience.
We petitioned the city and got permission
to bring in our miniature horse - all 28 inches
of him into the store. That horse, Half-Pint
McGee, now has his own Facebook page
with many friends. He is only in the shop on
Saturday because he is extra work. We built a
wee stall for him and we have a great 11 year
old, Bridget Howard that watches him and
cleans after him.
Our favorite products are our knits. John
Branigan came into our store and in one
day sold out our stock. He is so cool. We sell
Mucros ladies scarves and hats as quick as
we get them. These products look fabulous
with our jeans and designer boot collection.
We are proud to sell Hanna Hats
and Hanly Scarves. We have always
liked Mullingar pewter, the quality
is awesome.
On our trip to Showcase in
2010, I went to visit Branigan
Weavers, Mucros Weavers and Paul
Haggins a stone carver from the
Newgrange area. We videotaped
them in their business talking about
their product. We made individual
YouTube videos for each vendor and
play them in store and on our website. The videos bring in the special
nature of the
products they
can buy at our
store. You can
type in Mucros
Weavers, Branigan Weavers,
Paul Haggins
or CelticRanch
at YouTube and
see any of these
videos. My son has worked in video environments so it has a very professional feel.
Our logo appears on all publications,
even our videos, once again working in our
branding. I believe our branding campaign
is our best asset. Our jewelry cards, our bags,
our store, our website and all print material
all have the same look. Our custom bags won
‘Bag of the Year’ in the bag industry in 2010.
Our shop is in a historical district. Weston
is always voted ‘Best Day Trip’ out of Kansas
City. We have six B&B’s, a historic hotel, 2
wineries, two 4 star restaurants and a shopping district. Families come and browse and
we work our best to make it an experience
for them. Our town has its own website and
does monthly email blasts as does our Platte
County Visitors Center. We write up our
promos or activities for the month or week
and they send it out to their list. Selling other
things that compliment Irish products like
our jeans and boots and forest items give me
a wider range to sell if the browsers aren’t into
Irish. That helps cash flow.
As an advertising sales person with
A.T.&T. prior to opening the store, I had
learned a lot about how to spend your marketing dollars. I analyze every dollar I spend
on the dollars return. My billboard on the
highway is my best dollar spent. Direct mail
twice a year is consistent and we make those
mailings fun. We have an active buying list
of over 4,000, but 8,000 total on the direct
mail list. We use Constant Contact and now
Facebook regularly. We are just beginning
to Tweet.
I see NACTA as a resource to give me
ideas and answer questions. I like to go to
Showcase for new and unusual product and
NACTA helps me get great deals and support
my efforts there too. I always know I can call
or email Anne Tarrant and she will give me an
honest opinion and share thoughts. Nice to
have that backup!
I have great employees and offer 40%
discount on product because I want them to
wear our clothes and jewelry and be a display
in and out of the store. Also they love our
store and feel appreciated.
I have been nominated for two years for
the Women Who Mean Business for Kansas City. I attend, through the Kauffman
Entrepenurial Center, the HEMP program
(Helzberg Employee Mentoring Program)
aimed at helping business keep on the growth
tract. The friends I have made there have
been invaluable. I feel lucky to live this life.
Stressed many days but the Celtic Gods have
been good!
Terry Kast, The Celtic Ranch,
Weston, MO
Please let us know if you would like your
shop to be the focus of our Shop Corner in
BIG NEWS from the
Wild Goose Studio
at Celtic Marketplace!
Kinsale’s Wild Goose Studio is using
the Celtic Marketplace Show as the
launch pad for two new collections
and a reduction in prices, which will
be gathered together as the Wild Goose
Classic Range.
The Wild Goose Classic Range will include the following:
• New Celtic Collection of 10 Bronze Decorations with designs such as
Shamrock, Irish Harp and Claddagh on a branded backing card, costing
$4.50 to sell at below $10
• The popular Symbols of Ireland, 11 striking pieces in distinctive green boxes
with a new reduced price of $9 for retailing at less than $20
• A selection of best-selling Original Wild Goose pieces in a newly designed
presentation box in two different sizes. This new collection of boxed
bestsellers will be very competitively priced, starting at $13.50 and
representing a reduction of up to 25% on the previous boxed range.
As Wild Goose Sales Director Clive Salter explains: “This represents nothing
less than a new beginning for Wild Goose in North America, where we have
been selling for over 30 years. We have worked hard to make this happen
and it is very exciting for us to be able to launch this great Classic Range of
bestselling Wild Goose pieces, well presented and at an excellent price.”
In addition to the launch, Wild Goose Studio will have the following special
offers at the show: :
• The first 50 visitors to our booth at the Celtic Marketplace will receive a free
piece from the new Celtic Collection of Bronze Decorations
• All orders over a value of $300 made at the Show will be entered for
a special prize draw for an exclusive Wild Goose framing of our two
Kilnaruane Pillar Stones, signed by the original artist, Kathleen Smyth and
worth over $750. The special draw will take place on Tuesday afternoon at
the Show.
Old Wild Goose favorites such as Slaínte, the Guardian Angel, St. Patrick’s
Cross are re-presented in a new gift box with a reduced price, while the
Symbols of Ireland Range will now retail for less than $20.
an upcoming issue.
Seminars & Workshops
Saturday, 9:00pm
Meet & Greet and Irishman Speaks!
Join us for an informal get-together
at the Embassy Suites Hotel. A nice
opportunity to catch up with old friends
and start enjoying the show. Everyone
receives a complimentary drink, and
will be entertained by Conor Cunneen,
Where the Celtic Market Meets
to Network, Re-energize, Learn
& Prosper!
Embassy Suites Hotel, Lombard, IL
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
September 18, 19, 20, 2011
9:30am–6pm daily
Kick-off Party on Saturday 17th at 9pm
Irishman Speaks! Acclaimed presenter,
Cunneen is bringing his sage business
advice to our informal podium for a
stand-up routine that will inspire and entertain you. Conor Cunneen
is a proud Cork man happily exiled in Naperville IL where he says:
The Guinness is great, the natives are friendly and he has been force
fed more corned beef than he ever had in Ireland! Described as
“Mark Twain with a brogue”, Conor combines business insights with
the humor that won him Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year
presenting programs that has audiences learning and laughing. He
promises a lot of laughter on Saturday evening. Conor’s new book
For the Love of Being Irish will be launched at Celtic Marketplace.
Sunday, 8:30am
In an environment that is an energetic blend of
business and business friendships with particular focus
on opportunities and ideas for business growth, this
show is much more than simply a buying opportunity
Local Marketing: How to Attract Buyers Exactly
When They are Looking for You!
Re-energize your business
at Celtic Marketplace
“The Buyers Show”
no cost to you? Local Marketing makes this possible by securing
Special Hotel Offer
Speaker: Kurt Scholle
What if you could attract people, in buyer mode, to your store, at
free online listings that drive traffic to your store whether you have a
website or not! 20% of all Internet searches and more than 70% of
all mobile phone searches are for local products and services. More
than 90% of all businesses fail to secure their online listings. Learn
how to claim your listings in free local search directories Google,
Yahoo! and Bing and how to optimize the information that will
$75 per night at The Embassy Suites!
$50 per night at the Homestead Suites!
deliver buyers to your door.
These rates available only through Celtic Marketplace
Register at
or call 201-842-9922
unclaimed, which means any information that might be there, if there is
Remember, Monday is Kilt Day - wear yours with pride!
Google says that more than half of all Google Places listings are
any, may be wrong – and it certainly isn’t complete. Duplicate listings
can be a problem too. This means that you have a significant, low-cost
opportunity to improve awareness in the community and increase traffic
in your shop, especially when people are in buying mode.
You will learn 3 Tips for Getting Online for Free. Whether you have a
Hundreds of NEW PRODUCTS will be launched
at Celtic Marketplace by your favorite vendors
and lots of new ones…
See Back Cover for Exhibitor List
website or not, these three free tactics will get your name and contact
information into the hands of people looking to do business with
you…when they are ready to buy! You don’t need a webmaster or an
Internet marketer. Anyone on your staff can follow the step-by-step
instructions with immediate results!
“I can’t think of a more important topic for retailers than how
to get more customers into their shops. What I’ll teach can be
implemented for free and working for them immediately”.
About the Speaker:
~Kurt Scholle
over the US, Canada, The UK, India and Australia.
Brad Huisken has been directly involved in all aspects of retail sales
and sales management since 1971. He has presented seminars all
Brad is widely respected in the jewelry trade and writes a monthly
About the Speaker:
article for JCK Magazine, the Midwest Jewelry News, and the
Kurt Scholle has been developing successful websites since 1996 for
Southern Jewelry News. He has had articles published in IDEX and
online and offline retailers, numerous hotels, restaurants, eye doctors
on JNET, is a frequent contributor to Instore Magazine. He has spoken
and chambers of commerce. He has taught website development at
at the JCK Show in Orlando, the IJL Show in London, JCK Toronto,
North Central College, IL and is co-founder of CertifiedSocialMedia.
and Western Canadian Show in Edmonton, and is a regular frequent
com, which teaches how to use Social Media to build awareness and
speaker at the Las Vegas JCK Show, The In-Store Show, JCK AIM 2008
sales. He blogs about online success at
in Mumbai, India, the JA Show in New York and for numerous state
JA organizations.
Monday, 8:30am
When The Going Gets Tough,
The Tough Take Action!
Tuesday, 8:30am
Speaker: Brad Huisken
Speaker: Bob Podrasky
Brad Huisken will lead participants through a fun and motivational
Your store is not just about the product – it’s about the entire ‘stage’,
seminar on Selling in Tough Times – Strategies to Maximize Sales.
and the customer’s experience. The stage is set by how you visually
In today’s retail environment, Huisken believes that when people
layout & merchandise the store. How does your store look from the
come into a retail store, they are not necessarily looking for your
customer’s point of view? Has your store been set that way for some
merchandise; they are looking for a place and a person from whom
time? Want to create change and get your customers coming back
to buy the merchandise. “With the competition increasing from the
more often? Want to increase sales? Then this is a seminar you won’t
mass merchandisers, other retailers, the Internet and the perception
want to miss! Topics include:
the media has given the public, retailers today have to learn how
to sell themselves and the store”. In this entertaining and valuable
session, Huisken will detail topics such as, how salespeople can
help “brand” the store, telephone campaigns, three responsibilities
of a salesperson, handling objections, selling yourself & the store,
customer follow-up, analyzing lost sales and much more.
Store Layout & Merchandising
• Effective selling spaces: Selling /Shopping Zones.
• Enhance penetration: Get your customers moving from one area
of the store to the next, and fully shop your store.
• Make your store easy to shop: Landing Zone, Barriers, &
Traffic Flow.
Tuesday, 8:30am VENDOR SEMINAR
• Layout Planning & Category Placement.
How To Maximize Sales In Tough Times!
• Store Front, Windows, Entry.
Speaker: Brad Huisken
• Visual Displays and Presentations
Brad Huisken will lead participants through a fun and motivational
• Give your old display units new life
seminar on how to increase repeat business and referral business
through building relationships with your customers. Most salespeople
believe that the goal of a sales presentation is to make a sale, when
One-On-One Merchandising Consultations
in reality making a sale is only half of the job. The real goal is to
A private one-on-one consultation with retail consultant Bob
get them to come back repeatedly. As much as 80% of a company’s
Podrasky is available to you free of charge during the show. Receive
business comes from 20% of its customer base. The name of the
recommendations for improvements and achieve impactful changes
game is to constantly increase your customer base. Huisken will
with minimum expenditure! All meetings will be held in a private
detail not only how to maintain your existing customer base but how
room at The Embassy Suites, and all information exchanged will be
to substantially increase the base as well.
confidential. It is very unlikely that any last-minute appointments will
be available so we recommend that you plan ahead. Call NACTA at
“Well presented and exceptionally witty! Brad’s realistic
reenactments of customer interactions really resonate.
Highly recommended”.
201-842-9922 to schedule your appointment.
~ Joe Harbourne, JMH Manufacturing
Vendor News
All NACTA Vendor Members can submit
information for the vendor news section of
our newsletter, and it’s free of charge. Send
your submission at any time and we will
save for the following issue.
one dozen each for $399!! The entire Irish
tion. Pick up your FREE Rugby World Cup
Blessing is on each piece. See us in Lombard
2011 promotional posters and enter your
or call us at 1-800-289-8490.
store with an opportunity to win $500 of free
Malham merchandise. The winner will be
JMH is delighted to announce the launch
of new designs at Celtic Marketplace! Joe
and Joseph Harbourne will be there to show
off our new concepts and pieces for the
selected at 6:00pm on Tuesday, September
20th. Our thanks again for your continued
support and we look forward to seeing you
in Chicago.
Christmas 2011 season. Meanwhile keep an
eye on which
is updated regularly. You can find all your
old favorites and best sellers there, as well
as some teasers for what’s coming in the
The James Trading Group, distributor and
months ahead! Wishing everyone success-
manufacturer of high quality Irish clothing
ful trading for what’s left of the summer, and
and goods is looking forward to seeing all
looking forward to meeting you at the show.
of our customers at Celtic Marketplace in
See you in Suite 427
Lombard on Sept 18-20. The JTG recently
launched its new range of Guinness Rugby
Fragrances of Ireland will be presenting their
World Cup Sportswear to coincide with the
new Gift Sets for the holiday season at the
Rugby World Cup. Due to high interest in this
Lombard Show this September. In addition
range, buyers are asked to order early so not
to new Inis Gift Sets the first Inis Moonlight
to be disappointed. This range is aimed at all
Gift Set containing Eau de Parfum and Body
proud-to-be-Irish supporters. Our talented
Lotion (RRP $50) will be available.The Inis
Irish design team based in Ballina Co. Mayo
Collection - 3 x 15ml atomizers of the three
are proud to present this new line after 6
most popular Inis fragrances: Energy of the
months of hard work. View the new rugby
sea / Or / Moonlight will also be launching
range on line at and avail of
for the first time (RRP$45) - there will be
our free rugby advertising/Marketing down-
special pricing for a limited time on these
loads. For more information contact [email protected]
products during September - for more details
Robert Emmet Company is pleased to or toll-free: (800)541-5004. The
contact: [email protected]
announce a major upgrade in its website,
James Trading Group: Proud to be Irish!
New from Amethyst Dublin at Celtic Marketplace…Celtic Magnetic Therapy Bangles
- includes stock of 24 bangles (4 each of 6
designs) and black display (free of charge.)
Amethyst Dublin is delighted to announce
the launch of our New Website. Log on to to see our full
range. You can also find us on Facebook. The website now features a number of functional im-
At Hanna Hats, we are looking forward to
provements, including complete download-
meeting you all again at the Lombard Show.
able product catalogue, individual images of
My daughter Eleanor and her husband
all products, product search, and “website
Garvan will be there to cater for all your
specials.” Please visit us and let us know
needs this year and show you our extensive
what you think! And remember to stop by
range of hats, caps, bags and accessories.
our suite at Celtic Marketplace Trade Show.
See the wider range of fine tweeds recently
Tom Reilly, The Robert Emmet Company Inc.
launched for the forthcoming season. John
(800) 543-5661
Hanna, Hanna Hats, Donegal.
Malham USA is excited to see you at Celtic
Bewley Irish Imports wishes all attendees
Timeless Treasures is
Marketplace – we have a lot to discuss!
a successful and enjoyable Celtic Market-
now offering a very
Please drop by Suite 605 to learn firsthand
place Trade Show this year. Look out for the
special price on our
what products are selling exceptionally well
Specials we are featuring in emails to our
Irish Blessing Bracelet,
this year and prepare accordingly for the
customers. If you are not currently receiving
Bangle, Necklace and
holiday season. Review our product devel-
our emails please contact us at 888-239-
Key Ring, plus you get
opment plans for 2012 and provide critical
5397 or [email protected] We
a FREE counter display with the purchase of
input that will help shape our 2012 Collec-
look forward to hearing from you.
With our most successful promotion in
to looking after existing accounts and meeting
this in mind we will be launching our newly
23 years of business, Fisher Sportswear,
new customers” said Natasha. You can reach
revamped silver range at the Lombard Trade
by popular demand, has extended its Irish
Natasha at [email protected] and
Show. Dubbed internally, as our ‘Retro Range’
Baseball Cap offer. These caps, with a retail
by phone at +353 87 274-7500.
we have delved into the ShanOre design vaults
value of $120, are being offered free to any
and reproduced samples of our best selling
store opening an account on FisherSports-
After close to a 10 with a wholesale order of $250 or
year gap, Kela Led-
more. In the few months of this offer, 26 new
widge has rejoined
accounts have been opened. For additional
TJH (The Jewellery
details, please give us a call at 215.755.8565
House) to manage
or email [email protected]
the marketing and
business develop-
Thanks to all our customers for helping posi-
ment function for
tion Keith Jack as a leading brand in the Celt-
the organisation.
pieces from the past 40 years. Not forgetting
our most successful product collection ever,
we will also be adding new Beads & Stacking
Rings to our Tara’s Diary Collection… this will
be sure to please the many thousands of Tara’s
Diary Collectors throughout the United States.
See you in Chicago!!
CAPS Freight & Distribution, LLC is excited
ic marketplace. It has been another wonderful
Kela was previously Marketing Director
to inform all our customers that we will be
year for us. We are looking forward to a great
from 1995 – 2001 and was responsible for
moving in August 2011. The new mailing
show in Lombard and a busy Fall / Christmas
developing the very successful Children of
address will be 2117 Buffalo Road, # 115,
season. This September will see a totally
Lir and John Rocha Jewellery collections.
Rochester, NY 14624-1507. The new ship-
new Celtic collection of Sterling silver mixed
“I’m delighted to be back with the team here
ping address will be 1100 Lee Road, Roch-
with solid 10k Yellow and Rose Gold pieces
at TJH and to be working on some really
ester, NY 14606. The phone, fax and e-mail
being launched at the Lombard Show. We
exciting new projects which will see new
will all remain the same. As always, we will
also have several, beautiful, new collections
collections and a totally revamped website
continue to provide our worldwide delivery
of Silver mixed with 18k gold. There are new
launched later this year. In the last 10 years
by both air and sea at competitive prices.
designs joining our Ladies and gents “Unisex”
I’ve run my own marketing and graphic
We will also continue to wholesale products
bracelets which were launched this year. All
design consultancy business and will be us-
and offer warehousing. We look forward to
in all we should have at least 50 new designs
ing that experience to great effect in creating
seeing everyone at the Celtic Marketplace
for you to browse through in Lombard. I hope
new packaging and promotional ideas for
in Lombard!
you can spare the time to come in, view the
our customers. TJH produces a top quality
line and have some refreshments with us. We
product and I want to match this with top
will be in suite #623.
quality service – our new website will make
it so much easier for customers to view and
Celtic Images is pleased to announce the expansion of our highly successful line, “Green
Shamrocks” and we will be showing these six
order from our full range of jewellery. If you
have any feedback you’d like to pass on to
me, please drop me a line at [email protected]
new additions at Celtic Marketplace. Addition-
News from the Dublin Gift Company LLC
Did you know that the Shamrock Gift
Company and Lansdowne/Traditional Craft
products are the top-selling gift and clothing
products in the Ireland market and we now
supply over 400 retailers in the US and Canada? Our product lines include The Black
ally, Celtic Card Company, will have available
Killarney Printing invites you to visit us at Celtic
Sheep, Wacky Woolies, Heritage, Wooley
four new original prints from Kevin Dillon
Marketplace and see our new range of religious
Jumper, Irish at Heart, Irish Classic, Little
as well as five new greeting cards. Also look
items, rosary beads, statues and 8 x 10 block
Irish Luck collections, The Whimsical World
for great new designs for our wooden wall
mounted religious and inspirational pictures.
of Thomas Joseph, Irish Turf Fire and The
signs and plaques from The Irish & Celtic Gift
Company. We look forward to seeing all of our
customers at the Lombard show.
Auld Sod Export Company. Our Lansdowne
P Mackey Ireland for Sweaters, Accessories
and Headwear, in stock in New Hampshire,
available for immediate shipping. See you in
Natasha Obernik of NJO Designs Ltd is
delighted to inform all Jean Butler and Paul
Costelloe stockists that, following the closure
of Emarno, she has been appointed to look
after these brands. “Both brands are new and
vibrant, designed for young casual, cocktail
wear and ideal for today’s bride. I look forward
As we quickly approach the most important
part of the retail year – Holiday Gift Season
– we at ShanOre are hugely aware that you,
the retailer needs unique and quality product
that retails at a competitive price point. With
collection includes children’s and toddlers
clothing and a complete collection of baseball, cadette and knit caps. New designs are
now available in Rugby shirts, fleece jackets
and hoodies, T shirts and much more. Come
see us in Rooms 419, 420 & 421 at Celtic
Marketplace Trade Show. Take advantage of
our Show Special of 10% off and Free Shipping for orders over $500.
Vendor Profile
Bridgets of Erin was Created With Pride for
a Heritage We Love and actually took root
over 30 years ago in the basement of the
home of former owner, Marianne Kinkopf.
As the daughter of Irish immigrants to the
Cleveland, Ohio area, Marianne began sewing, knitting and constructing Irish themed
gifts and clothes with one purpose in mind:
to celebrate Ireland and bring Irish heritage to
the homes and gardens of her neighbors and
friends. Along with her trademark, Out of
Ireland ™, Created With Pride for a Heritage
We Love, these values still form the foundation of all Bridgets of Erin business strategies.
In 2007, Melinda Billings purchased
Bridgets of Erin, which by then had become
a supplier, importer, and distributor of Irish
“heritage” to over 700 retail outlets throughout the US and Canada, with approximately
500 inventory items being housed in a 9,000
square foot warehouse in Westlake, Ohio,
a suburb of Cleveland. As of July 2011,
Bridgets of Erin offers almost 700 inventory
items and occupies a 13,000 square foot
warehouse in Elyria, Ohio, another Cleveland suburb.
In 2007, Melinda, a CPA and recently
unemployed Chief Financial Officer from a
“gobbled up” savings and loan company, was
looking for a new opportunity that could
benefit from her experience and background,
give her flexibility to spend quality time with
her husband and two young sons, and enable
more use of those creative voices which she
found had been somewhat suppressed for the
previous 26 years. “That’s not to say that all
bankers and accountants are not creative!”
says Melinda.
This combined with her Scottish and Irish
ancestry made Bridgets of Erin a perfect fit.
“One of the most important ‘products’
Bridgets of Erin brings to the market is
customer service. This is evidenced by our
numerous NACTA “Gift
Supplier of the Year”
awards that began in
2002, and our first place
award received January
The secret of this success
lies in its two full time
employees, Sue Gregory
and Kathy Larkin. These
two employees have been
with Bridgets of Erin for
many years; know the
products, the customers,
and their Irish heritage. “They are conscientious employees who truly want to see
our customers succeed and go above and
beyond to help accomplish this. Because of
our smaller size, Sue and Kathy are able to
be involved in all aspects of the business,
from product development to shipping.
This increased knowledge is invaluable to
Since the change in ownership in 2007,
Bridgets of Erin has consistently introduced
numerous new products each year. In April
of this year, Bridgets of Erin introduced over
50 new items, something which was quite
aggressive given the economic conditions
prevailing around the world. These new
items are spread across all product lines –
stained glass décor, garden décor, Christmas
décor, clothing and outerwear, and home
décor. The inspiration and motivation for
these products comes from a number of
sources which include trends in the general
gift market, available production resources,
economic conditions, and the number one
source, our customers.
Frequently asked questions from our
customers include, “What’s new?” Or “We
need more selection of……?” Or “We’ve
had people looking for …..” These factors
drive the creation and manufacturing of
a new product. For example, Casey’s Irish
Gifts, Rocky River, Ohio requested that we
increase the sizing of our infant and toddler
Aran cardigan to include youth sizes. This
was accomplished last year. Linda and Ron
Gorman of Southside Irish
Imports, Chicago, Illinois
suggested Irish Policeman and
Fireman Santa’s, which were
introduced Christmas 2009.
Additionally, they requested
various Christmas home décor
items and in April of this year,
Bridgets of Erin introduced
over 20 new Christmas items
including its “Irish Santa
Cookie Jar” which exceeded
all sales projections.
“The success of Bridgets of
Erin cannot be attributed to just one thing”
says Melinda. “It’s the successful coordination of all resources that obtain results. We
believe that Bridgets of Erin does this better
than anyone else. The multi-facets include
open communication with outstanding
retailers, good production facilities and
channels, awareness of trends and market
conditions, NACTA and the Celtic Marketplace Trade Show in Lombard, Irish Craft
and Gift Exhibitors, the Ireland Show in
Secaucus, superior employees offering five
star customer service, and last but certainly
not least, an Irish Celtic heart”.
Bridgets of Erin
Bridgets of Erin is happy to announce that as
of July 9, 2011, we have completed our move
to a newer and larger warehouse and office.
The new facility, 15 miles or 17 minutes West
from our previous one, will allow for all inventory to be stored at one location, thus adding
to our efficiency. We are now located at: 160
Keep Court, Elyria, Ohio 44035. We look
directly out on Route 90, so if you are traveling
west on Route 90, look for us or better yet, exit
route 57 North and stop by for a visit. Our toll
free phone numbers remain the same,
800-279-6470 and 800-279-6439 (fax).
If you would like your company to be featured
in our Vendor Profile let us know. This is
available only to NACTA members and is free
of charge.
All these products will be available for cash & carry at Celtic Marketplace–
or order now by phone or email for immediate shipment.
Celtic Heritage
Shopping Bag
Traditional Irish
Wedding by
Bridget Haggerty
With a design from the
Book of Kells, this attractive
reusable ‘green’ shopping
bag is a consistent seller.
50¢ from every bag goes to
the Alzheimer’s Association.
Cost: $3.50. POS materials
and hang tags included.
Celtic Symbols
Celtic Gift Bags
Two sizes: Gift Bag 8 x 10 x 4. Jewelry
bag 5½ x 3½ x 6½. Bar coded and ready
for resale, bags are available now for immediate shipment. Both bags have a new
braided rope handle and the stunning
design makes them suitable for a variety
of occasions and celebrations. They are an
easy add-on sale and are especially useful
for quick and easy gift-wrapping. Bags cost
$1.50 each and retail for $3.95 and up.
This best-seller is
available exclusively
from NACTA. Special
Members-only offer: Only
$6 per copy! Retails for
$23.95 or more.
Creating a
Celtic Wedding
Creating a Celtic Wedding
booklet is a terrific sales
tool for all things wedding
related. Cost: $1 per copy
features drawings and
explanations of the more
popular Celtic symbols such
as the Claddagh, the Trinity
knot and the Shillelagh
as well as explanations of
Ogham, Celtic crosses, the
thistle and more. Fantastic
sales tool for your store.
Cost: $2 per copy.
Retails for $4.95 and up.
Matching Gift Cards are the perfect
CIE Tours
compliment and are another easy add-on
sale. They are bar-coded and packaged in
10’s but can also be sold individually.
Pack of 10 cards: $3.95
The 2012 CIE Tours brochure will be available in October. We will have
discount flyers available for pickup at Celtic Marketplace – all free of charge!
Talk to us about ways to build your travel business. NACTA members have
earned more than $150,000 in commissions!
NACTA president Fran Siefert pictured with Noel
Kilkenny, the Consul General of New York
NACTA President
receives award
in New York
Home to Ireland Prize
Goes to Irish Traditions,
Easton, MD
NACTA President Fran Siefert was recently honored as a Most Influential Woman
by the Irish Voice newspaper. The award
was presented at a special reception at
the residence of the Consul General of
New York.
was won by Maria Benedict, a customer of
The NACTA / CIE Home to Ireland giveaway
Irish Traditions in Annapolis, MD. NACTA treasurer Margaret McLemore is the owner of Irish
Traditions which also has a location in Easton,
MD. The Annapolis store opened just one
year ago. “I can’t thank NACTA and CIE Tours
enough for making this promotion possible”
Book of Kells Trademark
said Margaret. “Home to Ireland was a perfect
The Merchandising Manager for Trinity College Dublin has provided us with an update on the
official Book of Kells brand.
The College is currently examining the market for infringement of its Book of Kells trademark
rights with a view to pursuing companies for the unauthorized use of the Book of Kells name.
Only authorized products will carry the official Book of Kells logo. A range of official products
will be launched later this year.
way for us to introduce our new store to the
local community and to build our customer
list. It has also helped us to spread the word
about CIE Tours and build our travel business
in the shop”.
The college will give some leeway in this respect until the end of 2011, to allow time for the
market to sell-out of products that may currently be using the Book of Kells name as part of their
branding, product association or general promotion.
They are advising caution with regard to stock levels of any products that use the Book of Kells
name, particularly if you feel they may not sell-out by the end of 2011.
It is our understanding that this impacts the use of the name only and not the use of images and
designs. The trademark is on the actual words THE BOOK OF KELLS. However, we strongly
advise you to seek official information if you are in any doubt or need clarification. You can
contact: Paul Corrigan, General Manager, Library Retail & College Brands Merchandising,
Old Library, Trinity College Dublin. Tel: 01 896 1171 Email: [email protected]
Celtic Marketplace Exhibitor List
Abbey Press
Accent on Irish Wares
USA Ltd.
Amethyst Dublin
Ashling Aine
by Quantum
Belleek Group
Black Dragon Crafts
Boru Jewelry
Branigan Weavers
Bridgets of Erin
Burke & Hogan
C.A.P.S. Freight
Calzeat of Scotland
Carraig Donn
CBE, Inc.
Celtic Belle
Celtic Card Company
Celtic Chaos
Celtic Claddagh Clocks
Celtic Images
Claypipe Center /
Ogham Wish
Condron Knitwear
County Colours
Creative Knitwear
Croker Authentic Irish
Dublin Gift Company
Emerald Isle Imports
Facet Jewellery
Fingal’s Finest
Five Line Music
G.M. Belt Supplies Ltd.
GPD Designs
Green Island Interactive
Guinness Licensed
Hanna Hats of Donegal
Heritage Goods
Irish & Celtic Gift
Irish Bobbles
Irish Books
Irish Bundles /
Firearte Jewelry
Irish Imports, Ltd.
Irish Linen House
J & Z Blackman
Jimmy Hourihan
JMH Manufacturing
Co Ltd.
John M. Fitzgerald &
John Molloy
(Ardara) Limited
Keith Jack Inc.
Keltic Designs
Killarney Printing
Latchfords of Ireland
Little Luxury
Malham USA
Mucros Weavers
Mullingar Pewter
Mundo Images
Nagle Forge & Foundry
O’Leary’s Linen
O’Rourke Art
and Design
P. Mackey Ireland
Patrick Francis Designs
Retro Irish / Agency
Ri Na Mara
Robert Emmet Co. Inc.
Royal Tara Galway Ltd.
Scott’s Highland Services
Shandon of Ireland
Silver Oasis Inc.
Sinead Cooke Jewelry
Timeless Irish Treasures
Tipperary North CEB
TJH Ltd.
Distributing Inc.
Walton’s Irish Music
Wee One Collection
Wild Goose Studio
Woolcore Designs
NACTA President Fran Siefert pictured with
Margaret McLemore after her store was drawn
as winner of the Home to Ireland promotion.
Upcoming Events
Celtic Marketplace Trade Show
September 18–20, 2011
Embassy Suites Hotel, Lombard, IL
Showcase Ireland
January 22–25, 2012
RDS. Dublin
Scotland’s Trade Fair
January 22–24, 2012
SECC, Glasgow
The Ireland Show
April 21–24, 2012
Secaucus, NJ

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