Autofresh - One Shot anti-bacterial treatment A really



Autofresh - One Shot anti-bacterial treatment A really
Autofresh - One Shot anti-bacterial treatment
A really effective air
conditioning cleaner and
deodorant with
immediate results
Health check for vehicle air conditioning
appreciate the benefits of the treatment
Autoclimate recommends that vehicle
air conditioning systems should be run
all year round and not just in the warmer
months. In addition to reducing service
and maintenance problems, A/C also
dehumidifies the air entering the vehicle and
filters fine airborne contamination.
a ‘quick fix’ and easy to apply
However, year round running means that an
A/C evaporator remains almost permanently
damp – a perfect breeding ground for
mould, viruses and bacteria. Drivers may
not be aware that stale or unpleasant
odours could be coming from the A/C and
it is not always a minor irritation, symptoms
such as coughs, colds or allergies may also
Autoclimate recommends Autofresh
anti-bacterial treatment as part of servicing
routines. And, with an increasing number
of vehicles equipped with A/C, Autofresh
is a worthwhile and profitable service addon. The great thing is that customers will
• Start engine, switch off A/C.
• Set temperature to max cold
• Fans to max, recirculation on, open all
• Slide passenger seat back, shake can
and place in foot well
• Close windows, press button to start,
close door
• After 20 mins, open windows, leave
engine and fan running for 5 mins
• The result - a fresh smelling vehicle with
a long lasting ‘fresh water’ aroma
Business benefits
• An upsell opportunity or bundle as part
of vehicle service menu
• Minimal labour time - treat several
vehicles simultaneously
• Low cost and very easy to apply
Autofresh - One Shot anti-bacterial treatment
technical summary
Part no.
Part No. / Availability
Part No. 00793-0008
Part No. 00793-0009
Part No. 00793-0010
Part No. 00793-0011
100ml aerosol
One can per vehicle
Shelf life
18 months max
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