Elm Park Red Futures Sale Spring 2010.indd


Elm Park Red Futures Sale Spring 2010.indd
Cut your feed costs
with Ag-Bag
Our commitment to your growth and improved
productivity is evident with our X1114 Professional
14’ Ag-Bagger, the largest silage bagger available in the
Ag-Bag offers lower cost feed storage solutions for every
size of farm. Our system provides a way to
reduce costly shrinkage and to give
your cows the kind of
nutritious and
palatable silage
they prefer.
The Ag-Bag
system is
to be
the ideal
for preserving
high quality, highly digestible feed that raises
production and herd health levels.
Ag-Bag: lower cost storage, significantly reduced storage
losses, a convenient way to segregate feed types, and
industry-leading resale value.
Dairy cows PREFER silage
from the Ag-Bag System
Ag-Bag, a Miller-St.Nazianz, Inc. Company
ag-bag.com / agbagplastic.com / 800.247.5557