Speed Up QAD Requisition Creation, Routing and Approval


Speed Up QAD Requisition Creation, Routing and Approval
MWUG Conference Sept 23, 2014
Speed Up QAD Requisition Creation, Routing & Approval
The case study session will uncover challenges GenMark Diagnostics have The case study session will uncover challenges GenMark
Diagnostics have
been through in the area of purchasing approvals. We will share experience of implementing 32 Soft Requisition system
at GenMark and will emphasize the
current situation.
Presenters: Don Lindsey GenMark Diagnostics
Nancy McCrimmon 32 Soft Inc.
Don Lindsey, CFPIM, CIRM
• Knowledgeable Implementation Project Manager.
• Trainer and Business Analyst for all areas of QAD. • Has been an implementation manager on several large, complex MFG/PRO projects.
• Has worked with GenMarkDx’s QAD system since 2007 in Manufacturing, Systems Management, Service & Support and Finance. • Has a diversified background in a wide variety of manufacturing industries with from Medical to Electronics to Industrial to Consumer Products. • Has spoken for many years at the APICS Conferences, having taught in the APIC Certification program at California State University @ Fullerton for 20 years. • Can be reached at [email protected]
GenMark’s Evolution
Life Sciences
Original technology
invented by
Jon Faiz Kayyem, Ph.D.
Clinical Micro
Sensors acquired
by Motorola
acquires Clinical
Micro Sensors
Osmetech becomes
GenMark Diagnostics
Caltech innovation
1st generation
XT-8 eSensor®
New Board and
New menu-based
Personalized Medicine
• FDA Requirements
• Public Company
• HR
• Design
Next Generation Instrument
Next Generation Instrument
QAD at GenMark
Navision ‐ 1995
Great Plains ‐2000
Implemented QAD ‐ 2007
2008 Added SSM and GRS Functionality
2009 U
2009 Upgrade from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.9
d f
NET 1 1 t NET 2 9
2012 Upgraded from SE to EE
2013 Added Fixed Asset Functionality
2013 Eagle Bar Coding
2013 Installed 32 Soft PO Requisition System
2014 Internationization thru Multiple Domains
Purchasing at GenMark
• 2007 ‐ 5.7: Purchase Order Maintenance
• GRS in 2008
• 2010 Stopped Using GRS went to Paper Based Process
• 2012 Auditors indicated GenMark did not have proper controls on our purchasing process
• Searched for PO Requisition System for QAD
• Choose 32 Soft Purchase Requisition System
• Implemented for all Memo Purchases
• Production Inventory ordered on Manual Requisition based on S&OP
• Reconciliation of all Invoicing – P Cards
32 Soft Purchase Req System
• Project Kickoff
• Team
• Purchasing, AP, Accounting, Operations, IT, HR, SLT, R&D, Eng.
• Install – Cristian, test environment
• Time Line / Milestones
• Setup
• Generalized Codes
• Approval Matrix
• User and Setup Documents provided by 32 Soft
• Modifications
• Project‐ Approval based on Project not cost center
• Issues
• Long File Name on Attachment
• High turn over – Update Approval
• Continual Training
Nancy McCrimmon
• Varied and successful career in her 20+ years in operations and systems implementations. • Operations and Quality Manager for a healthcare company.
• Was responsible for QAD implementation, Service automation.
• Streamlining the Order to Remittance cycle and Quality initiatives. • As part of a global acquisition, she assumed the role of Integration leader, merging systems and processes and then became the Process Improvement Manager responsible for daily operations, systems projects and development of productivity initiatives. • Since 2010, she is the Sr. Project Manager for 32Soft.
• Can be reached at [email protected]
32 SOFT Requisition System
32 SOFT Requisition System
• Streamlined and simplified requisition process
• Fully integrated with QAD – no data integrity issues
• Create requisitions electronically – allows attachment of supporting documentation
• Track and reconcile preapproved purchases easily with attached quotes, requisitions and receipts
• Real‐time status updates for approved and unapproved requisitions
• Automatically route approvals and get notifications through an integrated email system
• Access and approve requisitions via mobile devices
• View all supporting documentation including approval comments
Benefits and Results of Implementation
P‐Card Reconciliation
SOX Compliance
Increased Turn Around Time
Easy Look up
Status of Requisitions
E‐mails notification and approvals with Attachments
Easy Flow
Happy Users
32 SOFT, Inc.
Easy Productivity Solutions For Managing Your QAD ERP Data
Helping QAD users since 2001
p g
70+ customers, who range in size from small private firms to large multi‐national public companies