Glacier Country.WME.Patterson.REVISED 1.15


Glacier Country.WME.Patterson.REVISED 1.15
At Warren Miller Films , our heritage was built on road trips that ultimately effected skiing forever.
Warren spent many days, years, decades and now over half a century chasing snow around the West.
Inspired by those early days, we have pulled our theme for this years
film from the pages of Warren’s soon to be released auto-biography.
Resort after budding resort, Warren and his ski buddy Ward
Baker would follow the storms seeking everything the mountains
and the mountain communities had to offer.
So we’ve sourced a classic teardrop trailer, mounted a ski
rack on it, and reached out to our friends, Andy Mahre and
Pep Fujas.
With a simple text message about February/Glacier Country
Montana accompanied by these pictures (on the right) we
set the stage.
They then quickly replied.
(of course, this is pending the actually confirmed shoot dates.)
Rolling out of the camper we awake at the legendary Sula Country
Store, just a few miles shy of Lost Trail Pass. The chalk board
on the restaurant door shares the daily snow report. After a hearty
“Country” breakfast the boys experience all the charm, playful
terrain and deep powder LT is well known for.
The wheels keep turning and the boys find themselves just outside
Libby, Montana at Turner Mountain Ski Area. It’s a Wednesday, it’s
deep and the mountain doesn’t open until Friday. But much like Warren
would have done, Pep and Andy have made friends with the manager.
Night skiing at Whitefish,
with a heavy dose of
movie magic. This certainly
creates a new “look and
feel” for yet another stop on
the road trip.
And finally a few days on sleds and in cats
at the GNPG backcountry yurt. There may
be an opportunity to have a snowmobile
PRO join Pep & Andy in the BC.
While at the backcountry yurt, Pep and Andy cross paths with
two Pro Snowmobilers . These Montana natives lead the
“outta towners” deeper into the backcountry. Both the skiers
and sledders will be WOWED by each others ability to ride the
playful terrain in such a creative way.
Note: Pro Riders TBD based on availablity.
Andy Mahre
A Washington native who has
always been tempted to enjoy
Northwestern Montana.
Pep Fujas
Also from the PNW, Pep grew up
skiing Glacier Country with his
family while on vacation. He
welcomes the chance to
revisit a place that holds such
strong childhood memories.
Other “Cultural” Opportunities.:
Dog Sled Races in Polebridge.
Rodeo in Kalispell.
The Izzak Walton Inn in Essex