the Brochure


the Brochure
To learn more or be a part of H-PEP contact:
Naomi Rombaoa Tanaka
Project Coordinator
(808) 956 – 3433
[email protected]
Kristy Chong
Education Specialist
(808) 956 – 9862
[email protected]
[email protected]
Our top values are: Positive Mindset, Connection,
Responsibility, Empowerment, & Wellbeing. Based on
these truths, we facilitate strengths- based good-vibes
professional development for Hawaiʻi’s early educators.
We are in service to support you to be your best self so
that you can support your students to be their best
selves. H-PEP is passionate about connecting you to
quality resources, helping you to focus on what’s going
right in your class, encouraging genuine personal reflection & ‘aha!’ moments, & supporting the exchange of
Light. Your presence, wisdom, and unique contributions
to your students are honored. It begins with YOU!
This project is funded by a federal grant from:
The US Department of Education, Native Hawaiian Education Program
PR/Award Number: S362A150002
Hawaiʻi Positive
Engagement Project:
Strengths Based
Professional Development
for Early Educators
What’s going right?
Positive engagement- every person, every place, every time.
Positive Mindset ● Connection ● Responsibility ● Empowerment ● Wellbeing
Positively Engaged Educators
will change the world!
It begins with YOU
For details and to apply to a Cohort:
Will you join the movement of PEP Educators?
Positive Engagement Self Care
Check In Check Out
Goal Setting
Adaptive Leadership
Reflective & Mindful Practices APPLY TODAY!
Classroom Management
Dialogic Reading
Book Making Technology Integration
10 Week Cohorts
Choose an option to meet your needs:
We are searching for PEP Educators
who are ready and willing to...
PEP Cohort 1 Summer 2016
In person
(6+ sessions)
☺ Try new skills learned in order to improve your students’
PEP Cohort 2 Fall 2016
Mostly online (2-3
sessions in person)
☺ Focus on being a reflective practitioner
PEP Cohort 3 Winter 2017
Mix of in person
and online
school readiness
☺ Be an active member of the H-PEP Educator’s Community
☺ Commit to the full 10 week session in order to maximize
learning & connections with other PEP Educators (Cohorts 1-3)
Open Access Workshops
Attend when you can, without commitment to a
full 10 week cohort. Ongoing stand alone
sessions Summer 2016- Fall 2018!
What’s going right? Positive engagement -
☺ Complete multiple pre/ post/ follow up forms for H-PEP’s
program evaluation (We want to see what’s working for you!)
every person, every place every time!