the conference program


the conference program
Italian National Conference on
Condensed Matter Physics
(Including Optics, Photonics, Liquids, Soft Matter)
09-13 september 2013
FisMat 2013 will host the annual Conferences of the Italian Society for Synchrotron Radiation
Light (SILS) and of the Italian Society for Neutron Spectroscopy (SISN).
Dear colleagues,
it’s a great pleasure for me to welcome all of you at FisMat 2013, the Italian
conference on condensed matter physics and related fields. The conference is held at
the Politecnico di Milano, which in 2013 is celebrating its 150th anniversary.
The motivation which inspired all the people involved in the organization of this
event has been the desire to bring under the same roof a large fraction of the Italian
scientists working in this field of research, independently from their affiliation. We
believe that our effort has been rewarded as testified by the 800 contributions
received from researchers working in many Italian and foreign institutions. These
contributions cover a large spectrum of arguments, many of them moving across the
border that separates physics from other branches of science such as chemistry,
biology, medicine, cultural heritage.
The relevance of all this is that, after nearly a decade, for the Italian community of
low energy physics this is the first chance to meet again after the suppression of
INFM, the Italian Institute for the Physics of Matter, a dramatic event that caused a
diaspora that has never been recovered. Our hope is that this conference will give to
all of us the possibility to see what’s going outside our laboratory and stimulate the
reestablishment of links between the research groups and the creation of research
networks for better facing the strongly competitive international scenario. And, at the
end, we’ll see, if they are roses they will bloom.
Ezio Puppin (Conference Chairman)
Scientific Committee
Local Committee
Antonella Tajani (CNR)
Lucio Claudio Andreani (Università di Pavia)
Stefano Atzeni (Università di Roma "La Sapienza")
Piero Baglioni (Università di Firenze - CSGI)
Massimo Carpinelli (Università di Sassari - INFN)
Pietro Carretta (Università di Pavia)
Maria Gabriella Castellano (IFN-CNR)
Giovanni Ciccotti (Università di Roma "La Sapienza")
Lamberto Duò (Politecnico di Milano)
Dino Fiorani (ISM-CNR)
Paolo Laporta (Politecnico di Milano)
Paolo Mariani (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Giorgio Paolucci (ELETTRA)
Nicola Spinelli (Università di Napoli "Federico II")
Francesco Tassone (IIT)
Stefania Mosca (Politecnico di Milano)
Silvia Maria Pietralunga (CNR - IFN, Milano)
Monica Bollani (CNR - IFN, Milano)
Maurizio Contran (Politecnico di Milano)
Claudio Mazzoli (Politecnico di Milano)
Ermanno Pinotti (Politecnico di Milano)
Dario Polli (Politecnico di Milano)
Alberto Tagliaferri (Politecnico di Milano)
Maurizio Zani (Politecnico di Milano)
The Cultural Heritage sections of the conference is partially founded by the Italian Ministry of
Foreign Affairs (Directorate General for the Country Promotion (economy, culture and science)).
[F] Conference site where all the conference activities will take place
[A] Auditorium (sala Levi). It will be used for the plenary session and the round table on September 11 in the
morning and for the concerto in the evening of the same day.
September 10th starting at 8:00 PM
Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci
Sala delle Colonne – Entrance Via S. Vittore, 21
Metro M2 – stop at S. Ambrogio
FisMat 2013 AT A GLANCE
Mon 9
09:00 - 11:00
11:00 - 11:30
11:30 - 12:30
12:30 - 13:30
13:30 - 14:30
14:30 - 17:00
Opening ceremony
Plenary session (Andrea Ferrari)
Lunch break
Plenary session (Erio Tosatti)
Parallel sessions
17:00 - 18:00 Special event on the Human Brain Project (Egidio D'Angelo)
18:00 - 19:30 Poster session & happy hour
Tue 10
08:30 - 09:30 Plenary session (Stuart Parkin)
09:30 - 12:30 Parallel sessions (coffe break 10:30 - 11:00)
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 - 16:00 Parallel sessions
16:00 - 17:00 Plenary session (Fernando Ferroni)
17:00 - 19:00 Poster session & happy hour
Social dinner at the "Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia"
Wed 11
09:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 12:30
12:30 - 13:30
13:30 - 14:30
14:30 - 17:00
Plenary session (Roberto Cingolani)
Round table
Lunch break
Plenary session (Francesco Sette)
Parallel sessions (beginning of SILS and SISN conferences)
17:00 - 18:00 Plenary session (Chandrasekar Joshi)
18:00 - 19:30 Poster session & happy hour
Thu 12
08:30 - 09:30 Plenary session (Dieter Richter)
09:30 - 12:30 Parallel sessions (coffe break 10:30 - 11:00)
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 - 14:30 Plenary session (Massimo Inguscio)
14:30 - 17:00 Parallel sessions
17:00 - 18:00 Plenary session (Hardy Gross)
18:00 - 19:30 Poster session & happy hour
Fri 13
08:30 : 09:30 Plenary session (Janos Haijdu)
09:30 : 10:30 Plenary session (Daan Frenkel)
10:30 : 13:30 Parallel sessions (coffe break 10:30 - 11:00)
Plenary sessions
All plenary sessions (apart from that on Wednesday morning at 9:00, which will be in the Levi room at
the Auditorium) will take place in room L.26.11 and will also broadcasted in video streaming in room
Monday, September 9
11:30 - 12:30
13:30 - 14:30
Andrea Ferrari
Erio Tosatti
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
SISSA, ICTP, and CNR-IOM Democritos, Trieste, Italy
Some frontiers in condensed matter physics
17:00 - 18:00
Egidio D'Angelo
University of Pavia, Italy
Special event on the Human Brain Project
Tuesday, September 10
8:30 - 9:30
Stuart Parkin
IBM Almaden, USA
Turning insulators into metals!
16:00 - 17:00
Fernando Ferroni
INFN, University of Rome Sapienza, Italy
Higgs found. What next?
Wednesday, September 11
9:00 - 10:00
13:30 - 14:30
Roberto Cingolani
Francesco Sette
IIT, Genoa, Italy
European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France
Next-generation X-ray analyses and the ESRF upgrade
17:00 - 18:00
Chandrasekar Joshi
University of California, Los Angeles, US
Charged particle acceleration using intense laser and
particle beams
Thursday, September 12
8:30 - 9:30
Dieter Richter
Julich Centre for Neutron Science, Germany
Soft matter and life sciences: research with neutrons
13:30 - 14:30
Massimo Inguscio
University of Florence and CNR Department of Physical
Sciences and Technologies of Matter, Italy
Quantum simulation with ultracold atoms
17:00 - 18:00
Hardy Gross
Max Planck Institute, Halle, Germany
Friday, September 13
8:30 - 9:30
9:30 - 10:30
Janos Hajdu
Daan Frenkel
University of Uppsala, Sweden
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Entropy and self-assembly
Parallel sessions - oral contributions
Monday, September 9
14:30 - 17:00 Multiferroics
Room L.26.11
Chairman: Dino Fiorani
Josè Lorenzana (I) Order by disorder mechanism of multiferroic behavior in CuO
Josep Fontcuberta (I) Magnetoelectric coupling via interface-coupling and phase-separation in multiferroics
Claudio Mazzoli
Resonant X-ray Diffraction contribution in understanding Multifunctional materials
Chiara Pernechele
Magneto-electric characterization of BiMn7O12 polymorphs
Paolo Barone
Homochiral magnetic cycloids driven by ferroelectric polarization in multiferroic BiFeO3
Davide Delmonte
Paola Tiberto
Study of complex thermally induced field dependent magnetization reversal in
BiFe0.5Mn0.5O3, a potentially RT type-I multiferroic
Magnetic and magnetotransport properties of multiferroic materials
Francesco Ricci
Magneto- and electroresistance in ferromagnet-ferroelectric junctions
14:30 - 17:00 Neural circuit functioning and computation
Room L.26.12
Chairman: Alessandro Torricelli
Egidio D'Angelo
(I) Beyond structure-function relationship: dynamic properties of the cerebellar network in a
realistic model
Michele Migliore (I) Neural circuits computation and functions in the olfactory bulb
Sergio Solinas
(I) Ensemble neuronal responses in a large-scale realistic model of the cerebellar cortex
Leonardo Sacconi
Advanced optical techniques to explore brain structure and function
Stefano Masoli
The intrinsic and synaptic responsiveness of a new realistic Purkinje cell model
Ludovico Silvestri
Exploring whole-brain anatomy on the micron-scale with confocal light sheet microscopy
Silvia Maggi
Electrophysiological characterization of the striatal FSI microcircuitry: a combined
experimental and modeling study
Thierry Nieus
Investigating the interplay between intrinsic and evoked activities in cultured neuronal
networks by dimensional reduction techniques
Jesus Garrido
Millisecond-scale regulation of spike timing by distributed synaptic plasticity at the
cerebellum input stage
14:30 - 17:00 Superconductivity A
Room L.26.13
Chairman: Giacomo Ghiringhelli
Andrey Varlamov (I) Quantum fluctuations and dynamic clustering of fluctuating cooper pairs
Jeroen van den
(I) Spin-orbital separation in the quasi 1D Mott-insulator Sr2CuO3
Stefano Dal Conte
Tracking the dynamics of the pairing glue in a cuprate superconductor with ultrashort laser
Filippo Alpeggiani
Josephson and two-dimensional plasma waves in nanoparticles of layered superconductors
Monday, September 9
Angelo Agostino
Structural modulation by chemical substitution in single crystal HTc superconductors
Matteo Capati
Hidden ferronematic order in underdoped cuprates
Daniele Fausti
Resonant coherent phonon generation in superconducting YBCO thin films
14:30 - 17:00 Metrology and fundamental constants
Room L.26.14
Chairman: Paolo La Porta
Luca Callegaro
(I) Thermal noise correlations in quantum Hall effect devices: experimental check of a
theorem by Battiker
(I) Frequency metrology and high-precision molecular spectroscopy in the near-infrared
Marco Giulio
Study of Fundamental Laws with Positronium and Antihydrogen
Emilio Mariotti
High precision spectroscopy of Francium isotopes for APV measurements
Marco Truccato
Fabrication of stacks of intrinsic Josephson junctions for metrological applications
14:30 - 17:00 Environmental physics and energy generation A
Room L.26.15
Chairman: Francesco Tampieri
Xuan Wang
Sandro Fuzzi
Carmine Serio
(I) Implementation of high dynamic Raman lidar system for 3D map of particulate optical
properties and their time evolution
(I) High Resolution-Time of Flight-Aerosol Mass Spectrometer: an innovative tool to
characterize fine particulate matter
(I) Fourier Transform Spectrometers from Space Applied to Atmospheric Physics and Earth
Vincenzo Rizi
Atmospheric monitoring with Raman LIDAR at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Maria Rita
Sensitivity of solar and terrestrial HR profiles to the vertical distribution of aerosol
Hemanth Dinesan
Absolute frequency spectroscopy for the determination of the 17O/16O amount-ratio in
Giuliano Liuzzi
Search for Martian methane with TES data: development of a dedicated radiative transfer
code. First results.
14:30 - 17:00 Organic materials and devices A
Room L.26.16
Chairman: Marco Sampietro
Antonio Cassinese (I) Charge transfer at the interface betweenT6/PDI-8CN2 Heterostructures
Emad A. Jaffar
Poly(lactic acid) as a biopolymer-based modified clay nanoComposite
Antonio Sasso
Francesco Quochi
Surface-enhanced Raman based on highly uniform active substrates obtained using block
Photophysical properties of NIR emitting lanthanide complexes with organic ligands
Patrizia Borghetti
Donor-to-acceptor core-level shift in molecular blend/metal interfaces
Chiara Castiglioni
Structure and vibrational dynamics of long CN chains investigated with IR and Raman
Annalisa Colombo
Transparency in PMMA glasses:correlation between optical properties and Positron
Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy measurements
Monday, September 9
Visualizing Light-Polarization through Photo-Polymerization Processes
Adele Sassella
Organic droplet epitaxy for the growth of rubrene-based heterostructures
14:30 - 17:00 Plasmonics
Room L.26.01
Chairman: Stefano Longhi
Luca Vattuone
(I) Near-field interaction with plasmonic waveguides and individual nanoemitters
Acoustic surface plasmon: from Be (0001) to Au(111)
Ilka Kriegel
Paolo Biagioni
Near infrared plasmonics with vacancy doped copper chalcogenide nanocrystals
Dynamics of multi-photon luminescence in gold nanoantennas
Maurizio Canepa
Au-Ag alloy nanoparticles 2D-arrays: fabrication and surface-enhanced Raman
spectroscopy application.
Dipole decay dynamics engineering within the discrete dipole approximation
Tiziana Cesca
Luminescent ultra-small gold nanoparticles obtained by ion implantation in silica
Fiber optic plasmonic nanoprobes: towards multifunctional photonic devices and
14:30 - 17:00 Graphene A
Room L.26.02
Chairman: Giulio Cerullo
Alberto Morpurgo (I) Interaction effects in suspended graphene devices
Cecilia Mattevi
(I) Interfacial engineering for graphene synthesis and applications
Roman Sordan
(I) Gigahertz multi-transistor graphene integrated circuits
Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of molecular graphenes
Silvia Tognolini
Graphene image potential states at the graphene/Cu interface
Mauro Riccò
Magnetism and hydrogen interaction in graphene probed by muons
Stefano Lupi
Plasmonic Excitations in Topological Insulators
Manuela Scarselli
3D multifunctional carbon nanotube networks
Federico Bisti
Lithium electronic states after intercalation on SiC buffer layer
14:30 - 17:00 Statistical physics A
Room L.26.03
Chairman: Stefano Ruffo
Fabrizio Lillo
Matteo Marsili
Fulvio Baldovin
(I) Systemic risk at high frequency: price cojumps and Hawkes factor models
(I) Why do complex systems look critical?
(I) Scaling symmetry, renormalization, and time series modeling - The case of Finance
Maurizio Rossi
Grazia Cottone
Quantum Monte Carlo study of quantized vortices in 4He
Multiphoton absorption of myoglobin-nitric oxide complex: relaxation by D-NEMD of a
stationary state
Marco Zoli
Thermal fluctuations and denaturation bubbles in circular DNA
Survival Probability of Interacting Particles in One Dimension
Monday, September 9
14:30 - 17:00 Diamond devices
Room L.26.04
Chairman: Ermanno Pinotti
Daniele Maria
(I) CVD Diamond: from Detection of High-Energy and Nuclear Radiation to Concentrated
Solar Conversion
Alfio Battiato
Daniele Gatto
Federico Bosia
Characterization of ion-implanted single-crystal diamond with spectroscopic ellipsometry
Bright single colour centres in CVD diamond emitting in the 750 - 800 nm region
Jacopo Forneris
Fabrication and characterization by means of focused ion beams of a diamond detector with
integrated graphitic micro-electrodes
Giacomo Ulisse
Use of carbon nanotubes cathodes in electron sources
Experimental/numerical analysis of strains in irradiated single-crystal diamond
Monday, September 9
Tuesday, September 10
09:30 - 12:30 Magnetism and spintronics A
Room L.26.11
Chairman: Dino Fiorani
Giorgio Bertotti (I) Probabilistic aspects of magnetization relaxation in nanomagnets
Giovanni Carlotti (I) Magnetization reversal in nanomagnetic switches: energy dissipation and spin dynamics
Gianfranco Durin
Viewing Magnetic Noise through Windows: determination of critical exponents in the
domain wall dynamics
Fabio Boschini
Disentanglement of spin and charge dynamics by means of time-resolved magneto-optical
Kerr spectroscopy
Roberto Zivieri
Niloufar Faghihi
Effective description of magnonic mode dynamics in 2D ferromagnetic antidot lattices
Magneto-Elastic Effects in Isotropic Ferromagnetic Solids Using Phase Field Crystal
Tomas Orlando
Spin Dynamics in Magneto-Plasmonic Nanostructures
Davide Peddis
Superspin glass behaviour in MnFe2O4 nanoparticles: blocking temperature in
magnetization and Mossbauer time scale
Study of spin dynamics in the molecular antiferromagnetic nanomagnet Ni7 by means of
Paolo Arosio
09:30 - 12:30 Surface science A
Room L.26.12
Chairman: Maria Grazia Betti
Paola De Padova (I) 1D nano-ribbons and 2D sheet Silicene: From Single Layer to Multilayer
Silicene on Si3N4/Si(111) surface; a DFT study
Structure and electronic properties of self-assembled interlayers at the polymer/metaloxide
Giulia Berti
Magnetic properties of self-organized Cr oxide monolayers on Fe(001)
Marco Smerieri
Glutamic Acid at Ag surfaces: Self-Assembly in the Non-Zwitterionic Form
Nanoporous Metals - Structural and Catalytic Properties via Computational Simulations
Barbara Apicella
Photoionization study of water clusters
Michele Saba
Pt-decorated CdSe/CdS octapod nanocrystals for photocatalysis
Homoepitaxy on Si(111) vicinal surface: spirals and pyramids - in situ reflection electron
09:30 - 12:30 Superconductivity B
Room L.26.13
Chairman: Angelo Nucciotti
Sergey Borisenko (I) ARPES in cuprates and iron-based superconductors
Roberto Caciuffo (I) Superconductivity in Actinide Compounds
Laura Fanfarillo
Hall Effect in pnictides
Pietro Carretta
The onset of magnetism in optimally electron-doped LnFe1-xRuxAsO1-yFy (Ln = La, Nd
or Sm) superconductors around x = 1/4
Tuesday, September 10
Fabio Ricci
Electronic structure of Iron-Chalcogenide thin films
Lucia Bossoni
Glassy Transition in the Vortex Lattice of Ba(Fe0.93Rh0.07)2As2 superconductor probed
by NMR and Ac-susceptibility
Anita Guarino
Hard X-ray measurements on Nd2-xCexCuO4+delta films
09:30 - 12:30 Semiconductors-low dimensional materials A
Room L.26.14
Chairman: Stefano Ossicini
Stefano Roddaro (I) Field-effect manipulation of single-electron systems
Near Infrared emitting silica nanoparticle: O2 diffusion properties and excited state
Jacopo Frigerio
Electro-Refractive effect in Ge/SiGe multiple quantum wells
Monica Bollani
SiGe stressors for tensile strain in Ge films by e-beam lithography top-down approach
Maria Luisa
Valeria Mondiali
Proximity Gettering of Slow Diffuser Contaminants
Daniel Chrastina
X-ray nanodiffraction in lithographically-defined semiconductor structures
Anna Sgarlata
Fabrication of SiGe rings and holes on Si(001) and Si(111) by flash annealing
Stefano Cozzini
The NFFA Nanoscience Data Repository
Dislocation engineering in SiGe epilayers on pre-patterned Si substrates.
09:30 - 12:30 Environmental physics and energy generation B
Room L.26.15
Chairman: Xuan Wang
(I) Atmospheric composition models: a personal review of some key problems and approaches
to solution.
Guido Masiello
(I) Integrated Aerosol Observing System
Validation of Water Vapour, Carbon Dioxide and Ozone spectroscopic parameters in the
Infrared region between 5 and 27 micron
Gianluca Pisani
Aerosol typing over Beijing using a scanning Raman Lidar with enhanced dynamics
Giuseppe Leto
Improving the monitoring of Etna's volcanic ash plumes using a new scanning Lidar
Aldo Amodeo
Long term observations of desert dust at CIAO, the atmospheric observatory of Potenza
09:30 - 12:30 Organic materials and devices B
Room L.26.16
Chairman: Antonio Cassinese
Marco Sampietro (I) Inkjet printed organic photodetector with high quantum yield for large area X-ray imager
Michele D'Amico
High Fluorescence of Thioflavin T Confined in Mesoporous Silica Xerogels
Exploiting the stable alignment of tautomers at RT in porphyrin single layers
Photoluminescence enhancement and lasing from conjugated polymer in a full plastic
Fabiola Liscio
Molecular re-organization in organic field effect transistors and its effect on 2D charge
transport pathways
Sergio Abbate
Chiroptical techniques, CD and CPL, for investigating soft matter and organic - based
conducting materials
Maria Ilenia Saba
Structure and crystallinity of polymer/metal oxide hybrid interfaces at the molecular scale
Tuesday, September 10
Gianluca Lattanzi
P3HT and PBTTT: a comparative molecular dynamics study inspired by OTFT fabrication
Dario Natali
Reliable Extraction of the Density of States in Organic Semiconductors
09:30 - 12:30 Strongly correlated electron systems A
Room L.26.01
Chairman: Riccardo Bertacco
Marco Grilli
(I) 10 years of high resolution RIXS of high Tc superconductors: orbital, spin and charge
excitations uncovered
(I) Intrinsic charge instability in oxide heterostructures with Rashba spin-orbit
Entanglement entropy and macroscopic quantum states with dipolar bosons in a triple-well
Ivana Vobornik
Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Magnetically Doped Topological Insulators
Valentina Bisogni
Spin-orbital separation beyond strictly 1D
Sara Bordignon
Stripe dynamics in the La2 - xSrxCoO4 layered cobaltates by 59Co and 139La NMR
and muSR
Ferromagnetism in Cr-doped In2O3 revisited with hybrid-density functionals
Paola Alippi
09:30 - 12:30 Graphene B
Room L.26.02
Chairman: Roman Sordan
Davide Spirito
Elisa Molinari
Marco Polini
(I) Graphene plasma-wave Terahertz photodetectors and Graphene-GaAs hybrid systems
(I) Illuminating graphene nanosystems
(I) Fundamental properties of Dirac plasmons in graphene
Transfer-Free Electrical Insulation of Epitaxial Graphene from its Metal Substrate
Mattia Gaboardi
Hydrogen absorption in alkali metal fullerides
Stefano Prezioso
Marco Papagno
Graphene Oxide as a Convenient Platform for Nanotechnology and Sensing Applications
Novel mismatched graphene-ferromagnetic interfaces
09:30 - 12:30 Statistical physics B
Room L.26.03
Chairman: Giovanni - Jona Lasinio
Amos Maritan
Stefano Ruffo
(I) Emergence of criticality in living systems
(I) Long-range interactions: results and perspectives
(I) Nonlinear Relaxation and Environmental Noise in Biological Systems
Andrea Gabrielli
Luca Magazzù
Non-Markovian Models of Blocking in Concurrent and Countercurrent Flows
Dynamics of a driven dissipative quantum system
Federico Corberi
Large-deviations and condensation of fluctuations in equilibrium and off-equilibrium
Giuliano Benenti
Coupled particle and heat transport: a dynamical system's perspective
09:30 - 12:30 Biophysics A
Room L.26.04
Chairman: Enzo Orlandini
Laura Cantù
(I) Amyloid-beta peptides from oligomers to fibrils: laser light, x-ray and neutron pictures
Tuesday, September 10
Marco Capitanio (I) Ultrafast force-clamp laser trapping of single molecular motors and DNA binding proteins
Rita Guzzi
Molecular dynamics and docking of fatty acids interacting with beta-lactoglobulin
Paola Brocca
Barbara Rossi
Potassium channel Kcv interaction with model membranes.
Connection between covalent and physical interactions in cyclodextrin-based hydrogel as
studied by vibrational spectroscopy
Massimo Vassalli
Dynamical stability of ovalbumin can provide insights into the molecular basis of
Monitoring the structural order of peptides and proteins in supramolecular assemblies by
FTIR spectroscopy
Simona Motta
Nanoparticles systems for gene delivery interacting with model cell membranes: a structural
13:30 - 16:00 Magnetism and spintronics B
Room L.26.11
Chairman: Pietro Carretta
Stefano Carretta (I) Spin dynamics in Molecular Nanomagnets
(I) Spin Coupling and Charge Transfer at Molecule/Metal Interfaces
Valerio Bellini
Very high-quality entanglement transfer through long uninform spin chains
Massimo Solzi
Micromagnetic analysis of demagnetization processes in exchange-coupled hard/soft
bilayers with surface anisotropy
Local magnetic properties in Cr8, Cr7Cd and Cr7Ni molecular rings from 19F-NMR
Elena Garlatti
Giacomo Porcari
Design of Rare Earth-free molecular clusters as cryogenic magnetic refrigerants
Complete magnetocaloric characterization of magnetic first order martensitic
Information carrier bandwidth and speed tunability in magnonic crystals in the vortex state
Graphene-mediated exchange coupling between cobaltocene and magnetic substrates
13:30 - 16:00 Surface science B
Room L.26.12
Chairman: Paola De Padova
Marco Finazzi
Mario Rocca
(I) Ultrathin oxide films on Fe(100)
(I) Accretion Disk Origin of Earth's Water
Thermal effects on MoS2 liquid exfoliated flakes: sulfur vacancies and doping
Stefano Colonna
Self assembling of Titanyl-phthalocyanine on Ag(100) studied by scanning tunneling
microscopy and low energy electron diffraction
Giovanni Stefani
Plasmon resonant (e,2e) spectroscopy
Antonio Politano
Angle-resolved energy loss spectroscopy experiments on epitaxial graphene on Pt(111) and
Roberto Gunnella
Depth Profiling of Melting and Metalization in Si(111) and Si(001) Surfaces
Maria Chiara
Control of metal-oxide interface and tuning of exchange bias in Ni@NiO nanoparticles
Tuesday, September 10
13:30 - 16:00 Superconducting quantum detectors
Room L.26.13
Chairman: M. Gabriella Castellano
Gregory Goltsman (I) Terahertz mixers, fast detectors and single-photon counters based on superconducting
ultrathin NbN films
Roberto Cristiano (I) Superconducting nanowire quantum detectors of molecules
Mikkel Ejrnaes
(I) Superconducting single photon detectors based on parallel NbN nanowires
Angelo Nucciotti
Developement of superconducting microwave microresonators for broad band high energy
resolution particle detection
Single-photon detectors with Superconducting nanowires integrated with passive optical
elements for quantum information science
Lapo Lolli
Measurement of photon statistics with superconducting Transition edge sensors
Loredana Parlato
Photoresponse Studies of Proximitized Superconductor/Ferromagnet Nanostructures for
Optical-Photon Detection
13:30 - 16:00 Semiconductors-low dimensional materials B
Room L.26.14
Chairman: Stefano Roddaro
Stefano Ossicini
Emilia Ridolfi
(I) Silicon nanostructures for advanced photovoltaic: carrier multiplication effects
Anisotropic effective g-factor in IV-VI semiconductor quantum wells
Fabrizio Arciprete
Selective Growth of InAs Quantum Dots on GaAs driven by As kinetics
Adriano Cola
Conductivity and photoconductivity properties of single GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell nanowires
Ernesto Placidi
Enrico Giulotto
Multi-stacked ordering of quantum dots driven by As kinetics
Optical determination of the strain field in GaAsN/GaAsN:H planar heterostructures
Sergio Bietti
Embedded Ga nanoparticles on patterned Si substrate
Dario Narducci
Strain-Controlled Generation of Silicon Nanopillars
Laser emission from core or shell transitions in self-assembled microcavities of CdSe/CdS
colloidal nanorods
Riccardo Rurali
Silicon-Germanium Nanowires: chemistry and physics in play, from basic principles to
advanced applications
13:30 - 16:00 Environmental physics and energy generation C
Room L.26.15
Chairman: Nicola Spinelli
Claudia Roberta (I) I-AMICA: a high technology infrastructure for South Italian Mediterrean environmental
and climate monitoring
Wolfango Plastino (I) ERMES-WORLD: Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring for Earth Sciences-WOrld
Reference Laboratory and new Developments
Sergio Lo Russo
Hydrogen storage in solid state, recent developments
Luca Pasquini
Magnesium Nanostructures for Hydrogen Storage
Daniele Pontiroli
Ionic conductivity in light metal fullerides
Stefano Cecchi
Eugenio Fasci
Ge-rich SiGe Multilayers for Thermoelectric Applications
QCL-Optical FeedBack Cavity Enhanced Spectrometer for trace gas analysis in the mid
infrared: validation of Non Thermal Plas
Tuesday, September 10
13:30 - 16:00 Electrons and phonons A
Room L.26.16
Chairman: Francesco Mauri
Luciano Colombo (I) Thermal transport in nanostructured semiconductors
Stefano Baroni
(I) Not available
Rossella Brunetti
Simulation of Charge Transport in Ovonic Materials
Giancarlo Jug
The Glassy State, Magnetically Viewed from the Frozen End
Giovanni Onida
Phonon softening and structural instabilities in TiSe2
Alberto Verdini
Intrinsic Nature of the Excess Electrons Distribution at the TiO2(110) surface
Guido Fratesi
Azimuthal Dichroism in Near-Edge X - ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectra of Planar
13:30 - 16:00 Strongly correlated electron systems B
Room L.26.01
Chairman: Giacomo Ghiringhelli
Marco Salluzzo
(I) Competing phenomena at n-type interface between polar insulating-oxides and SrTiO3
band insulator
Riccardo Bertacco (I) Inverse magnetoelectric effects at ferromagnet-ferroelectric interfaces
Sergio Caprara
Inhomogeneous superconductivity in oxide interfaces
Regina Ciancio
Competing Magnèli-like phases driven by substrate-induced strain in TiO2 anatase thin
Pietro Bonfà
Ordering and multiple phase transitions in ultrathin nickelate superlattices
Arianna Montorsi
Gaps and hidden orders in correlated fermionic systems
Adolfo Avella
Defect states and excitations in a Mott insulator with orbital degrees of freedom: MottHubbard gap versus optical and transport properties
MuSR spectroscopy in the skyrmion candidate single crystal Ba2CuGe2O7
13:30 - 16:00 Quantum optics A
Room L.26.02
Chairman: Paolo Mataloni
Massimo Palma
Giuseppe Falci
(I) new results in quantum simulation with cold atoms
(I) Design of a Lambda system for population transfer in superconducting nanocircuits
Gaurav Jayaswal
Weak measurement of the Goos-Hanchen shift
Leonardo Mazza
Theoretical modelling of strongly coupled anthracene microcavities
Stefano Olivares
Correlations, entanglement or nothing: recent results on bilinear interactions of light modes
Sai Kiran
Ultrafast cavity-polariton relaxation dynamics in a strongly-coupled J-aggregate microcavity
Carlo Gabbanini
Formation and optical pumping of ultracold RbCs molecules
Open quantum systems in the parametric representation and the spin-1/2 Heisenberg star
with frustration
13:30 - 16:00 Statistical physics C
Room L.26.03
Chairman: Amos Maritan
Tuesday, September 10
Giovanni JonaLasinio
(I) Some recent developments in non equilibrium statistical mechanics
Alberto Guardone (I) On the Riemann problem of gasdynamics
Luca Galantucci
Normal fluid profiles in Helium II counterflow channels
Mario Motta
Dynamical imaginary-time correlations from Auxiliary Fields Quantum Monte Carlo
Riccardo Fantoni
Quantum Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo
Nicola Manini
Static and dynamic friction in sliding colloidal monolaye
Davide Emilio
Zero - sound mode in a neutral Fermi liquid: dynamic fermionic correlations applied to
two - dimensional 3He
Matthieu Cristelli
New Metrics for Economic Complexity: Measuring the Intangible Growth Potential of
13:30 - 16:00 Biophysics B
Room L.26.04
Chairman: Laura Cantù
Fabio Ferri
(I) Fast two dimensional "bubble" analysis of biopolymer filamentous networks pore size from
confocal microscopy thin data stacks
Enzo Orlandini
(I) Modelling DNA organisation and ejection in viral capsids: hints from topology
(I) Modelling genome organisation in 3D: applications to bacterial DNA and chromosomes
Fabio Cecconi
Protein translocation in narrow pores: inferring bottlenecks from native-structure topology
Maria Grazia
Time resolved experiments on amyloid-beta peptide fibrillization
Ranieri Rolandi
Interaction between amyloid oligomers and phospholipid membranes: a neutron diffraction
Eleonora Alfinito
Charge transport in nano-structures: a percolative approach correlating electrical and
topological properties
Tuesday, September 10
Wednesday, September 11
14:30 - 17:00 Sensors devices and applications A
Room L.26.11
Chairman: Ermanno Pinotti
Pietro Siciliano
Bruno Murari
Luca Boarino
(I) Smart System for societal challenging applications
(I) From MEMS Dream to Today Reality
(I) Nanofacility Piemonte: three years of activity in the field of nanofabrication by ion and
electron beams
Roberto Russo
High sensitivity nano-SQUIDs for nanomagnetism investigations
Francesco Armani
Francesco Floris
A multisensor platform for thin film polymeric-based transducers
Multilayer structures, pi-conjugated polymers and optical detection of nitroaromatic
Michele Di Fraia
2D-detectors for Photoionization Studies of Atoms, Molecules and Clusters at ELETTRA
14:30 - 17:00 Surface science C
Room L.26.12
Chairman: Marco Finazzi
Maria Grazia
(I) Organometallics architectures on surfaces
Buatier de
Transparent Plasmonic Nanowire Electrodes via Self-Organised Ion Beam Nanopatterning
Laura Fazi
Unveiling the electronic and optical contribution of Rebonded-Step surface reconstruction
in Ge/Si heteroepitaxy
H2 molecules formation on W(110) surface
Maria Rutigliano
Luca Passoni
Tunable wettability through independent tuning of micro and nano scale features of self assembled hierarchical material
Simone Taioli
Non-adiabatic ab initio molecular dynamics of supersonic beam epitaxy of silicon carbide
at room temperature
Frictional anisotropy of crystalline surfaces and its relationship with surface structure
studied by atomic force microscopy
Soft x-ray photoemission spectroscopy on buried complex oxide interfaces
Computer modeling of surface-confined intermixing phenomena at epitaxial interfaces
14:30 - 17:00 Superconductivity C
Chairman: Mikkel Ejrnaes
Daniel Esteve
(I) Quantum physics with superconducting electrical circuits
(I) Effective doping and chemical scaling law in Fe-based superconductors
Effect of Ru substitution on atomic displacements in the layered SmFe xRuxAsO0.85F0.15 superconductor
Wednesday, September 11
Room L.26.13
Luca de Medici
Selective Mottness as a key to iron superconductors
Davide Massarotti
Study of macroscopic quantum phenomena and phase dynamics in moderately damped
Josephson junctions
Mikhail Lisitskiy
Materials and technologies of superconducting devices for quantum computation
Claudio Guarcello
Analysis of soliton dynamics and noise induced effects on the superconductive lifetime in
long Josephson junctions
Fabio Chiarello
Coherent quantum manipulation of superconducting qubits by fast flux pulses: decoherence,
adiabaticity and speed issues
14:30 - 17:00 Plasma physics A
Room L.26.14
Chairman: Francesco Pegoraro
Paolo Buratti
(I) Kink instabilities and magnetic reconnection in plasmas from millimetric to parsec length
Antonino Di
(I) Intense laser-plasma interaction as a tool for fundamental physics
Luca Mezi
Efficient extreme ultraviolet and soft X-rays plasma sources at ENEA Frascati
Investigation of non-neutral complex plasmas
Dario Borgogno
Barriers in the transition to global chaos in collisionless magnetic reconnection
Petra Koester
Experimental fast electron transport studies in a counterpropagating scheme
Emanuele Tassi
Stability criteria in compressible reduced magnetohydrodynamics and analogy with the
magnetorotational instability
14:30 - 17:00 SILS A
Room L.26.15
Chairman: Antonella Balerna
21st SILS Conference
Paola Coan
(I) Exploiting X-ray phase contrast imaging in medical diagnostics: towards clinical
Federico Zontone
New opportunities with coherent hard X-rays at the refurbished ESRF beamline ID10
Paul Claude
Edge illumination phase-contrast imaging: nanoradian angular resolution at synchrotrons
and translation to conventional sources
Mattea Carmen
Photofragmentation of halogenated pyrimidine molecules in the VUV range
Matteo Amati
Toward ambient pressure scanning photoemission imaging and spectromicroscopy - a
feasibility test and first results
Magnetic, orbital and charge fluctuations in layered cuprates studied by resonant soft x-ray
Matteo Minola
Nicola Viganò
Discrete Representation of Local Orientation in Grains using Diffraction Contrast
Francesco Radica
SR-FTIR imaging of carbon dioxide diffusion in cordierite-like structures
14:30 - 17:00 Electrons and phonons B
Room L.26.16
Chairman: Stefano Baroni
Ivano Tavernelli
(I) TDDFT-based nonadiabatic dynamics with classical and quantum trajectories
Wednesday, September 11
Francesco Mauri (I) Electron-phonon interaction and superconductivity in graphene and in intercalated graphite
First principles study of donor wave functions in silicon nanowires
Renato Colle
Davide Campi
Novel 2D materials for opto-electronics and photo-voltaics
Igor Bejenari
Atomistic calculation of thermoelectric properties of Si nanowires
Marco Cazzaniga
Ab initio many-body effects in TiSe2
Structural, electronic and optical properties of PDI-FCN2 crystal
Surface electronic properties and lattice dynamics of group-V semimetals from ab-initio
14:30 - 17:00 Cultural heritage A
Room L.26.01
Chairman: Marco Zoppi
Marcello Picollo (I) An overview on the application of Vis-NIR hyperspectral and THz-TDS imaging
methodologies to the investigation of paintings
Maria Grazia
The skin of the ancient egyptian mummies: a fascinating source of informatio on body
Fluorescence hyperspectral lidar imaging of the cultural heritage: recent instrumental and
application advances
Anna Gueli
Crystal Luminescence and Cultural Heritage: from pottery authentication to historical
buildings dating
Alessandro Re
Use of a versatile instrument for X-ray radiography and tomography of artworks, precious
objects and archaeological materials
Austin Nevin
Semi-conductor pigments in 19th C. Paintings:Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and
Raman scanning device for the analysis of works of art
14:30 - 17:00 Quantum optics B
Room L.26.02
Chairman: Lucio Andreani
Paolo Mataloni
Rosario Fazio
Marco Liscidini
(I) Integrated photonic quantum simulation
(I) Optimal Control: From superadiabatic evolution to the speed limit
(I) From Classical to Quantum Nonlinear Photonics
Maria Bondani
Efficient selection of mesoscopic twin-beam states for the optimal production of subPoissonian light
Alessia Allevi
Characterizing the nonclassical nature of mesoscopic optical twin-beam states
Alessio Avella
Two-Photon Spectral Amplitude resolved in separable Schmidt modes
Alessandra Gatti
X-entanglement, the non factorable spatio temporal correlation of twin photons
14:30 - 17:00 SISN A
Room L.26.03
Chairman: Renato Magli
Luigi Paduano
(I) Nanodevices for cancer diagnosis and/or therapy
QUAFIT: a Program to Evaluate Quaternary Structure and Heterogeneity of Proteins from
Small-Angle Scattering
Wednesday, September 11
Research and development on 3He free neutron counters
Valeria Maria
Structural dynamics studies on single floating membranes by neutron and X-ray reflectivity
14:30 - 17:00 Spintronics
Room L.26.04
Chairman: Riccardo Bertacco
Matthieu Jamet
Roberta Citro
(I) Silicon and germanium spintronics
Super-magnetoresistance effect in triplet spin valves
Roberto Raimondi
Variations on the Spin Hall effect
Spin currents in Ge-based heterostructures
Paolo Moras
Exchange and Rashba Interactions in Thin Film Systems
Edoardo Albisetti
Persano Adorno
Storing magnetic information in antiferromagnetic tunnel junctions via field-cooling
Enhancement of electron spin lifetime in GaAs bulks: the benefits of external noise
Christian Rinaldi
Room temperature spin transport in Ge: optical and electronic measurement of the spin
diffusion length
Jun Fujii
Identifying the electronic character and the role of the Mn-derived states in (Ga,Mn)As via
Wednesday, September 11
Thursday, September 12
09:30 - 12:30 Biosensors
Room L.26.11
Chairman: Bruno Murari
Fabrizio Pirri
Romeo Bernini
(I) Not available
(I) Optofluidics as a novel platform for optical sensors
Francesco Baldini
Molecular beacon as oligonucleotide nanosensors for intracellular mRNA
Forest of silica nanowires decorated by metal nanoparticles : light trapping at plasmon
resonances and biosensing applications
Daniela Petti
Davide Contini
Bio-patterned magnetic biosensing platforms with sensitivity below the pM range
Memory effect in gated single-photon avalanche diodes: a limiting noise contribution similar
to afterpulsing
09:30 - 12:30 Quantum optics C
Room L.26.12
Chairman: Paolo Mataloni
David Vitali
Flavio Toigo
(I) Quantum cavity optomechanics with nanomembranes
(I) Hydrodynamics of a Fermi gas at unitarity from a time-dependent Density Functional
Paolo Bordone
Quantum correlations in bipartite systems with 1/f^(alpha) noise
Sergio Bietti
Single photon emitters in AlGaAs epilayers at liquid nitrogen temperature on Silicon
Quantum-Information Processing with Hybrid Spin-Photon Qubits
Alessandro Chiesa
09:30 - 12:30 Silicon Photonics
Room L.26.13
Chairman: Francesco Tassone
Francesco Priolo (I) Nanostructures for Silicon Photonics
Lorenzo Pavesi
(I) Nanosilicon photonics, a new twist to silicon photonics
Andrea Melloni
Daniele Bajoni
(I) The bright and the dark sides of silicon photonics
Classical and quantum nonlinear optics in silicon integrated devices
Giuseppe Faraci
Giant Photo Luminescence Emission in Si Grains
Marco Balucani
Porous silicon technology a breacktrough for silicon photonics: from packaging to
molotithic integration
09:30 - 12:30 Plasma physics B
Room L.26.14
Chairman: Stefano Atzeni
(I) What about magnetic reconnection?
Susanna Cappello (I) Plasma self-organization in a magnetic confinement system
Angelo Schiavi
(I) Perspectives for Inertial Fusion
Pietro Mulser
Resonant and non-resonant ponderomotive effects in laser-matter interaction
Sergio Briguglio
Nonlinear dynamics of Alfvèn modes in tokamaks investigated by phase-space numerical
Thursday, September 12
Roberto Cesario
Non-linear plasma physics and current drive at density required for a tokamak
thermonuclear reactor
David Dellasega
Nanostructured tungsten films exposed to high-flux deuterium plasmas for nuclear fusion
09:30 - 12:30 SILS B
Room L.26.15
Chairman: Paolo Ghigna
Bauer Matthias
(I) High energy resolution XAS and XES - Applications in catalysis and materials science
Flavio Capotondi (I) Coherent Diffraction Imaging Project at FERMI@Elettra: present status and research
Maddalena Pedio
N K-edge Time Resolved X-ray absorption of the ZnOEP films
Erik Gallo
dd Excitations in a Ni-based Metal-Organic Framework: Comparison between RIXS and
Optical Spectroscopy
Andrea Di Cicco
EUV transmission and reflection measurements at Fermi@Elettra
Gianluca Di
The L23VV Auger spectrum of Cu(001)-p(2x2)S studied by Auger-PhotoElectron
Coincidence Spectroscopy
Mauro Coduri
Local disorder in doped ceria: from low temperature to operating conditions
Investigation on structural and electrical modifications in Bi-2212 whiskers exposed to
synchrotron nano-beam radiation
09:30 - 12:30 Photovoltaics A
Room L.26.16
Chairman: Giuseppe Gigli
Simona Binetti
Olindo Isabella
(I) State of the art and perspectives of inorganic photovoltaics
(I) Approaching 4n2 classical limit in metal-free and ultra-thin crystalline silicon solar cells
Alessia Le Donne
Photoluminescence study of chalcopyrite based PV absorbers
Isodiana Crupi
Plasmonic metal nanoparticles for thin film solar cells
Engineered disorder for light-trapping in thin-film solar cells
Christian Martella
Self-organised nanopatterning of thin film amorphous Silicon solar cells Featuring
Broadband light trapping
Sergio Bietti
Quantum Dot Intermediate-band Solar Cell grown by Droplet Epitaxy
Piero Mazzolini
Structural, electrical and optical properties of nanostructured Ta-doped TiO2 produced by
09:30 - 12:30 Cultural heritage B
Room L.26.01
Chairman: Marcello Picollo
Marco Zoppi
(I) Characterization of archaeometallurgical artifacts through neutron diffraction and neutron
imaging techniques
Ferruccio Petrucci Digital X-ray radiography of paintings
Giulia Festa
Neutrons and Music: imaging investigation of ancient flute musical instruments.
Emilio Giovenale
Phase sensitive mm-wave and Terahertz imaging for art conservation studies
Raffaella Fontana
A study of surface optical properties for characterizing the cleaning process of paintings
Aldo Romani
Cristiano Riminesi
Luminescence spectroscopy: an investigative tool for art materials
Microwave dielectrometry for the diagnostics of wall paintings
Thursday, September 12
Adriano Mosca
Ab-initio computational methods for the calculation of optical properties applied to cultural
09:30 - 12:30 Photonics A
Room L.26.02
Chairman: Carlo Sirtori
Ilaria Cristiani
Miriam Serena
(I) Integrated optical devices for single cell manipulation and analysis.
(I) Terahertz quantum cascade laser: a powerful metrological source across the far-infrared
Heidi Ottevaere
(I) Photonically enhanced polymer optofluidic chips
Nataliia Kuzkova
Advanced light scattering methods for studying supramolecular inhomogeneities in Hbonded liquids
Scale-free optics in programmed dipolar glasses
Marco Bazzan
Temperature dependence of photorefractivity in iron doped lithium niobate and its polaron based interpretation
Paolo Olivero
Optical waveguides fabrication in single-crystal diamond using focused ion microbeams
09:30 - 12:30 SISN B
Room L.26.03
Chairman: Milva Celli
Roberto Senesi
(I) Direct measurement of competing quantum effects in the melting of heavy water
Annalisa Boscaino In situ powder neutron diffraction of microwave-induced reaction of TiC on D20 beam line,
at ILL
Giacomo Mariani
Electrostatic self-assembly investigated by time resolved SANS
Ubaldo Bafile
Peculiar and normal dynamics of hydrogen-bond liquids: a neutron scattering and
simulation study of methanol
High time resolution neutron reflectometry for understanding atmospheric chemical
09:30 - 12:30 Microfluidics
Room L.26.04
Chairman: Gianluca Galzerano
Roberto Osellame (I) Optofluidic chips fabricated by femtosecond laser micromachining
(I) Droplet based microfluidics
Andrea Zanella
Introducing purely hydrodynamic networking mechanisms in microfluidic systems
Femtosecond-laser-fabricated microfluidic chip for thermophoresis separation
Antonio Sasso
Optical Manipulation of Charged Microparticles in Polar Fluids
Mauro Sbragaglia
Sliding Droplets on Chemically heterogeneous surfaces: a Lattice Boltzmann study
Luigino Criante
Tunable microfluidic dye laser : coupling high quality factor microcavities with Liquid
Crystals orientational properties
Assembly and manipulation of nanophotonic elements in a fluid: towards reconfigurable
photonic structures on a chip
Thursday, September 12
14:30 - 17:00 Sensors devices and applications B
Room L.26.11
Chairman: Romeo Bernini
Elisabetta Comini (I) Oxide Nanowires for opto-electronics and energy harvesting
Juan Ramòn
(I) Fully integrated all-solid-state electrochemical sensors on micromachined platforms: a new
type of gas sensors
Jacopo Belfi
Large frame ring laser gyroscopes
Roberta De
Luminescence chemical sensitivity of Surface InP quantum dots
Claudio Goletti
Analyte Discrimination in Langmuir - Blodgett Porphyrin Films
Paolo Bettotti
A case study of the optimization of a nanoporous material for sensing applications
Chiara Berrettoni
Refractive index and temperature characterization of a hybrid optical fiber LPG-FBG
Thick film technology for chemical sensors
Vincenzo Guidi
THz quantum cascade laser quartz enhanced photo-acoustic sensor
14:30 - 17:00 Microscopy A
Room L.26.12
Chairman: Giuseppe Nicotra
Vittorio Morandi (I) Interferometric TEM characterization and theoretical investigation of the structural and
electronic properties of graphene membranes
Caroline Bonafos (I) A new approach for elaborating and designing plasmonic substrates for spectroscopy
enhancement and high contrast imaging
Elvio Carlino
Sub - Angstrom resolution by TEM electron diffractive imaging
Luca Costa
Interaction forces at the nanoscale: new insights and new perspectives with the Force
Feedback Microscope
Eleonora Secchi
Ettore Bernardi
Ghost Particle Velocimetry: 3-D flow visualization using standard bright-field microscope
An Electric Force Microscopy investigation of sub-superficial graphite microchannels in
Massimo Rontani
Visualizing electron correlation in molecules using a scanning tunneling microscope: An abinitio prediction
Giulia Fulvia
Femtosecond speckle diffraction with coherent electron pulses: dynamics of local order in
polycrystalline nanostructures
Silvia Maria
WO3 single crystal nanorods from PLD-grown amorphous-like W thin films
14:30 - 17:00 Soft matter and complexity A
Room L.26.13
Chairman: Barbara Ruzicka
Eleonora Guarini (I) Does the dynamics of metallic and insulating liquids really differ? A "golden" answer from
neutrons and simulations
Dino Costa
Thermodynamic and structural properties of model fluids interacting through microscopic
competing interactions
Carla Andreani
The quantum nature of the OH stretching mode in ice and water probed by neutron
scattering experiments
Daniele Fioretto
More is different: the effect of biomolecules on hydration water
Thursday, September 12
Santi Prestipino
Adiabatic freezing of supercooled liquids: A maximum-entropy analysis
Silvia Nappini
Magnetic fluids: an x-ray spectroscopy characterization
Adriano Filipponi
Lucio Isa
Undercooling and crystal nucleation in Germanium
In-situ measurements of the wetting properties of individual micro and nanopartciles at
liquid-liquid interfaces
14:30 - 17:00 Plasma physics C
Room L.26.14
Chairman: Paola Mantica
Andrea Macchi
Fulvio Zonca
(I) Superintense Laser-Plasma Interactions: Relativistic Condensed Matter Physics
(I) Physics of magnetically confined thermonuclear plasmas
Stefano Atzeni
Energy and wavelength scaling of shock-ignited inertial fusion targets
Bruno Paroli
Federica Baffigi
Low-frequency oscillations in a RF-generated electron plasma in a Penning-Malmberg trap
study of parametric instabilities and supra-thermal electrons generation in Shock Ignition
relevant regime
Reduce thickness and trap sunlight: how thin-film solar cells can be more efficient than bulk
Angelo Bozzola
14:30 - 17:00 SILS C
Room L.26.15
Chairman: Federico Boscherini
Giorgio Paolucci (I) The Future of Elettra and FERMI
(I) ESRF Status and Upgrade Program
Massimo Altarelli (I) The European X-ray Free-electron Laser Facility: Status Report
Luc Patthey
(I) The SwissFEL Project
Antonella Balerna
The DAFNE-Light synchrotron radiation facility.
14:30 - 17:00 Photovoltaics B
Room L.26.16
Chairman: Simona Binetti
Giuseppe Gigli
Aldo Di Carlo
(I) Hybrid Photovoltaics
(I) Dye solar cells: from basic research to industrialization
Daniela Marongiu
Bi2S3 colloidal nanocrystals for non-toxic solar cells
Paolo Gondoni
Nanostructured Al-doped ZnO grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition as a Transparent
Conducting Oxide for Advanced Photovoltaics
Luca Lozzi
Valentina de Renzi
Photocatalytic properties of doped TiO2 nanofibers
Nitro-catechol/ZnO(10-10): molecular dipole and energy level alignment in a model system
for Dye/ metal oxides interfaces
Alberto Calloni
X-ray photoemission spectroscopy investigation of the bonding between 4Mercaptopyridine and the TiO2 surface
Roberta Totani
Interface properties between CuPc:C60 blend films and graphene
14:30 - 17:00 Ultrafast phenomena A
Chairman: Christoph Lienau
Luca Perfetti
(I) Visualization of electrons dynamics in real time
Thursday, September 12
Room L.26.01
Daniele Brida
(I) Generation of high-field multi-THz transients and their application for nonlinear
spectroscopy of semiconductors
Luca Poletto
Development of active gratings for ultrashort pulses in the extreme-ultraviolet
Federico Tommasi
Recovering propagation delay of an optical pulse to achieve a "true" c-velocity
Cristian Manzoni
Ultrafast Non-Thermal Electron Dynamics in Single Layer Graphene
Dario Polli
Longitudinal acoustic phonons in 3-dimensional cobalt supracrystals detected by
broadband picosecond acoustics
Salvatore Stagira
Time-resolved Cluster Dynamics driven by 1.5-micron Laser Pulses
Mauro Nisoli
Attosecond control of electron dynamics in highly-excited nitrogen molecules
14:30 - 17:00 Photonics B
Room L.26.02
Chairman: Francesco Priolo
Carlo Sirtori
Marco Peccianti
(I) Active mode-locking of THz quantum cascade lasers
(I) Nonlinear microresonators: towards integrated ultrafast optical clocks
Pietro Patimisco
Measurement of the subband electronic and lattice temperatures in scattering-assisted
terahertz quantum cascade devices
Cosimo Lacava
Ultra High Figure of Merit hydrogenated amorphous silicon waveguides for all optical
signal processing
High quality factor 1-D Er3+ activated dielectric microcavity fabricated by RF sputtering
Chiara Maurizio
Effect of ultrasmall Au-Ag aggregates in Er-implanted silica on the 1.54 micron Er3+
Giovanni Nava
Photorefractive response in the visible range of Mg- and Zr- Doped Lithium Niobate
Matteo Bina
Backscattering Differential Ghost Imaging in Turbid Media
14:30 - 17:00 SISN C
Room L.26.03
Chairman: Alessio De Francesco
Marco Maccarini (I) Effect of functionalized gold nanoparticles on floating lipid bilayers
Nicolò Violini
A Time-of-flight chopper spectrometer for poly-chromatic investigations @ESS
Yuri Gerelli
Giuseppe Gorini
Kinetics of lipid exchange in model bilayer systems
What can the European Spallation Source do for Fusion?
14:30 - 17:00 Biomedical applications A
Room L.26.04
Chairman: Paolo Ossi
Dan Cojoc
Luca Nardo
(I) Speckle Sensing Microscopy for Fast Detection of Malaria
(I) Time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer as a diagnostic tool for population
screening of susceptibility to diabetes
Riccardo Cicchi
A Combined Fluorescence-Raman Optical Probe for Tissue Diagnostics Applications
Antonio Pifferi
Extension of Time-Domain Diffuse Spectroscopy beyond 1100 nm
Davide Contini
A Method for Discriminating Systemic and Cortical Hemodynamic Changes by Time
Domain fNIRS
Small-scale laser based electron accelerators for biology and medicine: a comparative study
of the biological effectiveness
Luca Labate
Thursday, September 12
Andreas Riedinger
Azo Functionalized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for sub-nanometer spatially resolved
temperature mapping and drug release modulation
Thursday, September 12
Friday, September 13
10:30 - 13:30 Theoretical biology
Room L.26.11
Chairman: Giovanni Ciccotti
Davide Valenti
(I) Picophytoplankton dynamics in a real ecosystem in the presence of environmental noise
(I) Not available
Tatjana Skrbic
Silvio A Beccara
Knotted Proteins: Folding Pathways and the Role of Non-Native Interactions
Dominant Reaction Pathways for protein folding
Antonio Trovato
Flexibility and growth polarity in fungal prion amyloid fibrils
Francesco Zonta
Molecular Dynamics investigation of permeation properties of gap junction channels
Luca Maragliano
Temperature Accelerated Molecular Dynamics simulations of rare events in biological
Marco Baiesi
Angelo di Garbo
Unwinding dynamics of polymers
Localized longitudinal nonlinear excitations in DNA
10:30 - 13:30 Microscopy B
Room L.26.12
Chairman: Alberto Tagliaferri
Marco Vittori
(I) Recent developments in electron and ion microscopy.
Giovanni Maria
(I) Exploring the interplay among morphology, strain and electronic structure in SiGe nanosystems by spectro-microscopy techniques
Maurizio Zani
Ge on C-covered Si(100) surface: from continuous surface diffusion to discrete islands
Marco Di
Solid-Liquid Interfaces studied by Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Rosa Ruggeri
Massimiliano Mio
Crystallization of amorphous Silicon by infrared laser irradiation
Maskless Implants of 20 keV Ga+ in Thin Crystalline SOI and in Si Substrate
10:30 - 13:30 Soft matter and complexity B
Room L.26.13
Chairman: Paolo Mariani
(I) Tuning colloidal interactions by controlling the solvent properties: critical Casimir forces
and beyond
Barbara Ruzicka (I) Multiple arrested states in a charged colloidal system
Christoph Dellago (I) From freezing to boiling: simulating nucleation phenomena in metastable liquids
Roberta Angelini
Dichotomic aging behaviour in a colloidal glass
Luigi Cristofolini
Dynamical heterogeneities and morphology of a 2D gel network at the air/water interface
Davide Orsi
Structure, Mechanical properties and Dynamics of 2D DPPC Based Foam-Like Structures
Stabilized by Silica Nanoparticles
Liana Lucchetti
Optoelastic effects in nematic colloids
Friday, September 13
Claudia Caddeo
Solubility of oligo(3-alkylthiophenes) in molecular solvents by model potential molecular
10:30 - 13:30 Plasma physics D
Room L.26.14
Chairman: Fulvio Zonca
Leonida Antonio (I) All-optical radiation sources for applications
Paola Mantica
Pierluigi Veltri
(I) State-of-art of transport understanding in toroidal plasmas: experimental results and model
(I) Cross Scale Phenomena in Solar Wind Plasma
Andrea Malizia
Radioactive dust re-suspension problems inside a tokamak in case of L.O.V.A:
STARDUST facility
Luca Volpe
fast electron beam transport in plasmas: experimental results and simulation
Superdiffusive transport in space and laboratory plasmas
10:30 - 13:30 SILS-AIC Joint session
Room L.26.15
Chairman: Alessandro Gualtieri
Keith Wilson
Bauke Dijkstra
Nadege Hilairet
(I) Not available
(I) Not available
(I) Rheology at high pressure and high temperature using large volume press and synchrotron
Marco Merlini
New structures of carbonates in the lowermost Earth's mantle determined by single crystal
Rossella Arletti
High Pressure-induced supermolecular organization of water and ethanol in an all-Silica
hydrophobic zeolite
Paola Brocca
Inside the lipid main transition by SAXS in an ultra-stable temperature scan: what gel and
fluid phase co-existence?
Marco Sommariva
How multipurpose in-house XRD systems can contribute to an efficient use of synchrotron
beamlines: from SAXS to PDF
Letizia Monico
The Degradation Process of Lead Chromate Yellows in Paintings by Vincent Van Gogh
Federica Cossu
Structural insights into inhibitor of apoptosis proteins recognition by pro-apoptotic
10:30 - 13:30 Photovoltaics C
Room L.26.16
Chairman: Aldo Di Carlo
Paola Castrucci
(I) Carbon nanotube/silicon hybrid solar cell devices
Ultrafast Hot Exciton Dissociation at Organic Interfaces
Ilaria Valenti
ZnO nanostructured metal/oxide systems for solar energy conversion
Roberto Gunnella
Record polymeric solar cells synthesized at low temperature
Fabio Di Fonzo
Hyperbranched quasi-1D hierarchical mesostructures for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells and
Hydrogen Generation
Rafael Ferragut
Characterization of hybrid solar cells by Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy
Friday, September 13
Plasmon-enhanced secondary electron emission from copper phtalocyanine deposited on
10:30 - 13:30 Ultrafast phenomena B
Room L.26.01
Chairman: Luca Poletto
Tullio Scopigno
(I) Vibrational dynamics in amorphous materials revealed by broadband photo-acoustics
Giancarlo Soavi
Ultrafast Charge Photogeneration in Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes
Christoph Lienau (I) Ultrafast nano-optics: Using strong laser fields to control the motion of electrons in and
around metallic nanostructures
Giuseppe Della
Stefano Ponzoni
Ultrafast optical mapping of nonlinear plasmon dynamics in Cu2xSe nanocrystals
Hamoon Hedayat
Zadeh Roodsari
Charge and Spin Dynamics Information from Magneto Optical Signal
Giuseppe Sansone
Attosecond electronic wave packets in molecular nitrogen
Time-resolved charge carriers dynamics in Carbon Nanotube / n-Silicon heterojunctions for
photovoltaic applications
10:30 - 13:30 Photonic crystals
Room L.26.02
Chairman: Silvia Pietralunga
Thomas Krauss
(I) Tailoring diffractive properties of photonic crystals for out-of plane operation
Massimo Gurioli (I) Imaging and tuning of photonic nanocavities
Lee Carroll
Optimizing silicon-on-oxide polarization diversity 2D-grating couplers for integrated Siphotonic circuits
Andrea Crespi
Fractional Bloch oscillations in photonic lattices
Andrea Chiappini
Colloidal Systems: suitable tools for photonic applications
Sara Ferretti
Single photon nonlinear optics in passive photonic nanocavities
Luigino Criante
Thin porous structure containing liquid crystal: key technology for low voltage tuning
capability of photonics devices
Maria Caterina
Hybrid plasmonic - photonic nanostructures: gold nanocrescent over opals
10:30 - 13:30 Neurobiosensors
Room L.26.03
Chairman: Emilio Carbone
(I) Diamond technology for multielectrodes electrochemical biochips
(I) Boron-doped diamond MEAs for revealing amperometric and potentiometric signals in
living cells
Federico Picollo
A diamond-based biosensor for exocytosis detection from chromaffin cells realized with ion
beam lithography
Tobias Cramer
Organic Ultra-Thin Film Transistorfor Extracellular Stimulation and Recording of Stem
Cell Derived Neuronal Networks
Three-dimensional MEA to record long-term plasticity in brain slices
Jonathan Mapelli
Sara Gosso
Spatial detection of amperometric spikes in microareas of chromaffin cells using highdensity diamond MEAs
Friday, September 13
Recording of neuronal activity from cellular subdomains by Ca2+ imaging: an innovative
analytical approach
10:30 - 13:30 Biomedical applications B
Room L.26.04
Chairman: Luca Nardo
(I) Magnetic nanoparticles in biomedicine
Paolo Ossi
(I) Controlled Synthesis of Noble Metal Nanoparticle Arrays and Their Behaviour as SERS
Claudio Melis
Neutral-cluster implantation in polymers by computer experiments
Francesco Flora
Contact X-ray microscopy on lithium fluoride using laser-plasma soft X-ray sources
Margaux Bouzin
Blood Fluxes Studies in Zebrafish Embryos by Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy
Marta Filibian
NMR study of the fundamental polarization and relaxation processes in biological
molecules hyperpolarized by DNP
Paola Taroni
Non-invasive optical assessment of breast density and identification of subjects at high-risk
for developing breast cancer
Investigation of spatial distributions of free radicals irradiated samples by means of cw- and
pulsed EPR techniques
Maurizio Marrale
Anna Vedda
From Eu3+ incorporation in sol-gel silica to real time monitoring of therapy beams by
Eu3+ doped scintillating fibers
Friday, September 13
Poster sessions
Monday, September 9
Daniela Grando
Maria Barbara
Angelo Rettori
William Capra
Migration from Lithium Niobate to Lithium Tantalate in LiNb1-xTaxO3 solid solutions
Electrical switching of magnetization in ferromagnetic V-doped La2Ti2O7
Brillouin Light Scattering study of spin waves in hard-soft [Co/Pd]-NiFe films with tunable
magnetization tilt angle
Resonant X-ray diffraction experiment on Ba2CuGe2O7
Superconductivity A
Stefano Dal Conte
Lucia Bossoni
Maria Li Vigni
Laura Fanfarillo
Andrea Guidini
Marco Truccato
Electron-phonon coupling in MgB2 superconductor: a comparative study by photoemission
and time resolved optical spectroscopy
Unconventional superconducting fluctuations in 122 iron-based superconductors
Microwave properties of Pb-BSCCO and MgB2 bulk materials by coaxial cavity resonator
Current-current Fermi-liquid corrections to the superconducting fluctuations in underdoped
Screening of superconducting fluctuations in a two-band superconductor: a root to high-Tc
Photoconductivity behavior of double-phase BSCCO crystals with filamentary inclusions
Metrology and fundamental constants
Hemanth Dinesan Absolute frequency stabilization of an extended-cavity diode laser by NICE-OHMS
Maria Domenica De Highly accurate line-shape studies in the near-IR spectrum of water and consequences for
the spectroscopic determination of kB
Environmental physics and energy generation A
Andrea Malizia
Giuseppe Leto
Free licence codes to determine radiological contamination: 2 caso studies
Improving the monitoring of Etna's volcanic ash plumes using a new scanning Lidar
Organic materials and devices A
Guido Raos
Milani Alberto
Daniele Fazzi
Giovanna Longhi
An effective quantum chemical investigation of the charged and excited states in molecular
organic semiconductors
Raman, SERS and computational investigation of charge transfer effects in phenyl-capped
Spectroscopic characterization and modelling of P(NDI2OD-T2) co-polymer: from
molecular structure to charge transport.
Polaronic states in inherently chiral polythiophenes revealed by circular dichroism
spectroelectrochemistry and DFT calculations
Assessment of nonergodicity in tetracene crystals
Paolo Biagioni
Filippo Alpeggiani
Niccolo Michieli
Mid-infrared plasmonics with heavily-doped Ge on Si
Surface plasmons and strong light-matter coupling in metallic nanoshells
Plasmonic Properties of Growing Fractal Aggregates
Milena Luisa Baselli Near-field scattering analysis of gold gap nanoantennas
Paolo Masala
Diffractometric characterization of magneto-plasmonic nanostructures
Graphene A
Mattia Gaboardi
Mohammad Javad
Vahid Dastjerdi
Daniela Pacilè
Alberto Zeffiro
Manuela Scarelli
Metal decorated graphenes: synthesis and characterization
The Thickness Estimation Of Graphene And Graphene Oxide Films By Auger Electron
Electronic structure of epitaxial graphene grown on the vicinal Pt(997) surface
Lignin pyrolysis as a novel method for graphene production: synthesis and characterization
Studies on the morphological and electronic properties of noble metal nanoparticles-multi
walled carbon nanotube composites
Tuesday, September 10
Magnetism and spintronics A
Marco Madami
Silvia Tacchi
Federico Spizzo
Diego Bisero
Roberto Zivieri
Marco Madami
Roberto Zivieri
Sara Laureti
Franco D'Orazio
Roberto Zivieri
Yahiaoui Ihab
Cesar de Julian
Study of the spin excitations in antidot lattices with line defects
Forbidden band gaps in the spin-wave band diagram of a two-dimensional bicomponent
magnonic crystal
Static and dynamic magnetic behavior of exchange-coupled IrMn/NiFe films and nanodots
Tailoring the magnetic domain patterns and magnetic anisotropy of sputtered TbFeGa alloys
Size effects on magnonic mode dynamics in 2D ferromagnetic antidot lattices
Spin wave dispersion in NiFe antidot array with alternating holes diameter
Equation of density of chirality in a vortex-state cylindrical ferromagnet
Production, characterization and modeling of exchange coupled hard-FM/soft-FM
Aging and training effects on the exchange interaction in FeMn/FeCo bilayers
Symmetries of vortex-state linearized equations of motion in ferromagnetic dots
First principles study of electronic and magnetic properties of XSiP (X = Sm,Dy)
Nanostructure, optical and magnetic properties of Magneto-plasmonic Au-Co-Au
Surface science A
Giovanni Onida
Erik Gallo
Monica de Simone
Letteria Silipigni
Stefano Colonna
Guido Fratesi
Structural and electronic properties of a-Si:H/c-Si interfaces: a first principles study.
Ligand Identification in Zinc Compounds using Valence to Core X-ray Emission
Importance of vibronic coupling in core level photoemission spectra of polycyclic aromatic
hydrocarbon molecules
Dielectric properties of Li2xMn1-xPS3 films
STM and LEED investigation of the self-assembled Si nanostructures at Ag(110) surface
Electronic and structural properties of pentacene on Al(001)
Superconductivity B
Massimo Valentino
Lucia Bossoni
Marco Truccato
Pietro Bonfa'
MOKE analysis in thin film of Ba(Fe1-x Asx)2Co
Very-low frequency dynamics in iron-based superconductors as probed by NMR transverse
relaxation rate
Magnetic hysteresis effects in water-treated graphite
Effect of magnetic impurities on the ground state of the optimally doped La-1111 iron-based
Semiconductors-low dimensional materials A
Djelti Radouan
Olga Kazheva
Daniele Chiappe
Francesco Floris
David Scarpellini
Martina Perani
Luca Marmugi
The emission study of a one-dimensional GaAs-AlxGa1-xAs superlattice under mixed
New organic semiconductors with chlorine cobalt bis(dicarbollide) anions
In situ characterization of epitaxial silicene
Extending the Lasing Wavelength Coverage of Periodically Grown Semiconductor
Nanofibers by Organic-Organic Heteroepitaxy
Controlling Growth of Zn/Al-Double Layered Hydroxyde Nanosheets by Combining
Physical and Chemical Techniques
Microscopical and macroscopical investigation of electrical properties of silicon nanodots/Si
rich carbide systems
Laser-driven K clusters formation in randomly oriented glass nanopores
Environmental physics and energy generation B
Barbara Apicella
Data analysis of mass spectra of complex
Organic materials and devices B
Luca Boarino
Tatiana Prutskij
Beatrice Fraboni
Federico Bisti
Nanostructured self-assembled models for 3D nano-electrical characterisation
Polarization anisotropy of (Z)-3-(4-(diphenylamino)phenyl)-2-(pyridin-2-yl)-acrylonitrile
single crystal photoluminescence emission
Ion implantation effects on organic thin film transistors
Electronic structure of AlQ3 and ErQ3 revisited using the Heyd-Scuseria-Ernzerhof hybrid
functional: theory and experiments
Strongly correlated electron systems A
Irfan Mansuri
Filippo Tramonto
Giovanni Onida
Sructural and transport properties of some doped manganites
Quantum Monte Carlo study of dynamic properties of ultracold gases
Theoretical Spectroscopy of complex and realistic systems: a challenge for theories and
numerical codes
Graphene B
Mario Italo Trioni
Francesco Maria
Dimitri Pellegrino
Simona Achilli
Virginia Carnevali
Transport properties of armchair graphene nanoribbon junctions between graphene electrode
Resonant modes in strain-induced graphene superlattices
Spin dependent transport in FeN4-graphene and non equilibrium effects
Stress and Strain Effects on the Vibrational Properties of Graphene
Statistical physics B
Dominique Persano New insights into the translocation dynamics of a short polymer driven by an oscillating field
Bernardo Spagnolo First hitting time in the dynamics of financial markets
Chahrazed Meddah Formation of helical structures in homopolymer chains using the multi-canonical Monte
Carlo simulation
Grazia Cottone
Acceleration of the AChBP conformational transition using Temperarure Accelerated
Molecular Dynamics
Biophysics A
Camilla Ferrante
Interaction of gold nanoparticles with proteins and HUVEC cells followed with confocal
fluorescence microscopy techniques
Diletta Ami
Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy to monitor fatty acid production in oleaginous
yeasts for biodiesel production
Sergio Giuffrida
Water effects on saccharide matrices studied with Molecular Dynamics
Rosa Bartucci
Stabilizing effect of transport proteins on the trans-to-cis conversion of resveratrol
Laura Bartolucci
Giant Unilamellar Vesicles: a model for studying the effects of amyloid proteins on
biological membranes
Giuseppe Sancataldo Oxidation effects on HSA amyloid fibril formation
Khaoula Khouzami Structural and rheological characterization of chemically crosslinked guar gum and
organically modified montmorillonite hydrogel
Luigi Sportelli
Librational fluctuations in protein glasses
Federica Piccirilli
THz spectroscopy study of proteins: exploring vibrational modes of amyloid fibrils
Fabio Librizzi
Effects of external parameters on the different steps of protein aggregation: the case of
amyloid formation in Concanavalin A
Valeria Militello
Stefano Zamuner
Enrico Junior
BSA hydrogels: from the early aggregates to the final novel biomaterials
Lattice-proteins: statistical potentials for Delta and Delta-Delta G estimation
Structural studies on self-assembling, stability and energetics of guanosine four-stranded
Electrons and phonons A
Elisabetta del
Silvia Gabardi
Davide Ceresoli
Spin asymmetric band gap in graphene by Fe adsorption
Density functional simulations of InSbTe phase change alloys
Development of Frozen Density Embedding in the plane wave code Quantum-Espresso
Strongly correlated electron systems B
Rosalba Fittipaldi
Carlo Castellano
Fabio Orlandi
Crystal growth of the Ca2RuO4-Ru eutectic system by a floating-zone method
EXAFS and neutron powder diffraction study of Cu2+ and Ni2+ substituted
(La0.63Ca0.37)(Mn1-yCu/Niy)O3 manganites
Magnetic and electric property of the system Pb2Mn1-xCoxWO6 (0
Biophysics B
Palma D'Antonio
Giovanni Onida
Eugenia Polverini
Giuseppe Perna
Silvia Moscatelli
Nicola Luigi
Rosa Bartucci
Dario Polli
Elena delFavero
Paolo Arosio
AFM analysis of morphological and mechanical modifications of human keratinocytes
exposed to low doses of pesticide
Ab initio circular dichroism spectra of small biomolecules
Study of topoisomerase inhibitors as potential anti - cancer drugs
Morphological and optical investigation of synthetic DOPA-melanin
The self-assembly and polymorphism of sDNA and DNA derivatives: from quadruplexes to
reversible nano-architectures
New insights on protein crystal growth from ab initio study of MICROGISAXS
experiments with and without LB
Interaction of alpha-synuclein and mutants with lipid membranes probed by spin-label ESR
Conical Intersection Dynamics in Rhodopsin and its Analog Isorhodopsin
Enzyme Reaction on Fragmented-Condensed Substrates: Transient Step-Like Kinetics and
Nanoscale structural response
Multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles protein-based from fundamental physics to
theranostic application
Wednesday, September 11
Sensors devices and applications A
Antonietta Taurino
Ambra Fioravanti
Massimo Fedel
Francesco Floris
MIM diodes fabricated by Electron Beam Induced Deposition
ZNO thick fils gas sensors: functional properties of different nanostructures
Spectroscopic method and apparatus for measurement of oxygen concentration in beverage
and pharmaceutical industry applications
Plasmonic Structures For Near Infrared Applications
Chiara Maurizio
Fast hydrogen desorption of Nb-doped Mg hydride triggered by Nb clusters: combined
XRD and XAS in-situ analyses
Federico Boscherini Progress in appearance potential spectroscopy of solids
Marco Malvestuto
Ultra fast magnetodynamical studies in the light of FERMI@Elettra: the MagneDyn project
Stefano Colonna
XAS and XMCD study of the Mn interface formation at the GaAs(001) 2x4 surface
Francesco Offi
Hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy used to investigate the resistive switching behavior
at Ti/PrCaMnO3 interface
Francesco Rocca
Negative thermal expansion of ScF3: an EXAFS study at the Scandium K-edge .
Marcello Coreno
From Energetics to Dynamics of Atoms, Molecules and Cluster with Synchrotron and FEL
radiation at Elettra
Luca Pasquini
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Ti-based Nanoparticles
Andrea Di Cicco
Liquid and amorphous selenium under high pressure probed by x-ray absorption
Greta Dellea
Charge and magnetic excitations in hole- and electron-doped infinite layer cuprate
Marco Scavini
Role of intrinsic disorder in the structural phase transitions of EuTiO3 magnetoelectric
perovskite: a PDF study
Andrea Perucchi
TeraFERMI - The THz beamline of the FERMI Free-Electron-Laser
Lucia Amidani
Electronic structure of dilute GaAsN: a N-local perspective
Fabrizia Somma
Luminescent lithium fluoride film detectors for broadband in-line X-ray lensless imaging at
a synchrotron source
Silvia Nappini
The BACH beamline: recent upgrades and scientific results
Alessandro Barla
BOREAS, the Beamline fOr REsonant Absorption and Scattering at the Alba synchrotron
light source
Andrea Ciavatti
Characterization of organic semiconducting single crystals as x-ray dosimeter for medical
Paolo Ghigna
X-ray Absorption Detected Voltammetry: a new tool for Electrochemistry
Gennaro Ventruti
The thermal stability of hohmannite and its decomposition products.
Elisa Borfecchia
Ultrafast X-ray absorption and scattering techniques to probe the photochemistry of cis[Ru(bpy)2(py)2]2+
Angela Trapananti 2D mapping of Iron content, oxidation state and local structure by XANES: an application
to natural volcanic glasses
Luigi Cristofolini
Dynamical Heterogeneities in a 2D Gel
Isabella Farella
Charge transport mechanisms and electric fields in Schottky CdTe X-Ray detectors
Giorgio Rossi
APE-NFFA Demonstrator
Giuseppe Zanotti
Protein function assignment through the 3D structure: Examples from Helicobacter pylori
Paolo Dolcet
EXAFS: a powerful tool for assessing dopant geometry and environment in semiconductors
obtained via miniemulsion
Simona Quartieri
Organophilic zeolite Y used in PRB technology: regeneration after sulfonamide antibiotics
removal from water
Lucia Amidani
Lorenzo Avaldi
Four-hydrogen complexes in In-rich InxGa1-xN
Controlling electron and radical cation emission in ICD via inner shell resonant excitation
Cultural heritage A
Maurizio Marrale
Debora Angelici
Maurizio Marrale
Lorenzo Teodonio
Jacopo Corsi
Combined use of XRF and LIBS for pictorial materials analysis
A multi-technique approach for provenance study of lapis lazuli
Evaluation of effectiveness of nanostructured protective products for the conservation of
Cultural Heritage samples
an innovative approach for ancient paper degradation
Neutron diffraction measurements: technological and compositional features of Celtic coins
from northern Italy
Chiara Bruckmann
Structural characterization of the transcription factors Prep1, Pbx1 and HoxB1 in complex
with DNA
Gaetano Mangiapia Investigation of liposome-based membranes formed by lipopolysaccharides and their
interaction with hybrid antimicrobial peptides
Paolo Mariani
Quaternary Structure Heterogeneity of Oligomeric Proteins: A SAXS and SANS Study of
the Dissociation Products of Octopus vulgaris
Domiziano Mostacci Dispersion relation of longitudinal waves in liquid He - II
Marco Zanatta
Tempus Fugit (Time Flies): a time-focusing spectrometer for ESS
Anna Fedrigo
Basic Design Parameters for a Vibrational Spectroscopy Instrument at ESS
Roberto Caniello
Multilayer amorphous boron carbide coatings: adhesion to the substrate and application to
the thermal neutron detector
Fabrizio Fiori
Evaluation of different kind of inhomogeneities to SANS data: and application to the study
of a nuclear steel
Thursday, September 12
Maria Guglielmina
Francesco Baldini
Daniele Farnesi
Lucia Fornasari
Maria Lepore
Francesco Baldini
Thin film materials for Surface Plasmon Resonance biosensing
Optical immunosensor based on a long period grating
Microsphere resonators based biosensors
Imaging sensor based on a 2D plasmonic crystal: sensitivity and multiplexed label-free
Preliminary investigation on physico-chemical properties of sol-gel immobilized laccase for
optical biosensing
NANODEM: an European projects for the continuous therapeutic drug monitoring using the
POCT format
Plasma physics B
Paolo Scarin
Monica Spolaore
Francesco Barbato
Carlo Sozzi
Emilio Martines
Boundary plasma physics in magnetic confinement devices
Inter-machine comparison of electromagnetic turbulent structures
X-ray diagnostic of dense laser-produced plasmas
Real-time analysis of magnetohydrodynamics instabilities in the FTU tokamak
Quasi-Single Helicity in the RFP: spontaneous emergence of order from chaos in a fusion
Spatially resolved analysis of Kalpha x-ray emission from plasmas induced by a
femtosecond laser pulse at various polarizations
Gaetano Zimbardo Ion beamlets in the plasma sheet boundary layer of the Earth's magnetotail: resonant
acceleration versus stochastic acceleration
Dario Del Sorbo
Effect of Nonlocal Heat Transport on the Structure of the Laser Induced Ablation Front
Giulia Folpini
Study of shock wave generation and laser-matter interaction for ICF regimes
Fabio Sattin
Heating-by-cooling effects in magnetized plasmas: a proposal of explanation, and analogies
from solid-state physics
Daria Ricci
Simulation of EC assisted plasma startup phase on FTU tokamak
Enrico Perelli Cippo Neutron analysis of fusion materials
Giancarlo Maero
Modelling of electron heating in a Penning-Malmberg trap by means of a chaotic map
Fabio Lepreti
Numerical simulations of magnetized non-neutral complex plasmas
Lorenzo Figini
Optimization of the ECH&CD functional capabilities in ITER
Denise Perrone
Temperature anisotropy of the solar-wind heavy ions in hybrid-Vlasov simulations
Photovoltaics A
Gabriele Salvinelli
Stefano Ponzoni
Angelo Bozzola
Arianna Creti
Profiling nanostructured interfaces and buried layers for photovoltaic applications by AngleResolved XPS
Transient optical spectroscopy of varied MWCNT network morphologies for future
photovoltaic applications
Broadband light trapping in thin-film silicon solar cells: the case of partially disordered
photonic structures
InAs/GaAs and InAlGaAs/AlGaAs quantum dot based solar cells for intermediate band
Photonics A
Annamaria Zaltron
Marco Lamperti
Local study of photorefractive properties in processed lithium niobate by micro - beam
coupling technique
Detecting fluorescence emission in beta-Barium borate crystals
Angelica Simbula
Gianluca Pozza
Suad Abuzariba
Refractive index sensing with photonic crystal cavities
Fabrication and Characterization of Zirconium - doped Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate
Optimum Values of the Bandwidth of the Optical and Electrical Filters for a System of
High Mode Coupling Optical Fibers
Alessandra Luchini Preparation and structural characterization of functionalized theranostic nanoparticles
Lucia Capogna
Magnetic and structural properties of Sr4Ru3O10
Alessio De Francesco Bayesian model selection and parameter estimation of inelastic neutron scattering spectra
Roberto Senesi
Inelastic neutron scattering determination of nuclear quantum effects
Maria Teresa
Neutron Activation Device for Elemental Analysis
Federica Migliardo Updating of the Resolution Elastic Neutron Scattering (RENS) Approach
Gabriele Bicocchi
Mineralogy and microporous structure of rocks from a natural CO2 reservoir
Elisa Barzagli
The phase composition of six ferrous Japanese arrows of the Edo period
Silvia Varagnolo
Sliding Droplets on Chemically Heterogeneous Surfaces
Sensors devices and applications B
Sabina Botti
Massimo Calamai
Massimo Fedel
Federica Rigoni
Cinzia Sada
Rapid and ultrasensitive detection with surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy: next
generation substrates enhancing properties.
Fibre optic sensors based on Bragg grating
Optical device for the improvement of positioning accuracy in large machine tools
Exploring novel functionalities in Zinc Oxide-Carbon nanostructured architectures
Integrated opto-microfluidics prototype on lithium niobate crystals for sensing applications
Soft matter and complexity A
Gabriele Cesare
Santi Prestipino
Santi Prestipino
Ejikeme Nwosu
LARGE SCALE Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Supercooled Liquid GeTe
Cluster formation energy beyond classical nucleation theory
Volumetric anomaly of softly repulsive particles in various confining geometries
Gason: a new state of water
Photovoltaics B
Paola Castrucci
Sthy Warren Flores
Margherita Maiuri
Regeneration of photovoltaic hybrid devices based on heterojunctions between carbon
nanotubes and silicon.
Role of dyes spectral properties in the optimization of Luminescent Solar Concentrators
Ultrafast Energy Transfer in an Artificial Photosynthetic Antenna
Ultrafast phenomena A
Stefano Dal Conte
Daniela Grando
Giuseppe Sansone
Mauro Nisoli
Marcello Coreno
Giancarlo Soavi
Giovanni Onida
Transient optical response of a Metal Dielectric Distributed Bragg Reflector
Femtosecond laser inscription of embedded gratings in transparent media
Non-linear excitation of Neon using the seeded-Free Electron Laser FERMI@ELETTRA
Electron dynamics in an amino acid initiated by attosecond pulses
CITIUS: the Italo-Slovenian Initiative for Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Ultrafast Study of S1, S2 and S3 Excitons in (6,5) Carbon Nanotubes
Multi-photon angular resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of Au(111) with 800nm
femtosecond laser pulses
Salvatore Stagira
Margherita Maiuri
Molecular orbital tomography of fragile molecules
Explaining the Temperature Dependence of Spirilloxanthin's S* Signal by an
Inhomogeneous Ground State Model
Photonics B
Paola Zuppella
Eugenio Monticone
Andrea Gasparotto
Maria Guglielmina
Maria Guglielmina
Optical calibration of Vacuum Ultraviolet Instrumentation in laboratory
High responsivity UV photodetectors based on ZnO thin films
High temperature annealing of blue InGaN/GaN LEDs
Optical coatings for solar physics application
Development of multilayer mirrors for Free Electron Laser applications
Biomedical applications A
Tatjana Skrbic
Maria Lepore
Emilio Martines
Predicting the Binding Affinities of Protein Complexes
Raman microspetroscopy investigation of X-ray radiation induced effects in human
mammary epithelias cells
Applications of ionized gases in medicine: towards a treatment of eye-surface infections