Newsletter - Caboto Club


Newsletter - Caboto Club
G. Caboto Club Notizie / News Sept., 2016
Dal Presidente Dennis Segatto
Dear Members,
I hope everyone had a good summer. The new parking lot is
finished, landscaping has begun and the resealing and lining of
the old parking lot has been completed, all well under budget.
This year we will be having our Board elections in December. I
ask anyone interested in running to be positively sure that you
understand that it takes a great deal of time and commitment. If
you have the time to donate to the Club then please submit your
name for election. Members who would prefer to assist on
committees, we need your assistance as well, please feel free to
contact the office. The Building Committee has done an
incredible job in maintaining the Club over the years allowing us
to save a great deal of money. I applaud all those who have
donated their time and talents and continue to do so. I ask anyone
able to donate blood on behalf of the Club to step forward to help
save lives.
President: Dennis Segatto
Cari Soci,
Mi auguro che tutti voi abbiate trascorso una piacevole estate. Il
nuovo parcheggio é stato completato, i lavori del landscaping
sono iniziati e le riparazioni del vecchio parcheggio sono stati
completati con una spesa inferiore al previsto. Quest’anno, in
dicembre, ci saranno le elezioni per il nuovo comitato. Chiedo a
tutti quelli che sono interessati a concorrere di essere consapevoli
del lavoro e il tempo che richiede. Se avete il tempo da dedicare
al Club siete pregati di registrare il vostro nome nell’elenco degli
elettori. I soci che vogliono aiutare i vari comitati sono pregati di
farcelo sapere, chiamando l’ufficio, perché il vostro aiuto é
essenziale. Il Building Committee, negli scorsi anni, ha fatto un
lavoro incredibile nella manutenzione del Club permettendoci di
risparmiare nelle spese. Applaudisco tutti coloro che hanno
donato e continuano a donare il loro tempo e talento per il
beneficio del Club. Chiedo a tutti quelli che possono donare il
sangue di continuare questo gesto umano nel salvare altre vite
Presidente: Dennis Segatto
Giovanni Caboto di Saverio Galli
Agosto 2016:
26 Gara di Salumi
30 Home Made Wine Deadline
Settembre 2016:
05 Chiusura Caboto Park
Torneo di Bocce
07 GCC Charity Pasta Night
08 Riunione Consiglio
09 Wine Tasting Contest
10 Banchetto Assoc. Siciliana
12 Italian W.C. Meeting & Buffet
16 Beer Tasting
18 Assemblea Gen. Assembly
Nominations Open
19 Italian W.C. Afternoon Social
21-22 Fall Wedding Event
23 Puglia Regional Dinner
25 Caboto Soccer Banquet
26 Italian W.C. Executive Meeting
Ottobre 2016:
05 GCC Charity Pasta Night
06 Blood Donor
07 Senior’s Banquet
13 Riunione Consiglio
16 Assemblea Gen. Assembly
Nominations Close
17 Italian W.C. Presentat. Meeting
24 Italian W.C. Executive Meeting
28 Chiusura Nomin. I.O.T.Y.
Novembre 2016:
02 GCC Charity Pasta Night
05 Alcamesi Banquet
10 Riunione Consiglio
13 Remembrance Service
14 Italian W.C. General Meeting
19 Bocciofila Banquet
20 Assemblea Gen. Assembly
21 Italian W.C. Afternoon Social
24 US Thanksgiv. Football Game
25 Photo Contest Deadline
28 Italian W.C. Executive Meeting
Editorial Board
Editor; Joe Vesco
V. Editor; Mauro Chechi
Roberto Brait (pp)
Mario Fabris (pp)
Gino Piazza, Tino Pistor
Paolo Savio (pp)
Matt Sgrazzutti, Dan Tonial,
Roberto Tonial (pp)
For the Next Edition, please send
articles by email to:
[email protected] or
[email protected]
by October 5, 2016
Il comitato si riserva la facoltà di
modificare il contenuto.
G. Caboto Club Charity Pasta
Donates $18,000.00 to Local Charities
The Chair of Caboto Charity Pasta Nights, Rick Buzzeo (left) & Co-chair
Alex Sorrentino (right) present a $18,000.00 check to the 12 Charities it
sponsored in 2015 -Alzheimer, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Assisted
Living, Autism, Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association, Children First,
Canadian Mental Health Association, Hospice, Iris House, Sexual
Assault Crises Centre, W.E. Care for Kids & Windsor Regional Hospital.
The Charity Pasta event takes place every first Wednesday of the month
from 4:30 to 7:30 pm.
The committee reserves the right to
edit submissions without changing to
the content.
Office 519 252-8383
Fax 519 252-6954
Bar 519 252-4910
[email protected]
Nuovi Soci per il mese di:
Aprile, 2016
Dario Rossit
Anthony DeLuca
Italian of the Year Nominations
Nomination forms are available at the club office.
All nominations must be received by Oct. 30th, 2016.
The annual awards banquet will be, March 4th, 2017.
Thank you
Chairman: John Bonato
Maggio, 2016
Silvano Bertozzi
John Conflitti
Mark Panunzio
Daniel Manzon
Mark Schincariol
Photo Contest / Gara Fotografica
The themes are:
Photos of Windsor, Flowers and Pets.
Deadline Nov. 25, 2016
I temi sono: Foto di Windsor, Fiori e
Animaletti domestici.
Chairman: Mauro Chechi
Dei Soci Recentemente Deceduti
Of Recently Deceased Members
Giovanni Fantin
Mario Casoni
Bruno Cremasco
Renzo Facchinato
Arturo Lia
John Naccarato
Sergio Truant
New Members for April, 2016
Anthony DeLuca, Dario Rossit
New Members for May 2016
Mark Pannunzio, Daniel Manzon, Mark Schincariol, Silvano
Bertozzi, John Conflitti.
*** Three Generations Members ***
Chris Manzon, Daniel Manzon, Romano Manzon
Carlo Orlando, Giuseppe Orlando, Carlo and Philip Orlando
It was reported in May that the state of the membership is strong and our numbers continue to grow. We
are currently 1360 strong. It was shown that as long as we average 2 new members a month we will
continue to maintain our steady growth. We forecast that in about 10-15 years we would have to increase
this rate to keep up with the aging demographics of our membership.
Financial Secretary: Giuliano Lunardi
Come é stato riportato nel mese di Maggio il nostro sodalizio é forte e i soci continuano ad aumentare. Al
momento siamo 1360 soci. E’ stato dimostrato che se si scrivono 2 nuovi soci al mese possiamo benissimo
mantenere il nostro stato di crescita. Si prevede che fra 10-15 anni dovremmo aumentare il continuo
numero di nuovi soci per mantenere l’inveccchiamento demografico dei nostri soci.
Segretario di Finanza: Giuliano Lunardi
September 25 wine tour is sold out!!
Our final wine tour is scheduled for Oct. 22nd; we encourage those interested to sign
up soon as we expect this to sell out as well. Please contact the office at 519-252-8383
to reserve or email Robert Brun at [email protected] should you have any
questions. This tour will visit Colio, Muscedere, Sprucewood Shores, and Oxley
vineyards. The cost is $55.00 each and includes lunch.
Chairman: Robert Brun
Co-Chairmen: Giovanni Martinello & Giordano Sorrentino
2016 American Thanksgiving Day Football Game
Thursday November 24, 2016 @ 12:30 pm at Ford Field
Detroit Lions
versus the Minnesota Vikings
Ticket cost is $120 Canadian per ticket (Available September 1st from Caboto Office)
Bus and Tailgate Cost is $55.00 Canadian per person
(includes tailgate food, bus ride over to Ford Field & back to the Club after the game)
This will be on a first come first served basis.
The bus will leave the Club at 8:00am. SHARP!!
If you have any questions you can call the Club Office at 519-252-8383
Thank you and looking forward to seeing you there!!
Chairman: Dave Quagliotto Co-chairman: Adriano Zanchetta
Coro Gioventù
Laura D’Agnolo, Sarah Villella and the children of the
Coro Gioventù are excited for a new Choir season. The
Choir had fun singing at the Carrousel of the Nations
Italian Village and the St. Angela Merici Festival.
Practices resume Friday, September 16, 6:30 – 7:30pm.
New children (4+) and their families always welcome!
Info: Caboto Club Office 519-252-8383
Chairman: Mauro Chechi
Co-Chair: Gino Piazza
Caboto Park – Colchester Ontario
We hope you had time to come out this summer to enjoy our Park in Colchester overlooking Lake Erie.
The Park is open 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. during Park season.
Chairman: Giuliano Lunardi
Co-Chair: Robert Brun
Manager: Renee Colarossi
Caboto Park Manager
The committee will be accepting
applications up until October 31st for
anyone wishing to apply for Park
Manager for the 2017 season. For
more information contact the office
at 519-252-8383 or the Park
Chairman, Giuliano Lunardi at
[email protected]
Manager del Caboto Park
Il comitato del Caboto Park accetta richieste per la posizione di Park Manager per la stagione del 2017.
Si pregano gli interessati d’inviare il curriculum, con una ipotesi di salario, in ufficio con attenzione al
comitato del Caboto Park. Le registrazioni si accettano entro il 31 Ottobre 2016.
Chairman: Giuliano Lunardi Co-Chairman: Robert Brun
Elezioni 2016 / Elections 2016
On behalf of the G. Caboto Blood Drive Committee
We want to extend our sincere gratitude for your
continued support for this community cause, to say
that you have been and will continue to be Donors
that saved LIVES is the most unselfish act an
individual can do during his/her life. As we
continue to fulfill our pledge to the Canadian Blood
Services and individuals in need, again, we express
our many thanks. Keep up the good work.
The hours of operation at the C.B.S. are as follows;
Tuesday and Wednesday----3pm to 7pm
Thursday---- 11:30am to 7:30pm
Friday and Saturday---- 8am to 12pm
Please book your next appointment at the Canadian
Blood Services by calling
1-888-236-6283 or on-line at
Chairman: John Naccarato
Co-Chairman: Frank De Luca
L’apertura delle nominazioni avrà luogo
all’assemblea del 18 Settembre, 2016.
La chiusura delle nominazioni e accettazioni
avranno luogo all’assemblea del 16 Ottobre, 2016.
Le elezioni verranno tenute all’assemblea Generale
dell’ 11 Dicembre, 2016. Per le date del Voto
Anticipato controllate il prossimo Notiziario.
Nominations open at the General Assembly
meeting on September 18st, 2016.
Nominations close at the General Assembly
meeting on October 16th, 2016.
Elections will take place at the General Assembly
meeting on December 11th, 2016.
Advance Poll dates will be published in the next
Chairman: Robert Brait
Co-Chairman: Fabio Bernabó
Frank Gabana, Andrea and Matteo Gervasi, Anthony
The junior squash clinics which began in the
spring here at G. Caboto Club is now getting
ready for the fall and winter clinics. We start a
new year of fun and educational activities,
available to all youth between the ages of 7 to
16. Friends are also welcome to participate.
Help our youth embrace an active lifestyle
for years to come. Enquiries for junior squash
contact Frank Gabbana at 519 988-0857
Friday October 7th, 2016
Cocktails at 6:00 pm with Dinner at 6:30 pm
Cost: $45.00 per person
Great Food, Wine and Dancing.
Tickets can be purchased at the Office
519 252-8383
Chairman: Bruno Quagliotto
Co-Chairman: John Naccarato
G. Caboto Club Bruno Tonial Golf Memorial
We would like to thank everyone who participated and
donated gifts to our 36th Annual Golf Tournament
which was held at Seven Lakes on June 12th. A
wonderful day was had with many of our Members,
Sponsors and Friends. With the money earned we will
be giving two $500 Scholarships to St. Clair College
for the Skilled Trades Apprenticeship Program. A
special thank you to: Rick Tonial and his family, who
played a big part in assuring that this day was a
success, Niva Segatto for helping with the registration
and all the volunteers who helped out with the games
throughout the golf course. In the picture above is the
winning foursome along with President Segatto, Rick
Tonial and I. Congratulations to the winners James
Busi, Tar Franzoi, Anthony Dadamo and Jim Busi who
shot the lights out with a 17 under par. Hope to see
you all again next year!
Chairman: John Benotto
Fall 2016 G.
Caboto Club Italian Culture Lecture Series presents
The Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire:
Is America headed for the same end?
In Partnership with Canterbury ElderCollege (U of W) – 7 PM
Mon 26 Sept - The Republic Era c509 - 27 BCE
Mon 3 Oct - The Imperial Era c27 BCE - 476 CE
Mon 17 Oct - Fall of Rome & U.S. Today: Part 1
Mon 24 Oct - Fall of Rome & U.S. Today: Part 2
G. Caboto Club Italian Culture Lecture Series: Rick Buzzeo, Joe Giuliani, Robert Brun, Andy & Donna Moro
For Info 519-252-8383 [email protected]
Help Maintain the Best of Italian Culture - Bring Your Family/Friends!! - Grazie
Caboto Squash and UK Racquetball News
Congratulations to the Giovanni Caboto Club UK
Racquetball team comprised of 10 members Vince
Gervasi, Peter Gervasi, Lou DeBellis, Joe La Tona, Steve
Demarco, Gerry Peticca, Randy Park, Ron Reisch, Jeff
George and Gino Barzotto who won the inaugural Caboto
Club vs. Windsor Squash and Fitness inaugural
challenge games, 6 matches to 4. WSF hosted the event
and all participants came back to Caboto Club to
celebrate. Congratulations also to the 2015 fall squash
league playoff winners A1, Les Lendvay, A2 Tony Dib,
A3 Anthony Peticca, A4 Nadeem Qureshi and A5 winner
Julie St. Onge.
Congratulations to the winter squash 2016 playoff
winners in A1 Phil Paolini, A2 Sal Albano, A3 John
DeBellis. Congratulations to winners of the inaugural UK
Racquetball Spring league playoff winner Gino Barzotto
and 2nd place Matt Baggio. For any enquiries for UK
Racquetball or for the squash league contact Gino
Barzotto 519 979-1789
Co-ordinator: Gino Barzotto
Attention * BEER TASTERS * Attention
September 16th is the date for our 2nd annual Beer Tasting. We will be pairing
different craft beers with foods that will complement each other. We look
forward to seeing you there.
Chairman: Matt Sgrazzutti Co-Chairman: Alessandro Sorrentino
Wine Tasting
Gara Assaggio Vini
"Save The Date"
Il 9 Settembre si terrà la gara annuale Assaggio
Vini. Un evento favorito di fine estate fra soci e
amici. Vi invitiamo a partecipare e dare prova
della vostra conoscenza dei vari vini.
Chairman: Matt Sgrazzutti
Co-Chairman: Pietro Palermo
September 9th is our yearly wine tasting contest, a
tradition for challenging your taste buds and senses
while enjoying 10 different wines.
Chairman: Matt Sgrazzutti
Co-Chairman: Pietro Palermo
The first leg of the 10th annual Over 50 International match vs. Livonia was held on July 24th at the Vollmer
Centre. Windsor Caboto won the match 4 to 1. An excellent post game celebration with both teams was held at the
Caboto Club. The second leg will be held in Michigan during the early part of October 2016.
Edy Facca
Dear Members,
We are reaching the end of our email campaign and
we have called every Member in an effort to get your
email addresses. Thank you to all the Members who
have provided the information. You may have also
received a voice mail from one of the Board Members,
and if you have not called them back yet, please do so.
Our goal is to begin sending the Newsletters, special
events notices and Club information out
electronically. Through this campaign, we have
noticed that some of the contact information we have
is out of date. If you have moved or changed your
phone number and not notified the Club, please send
the information to the below emails or more simply,
go to and update your info in the
Member's Area tab so we can get you up to date on
the membership list. Don't forget to include your
Membership Number when providing the information.
Don’t miss out on keeping up with what’s going on at
your Club. For Members without email, we will
continue to send you your Newsletter via regular mail,
but we still need to know if your contact information
has changed, so please call the office at 519-252-8383.
Cari Soci,
Siamo quasi al termine della campagna per
ottenere il vostro indirizzo elettronico. Grazie a
tutti coloro che ci hanno fornito le informazioni.
Il nostro obbiettivo é d’incominciare a mandare
notizie dei nuovi eventi elettronicamente, incluso
il Notiziario. Durante questa campagna abbiamo
notato che certe informazioni di alcuni soci sono
cambiate. Se avete cambiato indirizzo o numero
di telefono siete pregati di notificare il Club
usando le e-mails sotto elencate oppure usate il
sito del Caboto “” Non
dimenticate di includere il numero del vostro
tesserino di socio. Rimanete in contatto con tutto
ció che accade nel vostro Club. I soci che non
hanno un indirizzo elettronico continueranno a
ricevere il notiziario per via di posta ordinaria, in
ogni caso abbiamo sempre bisogno di sapere se
avete cambiato indirizzo.
Potete sempre chiamare l’ufficio del Club per
aggiornare le vostre informazioni 519-252-8383.
Chairman: Roberto Tonial [email protected]
Co-Chairman: Giuliano Lunardi [email protected]
Children’s Picnic
Picnic Organizers and Volunteers
The Pony Ride
Once again our yearly children’s picnic was a success. Games were played, hot dogs were eaten and gifts
were received by all the children. The biggest smiles were saved for the pony rides.
Chairman: Pietro Palermo
Co-chairman: Matt Sgrazzutti

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