File - Chapel of the Holy Family


File - Chapel of the Holy Family
Holy Family Traditional Roman Catholic Church
Traditional Latin Mass according to the Tridentine Rite codified by St. Pius V
3385 Wickham Road, Melbourne, Florida 32935 • 321-255-4724
Father Gregory Safreed, OSF
Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
July 10, 2016
Processional: "O God of Loveliness" #3
Recessional: "God of Our Fathers" #8
The Congregation is encouraged to join the choir in these hymns
Sunday, July 10th, 9:00
Sunday: July 17th, 9:00
+ deceased
Missa Pro Populo
Virginia Quinland+
Don DeFillips+
Virginia G. Hague+
Special Intention
Holy Family Board Members
Living & Deceased of the Saver Family
Missa Pro Populo
Jonas+ & Prane+ Bungarda
Sundays: 9:00AM and 11:30AM
Weekdays: 9:00AM
Holy Days of Obligation: 9AM and 7PM
CONFESSIONS—Before Each Mass
ROSARY—Before All Masses
Please contact our Priest at 321-775-4325
Jim & Chris Clark
T. Hague
Mary DeFillips
Barbara Rooch
His Mother
Z. Bungarda
Miraculous Medal—Saturdays after Mass
Sacred Heart—Fridays after Mass
Sundays after 9AM Mass
At the communion rail after Mass
CHOIR PRACTICE—2nd and 4th Sat. after Mass
Money is called the mammon of iniquity
because it can be gained by sinful means and
used for sinful purposes. The implication of is
thatChrist’s faithful should use their legitimate
wealth to aid the needy. By so doing they will
exercise prudence because these virtuous
actions are the means to the eternal life of
heaven where Christ and all His saints will
receive them in everlasting mansions.
This detail contrasts sharply with the knavery
of the unjust steward who used sinful means
to be received by his beneficiaries into earthly
Commentary by Fr. J. Buckley
St. Luke’s Gospel 16:1-9, provides the
parable of the Unjust Steward. The chief
difficulty the modern reader finds with the
realism of this parable is that the steward after
being told of his dismissal is still allowed to
exercise his office.
Father Leopold Fonck, S.J., a great scriptural
scholar, maintains, however, that in Palestine
during Our Lord’s public ministry some time
would elapse before a discharged steward
would surrender his office to a successor.
A more serious difficulty, Fonck observes,
concerns the debtors’ bonds, which, he
surmises, represent the rents on the tenants’
farms. He writes: “For, if the steward, as was
usual amongst Oriental officials, in previous
years had exacted from the farmers or with
their aid, from the peasants, much larger sums
of money than he transmitted to his master,
he, now, without resorting to any very clumsy
or conspicuous fraud upon his master, could
make a considerable reduction in the charges
of the peasants.” On this supposition it is not
difficult to see why the unjust steward
expected to be rewarded by the tenant farmers
after his master dismissed him.
The master praises the unjust steward not for
his dishonesty but for his sagacity. Using the
remaining time of his employment with
cunning he was able to provide for his future.
Painting by Pietro Novelli
Our Lady of Mt Carmel ~ Feast 16 July
Hermits lived on Mount Carmel near the
Fountain of Elijah in northern Israel in the 12th
century. They had a chapel dedicated to Our
Lady. By the13th century they became known
as “Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.”
They soon celebrated a special Mass and Office
in honor of Mary. In 1726 it became a
celebration of the universal Church under the
title of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. For
centuries the Carmelites have seen themselves
as specially related to Mary. Their great saints
and theologians have promoted devotion to her
and often championed the mystery of her
Immaculate Conception. There is a tradition,
that Mary appeared to St. Simon Stock, a leader
of the Carmelites, and gave him a scapular,
telling him to promote devotion to it. The
scapular is a modified version of Mary’s own
garment. It symbolizes her special protection
and calls the wearers to consecrate themselves
to her in a special way. The scapular reminds
us of the gospel call to prayer and penance a
call that Mary models in a splendid way.
To discover this parable’s meaning one can
follow the advice of Tertullian who wrote that
one will find no parable which was not either
explained by Christ or illumined by a
commentary of an evangelist. “For the
children of this world are wiser in their own
generation than the children of light” is a
comment emphasizing the necessity of
prudence. The unjust steward represents the
“children of this world” because he lives his
life estranged from God. He, however, acts
more wisely to secure his temporal good in
this passing world than do those enlightened
by the truth of Christ to attain their eternal
good. Since prudence is the virtue which
directs man’s actions to their goal, Christ
is exhorting His disciples not to be outdone by
the cunning of the wicked but to pursue those
virtuous acts which will lead to their
everlasting happiness.
9:00 7/10 – Ray Defillips / Mary Crain
Fred Carpenter
7/17 – Lon Grassman
7/24 – Larry Gomez / Martin Crain
Fred Carpenter
The annual Church Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, October 8th at Wickham Park in Pavilion I. A water
slide will be provided for the children. Please mark this date on your calendar and make it a point to attend
with family and friends.
If for any reason, especially during summer vacation time, you are unable to attend mass, please
remember that the church expenses continue. Offerings may be mailed to the church address listed on the
front of the bulletin.
We are discussing Francis Bergoglio’s statement that he accepts the Lutheran heresy
on justification. This heresy contradicts the Council of Trent with it’s solemn and
infallible teaching on the same subject. Below are listed a sampling of the heretical
ideas that came forth from the document called “The Joint Declaration with Lutherans,”
(JDL) and the Church’s official reaction:
JDL:” 21. According to Luther and Lutheran teaching, “human beings are incapable of
cooperating in their salvation, because as sinners they actively oppose God and his
Infallible Catholic teaching:
“If anyone shall say that man’s free will moved and aroused by God does not cooperate
by assenting to God who rouses and calls, whereby it disposes and prepares itself to
obtain the grace of justification, and that it cannot dissent, if it wishes, but that like
something inanimate it does nothing at all and is merely a passive state: LET HIM BE
ANATHEMA.” Pope Paul III, Council of Trent, Session 6, Can. 4. In other words, let him
be condemned.
JDL: “23 .....Lutherans...intend rather to express that justification remains free from
human cooperation and is not dependent upon the life-renewing effects of grace in
Infallible Catholic teaching:
“If anyone shall say that man can be justified before God by his own works which are
done either by his own natural powers, or through the teaching of the Law, and without
divine grace through Christ Jesus: LET HIM BE ANATHEMA.” Pope Paul III, Council of
Trent, Session 6, Can1.
JDL: “29. Lutherans understand this condition of the Christian as being ‘at the same
time righteous and sinner.’ Believers are totally righteous, in that God forgives their sins
through Word and Sacrament and grants the righteousness of Christ which they
appropriate in faith. In Christ, they are made just before God. Looking at themselves
through the law, however, they recognize that they remain totally sinners.”
This was one of Luther’s favorite heresies which is called “simul justus et peccator,” or “at
the same time just and sinner.” I will give Trent’s teaching on this matter next week.
In the mean time think upon this analogy,
Luther compared his ideas concerning justification as a pile of dung covered with snow. In other words, human
nature cannot be totally transformed as in baptism, but remains a pile of dung even after “taking on Christ.” And of
course, dung does as dung is: it stinks and rots and hosts flies. The snow merely provides for a covering, and does
nothing to transform human nature. A question might be: is this what Bergoglio really believes?
When attending any functions at the chapel, especially Holy Mass, you are in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.
Please dress accordingly, with due modesty and respect. Everyone should refrain from jeans, shorts or T-shirts. Ladies,
please use a head covering, available in the rear of the church either for loan or for purchase.
Remember, also, Lord, Your servants and handmaids below who are gone hence before us,
marked with the sign of faith, and sleep the sleep of peace. To them, Lord and to all that rest in
Christ, grant, we implore You a place of happiness, light and peace through the same Christ our
Lord. Amen
Joesph and Carmela DiPaolo R.I.P.
For the Repose of the Soul of Katherina Basala R.I.P.
Ray & Anne Jacobs & Grand-daughters Bonnie, Erin, Shauna
Members of the Perzanowski and Baskiewicz Families R.I.P.
Charles and Antoinette Sutly R.I.P.
Charles and Mary Sutly Requiescant in pace
Repose of the Souls of Gosta and Greta Jonsson R.I.P.
In Memory of Ann Nancy Slane
Deceased Members of the Barbara Dick Family R.I.P.
Maria Balda Requiescat in pace
Thomas and Helen Kraljic Requiescant in pace
For the Repose of the Soul of Marie T. Welch R.I.P.
Deceased of William & Francis Bermingham Family R.I.P.
Deceased of Martin & Mary J. Welch Family R.I.P.
Deceased of the Kosack and Schumaker Families, R.I.P.
Members of the Walter Klobucar Family R.I.P.
Deceased Members of the McCallan and McNierney Families
Deceased Members of the Zenorini and Marion Families, R.I.P.
Deceased Members of the J.H. Crain /F.A. Croucher Families
Souls of McKinney & Legge Families; Janelle McKinney
Deceased Members of the Rehm/Trager Family R.I.P.
Deceased of the Clark and Ziegler Families
Beers and Valenti Family Members R.I.P.
Deceased Members of the Adams & Roth Families R.I.P.
Elwood Franklin Shepard and Mary Joseph Shepard R.I.P.
Deceased of Perreira, Bernard, Farmer, & Jardine Families
All Deceased Members of the Coston and Barranco Families
Deceased Members of the Montgomery/Pond Family R.I.P.
Deceased Members of the Patrizio Family, Rest in Peace
Sancta Familia Academy is a lay-run, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.
Your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated.
Less than 50 Members of the Chapel $100
Less than 50 Non-members $150
Greater than 50 Members of the Chapel $200
Greater than 50 Non-members $300
For the Repose of the Soul of John F. Pastorius Jr. R.I.P.
For the Repose of the Soul of Stephanie K. Pastorius R.I.P.
For the Repose of the Soul of John F. Pastorius III R.I.P.
Sister Rita Joseph IHM Requiescat in pace
For the Repose of the Soul of Virgina Pastorius Forth R.I.P.
For the Repose of the Soul of Roseanne M. Pastorius R.I.P.
For the Repose of the Soul of Robert J. Straub R.I.P.
Ernie & Dennis Janzen; Gabels & Zechas R.I.P.
Members of the Brown & Mallet Families R.I.P.
Diega Burgio Requiescat in pace
Anna Margiotta Requiescat in pace
Lynn Marie Reynolds Requiescat in pace
Deceased Members of the Kozaitis, Poisson, Kischuk, Dewitt
Members of the Blatt-Scherer Family R.I.P.
John Griffin R.I.P.
Deceased of Kitchen, Lagemann, Lee Families
DeFillips, Dark, Mares, Langbein Families and Friends, R.I.P.
Audrey Alesio Requiescat in pace
Deceased of the Flynn, Galloway, & Hague Families
Members of the Hunter & Watkinson Families
Guido,Wise, Kowalchik, Hanasewych, & Fell Families, R.I.P.
Deceased Members of the Lankenau Cabble Families R.I.P.
Deceased Members of the Montano Family R.I.P.
Deceased Family and Friends of Ray & Michelle DeFillips
Repose of the Souls of Harry and Agnes Nadolski R.I.P.
For the Repose of the Soul of Lynn Foerster Reynolds R.I.P.
The Blake and Mikos Families, Rest in Peace
May 5th
Mass Intentions—$15
Nuptial Mass—$150
Wedding Service—$125
Requiem Mass—$150
Requiem Mass w/ Graveside Service—$175
Organist Donation—$50

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File - Chapel of the Holy Family

File - Chapel of the Holy Family remember that the church expenses continue. Offerings may be mailed to the Chapel of the Holy Family at P.O. Box 361314, Melbourne, Florida 32936-1314.

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