Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem


Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
Western USA Lieutenancy
H.E. Sir William H. Davidson, KGCHS, Lieutenant
Summer 2011 Official Publication of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem—Western USA Lieutenancy
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Page 2
Volume 21, Number 2
The excitement is palpable at our new office as we are preparing for this year‘s Annual
Meeting in Las Vegas. At this year‘s meeting we will be spiritually enriched by
beautiful liturgies, edified by gifted speakers concerning the Holy Land and brought up
to date concerning our charitable works involving our Christian brothers and sisters in
the Holy Land.
On Sunday at our ―All Member‘s Meeting‖, Lady Carolyn and I will give a short presentation about our visit to Jordan this summer. On July 13, 2011, Lady Carolyn and I
stepped onto Jordanian soil for the first time. I had promised to bring you first hand
information about the projects we support in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The purpose of our visit was to
visit the two schools in Zarqa, Jordan and especially their summer school programs. The pastors of these
churches had asked: ―if you are not able to support any other requests from our churches, please support
our summer programs..‖
We spent several days at each school. At each school we saw that for the children participating in the
summer schools there is no alternative program for structured activities in the impoverished inner city in
which they live. In the summer school they are safe, joyful and participate in a large variety of enriching
activities. At each school, the children greeted us with songs of welcome and thanksgiving. What a joy
filled experience for us. School children from kindergarten age to 18 were involved. The older students
cared for and helped the younger ones. Activities went on until night fall in these safe and holy havens.
Everyone from young to old from school children to parents and teachers wanted to make sure that the
Knights and Ladies of the Western Lieutenancy knew how grateful they were for the gifts we have
provided: computer labs, science lab, the promise of a new library, audio visual equipment which allows
the entire church community together participate in televised programs and educational presentations. We
will show you how your gifts have so profoundly enriched the lives of these children and have filled them
with joy.
Each school bid us farewell with a special goodbye program and reception/dinner. We were especially
honored at the Zarqa South Church of St. Pius X by a surprise visit of the Latin Patriarch, His Beatitude
Fuoad Twal. He joined us for the farewell festivities and dinner. He will visit St. Joseph Church in
Pomona this September 10 for Mass to which you are all invited.
We had many more beautiful experiences of Christian Charity in Action and we can‘t wait to share our
stories and photos with you all in Las Vegas as we Gather As One.
Currently we are beginning to re-engage those members who have not been active for the last three years
or more. We want to extend our hand and welcome them back and more importantly let them know how
precious they are to us and how their wellbeing is our concern. We will share with you updates about a
renewed and more user friendly Web site and share with you news about other special projects that your
gifts have made possible.
Finally, I would remind you that we are in a season of special Grace. On the feast days of Pope St. Pius X
(August 21) ; St. Helena (August 18); The Exaltation or Triumph of the Cross (Sept 14); and Our Lady of
Palestine (Oct 25) a Plenary indulgence is granted for those satisfying the usual requirements (Holy
Communion, Reconciliation and proper intentions). Try to avail yourselves of this special gift from Mother
With profound joy I will share with you how we are together ―renewing all things in Christ.‖
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Volume 21, Number 2
Cardinal Roger Mahony
Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles
For us in the West, summer really goes well into late October. Our weather allows
continued outdoor activities long after school has resumed.
Summer is such a unique time for us both as individuals and as disciples of Jesus
Christ. Before Pope Benedict XVI began his own vacation at Castel Gondolfo he gave us some good
advice on how to make these weeks more meaningful:
We should use our summer and especially our vacation in a way that helps renew our
relationships with others and with God. Interrupting the hectic and frantic pace of daily life, we
can take time to dedicate ourselves to others and to God. He even suggests that we take our Bible
along—and a Children‘s Bible for the younger ones.
We should really keep our eyes and ears open to contemplate the greatness, admire the beauty,
and relish the grandeur of God‘s creation all about us—recognizing in that creation the wonderful
presence of our Creator. I was able to visit Yosemite National Park twice this summer, and every
time I exit the long tunnel and behold the great Yosemite Valley before me, I feel that God is so
close. I never tire of looking across the vast Valley to see El Capitan, Half Dome, the lush trees,
the gorgeous flowers, and the rushing Falls. This year, in particular, all of the Falls are
magnificent because of the very large snow pack this past winter. God is everywhere! Ask all of
the family members to comment on the beauty which surrounds them whether you are at the
beach, in the mountains, crossing the desert, or visiting new places.
Recall how wonderfully Jesus paid attention to the magnificent gift of creation, and how he knew
to interpret the language and signs of creation. The gift of creation is one which we must respect,
protect and care for, in the name of God, humanity, and future generations.
The Pope suggested that travelers apply their intelligence and curiosity to discovering the
monuments of the past—witnesses of culture and faith, as he called them, examples of our spiritual roots and heritage. We are blessed to have the 21 California Missions which accomplish that
along El Camino Real. Be sure to plan on visiting at least one new Mission this summer with
your family. I was privileged to visit the magnificent Benedictine Monastery of Monte Cassino
in Italy, and recalled how after it was bombed and destroyed during World War II various
governments supplied the funds to rebuild it completely since it meant so much to the faith history of that part of Italy.
For families, in particular, summer can be a special time to revisit former places of residence,
distant relatives, and unique locations on our life journeys. Those re-connect us to our roots and
allow the children to share more deeply in the family members and relatives who have gone
before us.
The enjoyment of friendship, reading, nature and culture—all help to nourish and restore our
spirit and our appreciation of God‘s presence all around us. We are refreshed, renewed, and
strengthened to continue our journey of life and faith towards the Kingdom of God.
Page 4
The purchase of rosaries, hand-crafted in the Holy Land, not only
provides support to Christians living there, but it also promotes
greater recitation of the Rosary. The Lieutenancy has recently
received a new shipment in the Office so that orders can be filled
promptly. The Rosaries can be ordered by contacting the EOHSJ
Offices at:
4901 Morena Blvd., Suite 106
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 270-8100
[email protected]
Checks should be made payable to EOHSJ, The costs are:
$10 per Rosary
$240 half case (40 Rosaries)
$480 whole case (80 Rosaries)
The olive wood rosary is packaged in an attractive case with the
Jerusalem Cross prominently affixed to the cover, and includes a
leaflet which describes, ―How to say the Rosary‖.
Many parishes purchase the olive wood Rosaries and present them
to members of the parish such as RCIA candidates, First
Communicants, Confirmation candidates, and other parish
organizations and activities.
Parishes provide the rosaries to members of the parish who are
homebound, not only to assist them in their prayers but to
demonstrate to the home bound the good wishes and compassion of
their fellow parishioners.
Christians living outside the Holy Land pray for peace—peace with
justice—for their fellow Christians living in the Holy Land, and the
Rosary Project is a further means of demonstrating support for our
Christian brethren.
Together we pray
the Rosary for Peace
Volume 21, Number 2
H.E. Sir William H. Davidson, KGCHS
Grand Prior
H. E. Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, KGCHS
Lieutenants of Honor
H.E. John D. Boyce, KGCHS
H.E. James F. McGlone, KGCHS
H.E. Sir Patrick D. Powers, KGCHS
H.E. George G. Zorn, KGCHS
Sir George D. Fraunces, KC*HS
Chancellors Emeriti
Lady Rita L. Deiss, LGCHS
Sir Thomas W. McNamara, KGCHS
Master of Ceremonies
Sir Mark W. Beery. KGCHS
Ecclesiastical Master of Ceremonies
Rev. Msgr. Kevin J. Kostelnik, KCHS
Sir David L. McCluskey, KCHS
Secretary and Newsletter Editor
Lady Diane Grange, LCHS
Justice and Peace Councillor
Lady Rosa M. C. Cumare, LC*HS
Development Councillor
Sir Michael L. Joseph, KC*HS
Holy Land Councillors
Sir Charles B. Radloff, KC*HS
Lady Denise M. Scalzo, LC*HS
Honolulu Diocese
Rev. Sir Lane K. Akiona, KCHS
Las Vegas Diocese
Sir John A. Kilduff, KC*HS
Los Angeles Diocese
Lady Margaret Romano, LC*HS
Sir Thomas P. Romano, KC*HS
Lady Patricia G. Gray, LC*HS
Orange Diocese
Sir Terrence E. McGaughan, KGCHS
Lady Kathleen A. McGaughan, LGCHS
Phoenix Diocese
Lady Julie Nackard, LC*HS
Salt Lake City Diocese
Sir Pieter I. Scholte, KCHS
Lady Teena L. Scholte, LCHS
San Bernardino Diocese
Sir Charles G. Riddle, KC*HS
Lady DoeLeen R. Rover, LCHS
San Diego Diocese
Sir Thomas L. Kyd, KCHS
Lady Margot A. Kyd, LCHS
Tucson Diocese
Sir James F. Ronstadt KGCHS
Lady Christina M. Ronstadt, LGCHS
Page 5
Volume 21, Number 2
By Sir George Fraunces and Lady Diane Grange
The Holy Father has assigned the Order the specific task of supplying economic aid for all the activities necessary to maintain the presence of the Christian comminutes in the Holy Land—the living Christian communities—i.e., the Church—in all that territory designated as the ―Promised Land‘ in Sacred Scriptures and especially associated with the life and teaching of Jesus.
This material aid comes almost exclusively from the charitable contributions that each member of the Order
solemnly promises to assist the needs of the Holy Land, for the whole of his or her lifetime.
Material aid consists of pastoral care, maintenance of clergy, support of the seminary, construction and maintenance of parish churches and school buildings, and subsidy of school operations. The assistance of the Order
also includes financial support for the construction, rehabilitation, and operating expenses of other shrines and
sanctuaries, educational institutions, houses of formation, residences for priests and religious, child care institutions, homes for the aged and handicapped, and health care and social service institutions. The Order also
supports projects and programs of human development such as housing, scholarships, small start-up loans for
businesses and other types of social works.
The bulk of our Annual Contributions go through the Grand Magisterium to ―sustain, aid the charitable, cultural, social works and institutions of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land, particularly those of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem‖, which serves the spiritual needs of seventy thousand people located in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Cyprus. It consists of 64 Parishes, staffed by 83 Priests and 120 Nuns, providing Liturgical
activities, Spiritual Retreats, Catechism instruction, Youth Ministry and Family Support Centers. There are
also 43 Schools, (K – 12), with 19,000 Students and 1,500 Teachers and Staff. These schools are in Israel (5),
Jordan (24), and Palestine (14). The students in these schools are 60% Christian and 40% Muslim. The mission
of these schools is to lay the foundation of Peace, based upon mutual respect and tolerance.
The following will illustrate the level of support the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem provides in meeting the budgetary needs of the Latin Patriarchate.
The Order provided 77% of the operating budget for the Latin Patriarchate. These funds covered:
% Provided by
1. Operating costs of parishes
2. Operating costs of schools not covered
by tuition or other subsidy
3. Operating costs of seminary
4. Humanitarian and Medical Aid
5. Bethlehem University
As you can see, without the support provided by our Order, it would not be possible for the Latin Patriarchate
to meet its budgetary requirements, and our Christian brothers and sisters would be left all but abandoned. It is
so important that all of us make a yearly contribution to keep all of these wonderful projects going. Our goal is
to have 100% of our members contribute something within their means every year.
Page 6
Volume 21, Number 2
as Vegas—With great anticipation we look
forward to Gathering as One at the Annual
Meeting of the Western USA Lieutenancy from
September 30, 2011 to October 3, 2011 at the Red
Rock Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The host
committee is hard at work to insure your visit is a
rewarding experience of spiritual renewal,
information and engagement in the work of the Order.
The Red Rock Resort Hotel is conveniently located
in the northwest suburb of Summerlin and offers
amazing accommodations and conference facilities
conveniently separated from the casino.
Our Celebrations of the Eucharist on Saturday and
Sunday will be held at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Catholic Church. Established in 1991, this vibrant
Parish‘s sanctuary is warm, inviting and will provide
an excellent venue for us to gather for the Promotions
& Memorial Mass and Mass of Investiture.
This year‘s Friday Excursion will consist of a
―behind the scenes‖ tour of Hoover Dam. One of the
top ten construction achievements of the 20th
Century, Hoover Dam is a national historical
The Hospitality Suite will offer a comfortable setting to
meet with friends while enjoying a breathtaking view
of the Red Rock Mountains from the spacious balcony
which overlooks the expansive pool backyard.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Annual
Meeting in Las Vegas as we Gather as One.
Area Councillor—Las Vegas
Sir John Kilduff
[email protected]
os Angeles—There have been many exciting
events since our last newsletter.
In late June, 250 people attended the Pallium trip to
Rome. We were privileged to be invited to robe and
process into St. Peter‘s for a celebratory mass honoring
Our Grand Prior Cardinal Mahony on his 20th
Anniversary as Cardinal. It was an profound experience
to attend this mass celebrated by the Cardinal, the
Archbishop and our Regional Bishops at St. Peter‘s.
The Golf Outing on Friday will be held at Canyon
Gate Country Club. This championship golf course
at 6,769 yards, designed by Ted Robinson, offers
tranquil lagoons, beautiful waterfalls and strategic
sand bunkers which makes it a truly enjoyable round.
The theme for Saturday evening is ―Viva Las
Vegas‖. In addition to a wonderful, fine dinner, we
will be entertained by the Bishop Gorman High
School Theatre Guild performing ―songs of the Strip‖
followed by dancing the night away.
Sunday‘s elegant Grand Ball will feature the sounds
of Harbor Lights which will add an elegant and
sophisticated musical flair to the evening after an
enjoyable dining experience.
The Adoration Chapel will provide a calm, tranquil
and dignified environment for quiet reflection, prayer
and contemplation.
Most Rev. Sir Jose Gomez surrounded by
Knights and Ladies at the Vatican Basilica
The next day we were once again in St. Peter‘s to
watch our new Archbishop Jose Gomez receive his
Pallium from Pope Benedict XVI. We were so blessed
and honored to be pilgrims on this journey of faith.
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Volume 21, Number 2
(Continued from page 6)
The newly formed Queen of Angels Foundation is
dedicated to the honor of Our Lady of the Angels. On
September 3, 2011, Our Lady‘s Feast Day, there will
be a Rosary, Grand Marian procession and votive Mass
at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Along with
other Papal Orders, our members have been invited to
join in the Procession as we renew the call to Our Lady
to protect our Archdiocese, our City and our Country.
We are excited to hear that our Latin Patriarch, H.B.
Fouad Twal will be visiting September 9th and 10th.
He will be celebrating mass at St. Joseph‘s Church in
Pomona at 7pm on the 10th. Rev. Sir Rick Van de
Water and other members of the Order are hard at
work in preparing for this special event. We are hoping
that our members will be there to join in welcome.
Through the efforts of Lady Rose Cumare and the
Justice and Peace Committee, we have had a wonderful
young man, Richard Al Sadi (Shafeeq) here to intern.
Shafeeq arrived July 15th and has been spending his
days at Catholic Travel hosted by Sir Scott Scherer.
After spending his first week at the home of Sir Dennis
and Lady Susan DePietro, he is now residing at the
Immaculate Heart Retreat House in Los Feliz.
Area Co-Councillors—Los Angeles
Lady Margie Romano
[email protected]
Sir Thomas Romano
[email protected]
Lady Patti Gray
[email protected]
Along with his work at Catholic Travel, Shafeeq has
enjoyed dinner with our members, trips to Santa Barbara,
Universal Studios, Disneyland, the Dodger game and
First Monday Rosary.
An accounting major at
Bethlehem University, Shafeeq has also had the
opportunity to experience the businesses of other
members. We look forward to hearing more about his
experiences in the future.
range—More than 50 members of the Order par-
ticipated at the Orange Diocese Quarterly First
Monday Mass and Rosary; also in attendance was H.E.
Sir Patrick Powers, Vice Governor General of North
America. Mass was celebrated at Our Lady of Mount
Carmel Church by the Rev. Msgr. Sir Lawrence Baird,
who also hosted a reception for members following the
We were saddened by the deaths of Lady Kathleen Ann
Prenovost and Lady Joan Barasa. Both were long
standing members of the Order.
Local Orange Knights and Ladies joined Cardinal Roger
Mahony and Most Rev. Sir Jose Gomez at the special
Mass where Pope Benedict XVI bestowed the Pallium
on Archbishop Gomez.
Other Orange members
participated in two separate Holy Land pilgrimages.
Congratulations to Lady Denyse Gagnon, who was
selected as Catholic Charities‘ Woman of the Year in the
Orange Diocese. Denyse founded a women‘s prayer
breakfast in her parish and does a monthly newsletter for
this group.
Rev. Msgr. Sir Arthur Holquin addresses retreat
As part of a continuing series on Spirituality, Rev. Sir
John Janze hosted the Morning of Recollection on August 6th that featured talks on the history of the church at
the time of the first crusade, and
(Continued on page 8)
Page 8
Volume 21, Number 2
(Continued from page 7)
also the Liturgy in the New Roman Missal. Most Rev.
Sir Dominic Luong was the principal celebrant at the
closing Mass. Richard Al-Sadi – the Bethlehem University intern who our local members are helping to
support during his stay in the United States –
participated in the event.
Members from our Orange Area joined Knights and
Ladies from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles at the
Getty Villa for an exhibition of a 19th Century
photography of the Holy Land (“In Search of Biblical
Lands . . . ”).
Five Knight and Lady Candidates from the Diocese of
Orange – including two priests –will be invested at St.
Elizabeth Ann Seaton Church at the 2011 Annual
Meeting in Las Vegas.
Area Co-Councillors—Orange
Sir Terrence McGaughan
[email protected]
Lady Kathleen McGaughan
[email protected]
alt Lake City—Here are some recent news in the
Salt Lake diocese. Rev.
Msgr. Sir Terrence Fitzgerald
has announced his retirement for
later on this year, in June. It will be
difficult to measure the
contributions Msgr. Fitzgerald has
made and will continue to make to
the Salt Lake City diocese. For
practically his entire life, he has
Monsignor Fitzgerald with the Yves Congar Award on
recognition of his lifelong promotion of quality religious
education and lay leadership within the Diocese.
Following the award will be a fun evening of games,
appetizers, silent auction and prices called Casino
Congar. Please keep Msgr. Fitzgerald in your prayers as
he begins the transition to a new chapter in his life.
Rev. Msgr. Sir Colin Bircumshaw was been appointed
Vicar General for the Diocese of Salt Lake City. Msgr.
will be replacing Rev. Msgr.
Sir Terrence Fitzgerald as
Vice General . Msgr .
Bircumshaw has been the
beloved Pastor of Saint Ann
Parish in Salt Lake City
since 2003 and also serves
as the Diocesan Vocation
Director, among other posts.
The Utah Knights and
Ladies held its Midyear
meeting on April 2nd at the
Bishop‘s residence, followed
by Mass at the Cathedral of the Madeleine. Our
Chancellor Sir George Fraunces and his wife Lady
Rosemary attended.
And sadly, our Diocesan benefactor, Lady Irene
Sweeney passed away on June 23rd. Most Rev. Sir
John C. Wester, Bishop of Salt Lake City presided at
the funeral Mass. Lady Irene was a Cathedral Parishioner for more than 50 years. Lady Irene served the Cathedral‘s Ministries and Apostolates and worked closely
on the Cathedral restoration. She was a very special
Msgr. Fitzgerald
Rev. Msgr. Sir Colin Bircumshaw with
Most Rev. Sir John Wester
served the local
church and beyond
with distinction,
selflessness, compassion and vision.
On August 27th, the
Congar Institute for
Ministry Development will honor
Area Co-Councillors—Salt Lake City
Sir Pieter Scholte
[email protected]
Lady Teena Scholte
[email protected]
an Bernardino—The Knights and Ladies of the
Diocese of San Bernardino met for their Mid-Year
meeting on April 16, 2011 at San Bernardine's
Cathedral. In attendance were 50 members of the Order
Page 9
Volume 21, Number 2
along with some of the prospective members to be
invested in Las Vegas later this year. Msgr. Wallace
was the main celebrant of the Mass and provided an
inspirational homily. Following Mass, the members
were privileged to receive a "State of the Lieutenancy" presentation by our Chancellor, Sir George
Frances and our Lieutenant, H.E. Sir William
Davidson. And reminded the importance of our own
Members of the Order are looking forward to coordination efforts with the leadership from the Western
Lieutenancy in anticipation of the 2012 Annual
Meeting. In that regard, Knights and Ladies will be
shadowing the efforts of the various chairpersons in
Las Vegas.
On July 10, Sir Tom and Lady Margot Kyd hosted a
reception for Loujine and members of the Lieutenancy
who contributed to the program. In attendance were Sir
Fred and Lady Liz Chavez, Sir Chuck and Lady Ede
Radloff, Sir John and Lady Vera McMahon, Sir
Tony and Lady Patty Garcyznski, and Rev. Sir John
Proctor. Those who contributed but couldn‘t attend
were Sir Joseph and Lady Annette Wise, Sir Dave
and Lady Nancy Schanzlin, Rev. Sir Jerry
O”Donnell, Lady Mary Knudsen and H.E. Sir
William and Lady Carolyn Davidson.
When asked about her experience as a summer intern in
San Diego, Loujine concluded, ―It was by far the best
summer of my life!‖
Area Co-Councillors—San Diego
Sir Tom Kyd
[email protected]
Area Co-Councillors—San Bernardino
Sir Charles Riddle
[email protected]
Lady DoeLeen Rover
[email protected]
an Diego—For the second year in a row, the
San Diego Area hosted a summer intern from
Bethlehem University.
This year‘s intern,
Loujine Khoury, was
graciously hosted by
Sir Fred and Lady Liz
Chavez, and worked
for five weeks under
Fred in the
auditing department at the University of San
Rosa Cumare
and the J&P Committee have taken the lead in organizing and developing this program. The internship
program helps the students gain experience in the
American way of business and entrepreneurship. This
experience should be invaluable in their pursuit of
employment and successful careers.
Lady Margot Kyd
[email protected]
ucson—Sir Henry Quesada has completed the
Banner of Our Lady of Palestine with the help of
Lady Carol Habra and the Benedictine Sisters. Sir
Henry painted Our Lady. The members of the Order
from the Diocese of Tucson will donate the Banner to
the Western USA Lieutenancy at the Annual Meeting.
We are saddened to report the passing of Sir Michael
J. Harris on March 24, 2011. Sir Michael had been a
member of the Order since 1997, and was involved in
many philanthropic projects in the Tucson Community. Forty of our members participated in the
Funeral Mass at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish.
We have received all of the Sacred Vessels and
Liturgical items, and Jim has been preparing the
custom carrying cases for safe transportation to Las
Vegas and future Annual Meetings.
Area Co-Councillors—Tucson
Sir James Ronstadt
[email protected]
Lady Christina Ronstadt
[email protected]
Page 10
Volume 21, Number 2
Bethlehem University Awards Honorary Doctorate to Cardinal John Patrick Foley
Philadelphia, PA- Bethlehem University in
the Holy Land presented a Doctor of
Humanities, honoris causa, to Cardinal John
Patrick Foley, a long time supporter of
Bethlehem University and tireless advocate for
the people of God and the Catholic Church
throughout the world, and especially in the
Holy Land.
In 2007 His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
appointed Cardinal Foley as the Grand Master
of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre
of Jerusalem, which he led until his resignation
due to illness this February. Cardinal Foley has
Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University (left),
Cardinal John Foley (right)
significantly enhanced efforts of the Order in
providing for the needs of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the various initiatives of the
Lieutenancies of the Equestrian Order to support the Christian presence in the Holy Land.
―The commitment of Cardinal Foley to the Church is unsurpassed,‖ said Br. Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor
of Bethlehem University. ―His encouragement of pilgrimages to the Holy Land has enabled thousands to
deepen their faith in God, through the grace of the Holy Spirit.‖
―In his years as Grand Master, Cardinal Foley expanded the
Order into new lands and reached record levels of
membership,‖ Br. Bray said. ―At the same time he increased
support for Bethlehem University, the only Catholic
University in the Holy Land, and as well as for many other
brother and sister Christian institutions in the Holy Land.
Bethlehem University is pleased to be able to award this
honorary degree to Cardinal Foley in recognition of his
significant support, and the impact of the members of the
L-R: Robert Sims; Monsignor Hans Brouwers; Cardinal
John Foley; Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of
Equestrian Order, especially in the field of education.‖
Bethlehem University; Brother Jack Curran,
Vice President for Development, Bethlehem University
Bethlehem University is a Catholic co-educational institution
in the Lasallian tradition whose mission is to provide quality higher education to the people of Palestine
and to serve them in its role as a center for the advancement, sharing and use of knowledge. The
University emphasizes excellent in academic programs and the development of students as committed
people prepared to assume leading positions in society. The University aspires to fostering shared values,
moral principles and dedication to serving the common good.
Page 11
Volume 21, Number 2
By Sir Charles Radloff
Summer School Programs
Latin Patriarchate Schools
The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Western USA Lieutenancy provided funds for the Summer School Programs at the Latin Patriarchate Schools in Zarqa, Jordan. For the past three years, at the request of Father Elie, Pastor of Zarqa North and Father Ala Alamat,
former Pastor of Zarqa South, the Western USA Lieutenancy funded
Summer School Programs at the
schools in Zarqa, Jordan.
Zarqa North
Zarqa South
The Summer School Program is held in July and consists of three
weeks of a wide range of recreational and educational activities. 150
students and 20 volunteers from Zarqa South and 200 plus students
and 30 volunteers from Zarqa North participated in the program. Jordanian Seminarians from the Latin Seminary join in as volunteers and
assist in adding to the spiritual dimension to the program. The Summer School provides an opportunity for the children to enjoy open
spaces, visit historical and spiritual sites in Jordan, and relax and enjoy themselves in a Christian atmosphere.
Education Insights in the Holy Land
Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
When the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem was re-established in
the Holy Land in 1847 under the leadership of Patriarch Joseph
Valerga, he established the first parish in a village called Beit Jala.
Providing good Christian education was a priority of Patriarch
Valerga, and as soon as the parish was founded, a school was established. This has set the tone for the role of the Latin Patriarchate in providing education in the Diocese of Jerusalem. It has
been the legacy of Patriarch Valerga and his successors to prioritize good Christian education in the Holy
As additional schools in the Archdiocese of Jerusalem (Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Cyprus) were developed, the objective was to provide an education for children of all Christian denominations. The schools
provide an educational program encompassing moral, religious and intellectual teaching. Today, in the
Archdiocese of Jerusalem, there are forty-three schools with 19,000 students.
The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem is the main source of income for the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the greatest portion of these funds are dedicated to supporting schools. Students
of Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem schools recognize they are privileged to receive an excellent education,
one that prepares them to assume positions of leadership in the future.
Page 12
Volume 21, Number 2
These notes are submitted by students of the Latin Patriarchate (without spelling corrections!):
Page 13
Volume 21, Number 2
By Lady Rosa Cumare
On June 11, 34 Knights and Ladies visited the Getty Villa in Malibu to tour the exhibit In Search of Biblical
Lands: From Jerusalem to Jordan in Nineteenth-century Photography.
The group was met by a Getty Villa docent, who supplied us with individual headphones so all present could
clearly follow her lively descriptions of the Villa and the exhibit.
The scenes of the Holy Land on display ranged
from photographs of the significant landmarks that
existed at the time, such as the Church of the Holy
Sepulchre, the Dome of the Rock, the Mount of
Olives, the Citadel in Acre, to depictions of the
countryside, such as Lake Galilee, the Dead Sea and
the Jordan River. Portraits of residents and pilgrims
added human interest to the exhibit. Given the
hardships involved in taking photographs at the time (from 1840s to early 1900s), the
quality of the work was extraordinary. The photographers and their crews carried not only extremely
heavy camera equipment and glass plates, but also the toxic chemicals needed to develop their exposures in the
‗portable‘ dark rooms that they took with them.
Besides the technical hardware, those looking through lenses also carried with them an awareness of what their
audiences back home were expecting them to record – the land where Jesus and the prophets lived and
walked. Centuries of imaginative literary and artistic descriptions framed their vision. Through these
photographs, the general public would for the first time be exposed to the ―reality‖ on the ground. Unfortunately,
in the 19th century no less than today, reality did not conform to expectations. Detailed panoramas of Jerusalem
reveal that it was a tiny walled town, surrounded by barren rock and scrubby vegetation. The landscapes of
Judea, Samaria and Galilee were mainly deserts, largely devoid of population or any agricultural
development. Instead of a land overflowing with milk and honey, the countryside was poor and barely touched
by human hands. So meager was the presence of people that some photographs were ―photo shopped‖ - portraits
of colorful Bedouins taken in villages were superimposed on views of Lake Galilee and the Jordan.
Contemporaneous descriptions of 19th century pilgrims‘ experiences in the Holy Land provided by the Getty
Villa bring to vivid life the contrast between the anticipation and the reality.
Many of the knights and ladies on this excursion had visited the Holy Land, and they could empathize with their
19th century counterparts. Although several million people now inhabit this territory and human development has
turned into a major source of contention, the clash between what a Christian
expects and what he or she encounters remains a mystery to ponder and a
challenge for both prayerful and practical intercession.
No Justice & Peace Committee excursion is without its spiritual component. This was once again provided by the Rt. Rev. Sir Alexei Smith, who
was asked to bless Lady Nancy Iredale‘s new home on the ocean‘s edge in
Malibu. From January 6, the Feast of the Theophany (Epiphany), to shortly
before Lent, Orthodox priests bless their parishioners‘ homes with holy water
that was newly blessed at Epiphany. Following this tradition of the
Theophany house blessing, Fr. Alexei led Lady Nancy‘s guests in a chanted
Byzantine prayer service, while he sprinkled holy water in each room and
with this another enlightening experience came to a fitting close.
Page 14
Volume 21, Number 2
By Sir Norm Anderson
Top Catholic and Anglican leaders launched a new effort to support the dwindling population of
Christians in the Holy Land with an historic gathering at London‘s Lambeth Palace recently. Entitled
―Conference on Christians in the Holy Land,‖ the July 18-19 meeting, with some 90 representatives
from Europe, North America, and the Middle East in attendance, was co-hosted by the Anglican
Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, and by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of
Westminster, Most Rev. Vincent Nichols.
Archbishop Williams, head of the world-wide Anglican
Communion, said that the purpose of the gathering, was to
raise a ―literate, compassionate awareness‖ of the Holy Land‘s
Christian plight, and to galvanize action.
Noting that the Christian presence in Israel and the Palestinian
Territories has shrunk to less than 2% of the total population,
His Beatitude Fouad Twal, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem and
Grand Prior of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, reminded the
assembly that the Holy Land could become a ―Spiritual
Disneyland,‖ full of glittering rides and attractions, but empty
of its indigenous Christian population.
Left to Right: Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of
Canterbury with Most Rev. Fouad Twal, Patriarch
of Jerusalem and Most Rev. Vincent Nichols,
Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster
Echoing that sentiment, French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Vatican‘s Pontifical
Commission for Interreligious Dialogue, offered that Christian centers of the Holy Land could become
―archeological and historical sites, to be visited like the Coliseum in Rome – museums with entrance
tickets, and guides who explain the beautiful legends.‖
Conference speakers presented ways to offer assistance to the predominantly Palestinian Christian
community. Those included financial support, building more relationships between congregations, and
increasing public policy advocacy. As part of that effort, there was a call for an end to security
restrictions that prevent local people of faith from visiting their holy sites.
There was a general consensus that working for an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be the
biggest help of all in resolving the problems of Christians caught in the ongoing conflict between
Israelis and Palestinians.
Page 15
Volume 21, Number 2
The Most Rev. Sir Gerald F. Kicanas, KC*HS, bishop of the Tucson, Arizona, diocese, commented,
―Ultimately, what we need is a two-state solution where these two people can live together in peace,
each in their own sovereign states, respecting the boundaries and respecting the rights of those states.‖
Tucson‘s Bishop Kicanas and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the retired Archbishop of Washington
D.C., were the American prelates at the gathering.
Conference participants were reminded that the reason for deep concern about Christians in the Holy
Land boiled down to two points: First, their survival is critical to Christianity‘s identity. And second,
it‘s a key to peace in the region, and therefore to peace in the world. ―Now,‖ said one observer, ―the
challenge is to turn talk into action.‖
The importance of the Lambeth conference having
been jointly hosted by leaders of both Anglican
and Roman Catholic faith communities has not
been lost on Rt. Rev. Sir Alexei R. Smith, KCHS,
Director of the Office of Ecumenical and
Interreligious Affairs for the Archdiocese of Los
Fr. Smith notes that Catholic Archbishop Nichols
of Westminster described the conference as an
―important step forward in collaboration between
the Catholic and Anglican Churches.‖ Fr. Smith
adds that this statement testifies ―to the fact that
theological differences must not impede these two
churches from working together for the common
good – in this case the welfare of the Christian
community in the Holy Land – and that it is
possible to do so in an amicable manner.‖
Additional information and the audio of all
speeches at the conference is available on the website of the Archbishop of Canterbury:
Page 16
Volume 21, Number 2
Requiescant in Pace
Our Lord Jesus Christ has called to their eternal reward the following members of the
Western Lieutenancy of the United States
Sir Jack Harold Boggust, KC*HS
September 19, 1924- December 6, 2010
San Diego
Sir Jack Boggust was born in Turlock, California. He was raised in Brawley, attended Sacred Heart School and
graduated from UCLA, University of California- Berkley and Hastings School of Law in San Francisco. He served
in the U.S. Army Air Corps and was part of the 3rd Photo Reconnaissance Squadron in the Pacific. As a navigator,
he flew reconnaissance missions over Japan. In 1959 he married his wife Marilyn and had four children, Susan,
Betsy, Andy, and Matt. He worked in Bakersfield‘s District Attorney‘s Office, then returned to Brawley and opened
his law practice. Sir Jack was very active in Sacred Heart Church, Brawley Lions Club and Elks. He enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren, doing daily crossword puzzles and going to the beach. Sir Jack was predeceased by
his daughter, Susan. He is survived by his wife Marilyn, his three children and fifteen grandchildren.
Sir Michael J. Harris, KGCHS
April 7, 1938-March 24, 2011
Sir Michael Harris was born in Chicago, Illinois. He attended the University of Arizona for both his Bachelors and
Master Degrees. He met and married his wife Charlotte with whom he had three children, Christopher, Kathleen and
Timothy. Sir Michael was a man of many interests. He loved spending time with his family, friends, playing golf,
and serving the community. He was very involved with Rotary Club, the United Way of Tucson, Salpointe Catholic
Endowed Scholarship Fund, Rotary, Goodwill, and the Serra Club. A champion of many causes, Sir Michael‘s compassion and devotion to those in need had an impact on many. He is survived by his wife Charlotte, his three children and eight grandchildren and his two sisters, Sr. Colleen and Sr. Kathleen Harris, CSJ.
Lady Kathleen Ann Prenovost, LGCHS
August 7, 1927-June 13, 2011
Lady Kathleen Ann Prenovost was born in Phoenix, Arizona. She attended Phoenix College and worked for a radio
station in the traffic department. Lady Kathleen was a member of St. Gregory the Great, and served on the Parish
Council. She was very active in Catholic Charities, both in Los Angeles and Orange County. Lady Kathleen was
predeceased by her husband Thomas. She is survived by six children, Tom, Doug, Michele, David, Annette and
Ted, nineteen grandchildren and one great grandchild.
Lady Joan Barasa, LGCHS
July 9 1912- June 24, 2011
Lady Joan Agatha Barasa was born in Dunn County, North Dakota, where she attended public schools for eleven
years before coming to California. At the age of nineteen she began Nurse‘s training and Secretarial courses. In
1939 she met and married her husband, Armand Barasa and had five daughters, Judith, Gayle, Mary, Denise, and
Camille. Lady Joan was very involved with various organizations, including the Girl Scouts, Catholic Charities
Auxiliary, St Mary‘s Academy, St. John the Evangelist, Catholic Daughters, Y.L. I. which support Seminarians and
the Orange County Election Board Committee. he is survived by her husband, Armand, of seventy one years, her
five daughters, twenty nine grandchildren, sixty five great-grand children and one great- great- grand grandson.
Page 17
Volume 21, Number 2
Lady Irene Cecelia Sweeney, LHS
March 2, 1915-June 23, 2011
Salt Lake City
Lady Irene Sweeney was born in Green Isle, Minnesota. She graduated from Mankato State Teacher‘s College and was
one of the first women enlisted in the Woman‘s Army Corps. She served with the 7 th Service Command and earned the
rank of Lieutenant Colonel and was discharged with many commendations and medals. Working for the League of
Women Voters of the United States, she was instrumental in opening branches in the Western States. She was very active in her parish of over 50 years, the Cathedral of the Madeleine. Lady Irene received many Papal Honors, including
the Bronze Palm, Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, Dame in Saint Gregory the Great and was very active in many civic groups.
Lady Irene is survived by her sister, Ruth Noack and several nieces and nephews in various parts of the country.
Sir Frank “Bud” Hartigan, KGCHS
November 11, 1934- July 10, 2011
Sir Frank ―Bud‖ Hartigan was born in Chicago. He met his wife Elaine in High School. They married and had five children, Glen, Scott, Paul, Colleen and John. He joined the Navy as a helicopter pilot and later became an American Airlines pilot and flew for twenty six years, retiring as Captain. His house was always filled with children and laughter. He
enjoyed poetry, spiritual philosophy and a daily dose of crossword puzzles. His purpose in life was to make others
happy and he passed this wonderful trait to his children. He always stayed in touch with each of his children as they
grew and he became the ―texting‖ grandpa to his grandchildren. He is survived by his wife of fifty five years, Elaine, his
five children, and many grandchildren.
Sir Emilio B. Moure, KC*HS
December 4, 1956-July 23, 2011
Orange/ Madison, Connecticut
Sir Emilio Moure was born in Cuba and at the age of eleven, his family came to the United States. He received his
Bachelors Degree from the University of Long Beach and a Master‘s Degree from the University of La Verne. He met
his wife Rebeca and had two sons. In January of 1985, he joined the Knights of Columbus and began working at the
Supreme Council headquarters in April 2007 as Executive Vice President for Business Process Management. In October
of 2009, he was appointed Supreme Treasurer and in September of 2010 he was named Supreme Secretary. He served
on the boards of National Fraternal Congress of America and KWTV in Mexico, where he helped to develop a positive
television alternative for the Mexican market. Sir Emilio is survived by his wife of thirty one years, Rebeca, their two
sons and two grandchildren. Emilio was a special man who will be missed by many.
Sir Thomas Herschberg, KHS
February 9, 1931-August 13, 2011
Salt Lake City
Sir Thomas Herschberg was born in Pasadena, California. He graduated from Pasadena High School and Pasadena City
College. He met his wife Kathryn and they were married in 1955. They had four beautiful children, Tim, John, Cindy
and Matt. Sir Thomas worked as an Electrical Design Engineer with North American Rockwell in Southern California
for over thirty years before retiring in 1994. Sir Tom took well deserved pride in having worked on satellite guidance
systems for the Apollo and shuttle programs. Tom and Kathy moved to Park City in 1991 where they became owners of
Owls Roost Bed and Breakfast. Sir Tom was very active in his church, St. Mary‘s of the Assumption. Tom will be remembered for his quiet grace and warmth. He had a strength that served as a rock solid foundation for his family and
those closest to him. He is predeceased by his bride of fifty five years, Kathy and his daughter Cindy. He is survived by
his three sons, and four grandchildren, many nieces and nephews and friends too many to count.
Masses will be said in the Holy Land for the repose of their souls by His Beatitude, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem.
Page 18
Volume 21, Number 2
EOHSJ Western USA Lieutenancy Holy Land Pilgrimage
In partnership with the St. Thomas More Society
13 Days: March 4 to 16, 2012
A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
plus London
Under the Spiritual Direction of V. Rev. Sir Hugh Barbour, O.Praem.
Group Coordinator: Sir David L. Belz
Full Package Price
$3199 Special Cash Discount Price / $3398 Standard Base Price
From Los Angeles (LAX), plus $595 airport taxes, current fuel surcharges and $150 tips
Land Only Package Pracie
(Make your own airline reservation)
$2649 Special Cash Discount Price / $2,848 Standard Base Price
Plus $150 in tips
To Download Full Color Brochure & Registration form:
Visit: GoCatholicTravel.com/EOHSJ (case sensitive)
For More Information Contact
Sir David L. Belz, KCHS
Group Coordinator
Tel: (949) 422-7930 cell
Email: [email protected]
Sir. J. Scott Scherer, KCHS
Director of Pilgrimages – Western USA Lieutenancy
Tel: (800) 553 5233
Email: [email protected] Travel.com
Page 19
Volume 21, Number 2
Lady Diane Dudaniec
For the past few months we have been busy
choosing new designs for our Christmas
cards. Some cards were designed by a Christian
artist in Beit Jala, a couple from different locations in Bethlehem, and some from other
sources. All cards are printed in the Holy Land.
The price per pkg of 10 cards will stay the same
as last year - $10.00.
We are pleased with the selection and hope you
will get a chance to stop by and take a peek while Don‘t be without your EOHSJ logo shirt at the
attending our Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.
next Annual Meeting! The shirt is 100% cotton,
with three buttons and side vents. Available in
black or white. Men‘s sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL,
and XXXL. (Small is sufficient for women who
wear medium-size blouse.) EOHSJ logo shirts are
great gifts for newly installed members and birthdays. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. Price
$40 each (S,M,L) and $45 each (XL, XXL,
Members can make use of the Internet and take advan- XXXL).
tage of the many opportunities to be connected with
the Holy Land and be able to remain abreast of the
multiplicity of interesting and important events in the
land we are dedicated to preserve.
Make check payable to EOHSJ and send to:
Sir Joseph Enos, 728 Laurinda Lane
Orange, CA 92869
[email protected]
Suggested web sites:
Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
This web site is exciting and provides information of
significant events an activities of the LPJ in the Holy
Bethlehem University
Bethlehem University is the only Catholic University
in the Holy Land and because of the close association
with the EOHSL, it should be of interest to members
of the Order. The Western Lieutenancy has been an
important supporter of the University.
Total Payment $
All proceeds go to the Order to further our good works.
Western USA Lieutenancy
4901 Morena Blvd., Suite 106
San Diego, CA 92117
This is Your Newsletter…
If you have any items and/or photos of the Orderrelated activities in your Area, please share them with
your fellow Knights and Ladies. We will be looking for
newsworthy articles on the Annual Meeting, the
Internship Program, Pilgrimage reflections and, of
course, news on our members in support of our
Please e-mail them to:
Lady Diane Grange, LCHS
Secretary and Newsletter Editor
Email: [email protected]
October 5—8, 2012
San Bernardino
October 4—7, 2013
Salt Lake City
October 3—6, 2014
Mass Cards
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass can be
offered for you or your loved ones in the
Holy Land. You can send a Mass Card for
any occasion (birthday, wedding, baptism
or deceased). Order your Mass Cards from
our Administrative Office. Checks can be
made payable to EOHSJ. The stipend is
$20 per Mass Card.
4901 Morena Blvd., Suite 106
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 270-8100
[email protected]
Also available on-line at www.khswesterusa.org

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