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Cover photo: The Great Snowball Fight of 1862
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ACW Gamer is a publication of Raven Banner Games. Raven Banner Games is registered as a business operating
in Pennsylvania, USA
Welcome to ACW Gamer,
the Ezine!
The Electronic Magazine dedicated to wargaming the American Civil War on the tabletop.
Welcome to the ACW Gamer Holiday Gift Guide.
This special is design to help you in your search for gifts to get your
gaming friends this holiday season....or perhaps what to get for yourself if Santa forgets to bring you ACW goodies to play with in the
New Year.
Most of the items that you will see in this issue have been reviewed
or have advertised with ACW Gamer so you can look at the reviews
and get an idea of what they are all about. I think you will find a
little something for everyone, so please take a look.
Thank you for all your support since the Ezine launched and have a
great holiday!
Stephen M. Huckaby
[email protected]
The official miniature of ACW Gamer
presented to contributors -Photo by Bill Gilson
Going on sale 15 December 2014:
ACW Gamer: The Ezine
Terrain Special.
A PDF containing articles and
tutorials by some of your favorite
ACW Gamer authors designed to
help you take your table top back
150 years!
The articles will also be useful
for AWI, the War of 1812 and
other periods. The Special will be
sent to all current ACW Gamer
subscribers for free.
ACW Gamer
Holiday Gift Guide
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ACW Miniatures
10 MM
Cracker Line Minatures offers a great selection of
10mm ACW figures designed to portray troops in the
Western Theater of the War.
Bill also offers 10mm ACW figures to portray troops
in the Eastern Theater of the War under his Plank
Road line. Previously known as Star Fort figures,
Bill’s company Good Ground acquired the range,
which the Cracker Line figures were originally
sculpted to match the Star Fort line.
Owner of Cracker Line, “ACW” Bill Moreno,
commissioned a talented sculptor to create figures
based off of paintings by some of today’s most
popular Civil War painters.
ACW Gamer
Holiday Gift Guide
Page 3
ACW Miniatures
28 MM
Architects of War (AOW)
have created their own line of
metal figures to accompany their
American Uncivil War rule set.
The figures are designed to give
players unique sculpts to represent
the colorful characters they have
created for their American UnCivil
War rules.
The creators stated that they
designed the line to be compatible
with other popular figures on the
market. Despite this compatibility,
the AUW line does offer many
figures that might stand out in the
regiments that see service on your
table top - as the advertising above states they have figures“tall, young, old, fat and short.”
For more on these figures, see the review in ACW Gamer Issue 4.
Sash and Saber Casting has been providing 28mm and 40mm
ACW figures for several years now and they remain popular with
ACW minature enthusiasts.
Owner and sculptor Chris Hughes brings a character and
animation to his figures that make them unique in a market of ever growing ACW figure ranges. Chris also takes
pride in his attention to historical accuracy in both equipment and poses.
For more on Sash and Saber Castings, see the interview with Chris
Hughes in ACW Gamer Issue 4.
Union Zouave’s from Sash and Saber’s 40mm Range
ACW Gamer
Holiday Gift Guide
Page 4
Before there was Robert E. Lee...
there was “Light Horse” Harry Lee
King Philip’s War *The War of Jenkin’s Ear * The French and
Indian War * Pontiac’s
Rebellion * The American
War for Independence
* The Quasi-War *
Shay’s Rebellion
* The Whiskey
Rebellion * Frie’s
Rebellion *
Barbary Wars
* Tecumseh
War * The War
of 1812 * The
Wars *
The Creek
War * The
Expedition *
The Arikara
War * The
War *
The Black
Hawk War
* The Texas
* The Patriot
War * The
MexicanAmerican War
* The Cayuse
War * The Puget
Sound War * The
Rogue River Wars
* The Yakima War *
The Mormon War *
The Paraguay Expedition
* The Navajo Wars * The
Paiute War * The Reform War * The Cortina Wars * John Brown’s
Raid * The Dakota War * The Colorado War * The Snake War *
Red Cloud’s War * Comanche War * The Modoc War * The Apache
War * The Red River War * The Las Cuevas War * The Korean
Expedition * The Sioux Wars * The Cheyenne War
Coming next spring...
an Ezine about America’s other black powder wars.
ACW Gamer
Holiday Gift Guide
Page 5
40 MM
ACW Miniatures
Trident Miniatures offers some excellent figures for a gamer get started in 40mm gaming. The figures reflect great
realism and attention to detail. If you are not planning on 40mm gaming, then you might want to consider these
for diorama or display purposes.
Trident Designs has big plans for their ACW line. Future figures will include more figures in the frock coats, along
with Texas hats and Kepis so you can create Hood’s Texas Brigade. Artillery and cavalry are planned for both sides;
including some unique cavalry such as New Jersery cavalry, Rush’s Lancers, and Virginia Cavalry.
For a complete review, see ACW Gamer: Issue 2.
Good Ground, LLC
Is YOUR army on Good
• Cracker Line 10mm Western Theater ACW miniatures designed by
owner Bill Moreno and sculpted by Bob Soutar. Figures modeled
after the artwork of Troiani and Rocco. Figures designed to match
several 10mm lines!
• Plank Road 10mm Eastern Theater ACW miniatures (formerly
• Between the Lines structures. amongst the most detailed 10mm
historical structures available.
• Offering an exclusive line of 10mm ACW
flags researched and designed by Tim Harrop (AKA Old Gunny.)
• B Company magnetic bases
ACW Gamer
Holiday Gift Guide
Page 6

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