GeoTour Best Practices Feb 2016


GeoTour Best Practices Feb 2016
What Best Practices
Can I Learn From Other
webinar access code: 757-208-675
Feb 25, 2016
Best Practices
in GeoTours
February 25, 2016
1. Announcements
2. Banner Ads: Hatfield
McCoy GeoTour
3. Weekly Newsletter &
Blog Post: Meg
4. Renewal: Helena GeoTour
5. Geocoin Design: Space
Coast GeoTour
6. Future Webinars
Jenn Seva
1. We will record the webinar so we can share it with you
*and* those who could not be here.
2. Be brief and complete. Let’s use the one hour wisely!
3. Meg will act as our time-keeper.
4. Mute your phone if you are not talking.
5. Unmute your phone to speak. ;-)
6. Join Me has an optional “chat room.”
7. After each speaker, there will be a short time for 1 or 2
questions. Start with your first name. “This is Jane. My
comment is…”
23 Participants
Oregon: Eugene, Cascades & Coast
Geocaching Capital of Canada
Tennessee: Jack Trail
Gold Country
Heritage Hide’n’Seek
Germany: Paderborner Land
Birthplace of Texas
Trinity Trails Geocaching Adventure
Portugal: Ilha Verde/Green Island
Utah: Visit Utah
Scotland: Explore Royal Deeside
Washington State:
Sweden: Örebro
Colorado: Across The Divide
Washington State Parks
Visit Rainier Centennial
Washington, D.C. area:
Florida: Taking Flight
Star-Spangled Banner
Georgia: Columbus
Captain John Smith
Montana: Helena
Fast Facts
Meg Hatch
62 GeoTours live around the world!
39 in the United States, 22 in other countries, 2 transnational
45 of these programs are in year 2 or beyond
Fewest caches: 9-10; Most caches: 150
Banner Ads
Two sizes available. You can submit up to 5 versions.
Let us know if
you need a
language in our
brown header.
Banner Ad Case Study
○ 0.19% Click Thru Rate
○ 556,055 impressions (March 2015 to now)
○ Similar ad campaigns on average
between 0.06-0.12% CTR
Why is this ad so successful?
rotating gif
engaging images
geocoins are “a real click-getter”
name recognition with Hatfield McCoy
image recognition with that person
Wendy Hackney, GeoTour Host, says:
“I thought of it as a mini billboard that people would
be driving past. I only had a second to grab their
attention. Enough to cause them to click on me!”
Banner Ad Case Study
This is the
old curved
style that is
Weekly Newsletter
What is it?
● The geocaching email newsletter gives readers the information they need
to stay on top of the latest geocaching trends and topics. Content
features in-depth and timely articles that focus on geocaching related
news and products. The geocaching email newsletter is distributed to 7
million registered opt-in members globally (at minimum) each week.
Be smart.
● The newsletter is sent out weekly, every Monday. As a GT Host, it’s smart
to time this when you have news!
● Consider your targeting and your audience.
What we ask of you:
● One small image and short text copy (200 words), minimum of two weeks
prior to desired feature date.
○ Style Guide from Meg & Jenn
Weekly Newsletter - Example
Weekly Newsletter - Example
Old Blog
*NEW* Blog!
Check it out >>
Designing a Geocoin
Dale & Barb Swinehart,
[email protected]
Space Coast GeoTour, Florida
Design considerations:
● branding: “Space Coast”
● Kennedy Space Center is
nearby 3 … 2 … 1 … liftoff!
All of our phone numbers
begin with “321” in this area.
● Overall shape: location-based
● Symbols of our region:
alligator, sandhill crane
Designing a Geocoin
Refreshing a GeoTour
Anna Strange, [email protected]
Helena, Montana
○ GeoTour in its third year
○ Collaborative partnership
between the
Helena Tourism Alliance and the
Capital City Cachers
○ Strategy around our passport:
■ point system
■ hotel stays
■ changing the caches
Refreshing a GeoTour
Refreshing a GeoTour
Meg Hatch
Small (but exciting!) facelift to GeoTour landing pages:
Please submit NEW or UPDATED links so we can adjust
your page accordingly.
Future Webinars
Save the Date
May 26, 2016: Thursday, 8:00 to 9:00 am Pacific Time
Tell us: [email protected]
○ Do you want to present?
○ What Best Practices would you like to discuss?
More questions?

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