Note from the Principal - Kaukauna Area School District


Note from the Principal - Kaukauna Area School District
Note from the Principal
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Upcoming Dates /
PBIS Corner
15-16 Registration /
Lunch Account Info
Freshman Football /
Orchestra Concert
Student Spotlight
May/June Calendars
The last part of the school year has arrived much too soon. It is hard to believe that by
the time you receive the newsletter there will only be about 3 ½ weeks of school left.
Of those days, on Thursday, May 26th, our 5th – 7th graders will be participating in the
third annual Community Service Day. In years past students have done charity walks,
cleaned up along the highway, assisted at the Public Library, created summer fun
packs and cleaned up parks around the city. This event is a fantastic way for the kids
to give back to the community while also reinforcing pride in making the community a
better place and increasing the sense of ownership in taking responsibility for keeping
it Kaukauna Strong. This year the 8th graders will be at a Timber Rattlers game on May
26th, which is their end of the year PBIS celebration activity.
The remaining days of school will not be used as wind down time, rather it will be
used to push forward. Daily lessons will continue to build on prior knowledge to enhance students’ understanding of concepts. Most certainly class work will be given,
homework will be assigned, and tests will be given to measure the students’ understanding of the material that is covered. All this work will count toward the students’
final grade so it is important to stay focused and be in school every day. While I understand it may be tempting to pull the kids early for a long weekend or vacation this
time of the year, I ask that you keep the kids in school as every minute is precious.
As the year draws to a close, I want to share my appreciation for the continued support you have provided your child(ren) and River View this year. Working to help students be successful is a partnership and I feel most fortunate that we have parents
such as yourself, collaborating with us to give students positive and productive learning experiences each day.
Enjoy the summer and thank you for encouraging your child(ren) to remain active and
engaged in reading during the break.
Dan Joseph
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Student of the Month
Gr. 5—Paige Miller
Eagle Buck Drawings
7—Gage Boyd
5—Grace Lahr
7—Madelynn Dickman
5—Rosalinda Ramirez
7—Austin Miller
5—Kaaliyah Stelow Waldrop
7—Blake Skaggs
6—Jonathan Alvarez
8—Zach Berghuis
6—Makenna Gries
8—Zach Johnson
6—Ashley Mayer
8—Jade Mansavage
6—Haylie Wittman
8—Joe Malski
8—Kylee Zeller
Gr. 6—Keaton Gaffney
Gr. 7—Ellie Davis
Gr. 8—Auden Pearson
Staff of the Month:
Miss Crupi—7th Grade Science
River View students will be acknowledged for their great efforts this year with
a grade level end-of-year field trip. We thank all of the students and families
for supporting the River View Way: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Productive. Permission slips will be sent home with your child in the near future for
one of the following events:
May 26
Gr. 8 to Badger Sports Park, 8:00-11:20 am
June 1
Gr. 5 to Heart of the Valley YMCA —
(Reider, Bestul, Vanderloop, Weast/Swedberg,Wyngaard)10:00 am-11:50 am
(Abel, Boehme, Harris, Hershoff, Janssen & Krznarich)1:00-2:50 pm
Gr. 6 to Skate City, 12:30-3:00 pm
Gr. 7 to Super Bowl, 8:30-11:30 am
Mark your calendars. . .
May 26— Early Dismissal—11:30 am
May 27 & 30—No School
June 2—Last Day of School—11:30 am
2016 -17 School Year
Aug. 16 & 17—Registration
Sept. 6—First Day of School
Back to School Clothes
If you think you may need help with getting back-to-school
clothes/shoes for your children, there is an event called
“Cool for School” that may help. The event is run through
the Community Clothes Closet in Menasha. In order to
participate, you will need to either be a current Clothes
Closet client OR you will need a referral form to become a
client. Contact your school social worker, Karen Wirth (766
-6111 ext 4206), if you need a referral form. Although it
may seem early to be thinking about back-to-school
clothes, it is best to reach out to Mrs. Wirth now as summer hours are limited and it may be difficult to reach her.
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A note from Chartwells ...
With the end of the year approaching lunch balances
need to be brought up to date. Starting Wednesday,
May 18th, 2016 students will not be able to charge
on their lunch account unless they have a positive
balance. Anyone with a negative balance will NOT be
able to purchase a MEAL or ALA CARTE unless they
have money to pay for the items. We will be accepting money to deposit into the student’s account
as usual.
We are asking that you take note of your child/
children’s lunch account balance. Accounts will have
to be brought up to date by the end of the school
year. If we do not receive payment by June 8th, 2016,
and the account balance is more than a $20.00 negative it will be sent to the Kaukauna Area School District Collection Agency.
If you choose to let your child/children’s lunch account balance go below the $5.00 mark because of
the end of the year, please remember the Kaukauna
Area School District Messenger Service will continue
to contact you. This is an automated service and cannot be turned off.
Remember to make each day a safe and healthy one!
Eagle Outlet
The Eagle Outlet has clothing available for any student in need. All
clothing is free of charge. Any student in need can see one of the
8th Gr. Farewell Activity Day
The annual 8th grade Farewell will be held on Wednesday,
June 1st. The purpose of the farewell is to celebrate the
end of the class of 2020’s journey through middle school.
Throughout the day the 8th graders will participate in a
battle of the homerooms, hand out class awards, view the
8th grade video, grill out for lunch, and go to the pool
where we will swim for the afternoon. Please watch for a
permission slip to come home soon.
Health Room News
If your child has prescription or over the counter medications at school, you will be getting a call from us to pick up
any leftover medication. Students who have epi-pens or
diabetes supplies can take them home on the last day.
We will again be sending home a letter during the summer indicating needed health information for Fall 2016.
Students who are entering sixth grade WILL need an updated Tdap (tetanus and pertussis) shot.
Emily Jansen, RNmn
Registration 2016-2017
Registration for the 2016-2017 school year will take
place on August 16 from 12:00-7:00 pm & August 17
from 8:00 am-12:00 pm. Remember to wear your
biggest smile as pictures will be taken during registration. For those students interested in participating in
co-curriculars next school year, River View’s famous
black shorts will be on sale during registration.
2016-17 School Supply List
A school supply list for the 2016-17
will be sent home with your son/
daughter at the end of the year. It
will be posted on RVMS web page
and will be available at area school
supply stores.
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Freshman Football
PE Force
There will be a parent meeting
for 8th grade athletes interested in playing football next year
at KHS. The meeting is May
12th in the KHS Auditorium at
7:30 PM. Anyone interested in
playing should have at least one parent there to go over
team policies, expectations, and important season
Students in Physical Education classes have begun outdoor units for the 4th quarter. As parents, please help
them remember to have warmer clothes available for
outdoor classes. Along with new topics, each grade
level will complete another mile assessment which is
tentatively scheduled for May 12th and May 13th.
In 5th grade our topics include Biking, Disk Games and
baseball/softball/Kickball. When your child is in the
biking unit the PE staff highly encourages the use of his
or her own helmet. This will allow us to maximize our
time riding the bikes. Bikes will be provided.
Our 6th graders will engage in Disk Games, Baseball/
Softball, and Archery.
Lost and Found
Please make sure to have your child check the lost and
found table (one in the 5th Gr. hallway, one on 3rd
Floor, one near 5-8 office, one by Gym A) by the end of
the year to retrieve any item of clothing that your child
may have misplaced at school over the course of the
year. Unclaimed items will be brought to St. Vincent
de Paul.
7th graders have units including: Baseball/Softball, Disk
Games and Track and Field. Time and weather permitting, some classes may leave campus and go to the
Bayorgeon field track.
In 8th grade the units covered are: Archery, Creative
Games and Football.
Even though we are in our final quarter for the school
year, continue to encourage in your child a positive
attitude and effort so their final grades reflect a strong
finish to our school year.
Contact your child’s PE teacher directly with any questions or concerns.
Orchestra Concert
The Kaukauna Area School District Orchestra program
will present its annual All City Awards Concert on Monday, May 16th at 7pm at the Bernie Hupperts Center
for the Arts at Kaukauna High School.
Performing will be the fifth, sixth,
seventh, eighth and high school orchestras.
Students will receive their annual
awards for participation in the orchestra program. Music performed
will cover many genres, including works by Mozart,
Tchaikovsky and many contemporary composers. The
concert is free and the public is encouraged to attend.
The orchestras are directed by Lori Lacey.
Thank you,
RV PE Staff
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Congratulations to Rachel Lancour! Rachel submitted
some of her photography pictures in to National Geographic and one of her photos was selected to hang in
Vice President Joe Biden's residence for the month of
April! We are all very proud of you Rachel! What an
Disney’s The Lion King Jr. School Musical
Student Spotlight
Aubry Schweiner, daughter of Carl and Heather and 7th grade
student at RVMS, earned 1st place in the American Association
of University Women (AAUW) Appleton branch Women's History Month Essay Contest. This year's essay contest challenged
students to discover and write about women who made a
difference in the sciences. Aubry's essay focused on Hedy Lamarr. While better known as an actress, Aubry promoted her
invention of the early technology needed for WiFi and other
signals. Aubry credits her English/Language Arts teacher, Mrs.
Czarnik, with teaching her how to write an essay, the format
which she used to win this content. Congratulations Aubry!
Congratulations to sixth grader Olivia Gadbois
for earning a First Division award at the State
Music Festival in Oshkosh on Saturday, April
30th. Olivia is the first sixth grader in
Kaukauna’s history to qualify for the state level
festival. Congratulations Olivia!
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St. Louis Trip 2017
Any students interested in going on the trip to St. Louis
next summer—$100 deposits are due Friday, May 13th.
All checks should be made payable to RVMS. If you
have not yet picked up information, please see Mrs.
Gadbois in room 235. We are close to having enough
students to go already but the more the merrier! Don’t
miss out on this super fun opportunity!
We’re Going Geocaching!
Sometime between May 20 and May 25, the eighth
grade Math classes will participate in a hands-on
activity where they will learn about the Global Positioning System (GPS) and a fun activity called Geocaching. Geocaching (pronounced “geo-cashing”) is
an outdoor treasure-hunt game in
which the participants use a GPS to
hide and seek containers called
“geocaches” or “caches”. Not only does geocaching tie the coordinate grid system we have worked
with in Math, it will advocate a healthy lifestyle by
encouraging the kids to get outside and get more
physical activity in their lives. This unit is possible
due to a KEEN grant that we received a few years
ago. We will need volunteers to help supervise
the students while geocaching. If you would be
able to help out, please call Beth Knick at 7666111, ext 4101.
The American Heart Association fundraiser was a success. The students,staff members, families and community members donated $3,766.06. AMAZING!
Students enjoyed “Red Out” at River View on April 15th.
Thank you for helping support the American Heart Association.
A Note from the Library
All books and other materials must be returned to the
Library Media Center by May 20th. Bills for damaged or
lost materials will then be issued. Please help your child locate
and return all library materials. Please
check your student's school provided
email for a list of materials that need to
be returned. If you have any questions,
please contact Kevin Hietpas, Lisa Smith
or Jane Krueger at 766-6111, Ext. 4246
during regular school hours.
Mayor Gene Rosin visited the Eagle Academy at
River View Middle School on April 14th to discuss
the importance of integrity. Students in the Eagle
Academy use character traits to make positive
changes at school, home, and in the community.
The other units studied this year are: attitude,
preparation, perseverance, and respect.
Students in photo (left to right): Grace Remmenga,
Bree Brill, Makayla Rothe, Ethan Xiong, and Zach

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