Castle Sjaloen Netherlands


Castle Sjaloen Netherlands
The 22.000 m² great complex includes:the castle with a big restaurant in the Knight’s Hall and 4 suites (the bridal
room included) with the possibility to extend the Hotel rooms the gate house with porter’s lodge, restaurant, etc. etc.
the tithe barn with 4 apartments (can be expanded till 16 apartments)
the former stables with 16 apartments
the swan house
This complex has it’s own moats and a supply of fresh water from the river Geul (no mosquitoes as a
result!) and is situated in the quit valley of the river Geul along the wooded hills of Schin op Geul still on
just one kilometer distance from the very busy little town of Valkenburg, a health centre with health baths,
casino, open-air theater, castle ruins.
Old Roman city Maastricht with it’s 2000 year history is the capital of the province Limburg and less then
10 kilometers away. Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle, Aken), the German city of Charlemagne is 20 kilometers
away, the Maastricht-Aachen airport 15 kilometers from this unique spot in the rolling hills of this beautiful