Where is Pro-Grow available?
Pro-Grow soil conditioner can be purchased from Household
Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) throughout Hampshire.
To find your nearest HWRC, call 01962 847 021 or see
Contact CPL Distribution on 0845 678 9955 for more
information and to order home delivery of bagged
Pro-Grow products.
Pro-Grow is also available in bulk for delivery or collection.
Call the Pro-Grow order line on 01962 764 068 for details.
Printed on paper manufactured from 75% recycled waste fibre and 25%
elemental chlorine free virgin pulp sourced from managed forests
independently audited in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council.
It is approved by H.M. Government for use under DfT Recycled Printing
Papers Supply Framework 2005 and is fully recyclable.
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Peat Free Soil Conditioner
Peat Free Soil Conditioner
How we make it
The benefits
How it can be used
Typical product analysis
Pro-Grow is a Soil Association
• The raw material can
• Provides nutrients vital to
• Bedding and turfing
Typical Product Analysis
approved, peat free soil
include grass clippings,
conditioner, rich in nutrients
shrub and tree prunings,
and essential trace elements.
and any green garden waste
Pro-Grow has been used in
from Hampshire gardens
many high profile national
projects, such as the Canary
Wharf development and for
the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens
in Romsey, Hampshire, where
it was used to form the
• The material is then
shredded and formed into
long rows in the open air
where the composting
process starts
plant health and growth
• Improves soil structure
and moisture retention
• Will assist in breaking
down heavy clay soils
• Adds humus to light or
sandy soils
• Encourages biological
winter garden as well as the
• The rows are monitored and
organisms providing an
landscaping around the new
turned regularly to ensure
ideal growing medium
all the material is
composted and after
Work 2-3 inches of Pro-Grow into the
top 6-9 inches of soil
• Trees and shrubs
Mix one part Pro-Grow
soil conditioner with one part soil
• Fruit and vegetables
Work 2-3 inches of Pro-Grow into the
top 6-9 inches of soil
• Nitrogen
• Phosphorous
• Potassium
• PH
Pro-Grow is analysed regularly by independent
laboratories and a full copy of the most
recent analysis is available by calling
01962 764 068.
• Top dressing
Sprinkle Pro-Grow over the surface
between October and March, ready for
planting in the spring
approximately six months
the compost is ready to be
graded to customer
HOME DELIVERY Tel: 0845 678 9955