When losing grip of time


When losing grip of time
When losing
grip of time...
...simple help is prime
• For those who forget which day it is
• For those who lose track of what time of day it is
• For those who want to avoid asking others
See examples of how the
calendar can help you
I don’t have to check the date
in the newspaper
It is difficult to keep all newspapers in order.
Did I mark today’s date
in the calendar?
No problem with the calendar.
I always look at the wall clock.
At the same time I see what day it is.
Oh, I dozed off! Is it day or night?
The calendar shows it is still afternoon.
The sun is shining.
Is it time to get up?
No, the calendar shows night.
It’s so dark outside.
Is it time to go to bed?
No, it is not night yet.
I can’t stop looking
at my beautiful cats!
I get what day it is too.
I want to call my daughter.
Can I do it now?
Yes, it is afternoon, so I can.
I can see who will be coming today
It’s good to know who it will be.
Electronic calendars
• Forget-me-not calendar
• Night and Day calendar
• Night and Day calendar with picture
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