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2012-2014 - Master’s of Fine Art, Jury’s congratulations
Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design, Geneva, CH
2009-2012 - DNAP, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, FR
1996-2006 - Conservatory, Vocals, Montpellier, FR
- From you through them to(..)-LIVE, La BF15, Biennale Musique en scène, Lyon, FR
- All through skin - LIVE , Piano Nobile, Genève, CH
- Big bodies, Swiss Performance Art Award, Kunstmuseum Luzern, CH
- PULSE big bodies, Théatre de l’Usine, Geneva, CH
- Pas de bourrée, pas de biche, Centre culturel PHAKT, Rennes, FR
- 29 ideas, festival okay confiance, Atelier de Lorette, Marseille, FR
- Space through space, what you hear is not a test, festival .perf, BAC, Geneva, CH
- Performance proletarians!!! Le Magasin, CNAC, Grenoble, FR
- Night of the tumbler on fire, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR
- Generator, CAN, Neuchatel, CH
- Pas de bourrée, pas de biche, Parc Saint Leger, CAC, Pougues les Eaux, FR
- Forme, Magnétisme, Industrie, Batiment d’Art Contemporain, Geneva, CH
- Om, CNSMD, Paris, FR
- Chaine d’excitation, de l’outre à l’oreille, Centre d’Art Plastique, Saint Fons, FR
Selected shows ( collective & solo )
- Firewalk, Glassbox, Paris, FR ( upcoming )
- From you through them to situation, From them through situation to you
solo show, La BF15, Biennale Musique en scène, Lyon, FR
- Jeune création, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris Pantin, FR
- Insidence &, Angle Art Contemporain, CAC, Saint Paul Trois Chateaux
- #00 Chantier(s), Galerie Eric Mouchet, Paris, FR
- Crossfading, Galerie SAKS, Geneva, CH
- 6 - 4 - 2, Moving Images Biennial, LIYH, Geneva, CH
- Enseigner comme des adolescents, Veme Marrakech Biennial, MA
- Au bout le sud après encore, Centre d’Art Plastique, Saint Fons, FR
- Raout, une saison en enfer, Batiment d’Art Contemporain, Geneva, CH
- Waterproof, Urgent Paradise, Lausanne, CH
- Le Trou, Villa Bernasconi, Geneva, CH
- Forme, Magnétisme, Industrie, Wildrfid record release party, DAS, Geneva, CH
- Le Grillon, Maurice Ravel, soloist, Theatre Jean Vilar, Montpellier
- Die Zauberflöte, Soloist, Corum, Montpellier, FR
- Rizurectionne, Soloist, Festival de Radio France, Corum, Montpellier, FR
- Pollicino, Soloist - title role - Opéra Comédie, Montpellier, FR
- TITANIK A.I.R, Turku, Finland ( upcoming )
- AIR Laboratory, CCA Ujazdowski castle, Pro Helvetia, Warsaw, Poland
- SummerLake, Art research residency, ESAAA, Annecy, France
- Studio of ADC, Maison des Arts du Grütli, Geneva, Switzerland
- Radio PICNIC, residence for creative radio, Berlin, Germany
- Grant from Pro Helvetia
- Grant from the City of Geneva «Aide à la création pluridisiplinaire»
- Grant from the Loterie romande
- Conference with Lili Reynaud Dewar, Benjamin Valenza, Mathis Collins
et Axelle Stiefel, ESAD, Grenoble, FR
- Conversation with Charlotte Laubard, 6 - 4 - 2, BIM, Moving Image Biennal
Live In Your Head, Geneva, CH
Jeune création 66, Catalog, Paris
Born and Die, Chantier(s), Catalog (200 ex.) Born and Die, Paris
All through skin ( 30 ex. ) Production .perf, Geneva
Lecture au soleil ( 25 ex. ) Risography, Edition/Production Born and Die, Paris
Screamscape, Fri Art, Kunsthalle Fribourg, Edition Clinamen, Geneva
FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER, Edition Clinamen, Geneva
FEEL SO GOOD, une forme d’écoute - master thesis directed by Christophe Kihm
Redaction for «artpress» magazine
All through skin
Feeding feelings
Muscles or wires
Twenty nine ideas
Flat reverb / Behind the curtain
Devices for performances w/ Antoine Bellini
a. Big bodies
b. Space through space,
what you hear is not a test
Sounds and videos records are aviable on line : active links in this pdf
1. All through skin / Lou Masduraud
All through skin
Multiple, 2015
Edition / production .perf Genève
printed leather, electric wires
All through skin is an edition of 30 pieces of leather, printed and sewn with electric wires.
All through skin is based on our growing dependence to electricity and on the phenomenon
of werabletech. Between a fictional device and a prospective object, All through skin
questioning human integrity by a visual fusion of a skin and an electronic device.
It is an electrical object, or electrical objects, OK,
many electrical objects, or even a meta electrical
object and its slightly blurred image.
This may easily be a meta electrical object, the sum
of all electrical objects, but the idea remains small,
precise. Electrical objects are small.
If we carry this object elsewhere, taking it to a
place where no other electrical object has already
existed, suddenly it expands, the object slides, twists,
stretches, tints, warms up, extends itself until it is
no longer purely electrical. It is a broader electrical
object. a hole. an open object in an open situation.
It is now a fruitful electrical object, an electrical
object at the start, an electrical object opening.
Because yes, that’s it, it produces an electrical object
that grows and extends itself on its own. An object
that I do not have to twist to make twisted. I am
speaking of a living and autonomous electrical
object, an object that takes on true independence
in its torsion and that breaks by itself wherever and
however it wishes. An object that heats itself up,
that tints itself all day, that twists continually. We
follow, trusting, the tribulations of this large object,
and we witness the birth of a fuzzy idea.
Research Butt speakers / Sounding body
Vue d’atelier, Genève, 2015
2. Feeding feelings / Lou Masduraud
Feeding feelings
sound sculpture, 2015
plexiglas, speakers, wires, plastic bottles, electronics
production Summerlake - ESAAA Annecy
Feeding feeling is a sound sculpture of a dancer, producing his own music, spread by 4 speakers
embed in his body ( butt - hand - head ).
Removing the distance between the dancer and the speaker, Feeding feeling is now a single
vibrating body, feeding by electricity.
Fews plastics bottles filled by electric wires are arranged nearby the dancer.
3. Muscles and wires / Lou Masduraud
Muscles and wires
Sound Sculpture, 2015
170 x 25 x 35 cm
Leather, speakers, sneakers, electric wires
Muscles or Wires is a serie of sound sculptures from the figure of Frankenstein and from
cyborgs. They are electric bodies in handstitched tubes of leather, they are sort of personnage
exposed in differents context. The sound produced is composed by a synthesizer, it represent
the sound generated by defective electric circuits.
Short video : https://vimeo.com/121534698
3. Muscles or wires / Lou Masduraud
3. Muscles or wires / Lou Masduraud
4. Twenty nine ideas / Lou Masduraud
Twenty nine ideas
Palais de Tokyo, Le Point perché, Paris
Sound performance
27 juillet 2014 - 10 minutes
Twenty nine ideas is a sound performance that represents the system of ideas coming
together and the thinking pattern through an electric system.
I am wearing a costume on which are taped several light bulbs.
A wireless microphone is hidden in my sleeve and amplifies the sound of the tape that I tear
out in order to pick a light bulb off my suit and plug it in the electrical system on the wall.
The performance is over when the two eyes made out of the twenty nine light bulbs are
4. Twenty nine ideas / Lou Masduraud
5. Flat reverb, behind the curtain / Lou Masduraud
Flat reverb, behind the curtain
Sound installation
steel, brass, leather, acoustic panels, contact microphones, speakers, synthesyzer
Courtesy Eric Mouchet
Flat reverb, behind the curtain is an installation made by two sounding sculptures which
were used as sound devices for performances. Flat reverb spreads the sound of a syntesizeur through a large steel plate, which oscillates and transforms the sound with a reverberation effect. This modified sound made with an analog reveb is spread by the straight on a
circular leather curtain. All the installation is on severals acoustic panels.
5. Flat reverb ( with hands ) / Lou Masduraud
Devices for sound performances
Collaboration with Antoine Bellini
Since 2012, I work with Antoine Bellini on several projects in the field of sound, music and
performance. Together, we want to turn the exhibition space into a place of enhancement of vitality.
We create vibrating and singing piece and we take part in my sound installations as performers.
What is interesting is that sound never has just one living space because it spreads.
The first vibrating body induces the bodies around it. I remember his quote by Peter Szendy :
sound is « the plastic game of several bodies ». This is love, isn’t it?
We consider these performances as situations, as time of intensifications of relations.
We use the sound phenomenon as a stimulating plastic element. The exhibition space becomes
a vibrating background where we build animist relations with objects and where we lead plays
between elastic bodies stimulated by sound.
What makes these sound experiences akin to a certain form of eroticism is when the listener
consciously gets involved in this game of bodies, when they realise that they are not just in a sound
space but that they also become a sound space. Their body is also a link in the chain of induction,
a field of vibrations, a sound box in connection with the nearby sound bodies.
And then we dance… Sound really is sexy… it really is love.
From you through them to situation,
from them through situation to you
At La BF15, we want to export our performative
issues, translate and develop them through our
first solo exhibition. This show is based on the
phenomenon of conduction - both as an electrical
phenomenon but also in its aesthetic and poetic
potential. The installation takes the form of an
electric flux network, of sensorial and eery fluxes.
La BF15 becomes a space where everything is
potentially conductive: elements of the installation (cables - sound - sculptures - texts) within
a network that the visitors’ / listeners’ permeable
bodies integrate, subjected to different flows, be
they energetic, sonor, or electromagnetic.
From you through them to situation, From them (...)
La BF15, Lyon, 2016
Duo Show avec Antoine Bellini.
Listen an extract here : https://soundcloud.com/resonnance/from-you-through-them-to-situation
PULSE big bodies
PULSE big bodies
Théatre de l’Usine, Genève, 2015
with: Romain Hervault, Florien Leduc, Estelle Gaultier,
Thomas Köppel
Production Association Courant Continu, Coprod TU
Soutient de la Ville de Genève et de la Loterie romande
© Dorothée Thébert Filliger
PULSE big bodies is a performance inside an interactive
sound installation thinked as a place for the co-existance
of different bodies - performers, sculptures, electric bodies,
musical instruments, listening bodies The aim is to experience the ambiguous interactions that
develop among these conductive presences.
Space through space,
what you hear is not a test
Space through space, What you hear is not a test
festival .perf,
Le Commun, Contemporary Art Center
Geneva, 2014
Costumes designed to fit speakers and dancers as well.