Say it with flowers!


Say it with flowers!
Say it with flowers! Mail order business
via catalog and e-shop in 13 languages
Catalog management and e-commerce solution using the example of Bakker Holland
Bakker is Europe‘s largest plant delivery service, a modern company
based in the Netherlands with more than 700 employees. With over
70 years of experience in shipping plants by mail, only one thing truly
counts: high quality. Success is based on the delivery of high-quality
garden products, such as flower bulbs, roses, perennials, seeds, and
garden accessories.
Bakker has branch offices in many countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech
Republic, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland and
is considered the largest European specialist in gardening. Bakker is
dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible advice to
help them become “gardening experts”. In addition to the traditional
catalog business, Bakker has also been selling its products across
Europe via the internet since 1998.
Bakker previously published two large catalogs for spring and fall
every year, as well as several special editions and small catalogs. All
of these catalogs were translated into 13 European languages. This
was not only laborious but also cost-intensive. All of the nearly 450
catalog variants were put together for the most part by hand in the
different languages with the relevant product information and images
taken from a range of more than 5,000 products in addition to at least
15,000 associated image files.
Due to the lack of a central product and image database and the separate maintenance of the website and catalog data, redundant data
storage was the order of the day. This led to enormous costs and
made translation extremely complex. The previous solution was no
longer able to cope with the growing complexity and could not meet
Bakker’s demands. It was therefore to be replaced. Bakker’s main goal
was to introduce a system that would provide the customer with gardening expertise quickly and simply across all channels.
Project Description
‚‚ Provide a central database for the cross channel product
‚‚ Ensure high performance despite complex and multi-variant data
‚‚ Provide flexible data structure aligned to meet Bakker’s requirements
‚‚ Prevent redundancies by means of a smart reference system
‚‚ Increase production processes with the aid of parallel workflows
‚‚ Enable collaboration of all involved parties via a central platform
‚‚ Reduce translation costs by means of an integrated Translation
Management System
‚‚ Produce 450 catalogs in 13 languages annually
‚‚ Add approximately 150 new product images per month in a simple
Immer etwas Besonderes für Ihren Garten
Glatt och färgrikt
Luftrenande växter
Air So Pure® levererar friska växter vars sunda effekter är vetenskapligt bevisat. Växten fångar genom
bladen upp en betydande mängd av potentiellt skadliga gaspartiklar i ditt hem och avger syre i retur!
Dessutom hjälper de till att höja luftfuktigheten så att inomhusklimatet förbättras!
Vriesea ’Carly’
En tropisk växt från Brasilien med en dekorativ spjutformad blomsterkolv som höjer sig
över det stadiga bladet! En vacker krukväxt
som ger en exotisk ’touch’ åt vardagsrummet. Leveranshöjd 30-35 cm. 9
Zimmerröschen Parade® ‘Dora’
Rosa. Dieses prächtige Zimmerröschen sorgt
für eine schöne Atmosphäre im Wohnzimmer
oder Wintergarten! Das Röschen hat Blüten
in einer fröhlichen Farbe, die auch noch herrlich duften. Lieferh. 30-35 cm. 1 2 3 9
Bestell-Nr. 5438-70
pro Stück
12.50 5439-69
S’15 CHBd07
Gartenversand AG
Postfach 1
Telefax: 071 - 744 80 06
E-Mail: [email protected]
WP_097-0095_001-016_001nl-NL.indd 16-1
154:- 5439-77
per styck
Gulbrokig murgröna ’Golden Kolibri’
Hedera helix. Mycket dekorativ klätter- eller
hängväxt, som kan placeras var som helst i
ditt hem. Skapa ett grönt hörn där ljuset inte
kommer åt. 9
Leveranshöjd 25-30 cm 5440-04
per styck 109:Leveranshöjd 50-60 cm 5440-12
per styck 144:-
Nephrolepis exaltata ’Green Lady’.
Vacker ormbunke för ett skuggigt hörn
i ditt vardagsrum! Skapa en oas i ditt hem
med den här iögonfallande växten.
En ormbunke är inte bara dekorativ, den
sörjer också för ett bättre inomhusklimat.
Leveranshöjd ca 35 cm. 9 5440-20
per styck
9430 St. Margrethen
Bequemes Bestellen von zu Hause aus!
Bestellen bei Bakker ist ganz einfach. Sie können den Bestellschein
ausfüllen und einschicken oder Sie können per Telefon, per Fax oder
im Internet bestellen.
Und es ist jetzt besonders günstig, online zu bestellen.
Denn Sie erhalten 5.- Rabatt auf eine Online-Bestellung: (Geben Sie hierzu Ihren Vorteilscode ein).
Unsere allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen finden Sie in unserem
Hauptkatalog und auf
Telefon: 071 - 744 80 02
per styck
Gul Kungsblomma
Aphelandra squarrosa ’Dania’. De vita bladnerverna och de gula blommorna är unika
och ger en exotisk atmosfär. Ge den en fin
plats och njut av denna vackra krukväxt!
Passar in i alla interiörer.
Leveranshöjd 30-35 cm. 9
NEU: Aqua4®Weeks
Nur noch sporadisch Wasser
geben! Seite 15
70 Jahre Bakker
So ein tolles Jubiläum feiern wir mit vielen
Angeboten mit Rabatten von bis zu 70%.
Der Katalog im neuen Gewand
Übersichtlich, voll mit Gartentipps und noch
inspirierender, schauen Sie selbst.
Dieser Katalog ist wieder voll mit neuen
und exklusiven Pflanzen.
Guzmania ‘Soledo Geel’. Eine prächtige Erscheinung im
Wohnzimmer. Die Pflanze bildet einen Trichter aus Blättern,
aus dem der Blütenstiel erscheint. Wenn dann auch noch die
gelben Blüten zum Vorschein kommen, ist jeder begeistert von
dieser prächtigen Guzmania! Lieferhöhe ca. 45 cm. 9
Bestell-Nummer 5438-88
pro Stück
Hawaii-Palme auf Seite 2
Zimmerpflanzen Frühjahr 2015
Rosenkalla ’Elido’
Anthurium andreanum. Den vackra och sensationella Anthurium är perfekt för ett bord,
skåp eller i ett fönster i vardagsrummet.
Ger en spektakulär effekt i ditt vardagsrum!
Leveranshöjd 40-45 cm. 9
06.03.15 12:09 5439-85
per styck
Mycket fint att se på
WP_097-0095_004-005_003nl-NL.indd 4-5
Begonia ‘Baladin’
Begonia elatior. Den här mycket vackra begonian ’Baladin’ sätter färg i ditt vardagsrum
under hösten. Den är lättskött och blommar i
månader. Sätt den på en ljus plats utan direkt
solljus. Leveranshöjd 30-35 cm. 9 5439-93
per styck
Phlebodium aureum ’Blue
Star’. Vacker bräkenväxt för
ett skuggigt hörn! Den starka plantan är lättskött. Ger
lekfullhet i vardagsrummet!
Leveranshöjd ca 45 cm. 9
Spathiphyllum wallisii
’Strauss’. En lättskött växt
med vackra vita blommor
som sprider en mycket
angenäm doft! Leveranshöjd ca 55 cm. 3 9
Dypsis lutescens. En finbladig palm som gör sig
bra i vardagsrummet!
Stark växt som inte ställer
så mycket krav.
Leveranshöjd 65-75 cm. 9 5440-38
per styck 5440-46
per styck 5440-54
per styck 179:-
Trädgårdsnyheter och -trender i 70 år!
Publish catalogs in 13 different languages
06.03.15 12:11
Our Solution
Manage images and media data centrally in the Media Asset Management
Maintain product information for all channels via the PIM-System
Manage translations centrally and assign them automatically to the products
The most important requirement was to ensure that content is
maintained only once centrally and all channels are supplied consistently from one single source instead of dealing with each channel
The CONTENTSERV PIM system is the key component for the standardized maintenance, updating and delivery of all product information
for 5,000 products. The existing ERP system SAP is seamlessly connected to the PIM system and transfers the current product master
data to CONTENTSERV. Any changes in the ERP system are constantly
synchronized with CONTENTSERV.
Bakker now manages well over 15,000 image files centrally in the
CONTENTSERV MAM system. The database grows by approximately
100 products per month in addition to the respective images.
All relevant product data is transferred on a daily basis via a standard interface to the shop system Intershop and the multilingual web
shops. At the same time, modified product data and translations can
be transferred automatically to the layout files of all 56 catalogs and
their 13 language variants at any time until shortly before going to
The CONTENTSERV Translation Manager manages all translations
in the system. Translations can be requested automatically and subsequently assigned to the centrally managed products without delay
and without any manual intervention.
Copywriters now produce new texts specific to each product and target group, which are no longer based on particular output channels.
The integrated translation workflow then triggers the translation process for all language variants automatically.
In the meantime, the product manager can already go ahead and plan
the products on the catalog pages while the DTP department can
simultaneously start working on finishing the layout.
This saves the marketing department the time previously spent on extremely time-consuming and redundant data and translation processes.
Marketing experts finally can focus all of their energy on developing
relevant and convincing content for different types of customers. And
CONTENTSERV ensures that the content is made available quickly
and simply across all channels.
Customer Benefits
‚‚ Substantial time and cost savings and quicker publication
‚‚ Less effort required for translation, catalog production and web
‚‚ Data quality is ensured because all data is stored in one central
‚‚ Consistent customer approach from one source in all output media
‚‚ Quicker time to market for publications
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CONTENTSERV GmbH · Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 1 · 85296 Rohrbach (Ilm) · Germany · T +49 8442 9253-800 · F +49 8442 2044 · [email protected]