Doraemon - 週刊NY生活デジタル版



Doraemon - 週刊NY生活デジタル版
[English Edition]
Kendo Love Story
“When Night Turns to Day”
Paul Benson
“I’m doing this
as an artist – I have
to do it,” Amy
Guggenheim says
on the phone. “I
want to create and
put it into the
Guggenheim is the
director and writer of “When Night
Turns to Day,” a love story
between an American woman and a
Japanese man that centers around
The film raised over $16,000,
far exceeding her fundraising goal
of $9,500 on When
asked if she was nervous, she says
“No, I was confident.” She says her
greatest roadblock is finding
enough time to dedicate to all the
details of balancing creative direction and practical concerns.
In her film, Kendo is portrayed “as a practice” rather than a
sport. Ms. Guggenheim wants to
bring us behind the mask. “Kendo
isn’t really on screen,” she says.
She hopes to raise questions about
violence, love, and show that it
“takes more strength to create than
to destroy.”
She is jubilant about some
new people who joined the film.
Ralph Guggenheim (no relation to
Ms. Guggenheim), the co-founder
of Pixar, joined as a producer.
Tanroh Ishida (Young Takeshi
Nagase in “The Railway Man”)
was recently cast as the male lead.
Ultimately, she hopes to show
how to convert emotional violence
into creativity. Kendo is a great
vehicle for building the “courage to
be, courage to act,” she says. This
will be her first feature film, but it
will not be her last! While she did
not reveal any, she has several
ideas. Readers can follow the film's
development at Benson is a former
SNYS editor. He is currently a
MBA student at Babson College
Analytics. You can reach him at
[email protected])
On Air in the U.S.
This Summer
TV Asahi and Disney have
agreed to run the well-known
“Doraemon” in the United States
this summer. The Japanese version
has aired in the United States
before, and this time the show will
be broadcast in English.
TV Asahi, which holds the distribution rights, worked with Walt
Disney to create the English version.
Twenty-six episodes will be
broadcast on Disney’s XD channel
five times a week. In the English
version, the names of the characters
and Doraemon’s tools are changed;
Nobita is Noby, Suneo is Sneech,
Gian is Big G, Dokodemo Door is
Anywhere Door, and Takekopter is
Fujiko F. Fujio created
“Doraemon” in 1969 and the TV
animation series started in 1973. It
has aired in 35 countries in the
local languages, and Doraemon
was a goodwill ambassador in the
campaign to host the Olympics. An
English e-book version of
“Doraemon” was released last year.
(Kaoru Komi/Translated by
Makiko Kinoto)
Japan Coast Guard
Training Vessel
The 115-meter-long patrol
and training ship, Kojima (3116
ton, Captain: Mitsuya Tetsushi), of
Japan Coast Guard Academy
(JCGA) arrived in New York on
June 13 with 39 trainees and 44
crew members.
On May 7, Kojima left Kure,
Hiroshima on a 96-day training
voyage visiting San Francisco,
New York, Italy, India, and
Singapore, before returning to
Japan on August 10.
At the reception on June 16,
the suntanned trainees, in their
crisp uniforms, welcomed guests
including New York coast guard
personnel, UN Ambassador
Yoshikawa, and Consul General
COOL JAPAN from New Yorkers’ Viewpoints
Manhattan's Only Kaiten Sushi Bar
Offers Late-Night, Half-Price Sushi
on Friday and Saturday
sweet shrimp ($4.25), $3 salmon
roe ($6.30) and $5 sea urchin
($7.25). However, diners should be
aware that beer prices go up after
11 p.m., with a small size up to $7
from $5, medium $9 from $7, and
large $12 from $8.50. A little trick
is that you can enter the sushi bar
Kaiten Sushi New York, a
rotating conveyer sushi bar
owned by the East Japanese
Restaurant Group (26 St & 3rd
Ave), is gaining popularity with
their half priced sushi dishes
offered from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. on
Friday and Saturday. A large
rotating sushi conveyer belt runs
between the counter and guest
table bringing two piece nigiri
sushi dishes as well as less expensive half-off egg or artificial crab
meat dishes for 75¢. The sushi
menu, priced by a color code,
includes $1.10 tuna roll and surf
clam (originally $2.25), $1.35
squid or salmon ($2.75), $2.35
before 11 p.m. and order a beer
before the price jump. Seats also
become tight after 11 p.m. as the
bar fills with couples and postparty business people. Come early,
get some cheap appetizers and
order sushi when the price goes
down. The two of us ate until we
were full, only paid $38 and we left
the bar happy. (Ryoichi Miura/
Translated by Kazuya Machida)
With the Manhattan
skyline as a backdrop, kendo, mochipounding and tea
Captain Mitsuya
said, “I hope they
Captain Mitsuya
acquire internationalism as officers of JCG and strive for their
own goals where they are assigned upon
returning.” (Ryoichi Miura/Translated by
Hiroko Makabe)
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