Sana and Ted



Sana and Ted
Outing to Shinju Sushi with Sana and Ted
Cuisine: Japanese including sushi, noodles, ramen, bento boxes
Name: Sana Saiyed
Discipline/Research Interests:
Psychology/Biology. I am studying how
climate change relates to aspects of
animal social behavior - specifically my
thesis is on whether amount of snow is
related to changes in litter sex ratios in
ground squirrels.
Hometown: Shelbyville, KY, USA
Previous Institution/Major: Wellesley
College - Evolutionary Anthropology
Hobbies: Food/Restaurants
Name: Ted Voelkel
Discipline/Research Interests:
Sociology - Migration, Religion,
Qualitative Methods
Hometown: San Jose, CA, USA
Previous Institution/Major: U.C.
Berkeley - Film Studies BA, Yonsei
University (Seoul, South Korea) - Korean
Studies MA
Hobbies: Music (bass player) and film
Email: [email protected]

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