Former Goderich resident to appear on television


Former Goderich resident to appear on television
Meet The Farties, a children's book series about a family of behinds, is
the result of a lot of hard work and even more fun by author Sandra Van
Cromvoirt. She was joined in May by daughter Rhonda-Lee McDougall Zavitz
and granddaughter
Skye-Blue Spinks to film a pitch for the CBC reality
series, Dragon's Den. The clip will air on tonight's episode at 8 p.m.
Former Goderich resident to appear on television
touting. book series to judges on Dragon's Den
Meet The Farties, a
children's series
about a family of
behinds, will be featured on
CBCs re.ality series tonight
Dominique Milburn
Goderich Signal-Star
our Farties Ladies rap song. [Our pro-'
Dragon's Den airs Wednesday,
ductionassistant] couldn't stop laugh- November 3 at 8 p.m. on CBC
ing when we did it for her over the Television.
phone. She said, 'do it again!'"
Locally, you can meet The Farties
Meet The Farties is a jovial storyline anytime by visiting Fincher's Book
about a family of behinds who, despite Shop on The Square. The book has
their best efforts, some~imes letloose. been a good seller here in Goderich,
Van Cromvoirt spent eight years getting Van Cromvoirt added, and more copies
to know Goderich clients at her down- have been ordered.
town women's fitness franchise,
Learn more about the series online
all about behinds
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the series'called
The Farties,
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author of a popular
In 2009,
former hometown to tune in to watch. Ba'rt Fart,' 'Princess Pop,' 'Not Me
creator of The ~arties, and former stage in a'story about learning the rules:
Goderich business owner will appear ofnatural bodily functions.
Sandra Van
and 'Freddie
Fartie' take
on Mama;
"I wanted
the characters
to becentre
hugthis week's episode of Dragon's Den on gable, lovable, cute and adorable;' she
The trio, made up of Van Cromvoirt,
She says the book is popular among
her daughter and grand daughter, also both adults and children, who find
former Goderich residents, applied in nothing funnier than the book's tradeearly 2010 to the national television mark gadget, a sound effect keychain
series where aspiring entrepreneurs
that brings the storyline to life.
pitch their business concepts and prod"There's nothing crude about the
ucts to a panel of Canadian business 'book;' Van Cromvoirt said. "The only
moguls who have the cash and the direct reference is in the name of Mr.
know-how make it happen.
Bart Fart, and all the kids love him
On May 3, the ladies traveled to because he's the loudest noise on the
Toronto where they taped their pitch to sound machine:'
the Dragon's Den panel, and this
"I keep it cute, and w.orkreally hard
Wednesday, November 3, their experi- at keeping it acceptable. We're all havence willhit television airwaves.
ing a ball, the kids love it, and the
"!twas a verynerve-racking, wonder- adults are really getting a charge out of
ful experience;' Van Cromvoirt said last it, too:'
week, adding, "Once it was over,it was
Sofar,the Meet TheFarites series has
more than 60 characters, some will
The ladies pitched The Farties book make their debut in future installments
series to the panel in the hopes of gar- of the planned IS-book series.
nering the backing bucks for an extenThough contractually, Van Cromsive marketing campaign to roll out voirt can't reveal any of the details of
across' Canada. Their spiel, Van Crom- her experience on Dragon's Den, she
voirt said, included a rap song the ladies said she's excited tosee th'eepisode hit
perform to children during book shop the air.More than 4,000 aspiring entrevisits, and it was a hit with both the preneurs applied to the series this seaDragon's Den production team; as well son. Van Cromvoi.rt said it's a feat in
as fellowshow candidates ..
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