19 foot Bushtracker



19 foot Bushtracker
19 foot Bushtracker
eal caravans for the outback! Bushtracker are Australia’s premier custom off
road caravan manufacturer. Fully custom built to suit individual requirements.
Luxury caravanning wherever you wish to go in Australia.
With 20 years of class leading
experience, Bushtracker is
recognised as Australia’s leading manufacturer of off road
caravans, built specifically for
the harsh Australian outback
thickness (strongest in the industry), the aluminium checker
plate body armour in the lower
1.2M gives you the confidence
to know that if you happen to
get a little too close to a fence
post, rock or bush that you will
Their team of experienced
not be tearing a hole in the
staff will work with you to cre- side of the van. Other features
ate an off road caravan specifsuch as the water tight door
ically designed to suit your inoffered as standard help comdividual requirements.
plete the outback travel picture
giving the van a water fording
depth of 1.2M and also works
From the moment you set
to keep the dust out of the van
eyes on the Bushtracker van
you know that it is built for se- when travelling on dirt roads. It
is for this reason that Bushrious outback travel. At 2mm
tracker can safely guarantee
that their vans are dust and
water proof.
Looking underneath the van
shows you the lengths that
Bushtracker go to ensure their
vans will last the test of time.
All the wiring and plumbing is
neatly tucked away out of
harms way and where possible is run inside the caravan
as opposed to underneath.
The water tanks are rotomoulded and have a wall
thickness exceeding 6mm giving you the confidence that
you will never damage one
and also gives you the ability
to pressure fill them in a matter of minutes.
Plumbing attachments when
exposed are shielded with custom made galvanised protectors.
The suspension is a sight to
behold on its own and is most
certainly fit for the purpose intended. Bushtracker use the
military specification version of
the Simplicity suspension, custom ordered to meet their stringent requirements. This includes a large two piece 12”
hub / drum arrangement and
60 tonne tensile axle stubs (per
wheel). The suspension is well
proven, has been around many
years, and is still the only true
fully independent and load
sharing suspension on the market that is also alignable. The
amount of wheel travel is double that of its nearest competitor.
The 19 foot van in this article is
also fitted with two spare tyres
up the front (to minimise polar
weight on the rear of the van),
an electric roll out awning, double glazed windows with built in
privacy blinds and midge
screens, selectable 2 colour
LED exterior lighting (white for
bright light, yellow for when the
bugs are a problem), two extra
large custom made cargo
doors (one each side) for accessing the massive under bed
storage area, LED tail lights
including reversing lights and
for carrying a little extra a large
firewood rack up front.
Length (caravan)
19 feet (5.79 M)
Length (overall)
26 feet (7.92 M)
8 feet (2.4 M)
2.95 M
Tare weight
tepping into the van, the first thing that you notice
is the light and airy, spacious feel. This is partly due
to the large windows that Bushtracker can install
without compromising the structure of the van due to their
immensely strong, industry leading aluminium framework.
Looking forward through the
kitchen and dining to the
bedroom you see the large
queen width, double length
(1.9m) bed which looks higher than normal from the end
but once you walk around
the sides and see the raised
floor (with storage underneath) it is very easy to get
in and out of.
Easily lifting the bed on gas
struts, opens up top access
to the external cargo bay.
Also under the bed is the user friendly and neatly set-out
electrical system including
the state of the art Lithium
battery pack, large multi
stage programmable battery
charger, solar regulator, low
voltage protection device
and fuse / breaker panel.
Towards the centre of the
van you find the generous
premium fabric café dining
with upholstery returns
against the wall. LED dimmable reading lights and a
double power point and 12V
outlet are conveniently positioned for easy use. Under
the seats you find large pull
out drawers on heavy duty
runners for storage.
Above the dining in the overhead cupboard is the easily
accessible main control panel which incorporates the
battery monitor which gives
you the status of your DC
system at a glance, individual 12V circuit breakers, radio/
CD/DVD/iPod head unit and
various other appliance control panels.
The kitchen area is a culinary
delight with ample bench space
and easy access to the stove,
oven and grill and also a microwave mounted under the bench
so you aren’t lifting scolding
items from up high. A bench
surface over the stove top ensures even more work space
when you aren’t operating the
burners. There is also a 12V
externally vented range hood
above the stove for when you
are cooking up a storm.
Finally at the rear of the van
you find the large rear bathroom with separate shower and
toilet. The first thing you notice
upon opening the door, is the
large centrally located mirror
above the vanity with prestigious ceramic hand basin. There
is an immense amount of storage throughout the bathroom
including a very handy locker to
the side of the vanity. To the
right you see the hygienic and
simple, externally serviced, and
environmentally friendly toilet.
Next to the kitchen is the full
height pantry incorporating four Opposite this is the large fibrelarge heavy duty slide-out bas- glass moulded shower recess
kets and two larger drawers be- with two drains (so the shower
drains even when the van isn’t
low for the heavier items.
level), a built in shelf and even
Across from the kitchen is a
more storage behind two water
large fridge with storage draw- proof doors.
ers underneath.
Bushtracker has many years of
experience in building off-road
caravans and it shows. In every aspect of this van from the
simple yet highly efficient electrical and plumbing systems to
the clever uses of space
throughout the van, Bushtracker reflects beyond a shadow of
a doubt that their caravans are
truly in a class of their own.
A visit to the factory to see
what is under the skin is
highly recommended before
making a decision on any
van. It is there that you will
see the attention to detail
and the quality that has cemented Bushtracker as number one in the outback.

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