If you purchased your child’s PE hoodie from Rawcliffes, the mantra on the back of the hoodie was printed too high and too small;
therefore, we would like all of these to be replaced. As a gesture of goodwill, Rawcliffes have agreed to replace all hoodies supplied
by them free of charge. We have high standards at DTA and we would like all student hoodies to be the same style, so please could
you take your original hoodie to Rawcliffes as proof of purchase and place an order/collect a replacement hoodie for your child. If
your child requires a larger size, it may be a good opportunity to get the replacement hoodie bigger so that it lasts longer. Hoodies
purchased from Personalise and Natasha’s Schoolwear do not need to be replaced. Thank you for your co-operation.
Just before the Easter break, we took a group of Y10 students to Bradford City’s football stadium, Valley Parade, to attend a Careers
Fair. This gave the students the chance to see a full range of career and apprenticeship opportunities that may be available to them
once they have completed their studies. At the Fair, the students were able to participate in activities such as brick laying, creating
electric circuits and handling live animals. They also spoke to a variety of professionals and colleges about programmes and courses
that are available. The day was a real success and gave the students a genuine insight into the exciting opportunities that may lie
ahead in the coming years.
On Thursday 10 March, five budding journalists headed to BBC Radio Leeds to experience life as a radio presenter. These students,
who had been participating in BBC News Report, had been invited to join the team at the radio station to both join presenters on air
(in the studio) and to go out with their reporter.
In the studio, three of our students presented the morning show with Richard Stead live on air. At first they were quite daunted by
this prospect, but they soon got into the role and all of them did a superb job of playing co-host during the morning show. They were
able to speak about what they had been doing for BBC Schools News Report at school and join an antiques expert during a phone in
with the public. The other two students went out with a reporter asking the public about their thoughts on their favourite ‘retro
pudding’ – a theme of the show.
Once the morning show finished, the students were taken on a tour of the studio and were able to see how TV programmes are
produced. They were also able to meet Kay Crewdson, a BBC weather presenter, who gave them some insight into her role as well
as a tour of the TV studio.
Overall, it was a very enjoyable trip!
In what is our first year participating in the Jaguar Maths in Motion challenge (a computer simulation of Formula 1 motor racing),
students from Dixons Trinity continue to exceed expectations in the competition phases. During World Maths Day (2 March), all of our
Maths in Motion co-curricular students entered for the Toshiba challenge: out of 11,000 entrants, 5 of our students placed in the top
100, with 2 in the top 20. In addition to this, the Dixons Trinity team qualified for the semi-finals of the overall Maths in Motion
Challenge and are only 1 step away from competing in the National Final; this is a huge achievement considering our short time as
participants. Well done to the Y10 co-curricular team – keep up the good work!
Bank Holiday - Monday 2 May
New Intake Evening - Wednesday 4 May
Y7 Parents' Evening (ABC) - Thursday 12 May
Y7 Parents' Evening (WXY) - Thursday 19 May
Y8 Expedition - 23 to 26 May
End of Term 5 - Friday 27 May
Family Dining - Please remember that the cost of
family dining is £11 per week for breakfast and lunch,
which should be paid weekly, online.
Drop-in Surgery (every Thurs 8.30 - 9.30am) - a
member of the Senior Leadership Team will be
available to discuss any issue regarding your child.
23/03/16 - 20/04/16
Miss Akudi
Amna Hussain 7X, Prabhjot Singh 9A
Miss Howell
Ismael Ahmed 9A, Ellie-May Duffy 10Y
Mr Arezoo
Umar Madnee 8W, Sophie Miah 10A
Mr Hunter
Usayd Shafi 10C
Mr Asghar
Kenzah Ahmed 8B, Sara Hussain 10W
Miss Iqbal
Namaan Hussain 8Y
Miss Bate
Vedad Omerbegovic 7A
Mrs Kazmi
Ziyaad Ali 9X, Wania Ali 7W, Haaris Ayub 9Y, Muawiyah Khan 9A
Mr Bonilla
Helenah Ali 10B, Sahil Hussain 7B, Siraaj Mohammad 8W
Mrs Liptrot
Rahimah Kaleem 7W, Ismail Khan 8B, Saher Nadeem 8B
Miss Bremner
Haleemah Hussain 10X, Shehzdi Razak 9W
Mr Mohammed
Hassnain Khan 9A, Hamza Rashid 10B
Mrs L Brown
Hasan Muzaffar 10A
Miss Nisar
Moneeb Shabbir 7B
Miss N Brown
Usaamah Ibrahim 10C
Mr Patterson
Khadija Anjum 10Y
Mr Crolla
Zain Aziz 9Y, Maya Bhikha 9Y, Zaynab Rauf 8A
Miss Sattar
Megan Bakes 7A, Nadia Khan 8W
Miss Dempsey
Naaz Parvaiz 9C, Mohammad Riyadh 7B
Mr Sparkes
Tanzeela Ali 9C, Maryam Kapree 8X
Mr Dixon
Adam Hussain 10Y
Miss Thompson
Kalim Ali 7B, Emma Harrison 8W, Maryam Kapree 8X
Mr Fitzpatrick
Imogen Gray 10C, Huzaifah Khan 10W
Mrs Tomlinson
Kira Feja 7C
Mr Fletcher
Haroon Iqbal 9W, Zaihaan Yasin 9W
Mr Trueman
Sidrah Ahmed 9Y
Mr Gledhill
Abdul-Aziz Ansari 7Y, Joshua Gray 8C, Emma Harrison 8W
Mr Usman
Afnan Khurram 9A, Tia Patel 9X
Mrs Hall
Mhd Saad Anjum 7Y, Gabija Tamosauskaite 7Y
Miss Ward
Jane Austin 9A, Chelsea Grant 10B
Mrs Hanson
Laylaa Alom 7Y
Mr Wickham
Shona Corrigan 7X
Miss Hateley-Lowe
Hamza Darr 7A
Miss Hitch
Azaan Arshad 7A, Haadis Ayub 7Y
Many parents have requested help with ensuring their children are using the internet and electronic devices safely outside the
academy. Therefore, we will be holding a series of three workshops during cycle 3. These will cover a range of topics.
The first one will be on the 6 May 2016. It will begin at 8:45am. This will be an introductory session covering the following topics:
- What is e-safety?
- What risks/signs to look out for in managing e-safety
- Filtering & monitoring at home
- Opportunity to ask questions
- Computer games
We will send out a reply slip nearer to the date to confirm attendance for the workshop.
The second session will focus on social networking websites and apps. If you want to suggest any further topics that we can focus
on, please pass these to reception or email Mr Asghar on [email protected]
Science week proved to be an especially exciting week for Y7 when they managed to travel into space for the day. The Yorkshire
Planetarium was set up in school and all our Y7 students spent time in the large inflatable dome, taking a journey through the solar
system and learning more about space travel. Students gained a lot of valuable knowledge about our solar system and were keen to
demonstrate their passion for space through some thought provoking questions during the Q&A session with the astrophysicist who
delivered the presentation. Hopefully, we’ve inspired some of our future scientists to take up a career in astrophysics.

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