Two charged in drug bust


Two charged in drug bust
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Mayor Schofield resigns
Deputy mayor also steps down from position
NNSL file photo
Kelly Schofield is sworn in as mayor in 2009 by justice of the peace Pat Bobinski, left. Schofield shocked council by announcing his resignation at Monday's meeting.
Kristen Campbell
[email protected]
Kelly Schofield has resigned as
mayor of Hay River.
Shortly after the start of the
Feb. 27 regular meeting of council,
Schofield read a prepared statement
aloud stating effective immediately,
he would no longer
hold the position of
"I believe I have
served the community very well
during my term," he
read, "however, it
is in the best interest that I resign for
valid reasons."
He listed misappropriation of
municipal expenditures, incompletion of council directed tasks such as
the recreation centre, negotiating and
tendering contracts, breach of confidentiality within council and lack of
support by the majority of council as
reasons for his departure.
Following the statement, he
quickly exited the council chambers leaving behind a stunned
council and gallery.
out their next steps.
Schofield would not provide fur"From here we are going to focus
ther comment regarding his resigna- on looking at our options of filling
the position and carry on with the
Council members looked at each business of the town," he said.
other, quietly asking the others if
As the news spread across town
the situation was true, before deputy Monday evening, Hay River resimayor Mike Maher
dents weighed in
also resigned.
with mixed reactions
Maher said he
to the resignation.
had similar concerns "When you're elected
as Schofield and
who is
to serve a term, the
would be resigning
people who vote for local politics, said
as deputy mayor,
you expect that you he was surprised by
although he wished
will serve the full
to remain on council.
the news, especially
"I have no choice
since the current
but to resign as depterm is almost up.
Keith Doheys
uty mayor," he said.
"I'm surprised in
Once the shock wore
the sense that I figoff and the counured if any mayor
cil meeting began with Coun. Ken was unhappy with this little time left
Latour acting as mayor.
to his or her term they would serve
"That was a bit of a surprise," said it out. I'm sure Kelly had his reasons
Coun. Andrew Cassidy. "I wish him that make perfect sense to him. He
(Schofield) all the best."
probably thought long and hard about
Following the council meet- his decision, so all the best to him,"
ing and an in-camera session with said Dohey.
council and administration, Coun.
"That being said, when you're
Kevin Wallington said council would elected to serve a term, the people
be working this week to figure who vote for you expect that
you will serve the full term."
Schofield was elected as mayor
in October 2009 with a total of 577
votes. He was a political newcomer,
and would have completed his first
full term in a political office this
Maher was re-elected in 2009,
and has been sitting on town council
since 2000.
Two charged
in drug bust
RCMP search finds 169 grams
of marijuana
Kristen Campbell
[email protected]
The RCMP seized 169 grams
of marijuana and arrested two
people after entering a Hay River
residence with a search warrant
on Feb. 21. A 56-year-old woman
and a 28-year-old man have each
been charged with possession for
the purpose of trafficking and two
counts each of careless storage of a
A small amount of cash was also
seized by police.
After the charges were sworn
by a justice of the peace, the two
accused were released on several
They are next scheduled to
appear in court on May 22 in Hay
2 t Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Hay River names citizen of the year
Georgina Bassett honoured for contributions to community
Paul Bickford
[email protected]
Paul Bickford/NNSL photo
Georgina Bassett holds the Alfred Mansell Citizen of the Year Award for
2011, which was presented to her on Feb. 24 at the annual gala of the Hay
River Chamber of Commerce.
Georgina Bassett has been
named Hay River's Citizen of
the Year.
She was presented with the
Alfred Mansell Citizen of the
Year Award for 2011 on Friday at the annual gala of the
Hay River Chamber of Commerce.
Bassett said she was very
honoured and "completely surprised" to receive the award.
She was very emotional
when it dawned on her that
she was citizen of the year as
the winner's volunteer activities and accomplishments
were being listed by the person who nominated her, Gail
"I just couldn't believe she
was talking about me," Bassett
said. "I couldn't stop crying."
Born and raised on the Hay
River Reserve, Bassett is a
life-long resident of the Hay
River area and a member of
K'atl'odeeche First Nation.
She is very active in St.
Andrew's Anglican Church,
where she was ordained a deacon in 2009.
As she accepted the citizen
of the year award, Bassett also
had a "wonderful surprise" of
her own. She told the audi-
ence that she will be ordained
an Anglican priest later this
After the presentation ceremony, she said the ordination
is expected to take place in
September or October. Being
ordained a priest will allow
her to perform more church
ceremonies than she can as
a deacon, such as offer full
"It gives me an opportunity
to do more than I am doing
now," she said.
When asked if she will
work full-time as a priest after
her ordination, Bassett noted
Rev. Vivian Smith will be at
St. Andrew's Anglican Church
for another year.
"Then we'll see," Bassett
The citizen of the year was
also commended for her community activities, including
co-ordinating the Hay River
Thrift Shop; volunteering
at H.H. Williams Memorial
Hospital, Woodland Manor
and the South Mackenzie Correctional Centre; preaching on
the Hay River Reserve; and
actively raising money to try
and help rebuild the Hay River
Reserve's St. Peter's Anglican
Church, which was heavily
damaged by ice and water during spring breakup in 2008.
"I just do it for the love of
what I do," she said.
Bassett is also working to
reclaim her South Slavey language by meeting with elders.
She works at Bassett Petroleum, a business she coowns with her husband, Steve
The couple has four sons
and five grandchildren.
Bassett was nominated for
the citizen of the year award
by Marshall, the Hay River
manager of Bassett Petroleum.
Another honour – the
Customer Service Excellence
Award – was also presented
at the chamber of commerce
The award went to Eddie
Lepine, a tire technician at
Tire North Ltd., the Kal Tire
dealer in Hay River.
Lepine, who has worked at
Tire North for 17 years, was
praised for his expertise, hard
work, and fast and courteous
The Customer Service
Excellence Award winner was
not at the gala, but the honour
was accepted on his behalf by
his wife, Dee-Dee Lepine.
Eddie Lepine was nominated for the Customer Service
Excellence Award by Faye
A tribute to the king
Paul Bickford/NNSL photo
Elvis Presley impersonator Darren Lee of Vancouver performs – including on
top of a table – at the annual gala of the Hay River Chamber of Commerce
on Feb. 24.
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 t 3
Angele Cano/NNSL photo
Jackie Milne talks about the soil in her greenhouse, explaining how to extend the growing season, and that gardening in the North has the possibility of becoming
a way of life.
Hay Riverites hungry for change
Ecology North holds workshops on food production
Angele Cano
[email protected]
A workshop on the food production system
has some Hay Riverites ready to change the
way they eat.
A dozen people gathered in the Hay River
library early this month for an hour on a Sunday afternoon to talk about the food production and transportation system in a discussion
group called ‘hungry for change.’
The free six-week workshop, which began
Feb. 12, is being offered through Ecology
North. It focuses on food, ethics and sustainability in the North, and how local people can
work together to change habits and promote
change. The program has already touched
down in Fort Smith and will soon be making its way to Fort Resolution, the Sahtu and
Trout Lake.
"The overall purpose is learning and supporting leadership and initiatives around food
and sustainability," said Shannon Ripley, Ecology North's lead co-ordinator for the program.
"People think it’s really hard to grow food
here. While our growing season is shorter,
really we can grow many things here. Bugs
and fungus are less of a problem, and we have just one person and this problem is just too
quite a history of growing our own food."
big.' This workshop brings people together to
One week before the program began, all 12 talk about small changes they can make to
seats were full.
create differences they will notice."
Jackie Milne, who is the
The program is offered
lead co-ordinator and workthrough an Ecology North prot
shop facilitator for the South
gram called the Local Food,
Slave, said the response to the
Learning and Leadership pro"Thirty-five per
workshop is because people
gram. The program is designed
in Hay River are truly hungry cent of our carbon to help people learn about local
for change.
food production from each
footprint comes
Milne is conscious of her
other, and to empower people
from our food
role in the food production
to take a responsible role in
system. Her home is a model
their local food security.
of do-it-yourself ingenuity
Ideally the program will
Jackie Milnes
for people looking to reduce
help people discover sources
their environmental footprint.
of local food production and
She has a greenhouse, a root cellar, and also help them save money, said Ripley.
has developed many energy-efficient measFor example, Milne said root vegetables
ures throughout her family home, including do well in the North and the produce can be
installing a composting toilet. She said once stored for a long time, limiting the need to
she became more conscious it was easier to shop.
make it a habit.
Materials for the program come from
"Thirty-five per cent of our carbon foot- the Northwest Earth Institute. Milne
print comes from our food consumption," said said the ideas from the institute help to
Milne. "A lot of times people see this and they stimulate creative thinking. She added
become very overwhelmed. People think, ‘I’m smaller groups are much more conducive
to generating big ideas.
On a Sunday afternoon, several people
from the town learned about the small changes they could make right off the bat. Some
conceded it might be difficult to give up tropical fruit, or spoke of how they might change
how they consume meat and dairy products.
A few wondered about the viability of dairy
production in Hay River.
Although there are few options to buy
from Northern suppliers, Milne said there
are other things people can do to reduce their
carbon footprint while purchasing food, such
as choosing products from British Columbia
or Alberta, instead of from the United States
or overseas.
"With sustainability, there is no one monocultural solution," she said. "So you can tap
into each person and see what each has to
offer, rather than becoming paralyzed or
depressed or overwhelmed. With food, it
changes fast."
Although the first workshop is full, Milne
said if there is enough interest Ecology North
will hold a second workshop. Call the NWT
Centennial Library in Hay River to express
4 t Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Historical Quote
"The unexamined life is not worth living."
– Socrates
Good luck,
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What do you think about kayaking in Hay River?
As a community close to water,
is kayaking a good way to enjoy the lakes and rivers in the summer?
Dana Cross
Hay River's athletes are gearing up for the
sporting opportunity of a lifetime.
Sunday will mark the opening of the 2012
Arctic Winter Games and 2,000 athletes from
the circumpolar world ranging from age 13 to
24 and their coaches will be heading to Whitehorse to represent their respective territories
and countries.
Competitors will be meeting athletes from
across the North, including Greenland, Yamal,
Sapmi and Alaska to test their skills against
other regions.
Thirty-three athletes from Hay River will be
heading to the Yukon and although we may
be far away from our
editorial representatives,
town will be cheering
them on from home.
But before Hay River's athletes leave, the Hub
has some words of encouragement as they
strive to compete at their highest level yet.
Athletes, soak up every moment of the competition.
Some of you will go on to compete at higher
levels, but others will be looking for a future in
something other than athletics.
So take it all in. All eyes of the circumpolar
world will be fixed on you for the next week and
this is your chance to shine.
But remember to do so with class and poise.
As representatives of the NWT, you want to
show sportsmanship and team spirit and leave
a positive impression of your territory. But have
fun while doing so.
This is not only your chance to compete at
one of the highest levels for Northern athletes,
but the opportunity to meet other athletes
from around Canada and the world. With other
nations involved, you may be able to learn a
thing or two about other countries and cultures.
So to all of you, good luck. Try your hardest
and we will be behind you.
[email protected]
Sherry Darosa
[email protected]
J. W. (Sig) Sigvaldason
[email protected]
Michael Scott
[email protected]
Bruce Valpy
[email protected]
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Tanner Mandeville
Tanner Mandeville: It would
be fun to learn and try.
Jayden Smith
Jayden Smith: It would be
good for people who want to
go in the river.
Sahara Lafferty
Sahara Lafferty: You can go
kayaking in the lake and it's
easier than going in a canoe.
Taylor Clarke
Taylor Clarke: You're in control of a kayak more. It moves
with you.
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 t 5
Greenhouse upset over bid rejection
Sandra Lester challenges town hall over awarding of contract to Fort Smith company
Kristen Campbell
that the bid for 60 hanging baskets
of pink petunias was awarded to
Steed and the planters were to be
A local greenhouse that has pro- announced at a later date.
vided flowers for the town's hangLester said the reason provided
ing baskets and flower beds each for the decision was due to coordinspring is demanding
ation efforts, and
an explanation for a
a tree had already
potentially crippling
been ordered to plant
loss of the town's
in front of town hall.
"Without this
The plan was to
Sandra Lester
match the tree plants
contract I won't
contacted the Town
with those hanging
of Hay River on be able to keep the off of light posts
Feb. 20 regarding greenhouse open." around town.
her company's bid
"We have never
Sandra Lesters
for the request for
received anything
negative from them,"
The RFQ was
said Lester. "(The
sent out by the town
town has) always
in early February
accepted our bids.
and both the local based Patterson's We've bent over backwards for the
and Steed Farms from Fort Smith town."
sent in bids, with Steed quoting
Lester said for the last six years,
$4,000 just slightly higher than Pat- Patterson's Greenvalley Gardens has
terson's $3,900.
been in charge of delivering the
Lester found out on Feb. 20 flowers. She said last year she even
[email protected]
pointed out that the flowers ordered
were incorrect, and suggested a different type for this year to make
the hanging pots as attractive as
"I just don't understand," said
Lester. "And without this contract, I
won't be able to keep the greenhouse
Lester quoted bylaw 1574 section
2 in an e-mail addressed to mayor
and council on Feb. 22 stating that
in her eyes, a legal document was
not adhered to by awarding the contract to Steed.
"This bylaw clearly states that
when there are local suppliers a tender remains in the community," said
Lester in her e-mail.
But she said this is more than
just another company getting the job
instead of her own.
"They are taking our tax dollars
and spending it elsewhere," said
Lester. "If the town is spending
money, it should be in town."
She addressed council members
Sandra Lester: Angry
she lost a town contract to
a Fort Smith business.
during the Feb. 27 regular meeting
searching for answers and an update
on the contract.
Council members said they were
unsure as to why the contract had
been awarded to an out-of-town
company, when a competent one
was located within their borders.
Coun. Dawna O'Brien, along
with other councillors, said there
had been some complaints last
year regarding the flower pots, but
some of the deterioration of the
flowers was to be attributed to the
maintenance they received, such
as over-watering throughout the
The question of where the matter stood was directed to director of
recreation Tammy Buchanan who
said at this time, the contract had
already been awarded and the order
had been made.
"We are just waiting for the
flowers to arrive," said Buchanan
who added the contract was awarded to Steed due to the quality of the
Senior administrative officer
Mike Richardson asked how council wished to proceed with the issue
and deputy mayor Mike Maher suggested that Buchanan call Steed the
following day to see what the penalty would be if an already-processing
order was cancelled.
6 t Wednesday, February 29, 2012
photo courtesy of Wendy Morgan
Serving democracy
Grade 8 Ecole Boreale students Angela Roy, left, and Kateryna Staszuk travelled to the legislative assembly
from Feb. 13 to 17 to act as pages for Hay River South MLA Jane Groenewegen.
A flair for fashion
Phab program to have young women
create dresses out of newspaper
Kristen Campbell
[email protected]
It turns out newspapers can
be used for more than just
The creative minds behind
Phab, the most recent programming in town for young
women, have set their sights
on a fashion series and will
be using print media as their
"At Phab we are collecting
newspapers, magazines and
other materials for the girls to
use to create stylish dresses for
a newspaper dress competition
which will later be showcased
in a fashion show with La Dee
Dah Boutique's spring line and
accessories," said organizer
Marissa Oteiza.
She said the idea stemmed
from looking for something
unique and original to have the
girls work on, and would allow
them to learn in the process.
"After leading a leadership
and resiliency class at DJSS
(Diamond Jenness Secondary School) with some junior
high girls, the idea of fashion
design came up and I ran it
by a few of our local fashionistas in town. It then developed
into a six-part fashion design
workshop series in which we
would take a look at all aspects
of the fashion world including design, homemade, retail,
modelling and photo shoots,"
said Oteiza.
"We have already put on
a headband-making workshop
with Rosie Friesen in which
we explored the idea of the
clothing industry and the fun
of making things on your own
and out of recycled materials
as well as making your own
fashion statements. We then
had a 'go see' at La Dee Dah
Boutique in which Nikki (Ashton) and Dayna (King) introduced the girls to the world
of owning your own store and
their experiences in the fashion industry as well as some
tips for wearing what you like
in a small town."
The girls were put to the
challenge of choosing different outfits for the mannequins
at La Dee Dah and were critiqued on their choices.
This next challenge will
have them taking it a step
further, actually creating their
own clothing items.
Marissa Oteiza: Organizing a unique fashion project.
"We hope that the girls are
able to explore the concept
of teamwork and the joys in
showcasing something that
you have put pride into creating," said Oteiza.
The workshop and competition is open to girls aged 11
to 18 and will see them work
in teams as designers, seamstresses and models of their
own designs.
"This provides them with
the opportunity to use problem
solving skills, how to compromise and leadership skills as
they work through the dynamic
of a team, which is something
that is a major part of their
future through schooling and
the work environment," said
Oteiza. "This also gives them
the chance to express their
creating and develop skills
such as mathematical through
measurements, literacy and
research development, sewing,
drawing and design."
The workshops will be held
March 5, March 20 and March
28 from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. at
the Doug Weiterman Hall.
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 t 7
Flipping for gold
Judoka Mason Bruneau takes top spot in British Columbia
in advance of international competition, page 8
Simon Whitehouse/NNSL photos
Grade 11 junior female player Krista Gardiner of Diamond
Jenness Secondary School poses for a shot Saturday during
NWT badminton territorials, which were held at Sir John Franklin High School.
From left are Hay River badminton players Harley Beaulieu, Jaymar Marzan, Aaron Moizis. All
three are in the juvenile level and competed Saturday at the NWT badminton territorials at Sir
John Franklin School in Yellowknife.
Athletes score big at tournament
Hay River badminton players take medals in every division
Angele Cano
[email protected]
Hay River birdie bashers demonstrated why
the community makes up more than half of the
Arctic Winter Games team during the high school
badminton championships in Yellowknife from
Feb. 11-12.
A Group of 21 players returned from the NWT
High School badminton championship with at
least a top three finish in every division and a full
sweep of the juvenile girls and boys divisions.
Despite Hay River's skill at the sport, some
players still feel intimidated travelling into the
capital to compete.
It was harder than the tournaments we usually play because Yellowknife is more competitive
than we are," said Grade 11 student Krista Gardiner. "They like to smash lots. They smash really
well and have different strategies than we do."
Gardiner had her eye on high scores this weekend, and her focus, along with the skills and focus
of her partner, Kristen Morin, earned her third
place in doubles.
"Me and my partner communicate lots," said
Gardiner. "We get each other."
Junior ladies
Skylar Horton – Hay River
Sujal Shrestha - Yellowknife
Trudy Hiebert – Hay River
Junior mens:
Dylan Allen - Yellowknife
Adrian Kagyut - Inuvik
Drake Roberts – Hay River
Juvenile mens:
Daniel Huang – Hay River
Alex Keefe – Hay River
Kjel Crook – Hay River
Juvenile ladies:
Brooke Schaefer – Hay River
Paige Kruger – Hay River
2012 NWT High School Badminton Championships Results
Andrea Walker – Hay River
Pre-Juvenile mens:
Daniel Melanson – Hay River
Elliot Pinto – Hay River
Alex Huang – Hay River
Junior ladies:
Skylar Horton (HR)/Roza Balasanyan (YK)
Trudy Hiebert (HR)/Kyla Milne (HR)
Kristen Morin (HR)/Krista Gardiner (HR)
Junior mens:
Adrian Kagyut (INVK)/Daniel Rohne (Fort Smith)
Keagan Napier-Dragon (HR)/Zachary Biggar/ (HR)
Christopher Lirette (HR)/Reid Hildebrandt (YK)
Juvenile ladies:
Brooke Schaefer (HR)/Sujal Shrestha (YK)
Paige Kruger (HR)/Andrea Walker (HR)
Rachel Harder (HR)/Novie Borday (HR)
Juvenile mens:
Drake Roberts (HR)/Dylan Allen (YK)
Daniel Huang (HR)/Alex Keefe (HR)
Clell Crook (HR)/EJ Lau-a (HR)
Junior mixed:
Skylar Horton (HR)/Adrian Kagyut (INVK)
Trudy Hiebert (HR)/Keagan Napier-Dragon (HR)
Daniel Rohne (FS)/Roza Balasanyan (YK)
Juvenile mixed:
Brooke Schaefer (HR)/Dylan Allen (YK)
Sujal Shrestha (YK)/Drake Roberts (HR)
Andrea Walker (HR)/Daniel Huang (HR)
Source: NWT High School Badminton Championships
8 t Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Hay River judoka wins gold
before heading to Europe
Mason Bruneau
prevails in both fights at Pacific
International Judo Championships
Kristen Campbell
highest score a fighter can achieve.
Desforges fought in the under-20
female division and won all her fights
Hay River's star judoka has added in the under-63 kilogram group.
another gold medal performance to
This was Bruneau's last fight
his name.
before he heads to Europe in March
Mason Bruneau
to compete with the
walked away from
rest of the Canadian
the Pacific InterNational Team in
national Judo Chamt
the European Union
pionships in RichJudo Junior Cup.
"The level of
mond B.C., on Feb. competition they will
Both Desforges
20 with a first place
and Bruneau will be
face there is really travelling to Portutitle. Yellowknife's
Gabrielle Desforges
gal and then Geralso placed on top of
many to fight on an
Mario Desforgess
her division.
international level.
Both athletes won
"They are headall of their respective
ing to Europe in
fights in their weight
March with a little
and age categories.
bit of experience and
Bruneau was the only athlete success," said NWT Judo Associaregistered in the under-20 class so tion head coach Mario Desforges.
he fought in the intermediate senior "The level of competition they will
face there is really high. (Last) weekHe fought two over-100 kilogram end, they just took all the experience
opponents and won both fights by they could to fight at their best in
ippon, or one full point, which is the Europe."
[email protected]
photo courtesy of NWT Judo Association
Mason Bruneau, right, and Gabrielle Desforges show off their hard earned gold medals after
they both placed at the top of their respective divisions at the Pacific International Judo Championships in Richmond, B.C., on Feb. 20.
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 t 9
Huskies keep the wins at home
Hay River peewee team dominates tournament
Angele Cano
[email protected]
The Hay River Huskies were undefeated throughout their four-team home
tournament on the weekend.
The peewee team of 17 players coached
by John Hill and Dean McMeekin enjoyed
an uninterrupted series of wins thanks to
great team chemistry and some new skills
team members employed, the coaches
said. Hill and McMeekin equated the
team's final win in the annual home tournament to hard work and new strategies.
"They had to work hard to win but they
did really well," said Hill. "They displayed
good sportsmanship and worked really
hard on their defence. There was really
good chemistry this year. They get along
on and off the ice."
The ice-breakers hockey camp held
to kick off the season was an impetus
for this, said Hill. Athletes learned some
integral defence and passing techniques
that helped in the tournament. Their drill
of choice was the four-player pass – a drill
they incorporated into every practice, and
one that paid off, giving athletes the skills
to give a 100-per-cent team effort, said
"That drill really stressed that they get
on the puck," said Hill. "For some it was
their first tournament, and for some it was
their fifth, but they were able to work well
Huskies team member Bryn Hill will
be heading to the Arctic Winter Games
at the end of week as part of the junior
women’s hockey team. She’ll be flying
to Yellowknife on Tuesday for three days
of practice with the team, but said the
Huskies home tournament provided her
an extra boost to her own conditioning
regime. She’s excited to play, to get into
the zone of focus, but also for the fanfare.
"I’m excited to see all the people in the
stands but also to play with the team," said
Bryn. "It’ll be a new experience."
So far the peewees have played in tournaments in Fairview, Manning and Spirit
River, Alta., and Yellowknife but have yet
to head to Edmonton and High Level.
The tournament was a success, also,
thanks to the countless efforts from parents, referees and volunteers who supported the team with their time and skills.
Angele Cano/NNSL photo
Hay River Husky Kenneth O’Connor, left, skates alongside puck carrier Dawson
McMeekin into the opposing end during their home tournament this past weekend.
10 t Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Kayak polo falls flat in Hay River
Little interest in sport over past three years
Angele Cano
[email protected]
The NWT Kayak Association
Kayak Polo Territorial Championships might be looking for a new
host community considering interest
in the event has been poor in Hay
River over the past three years.
This is the third time the championships have been held in the Hay
River pool, but there has been little
interest over those years from local
people to participate. Of the 20 competitors, only one person from town
showed up to play in the tournament
from Feb. 25 to 26. Of the four
teams involved, most participants
were from Fort Smith and Yellowknife.
"I think we need to reconsider
whether we’re going to come again,"
said NWT Kayak Association
president Steve Hatch. "We keep
hearing interest generating, but no
one seems to be interested because
they never turn up."
Hatch said with the five-hour
drive to Hay River, the more expensive pool rental and little interest it
might be enough to push the association to hold the tournament in
Yellowknife next year.
Recreation programmer for the
town of Hay River, Emma Harper,
said that would be a shame. Harper
advertised for the event around town
and through social media and said
she didn’t get much response compared to many other events.
"We need some sort of grassroots
Angele Cano/NNSL photo
John Blyth and Helen Lefebvre both go for the ball during an early evening kayak polo game during the NWT Kayak Association
Kayak Polo Territorial Championships in Hay River on Feb. 25.
association in Hay River to get it
going," she said. "I definitely think
there’s an interested in it, but it needs
to start from the basics here in Hay
River. It's not like hockey (which) has
had a really long presence here and
it's at every level in the town, and a
lot of people are invested in it."
Hatch said kayaking has been
steadily gaining in popularity over
the past several years. A team of
eight paddlers from Yellowknife and
Fort Smith recently returned from
the Cup of the North in Edmonton, a
tournament that hosts kayakers from
all over the world. He said he would
like to see it also spark interest in
Hay River.
"I'd love to see people from Hay
River get involved and someday start
a club, but it’s hard to break into
that town," said Hatch. 'Logistically,
it’s right in the middle of Yellowknife and Fort Smith. There is an
untapped resource there. Hay River
is the second biggest town, there’s
the river and people that are into
water sports."
Hatch has lived in Yellowknife
since 2007 and notices many sports
have a tough time competing with
hockey but he hopes that will
"You could train kids in schools;
there is that potential there," said
Hatch. "Sea kayaking would help
people with canoeing compared
to hockey culture, kayaking is a
leap into the dark to try something
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 t 11
Successful race weekend in Yellowknife
Three gold, two silver and a bronze medal at NWT Speed Skating Championships
Kristen Campbell
[email protected]
Hay River's skaters showed dominance in Yellowknife at this year's
NWT Speed Skating Championships
on Feb. 18 and 19.
Seven athletes travelled north and
competed against skaters from Fort
Simpson, Norman Wells, Fort Smith,
and Inuvik.
For three of Hay River's skaters, it
was the first opportunity to compete
at a territorial level. For the others,
it was a chance to catch up with athletes from across the territory who
they have come to know.
And, for all, it was a chance to
aim for their best on the ice.
"It is so nice to see the kids
from all communities congratulating each other as they come off ice
after a hard fought race," said Jackie
Karp, Hay River Speed Skating Club
president. "Parents and coaches from
other clubs cheer for Hay River skaters and vice versa."
Jesse Karp, 10, placed first in two
A division finals and finished second
in another two. He finished with
the most points in the fundamentals
group, aged six to nine years old, and
received the gold medal to become
the NWT Fundamentals Speed Skating Champion.
Jack Coombs, 9, finished seventh
in the fundamentals division 1 category.
Ian Aylward, 7, competed territorially for the first time in the
fundamentals division 2 and came in
seventh overall which allowed him to
take home the C group gold medal.
"He brings a smile to the ice
and to our faces when he skates and
clearly loves to be speed skating,"
said Jackie Karp.
Kaed Blake, 13, the speed skater who will be representing Hay
River in the upcoming Arctic Winter
Games, skated hard in the train to
train division for ages 13 to 16 and
took home the bronze medal for best
overall male in his division. Tori
Blake, 10, competed in the learn to
train division and faced some tough
For the newest skaters, Madison
McPhee, 10, and Harrison TweediePitre, 11, it was all an exciting experience.
"Madison has only been skating
with us for a few weeks and had to
deal with more experienced skaters
in her group," said Karp. "She made
us all proud."
photo courtesy of Jackie Karp
Jack Coombs, left, Ian Aylward and Jesse Karp have fun both on and off the ice during the NWT
Speed Skating Championships in Yellowknife on Feb. 18 and 19.
12 t Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Just for kicks
Hay River to host British Soccer Camp
this summer
Kristen Campbell
athletes but also promote the
fun of the game by adding an
international flair.
Hay River's young soccer
Jack Butler, the program's
players will be given a unique regional director for Saskatchopportunity this summer: the ewan, Idaho and Washington,
chance to learn from some said four or five coaches from
international athletes.
the United Kingdom will be
From July 9 to 13, the town heading to several NWT comwill host Challenger Sports' munities to pass on their soccer
British Soccer
Camp, which
Many of
will see young
the coaches
"Our coaches
athletes aged
have been
three to 16
do good a job at playing socparticipating in
cer since they
challenging the
drills, practiwere three
ces and games.
or four years
Programs vary
old, said ButJack Butlers
from one hour
ler, and will
a day for the
be bringing a
younger groups
different skill
to full- and
set to the
half-day camps for the more field than a more local coach
The camp will help to
"Our staff are all extremely
develop the skills of budding passionate," said Butler. "Soccer is like a religion for us, it's
our only sport.
"Our coaches do a good
job at challenging the kids," he
said. "We are not reinventing
the game, we are just changing
[email protected]
a piano classic
Kristen Campbell/NNSL photo
Jayda Larocque smiles for the camera during a group performance of 'Let It
Be' during the library's second Beatles Night on Feb. 24.
things up a bit."
This is the second year
the camp will be held in Hay
River and Butler hopes the
participation doubles from last
year's numbers.
"We had 20 kids and three
coaches last year," he said. "We
are hoping to double that."
The program has expanded
to include Inuvik, adding to
the camps in Yellowknife, Hay
River and Fort Smith. Butler
said as of Feb. 24 there was
already one youth from Hay
River registered.
But Challenger Sports' first
attempt at a camp was not
without its setbacks and the
company is hoping to streamline the week-long program.
"It's always interesting
going into a community for
the first time," said Butler.
"Things are all spread by word
of mouth in town. Last year
there were some kids who
showed up during the last
few days wanting to take part
because they didn't hear about
(the camp). Hopefully this year
they know and can be involved
right from the start."
February 29,
t 13
Realty For Sale
Realty For Rent
AvAilAble immediAtely 3 bedroom
house, West Channel Back Road.
$800/month plus utilities. References
required, damage deposit. Call 8742518
3 bedroom home
in the old town.
$900.00 plus utilities.
Damage deposit,
references required.
No pets.
Call 874-3907
5 bedroom, 2 bath house. Located
in Enterprise. Large fenced in yard.
Completely renovated. $1200/month
plus utilities. Damage depsoit required, must have references. Call
Don or Evelyne at (867) 875-8122 or
(867) 876-0016
Bachelor, 1, 2 and 4 bedrooms,
furnished or un-furnished
Ph: 780-257-1949
Email: [email protected]
Lot with River Views
in a desirable
neighborhood. Open
space at the rear
property line.
Mature spruce trees
Owner will pay GST.
Call Arcan
[email protected]
CustOm Cut sIzEs - splIt
1 Full CORD $225, Gst
& LocaL deLivery
pattERsON’s saWmIll
867-874 - 2746
Pinnacle Wood Pellets
Available Immediately
• Wood Pellet Stoves
• Wood Pellet Boilers
Realty For
Call 874-2447
to place your order
love shop
Adult needs met.
Specializing in lingerie
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bras A to H (30-52).
Call 1-800-661-4203 to
order catalogue $15.00.
Afterhours boutique
10120A-100th Ave
Grande Prairie, AB,
T8V 0V4.
• Various Properties for Lease
• Furnished and Unfurnished
• Apartment/Duplex Units
Applications available at:
[email protected]
For Rent
room for rent with shared kitchen,
bathroom and living area. In Hay River. N?S N?D rent: $500/month plus
damage deposit. call wayne 780-9019182 or Dennis 780-289-7868
CAnmore 3 Bedroom condo for
vacation rental. Available for short
term holiday rental (min. 4 days) in
Canmore, Alberta. Ideal for skiing or
hiking. Comes fully furnished with
all conveniences. Call Chris at 403208-5341
vACAtion rentAls available in Palm
Springs, California area and Big
White Ski area near Kelowna. Palm
springs house 2 bedroom, master with
ensuite, 2nd with bunk bed, sleeps
2. Fully equipped kitchen, patio with
BBQ, located in gated community
on golf course. big White ski area, ski
in - ski out, 3 bedroom townhouse
located in Snow Pine area, 2 queen
sized beds, 4 bunk beds, sleeps 8.
Fully equipped kitchen, deck with
BBQ and private hot tub. For further information call 403-208-5341 or
Autos for Sale
2001 JeeP TJ Sport - 60 Anniversary
Platinum Edition Command start hard top - all new rubber 86,000 km
Asking $12,000.00 Call Kim Crook
Rec. Vehicles
2005 PolAris XC 500 SP Snowmobile for
sale. Excellent condition, low mileage
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Classif ieds
for sAle: FIREWOOD. Custom cut sizes - split green, dry, bagged. Wood Gasification/ Outdoor wood boilers. Delivery
to Hay River & Yellowknife. Contact
Dave at (867)872-3435 or cell 872-0229.
Fort Smith [email protected]
Call Norm at 872-2355
Women’s HoCkey League in Hay River.
Looking for Ladies, 14 and up. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Come
out and have some fun!. For information
email [email protected] or Deb
at 874-4291
viCtim serviCes. For immediate assistance please call 876-2020 for free and
confidential direct services TFN
sPArks (Girl Guides of Canada) Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Pentecostal
Church. More info call 874-2350
W e
e a s y
PH: 867.874.6577 faX: 867.874.2679 email: [email protected]
Kingland Ford SaleS ltd.
Happy 13th Birthday
is seeking a professional individual
The boy grew. He grew and he grew and he grew.
He grew until he was a teenager. He had strange
friends and he wore strange clothes and he listened
to strange music. Sometimes the mother felt like she
was in a zoo! (Robert Munsch)
to join our team as an
accounts receivable Clerk
this is a full time, permanent position.
We offer a pleasant, team oriented work environment
with an excellent wage & benefits package.
As you start your first year
as a teenager, we wish that
all your dreams come true.
Happy Birthday!
the position requires:
• collection and allocation of payments, follow up
• carry out billing, collection and reporting activities
according to specific deadlines
• monitoring customer account details for non
payments, delayed payments and other
• maintain accounts receivable customer files
• follow established procedures for processing
receipts, cash etc
• investigate and resolve customer queries
• communicating with customers via phone, email,
mail or personally
Love You Forever:
Mom, Dad & Deanna
Guy Vincent Demaine
May 26, 1943 – Feb 21, 2012
Guy Vincent Demaine, longtime
resident of Hay River, Northwest
Territories, passed away in Grande
Prairie, Alberta on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at the age of 68
to be successful applicant will have:
Attention to detail and accuracy, good communication
skills, organizational skills, information management,
problem-solving skills and decision-making skills.
Guy was born May 26, 1943 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and raised there. He graduated high school and
took numerous courses to pursue his career in Corrections. He moved to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories,
in 1972 to start work with the Yellowknife Corrections.
From there he moved to Hay River in 1975 to continue
his work in Corrections.
Please forward your resume to:
Kingland Ford Sales ltd
922 Mackenzie Highway
Hay River, NT X0E 0R8
Fax : (867) 874-2843
[email protected]
In 1997 Guy semi-retired from the Northwest Territories
Government and moved to Ontario. He worked several
years at the Ottawa Detention Centre until he retired in
2008, where he had a four year battle with cancer.
Guy enjoyed hunting, was an avid hockey player, and
enjoyed coaching children’s hockey for many years.
Multi-Family Garage Sale and Bake Sale
Guy will be sadly missed by his wife Sue Lei; daughter
Kim; brother Murray (June) Demaine and sister Karen
Where: The Fire Hall
When: Saturday, March 3, 2012
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Please come by and support the Hay River Fire
Department curling team who will be representing
the Northwest Territories at the
Canadian Firefighters Curling Championships
in Truro, Nova Scotia in March.
HAy river Community Library hours are
as follows: Monday - Thursday 10am
- 5pm and 7pm - 9pm (always open during lunch) Friday, Saturday/Sunday 1pm
- 5pm. Closed for statutory holidays.
HAy river Health & Social Services Authority Meals on Wheels needs volunteers to deliver meals 11:00 to noon
approx. If you’re intereested please call
Bonnie Web 874-7201
PArents And Tots every Thursday at
10:30am. Stories, crafts, creative play.
After school programming with Adam
every week. Grades K-2 Mondays 3:304:30pm, Grades 3-5 Tuesdays 3:304:30pm. Grades 6-7 Wednesdays 3:004:00pm. Hay River Community Library.
kiCkbutt! quit smoking weekly support group meeting - every Tuesday at
7pm upstairs in the clinic. All nicotine
dependant people (whether in the Kick
Butt! program or not) and any interested
friends, family or other support people
are all welcome to come to our meetings. Facilitator - Susie Taylor.
tHe HAy river fire dePArtment and
ambulance service is presently running
a recruitment drive for 10 new members.
Contact Ross Potter, fire chief at (867)
874-6522 or pickup an application at
the town hall.
meAls on Wheels needs volunteers to deliver meals. (11am to noon approximately).
If you are interested, please call Marcy
Cowger at 874-7201. Hay River Community Health Services
Hr reserve Community Counselling:
Service Hours Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm.
Offer confidential referral, counselling &
education services. Please call 874-2838
AerobiCs is back every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at Harry Camsell
School starting at 6 pm. come on out
and get active.
Guides, PAtHfinders (Girl Guides of
Canada) Thursdays 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Anglican Church More info call 874-2350
suPPort loCAl business! Check out to see what Hay River
has to offer!
your PrePaid classified ad
must be received by our office
before NooN Monday
each week.
i T
local Buyers
local sellers
broWnies (GirlGuides of Canada)
Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Pentecostal Church. More info call 874-2350
To Place
a classified ad
M a k e
He was predeceased by his son Shawn;
mother Gladys; father Frederick;
sisters Shelia Demaine and Sharon Peary.
Memorial service was held Thursday,
February 23, 2012 at 2:00pm at
Oliver’s Grande Prairie Funeral Chapel.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be
made to the SPCA.
Oliver’s Grande Prairie Funeral
Chapel & Crematorium
10005-107 Ave. Grande Prairie, Alberta
T8V-1L8 (780)532-2929
“Dedicated Service Since 1915”
In Loving Memory of Lucy Isaac
July 17, 1933 - March 3, 2008
“A kind word, a warm smile, always
willing to visit for a while”.
Four years have passed by, but we
forever remember you in our hearts.
AlCoHoliC Anonymous Meetings in Hay
River: Sunday 7:30PM, South Mackenzie
Corrections Ctr. Studney Drive (in house
AlCoHoliC Anonymous Meetings in Hay
River: Big Book Study. Monday 7:30PM,
Soaring Eagle Friendship Centre rear
AlCoHoliC Anonymous Meetings in
Hay River: Women’s Group Tuesday
7:30pm at Anglican Church Basement
AlCoHoliC Anonymous Men’s Group,
Wednesday at 7:30 pm, Friendship Centre, back door
AlCoHoliC Anonymous Meetings in Hay
River: Keep it simple Thursday 7:30 pm at
Anglican Church basement 874-4787
AlCoHoliC Anonymous Meetings
in Hay River, Daily Reflections, Friday
8:00PM, Anglican Church, downstairs,
#69 Woodland Dr. (Open meeting.)
you may pay for your ad using your Visa or Mastercard over the phone
or come into our office in the Gensen Building.
Private classified ads: $5.00 first 15 words. 15 cents per word thereafter.
Boxed ads: for Memoriams, obituaries, Birth announcements,
Thank yous, Birthday Greetings, etc. are $25.00 plus GsT
for a basic 2 col. by 2” ad, $6.25/col. in.
National and business classified ads: $1.40 per agate line.
Love always,
Rosie, Emily (Charles), and Nora, and
brother, Frank, nieces and nephews, and friends.
AlCoHoliC Anonymous Meetings in
Hay River: 12 Step x 12 Traditions Saturday 8:00PM, at Soaring Eagle Friendship
Centre, rear entrance
Al-Anon meetinG Thursday 7:30pm at
RC Rectory Basement
GAmbler’s Anonymous Fridays 8758613 for information
nArCotiCs Anonymous Meetings in Hay
River: Northern Fellowship of Thursday
Reach buyers
throughout the
Northwest Territories
and around the world
for the first 15 words
7:30PM, at Catholic Church basement
nArCotiCs Anonymous meetings every
Thursday, starting May 5, 2011 7:30PM.
Front door of the Catholic Church. For
more information contact Barb at 8760570
Work WAnted The Hay River Committee for Persons with Disabilities is assisting clients with job placement. If you
have full or part time work for someone
or can offer a person with disabilities
To Place your ad:
call 874-6577, fax 874-2679,
or write 8-4 courtoreille street,
Hay river, NT X0e 1G2.
email: [email protected]
t Wednesday,
t Wednesday,
2012 29, 2012
29, 2012
3.3125 x 5.05 in
GAC_477_CT101166_HRH.indd 2
12-02-16 3:44 PM
Supply and Application of Calcium Chloride
– Highways 1 through 7, NT –
3.306 x 6.65 in
GAC_950_9258_9257_HRH.indd 1
12-02-16 7:35 PM
To Supply and Apply Calcium Chloride as a Dust Suppressant
to Gravel Surfaced Highways in the Northwest Territories.
Sealed tenders addressed to the Transportation Office
in Fort Simpson, Hay River, or Yellowknife, NT, under the
conditions contained within the tender documents, will be
received before:
3:00 PM, LOCAL TIME, MARCH 21, 2012.
Tender documents are available as of February 20, 2012,
at the locations noted above.
Pre-tender meeting: 2:00 pm, March 6, 2012 at 76 Capital
Drive, Suite 201, Hay River, NT.
General inquiries to:
Marilyn Tordoff
Phone: (867) 874-5010
Technical inquiries to: Girish Regmi
Phone: (867) 874-5025
The GNWT Business Incentive Policy and Chapter 5 of the
Agreement on Internal Trade will apply to this procurement.
For contract opportunities visit
Sat. 3:30pm-11pm. Phone 874-3953
Community Counselling Services
Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am - 5 pm, closed
noon hours. We offer confidential referral, counselling, therapeutic & education
serices. Please call 874-2446
GAC_477_CT101154_HRH_PR.pdf 2
rotary CluB meets Thursdays at noon.
Call Chris Robinson 874-2207
x 5.25
am Men’s
Monday 7:30
pm Living Truth Video presentation. All
are welcome. Church 874-2354 Pastor
penteCostal Chapel Bible Study and
prayer Tuesdays @ 7 pm. Service
Sundays 10:30 am
even a few hours a week, please contact the CFPWD office at 875-4448 or
fax 875-4442
the healthy Family Program is in
Suite 11 - 3 Courtoreille St. (Upstairs
above the Bakery). Are you expecting
a baby or had a baby in the past 6
months? We do home visits to support you with: Healthy Child Develop-
Does someone you know have trouble
with drinking? Al-anon meeting Wed,
7:30 - 8:30. Soaring Eagle Friendship
Centre entrance at back.
parent Action Committee
ment, Healthy Parent-Child Interac(DJPAC) is looking for anyone, who
tion, Community Resources & Social
would like to help out and support
2:25 PM
Support. Our program is12-02-23
FREE and
our school. Call Evellyn Coleman 8742342 / Kim Crook 874-4901 or email
open Mon. - Fri. 8am - 4pm. Angela
[email protected]
Jacobs @ 874-3009 or Paula Oteiza
@ 874-3008
every week at the Tree House! Mondays crafts & drop-in from 10 am till
Baptist ChurCh Sundays 10 am Sunday
noon for parents & children ages 0 - 6.
School for Children, Teens and Adults.
Tuesdays Tumbling toddlers at the Pen11 am worship Celebration. Tuesday
SERVICES to work off - The Community
Alternative Measures, Fine Option and
Community Service Order Programs are
now serviced from the office of the
Hay River Community Justice Committee. Office hours are: Monday - Friday
2pm - 5 pm. We are located at Room
tecostal Church from 10 am - noon &
102 in the Greenway Building. Phone
fun stories and drop-in from 1:30 - 4:30.
Wednesdays Movie madness
days,3:54 PM
come in & enjoy a featured movie 10
lions CluB meetings, 2nd Tuesday of
am - noon. Phonics club 3:45-5:00pm.
every month. 7pm at the Salt N Pepper’s
Thursdays Parents & Tots 10 am till
back room. New members welcome. If
noon & curious kids clubs 3:45-5pm.
you would like more information contact
Call Tree House at 874-2103
Pat @ 874-6660
24-hour Crisis LINE Providing a free & safe
growing together, a place for children
place for victims of family violence. Help is
6 and under and their parents. A variety
available. Call 874-6626
of activities are always on the go. Call
874-4545 for full schedule of events.
the soup KITCHEN Open Mon, Wed, Fri.
11 am-1:30 pm. Inquiries Call 874-2885
interesteD in Karate? Classes for all
or 874-4353
ages at PA School. Call Santiago or Cindy @ 3754 or Alex @ 6667 after 6pm
hay river PLAYSCHOOL Early childhood
programs for 3 & 4 year olds. To register,
contact Norma Shaw at 874-2508 Mon-Fri
T H e
8:30 - 4:30 pm
hay river Youth Centre Hours are Tues. to
Thurs. 6:30pm-9:30pm, Fri. 6:30pm-11pm,
H ay R i v e R , N o Rt H w e s t t e R R i t o R i e s
Are you advertised in it?
Call Us today! 874-6577
Alber ta
12-02-08 2:18 PM
6th ANNUAL COLLECTOR CAR Auction & Speed 'n Custom Show, March
23 - 25, 2012, Red Deer Westerner
Park. Featuring The Big Schwag & indoor car show! Exhibitor space available. Consign your car or estate today.
1-888-296-0528 ext. 102;
MEIER GUN AUCTION, Saturday, March
3, 11 a.m., 6016 - 72A Ave., Edmonton.
150 handguns, rifles, and shotguns.
Call Meier Auctions to consign 780440-1860.
COMPLETE DISPERSAL and Real Estate Auction: Wayne's Small Engine Service. Tools, machines, parts. 10 a.m.,
Saturday, March 10, 1235 - 1 Ave.,
Wainwright, Alberta. Scribner Auction
COLLECTOR CAR AUCTION. 2nd Annual Edmonton Auto Show Collector
Car Auction. Expo Center March 2 - 4.
Last year sold 75%. Time to consign.
1-888-296-0528 ext. 102;
RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT DISPERSAL Crossroads Family Diner, Hwy 53 &
Hwy 2A, Ponoka, Alberta, Wednesday,
March 7, 2012, 11 a.m. Kitchen equip-
Classifieds starting at $5 - Fantastic deals - Buy, sell, trade or freecycle - E-mail [email protected]
t 15
February 29,
education, guaranteed! Part-time study
in March, apply today! 1-877-646-1018;
Works Ltd. is hiring experienced Machinists and Machine Operators. Located in Linden, Alberta. Competitive
wages, benefits, bonuses. Email: [email protected]
DIRECT SALES Representatives. Canada's premiere home automation and
security company is now hiring AprilAugust. No experience necessary. Travel
required. Email resume: [email protected]
com. Visit:
in Edson, Alberta requires a full-time
Heavy Duty Mechanic for field and
shop work. We require Cat dozer/Deere
excavator experience. You will work a
set schedule for days on and off. Call
Lloyd at 780-723-5051.
NEED TO ADVERTISE? Province wide
classifieds. Reach over 1 million readers
weekly. Only $259. + GST (based on
25 words or less). Call this newspaper
NOW for details or call 1-800-282-6903
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INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT Operator School. Locations in Alberta & BC.
Hands on real world training. Full sized
equipment. Job placement assistance.
Funding available. 1-866-399-3853;
laws and regulations, inspections, investigations, and audits are compliant.
Oil and gas background. Transportation and health and safety experience
preferred. All safety tickets are valid.
Location Swan Hills, Whitecourt and
Slave Lake. Please fax resume to 780333-4301. For full job description email
request to: [email protected]
and Marina Facility is located on Lesser Slave Lake approximately 285kms
northwest of Edmonton, Alberta near
the Hamlet of Kinuso. We are now accepting applications for the position of
Park Manager, for the period of May
1 to Sept. 15. For complete package
and details please call 780-775-3805
or 780-805-0801 or email: [email protected] Deadline for applications is March 5, 2012.
MEDICAL TRAINEES needed now! Hospitals & Doctors need well trained staff.
No experience needed! Local training &
job placement available. Call for more
info! 1-888-748-4126.
“There’s always something new and exciting. Being
part of a big team and working together to keep
the equipment serviceable and on the road is what
I enjoy most. I am proud to be Gwich’in and proud
to say I am a member of the Canadian Forces.”
Corporal TERRY ELIAS, Fort McPherson
First Nation
« Il y a toujours quelque chose de nouveau et d’excitant
qui survient. Ce que j’aime le plus, c’est de faire partie
d’une grande équipe et de travailler avec les autres
à maintenir l’équipement en bon état. Je suis fière
d’être Gwich’in et membre des Forces canadiennes. »
Caporal TERRY ELIAS, Première nation de Fort
WEBCO LEDUC - division of Sun Media, requires Full-time Heatset/Coldset
1st & 2nd Pressmen. 15 unit Goss Community. Competitive rates and benefits.
Email resume: [email protected]
WEBCO LEDUC - division of Sun Media, requires Full-time Heatset/Coldset
Journeyman Pressman. 15 unit Goss
Community. Competitive rates and benefits. Email resume: [email protected]
JOURNEYMAN RV TECHNICIAN. Competitive wages + benefits. Great working
environment. Position available immediately. Great West RV, Lacombe, 403782-9378; [email protected]
WANTED: Anchor Truck Operator. Experience preferred. Tickets required: H2S,
WHMIS, TDG, First Aid, PST, Ground
Disturbance, Line Locating & Air Brakes.
Clean drivers abstract required. Year
round work. Good wage, benefits & bonuses. Willing to train the right applicant.
Fax resume and driver abstract to 780723-3315 or email to: [email protected]
hardwood flooring, & much more. See 1-800371-6963.
reclaiming aggregate resources. Contact Tom 1-888-784-4400 for more
SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED. Buying scrap batteries from cars, trucks &
heavy equipment. $3. each. Free pickup greater Calgary & Edmonton area.
Minimum 10. Toll free 1-877-334-2288.
DON'T MISS this opportunity. 30 year
manufacture expanding across Canada.
Fencing, decks and docks. Expanding
your business or start new. Email: [email protected]; www.friendlyearth.
com. 1-800-465-9968.
Auto Parts
for the following route(s):
• 553 NORTH
FREE CASH BACK with $0 down at
Auto Credit Fast. Need a vehicle? Good
or bad credit call Stephanie 1-877792-0599; DLN
30309. Free delivery.
Please Apply at the front desk of the Hub
8 - 4 Courtoreille St
Phone: 874-6577
makes and models. Professional credit
rebuilders. Delivery Available. Call Garth
403-888-5593 or 1-866-476-1938. Cavalcade Auto Acceptance Corp., serving
Alberta for 20 years.
(upstairs in the
Gensen Building)
ment, refrigeration, lounge, mixer, restaurant tables & sinks, meat equipment,
smallwares, office sound, maintenance,
& misc items. See www.montgomery-
H ay R i v e R , N o Rt H w e s t t e R R i to R i e s or call 1-800-371-6963.
Athabascan Ave., Sherwood Park, Alberta. Saturday, March 3, 10 a.m. Selling
complete premiere club including cardio, exercise equipment, free weights,
racks, benches, tanning & massage,
cafe, lockers, TV's, mirrors, rubber &
SCHOOL BUS for sale. Diesel - automatic transmission, duel rear wheels,
tires are good, hydraulic brakes. Good
running condition. Used for students'
transport service/safety and reliability. Engine Dt44e. 36 student seatings.
Phone 780-782-0332.
Business Opportunities
DO YOU HAVE gravel/aggregate deposits on your property? We specialize
in marketing, mining, managing and
Career Training
WORK FROM HOME. Largest medical transcriptionist employer in Canada
looks to CanScribe for 100 more MT's.
We need more students! Enroll today!
[email protected]
R.S.V.P. TODAY for a program information session at Lakeland College.
Vermilion Campus, March 5: Child and
Youth Care, Early Learning and Child
Care, Educational Assistant, and Office
Administration. March 9: Environmental
Sciences. March 16: Agricultural Sciences. Lloydminster Campus, March
13: University Transfer, Business, Esthetician, Practical Nurse, Event Management, Health Care Aide, Heavy Oil Operations Technician, and more. Details at
To RSVP phone 1-800-661-6490.
MASSAGE CAREER. The key to a successful career is a quality school. Place
your trust in A.I.M. to deliver a solid
HAMILTON'S IGA a modern 25,000 sq.
ft. store. 4502 - 50 St., Ponoka, Alberta,
T4J 1J5, requires Bakery Manager or
applicant who can learn management
position. Mail resume: Attention: Jim or
email: [email protected]
Services Ltd. (JFSL - Triton Division) is
looking for Pipefitters and Rig Welders
for camp job starting in March. Excellent wages, CLAC benefits, flights
provided to Edmonton, Calgary and
Saskatoon. Email: [email protected] Fax 780-485-6722.
Phone 780-969-1890.
NOW HIRING! Field Technicians. Are
you looking for an opportunity where
you can make use of your skills & talents? Consider joining our team. Apply
to: or via fax to 604697-6739.
INTERESTED IN the Community Newspaper business? Alberta's weekly newspapers are looking for people like you.
Post your resume online. FREE. Visit:
GO TO YOUR NEXT JOB interview with
2nd Year Heavy Duty Mechanic Skills.
GPRC, Fairview Campus. Heavy Equipment Certificate program - 34 weeks.
Apprenticeship opportunity. Hands-on
training. Safety courses. On-campus
residences. 1-888-999-7882; gprc.
16 t Wednesday, February 29, 2012
16 t Wednesday, February 29, 2012
7 500
$ ,
On mOst new 2012 mOdels
On mOst new 2012 tRUCKs
2012 F-150 SuperCrew 4X4 XLT
5.0L V8, auto, platform boards,
skid plates, trailer tow package, remote start,
plus many more options ~ was $44,329
$34,984 after rebate
plus $1,000 towards Ford accessories!
4,500 + 1,000
2012 Fiesta 5-Dr Hatch SE
1.6L 4 cyl, auto, sport appearance pkg, Sync,
upgraded stereo, cruise control, Satellite radio,
ambient lighting, heated seats, remote start,
plus many more options
plus $1,000 towards Ford accessories!
Call Tina today for pre-approved financing! 1-800-661-0716
Tina Duggan
Finance Manager
100% Northern Owned & Operated for over 30 Years!
Kingland ford sales
922 Mackenzie Highway, Hay River, NT • Ph: 867-874-7700 • Toll Free: 1-800-661-0716
Fax: 867-874-7716 • E-mail: [email protected] •