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MFA Farm Supply News
Issue 1/ May 2013
MFA Farm Supply News
The wet, cool spring will force some of our producers to put up high moisture hay. Many will use
the white bale wrap to seal the bales. If they are using sisal twine on the bales before wrapping they
need to be using the low oil product. Universal Wrap Around (7460032) or Tytan Low Oil (7460153).
Regular big round sisal has a much higher oil content and can affect the wrap causing it to fail and
air to get to the hay. This can result in spoilage and loss of the hay. Poly twine or bale wrap work
well and do not bother the wrap. Remember, we have portable hay testers for sale for testing the
moisture. We offer the HT-Pro with an operating range of 8% to 45% and the DHT-1 with 18” probe
for testing 14% to 44% and being most accurate under 30%.
If your producer does not have access to a bale wrap machine, they can use bale bags to put up
their high moisture hay. Two sizes are available: one for the 4.5’to 5’ bales (7710359) and another for
the larger 5.5’ to 6’ bales (7710358).
The drought of 2012 was something many of us will not forget. With a short hay supply, we saw
astoundingly high prices per bale. There are several factors / issues in pricing hay by the bale: How
tight is the bale? How much does the bale weigh? What is the quality? etc. Out of all these factors
one thing is consistent; no matter what the price is - you can save ~ 20% when hay is covered or
stored inside.
What does 20% mean to me?
80 bales of covered hay instantly turned into 100 bales not covered.
I just saved 20% in fuel and labor not only in mowing, baling, and hauling, but also in feeding.
(Covered hay lasts ~20% longer than not covered.)
The below table is net savings of covering hay based on the value per bale. (This is based on
4’x5’ bales stacked 3-2-1 and using a 28’ X 52’ Bull Flex Tarp and Super Cinch Kit.)
**Average tarp life is 3-5 years. If properly secured and taken care of.**
Want an easier way to keep hay tarps tight?
Try the Super Cinch Tie down kit. Not only
is it much easier and quicker to keep the tarp
tight than traditional rope, this rope has UV
protection and will last longer than the yellow
twisted poly.
Hay Value / Bale
20% Loss-Rot
Hay Tarp & Super
Cinch Tie Down
(per Bale)
Follow the YouTube link below on simplicity of
the Super Cinch Tie-Down Kit.
Net Savings after
1 year
Questions or comments? Call us at (573) 876-5238
Since I am selling more tips
here in Farm Supply, I decided
to start asking more questions
about tips and trying to understand what tip is used for what
application. After days of research,
I found out that there are a ton of
different tips and they have lots of
different applications depending
on chemical, pressure and speed.
Dr. Jason Weirich said that tips in
the future will be coarse and ultracoarse, depending on chemical
and application. The following link
is to a YouTube video that Bayer
Crop Science put out and explains
the pattern of four different spray
tips and shows the results.
The following rules should be
 Select the right nozzle for
your needs
 Operate at the right pressure
 Use the appropriate water
 Make sure your pattern is
**Watch for tip selection for
Pasture and ATV sprayers
in future articles.**

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