ENformer Online Edition for May-June in English


ENformer Online Edition for May-June in English
Volume 26, Issue 6
The ENformer
The Principal’s Message
Dear ENMS Family,
We have slightly more than 6 weeks of school with May and June being very
busy as we bring the school year to a close. Our students did an excellent job in
taking the PSSA tests seriously and in trying their best. Hopefully by the end of
June or early July parents will receive the student scores. The last major test is
the Keystone Algebra test for 7th and 8th grade students who have taken Algebra
1 this year. The test dates are May 23rd and 24th. All students will also be taking
end of year benchmark tests for the district in Reading and Math.
May is also a full month of class trips, the musical play Annie on May 5th& 6th,
and the spring concert May 19th, and other special events as well as just
finishing the academic year. Student mid-marks will be sent home the week of
May 23rd. Please continue to check Home-Access and keep in touch with your
child’s teachers to make sure that all their work, projects and assignments are
completed and handed in on time. Students also need to be in positive points to
participate in end of the year activities.
In June, our 8th graders will do their Living History Museum on May 8 th from 6
to 7:30PM and then the following morning for all of the students from 8:3010:00AM. Field Day is Friday June 10th and the 8th graders visit the high school
Monday June 13th. Our 8th grade promotion day is Thursday, June 16, 2016 at
9:00 and the last day for all other students in Friday, June 17, 2016.
While we’re hoping to finish this year on a strong, positive note, we are also
already planning for September 2016. If you have any suggestions, concerns or
ideas for how ENMS could be even better, please feel free to email the Viceprincipals or myself.
This will be the last ENformer for the school year. Thank you to Mrs. Christine
Henry for all her work in getting it out over these past few years. We are in
need of a parent volunteer to produce the ENformer starting next year. Best
wishes to our 8th graders as they move on to 9th grade, and I hope to see many of
you at the end of August for our Back to School Picnic, and then for the
tentative start of school on September 6, 2016.
May/June 2016
5th & 6th Grade Trip (Philharmonic @ NAHS)
Drama Club Musical (Annie, 7:30PM)
8th Grade Trip (People’s Light & Theatre)
Music Boosters Meeting (ENMS Band Room,
11 PFC Meeting (ENMS Library, 7PM)
Guest Speaker: Mr. Fonash
18 PCC Dinner (Jeffersonville Golf Club, 5PM)
19 Spring Concert & Bake Sale (7PM)
23 Reading Phillies (Music students - returns 10PM)
23-24 Keystone Algebra 1 Test (Grades 7 & 8)
26 8th Grade Field Trip ~ New York City
26 4th Grade Open House (1:30-2:30PM)
27 7th Grade Field Trip ~ Franklin Institute
30 Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)
8th Grade Field Trip ~ Mermaid Lakes
Talent Show
8th Grade Dance (7:30-10PM)
Early Dismissal (11:50AM)
Teacher/Staff Appreciation (12:15-1:30PM)
Living History Museum (6PM)
Living History Museum (8:30AM)
Music Awards Banquet (6-9PM)
Field Day
8th Grade visits Norristown High School
Awards Assemblies for Grades 5-7
8th Grade Promotion Day (9AM)
Last Day for Students
Last Day for Teachers
First Student Day (tentative)
MORE on the WEB:
Enjoy the remainder of spring and have a relaxing summer!
Dr. Spink
Parent-Faculty Club
Please join us for our last Parent-Faculty Club Meeting
which is scheduled for Wednesday, May 11th at 7pm in the
library. We will be voting for the new Executive Board for
the next school year (2016-2017). Also, Mr. Fonash will do
a short PowerPoint presentation on the Sea Perch
competition. Light refreshments will be served.
ENMS PFC would like to extend many thanks to our 2015-2016 Executive Board
for their years of service and unwavering commitment to our students, parents,
teachers and staff. We will greatly miss Rachael Wilford and Christine Henry.
As we look to the 2016-2017 school year, the ENMS Parent-Faculty Club
welcomes the new Executive Board members.
Congratulations and thank you for serving our ENMS Parent-Faculty Club!
The ENformer
Spring is Here. . . . and so are allergies!
If you have spring/seasonal allergies please
remember to take any medication consistently so
that it is effective.
Even though the weather may be improving it is
important to remember the following:
Do not come to school with a
temperature of 100 or more or until
you are fever-free for 24 hours.
Do not come to school if you have
been vomiting over night or in the
Do not come to school if you are
experiencing diarrhea.
May 11th was National School Nurse Day!
Norristown Area School District Nurses are integral members of your
child’s educational team. They are committed to assisting all school
children to develop to their full potential by providing quality health
services, teaching disease prevention, and through promotion of healthy
“You cannot educate a child who is not healthy and you cannot keep a
child healthy who is not educated.” Jocelyn Elders
Certified School Nurses
*** Returning to school too soon after an illness can
result in a relapse and can spread the virus to other
Tracy Bleakney
Paul Fly
Cheryl Brumbaugh
Stewart MS
Linda DiMartini
Donna Gill
Irene Junior
Giselle Knoblauch
NAHS Administration
Diane Lees
Eisenhower MS
If you are returning to school and need to take a
medication (prescribed/over the counter) you
need a physicians note, parent note and the
medication must be in its original, labeled
container. (Fax # 610-275-6873)
Medications: Students with medications at school
will receive a letter than explains our end of the
year procedures.
 If you want your child to bring their medication home
with them on the last day of school you must provide
the nurse with a note giving parental permission to
send the medication home with your child.
 You may come in to school to pick up the medication.
 Any medication left at school after the last student day
will be discarded. We will not keep any medication in
school over the summer.
 If your child will need medication for next year you will
need (for September):
 A doctor’s note
 Parent note
 Medication in its original labeled container
6th Grade Physicals are due the first day of school.
Letters and physical forms were mailed to your
home in April 2016.
Injuries: Students that are injured and are
restricted from activities or are using crutches must
have a note from the doctor stating the injury and
restrictions. The parent or student should notify the
nurse so that arrangements can be made for
emergency evacuations and to maintain the safety
of the student while at school. Students can not
use the elevator without a doctor’s note. Students
that have been injured and have not provided
clearance from their doctor MAY NOT participate in
field day. Any questions or concerns please
contact Mrs. McKeron.
2016-2017: Students entering grade 7 in
2016 are required to have a Tdap and
Menactra to start school.
Mrs. McKeron,RN, CSN
Eileen McKeron
East Norriton MS
Maggy Giacomarra
Cole Manor
Kimberly Falco
Marshall Street
Cathy Schunder
St. Francis of Assisi
Rita Anderson
**Special thanks to the staff nurses - Trudy Knorr, Marybeth
Messmer, Tara Bonsall, Jean Shaffer, Connie Cleary, Wendy Prough, Patti
Roman, who assist the certified school nurses daily in the health rooms as
well as our faithful substitutes, Rena Bender, Tanis Mittelman, and Bobbi
The Role of the School Nurse Includes:
Providing acute and emergency care for students and staff.
Conducting mandated screenings
Health counseling and education when needed.
Medication administration and assessment
Planning care for those students with special needs
Data evaluation in terms of immunizations and screenings
Providing resources to access primary health care services
Communicable disease control
Promoting environmental health and safety
Referrals to in-school or community services
The ENformer
Spring brings us green grass,
beautiful flowers, blossoming trees
and shrubs. Some see it as the
„rebirth of nature‟ after a long,
cold winter. Spring also brings
ticks. Although these annoying and
sometimes debilitating parasites
are with us all year, we tend to
notice them more in the spring and
summer. An ounce of prevention
can save you from a very
unpleasant experience.
Ticks are blood feeding external
parasites of mammals, birds and
reptiles. In the Northeast and
Atlantic Coast area of the United
States are familiar with the deer
tick, which spreads Lyme disease.
Lyme Disease was discovered in
1975, in Old Lyme, Connecticut.
Lyme disease is a bacterial
infection caused by the bite of
certain infected ticks. In our area,
the tick responsible for the
infection is the deer tick. The
deer tick is smaller than the usual
ticks found on dogs or cattle.
Lyme disease cannot be spread
person to person. You can only get
Lyme disease from a tick bite.
Dogs, cats and horses can get Lyme
disease from a tick bite, but they
cannot spread the disease to
humans. Pets can bring the ticks
into contact with humans so it is
important to check your pets for
Symptoms of Lyme disease are:
rash (which may expand 3-30 days
after the bite); a flat, circular
“bulls eye” as large as 2 inches in
diameter; flu-like symptoms; fever;
fatigue and muscle aches.
Recovery is possible with early
detection and treatment with antibiotics. If detection and
treatment is delayed, the heart,
joints and nervous system can be
Removing a tick as soon as it is
found is important. Immediate
removal avoids allowing the tick to
bury its mouthparts deeper in the
skin. Use tweezers to grasp the
HEAD close to the skin. Pull out
firmly—do not wiggle. Cleanse the
wound with soap and water or
other disinfectant. Observe the
area and contact your physician if
a rash develops.
Prevention is very important. If
you are going to be outdoors,
working or playing (hiking), it is
important to follow these simple
rules: dress in light colored
clothing; wear long sleeved shirt
and long pants tucked into socks;
wear a hat/cap. Light colored
clothing helps to make ticks visible.
Keep grassy areas mowed. Use
repellants (check labels for
warnings) on clothing and areas
where ticks may be found. After
hiking or camping or being outdoors
in a „tick environment‟ check your
entire body—head to toe, for ticks.
Checks pets as well.
Healthy tips for Summertime
Always wear sunscreen when out
of doors—even (especially) on
cloudy days
Exercise is important—get
outdoors and enjoy the sun and
fresh air
Drink plenty of fluids (water is
best)—avoid caffeinated drinks—
when participating in outdoor
Never swim alone
Wear protective equipment when
bike riding(helmet) or skating
knee/wrist pads and helmet
Remember the Rules of the Road
when bicycling—be aware of the
Light colored clothing is usually
cooler in the hot sun
On March 5th, six of our ENMS students competed at Dow Chemical against other Montgomery
County middle schools in the “You be the Chemist Challenge”:
Tierra Lynch, Da’Yanna Ziegler, Ethan Stilley, Nathan Cochran, Jackie Spengler and Eric Womack
Congratulations to all for your hard work and effort!
The results are as follows:
Ethan Stilley, Jackie Spengler, Tyierra Lynch and Eric Womack were eliminated after the 1st round. Nathan Cochran was eliminated after
the 2nd round. Da'Yanna Ziegler was a big winner. She lasted to the final round and came in 6th place. They only took the top four to the
state competition. She was so close. They started with 60 competitors. Amazing!!!

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