Broward Barrier Island Plant Brochure


Broward Barrier Island Plant Brochure
Fore and Back Dune
Plants in these regions of the
barrier islands are the
hardiest—facing the wrath of
wind and wave day after day.
The plants illustrated on this
color panel are those that will
survive and thrive in these
harsh conditions.
Transition Zone
Maritime Forest
Plants illustrated in this color
panel are among the loveliest on
the Barrier Islands. This extensive
palette of shrubs and small trees
will satisfy even the most
discriminating of landscaping
Overstory, understory, ground
covers, shrubs...everything
goes into this zone as we
approach the Lagoon area of
the Barrier Islands. A sure
hand will ensure that the
richness of this plant selection
is used to best advantage.
Or Visit These Area Botanic Gardens!
Flamingo Gardens
The Beachdwellers’
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens
Field Guide to the
Palm Beach:
Mounts Botanic Gardens
To see the plants in this brochure
in their natural settings visit:
John U. Lloyd State Park
6503 N. Ocean Drive, Dania Beach, FL 33004
Native Plants of
Broward’s Barrier
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
3109 E. Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Anne Kolb Nature Center
751 Sheridan Street, Hollywood, FL 33019
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Designed and Compiled by:
Diane Alford, Miriam Y. Avello,
Inger Jones & Mona Johnston
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Become a student of the Florida Master Naturalist Class:
(the scholarly publishing arm of the
State University System of Florida)
Photo Credits:
Ramona A. Johnston,
Miriam Y. Avello
Jeanette Hobbs-Master Gardener,
Clarence A. Rechenthin @USDA-NRCS Plants Database,
Vincent P. Lucas
Stephen H. Brown, Horticulture Agent, Lee County Florida
With Special Thanks To:
Kristen Hoss & Dr. John Pipoly
In keeping with the “Right Plant-Right Place” philosophy of the
University of Florida’s “Florida Yards & Neighborhoods, there is no
better place to start your Broward Barrier Island Landscaping than
with plants that are Native to this area.
By their very nature, the plants in this brochure are generally
well adapted to the nutrient poor, alkaline and sand or limestone
based soils of South Florida. Their fertilizer requirements are low,
they have few pest and disease problems and typically do not
Sea Oats
Uniola paniculata
Salt Grass
Distichlis spicata
Star Grass
Cyperus pedunculatus
require frequent maintenance such as watering, pruning or spraying to
remain healthy with an acceptable aesthetic quality. Several are threatened
and endangered in the wild. All help to anchor the shifting soils and soften
the effects of wind and waves. Many also attract our migratory and resident
birds as well as butterflies and other pollinators.
We hope that this will open the door to a new way of thinking about the
wonderful world of native plants in our South Florida landscapes.
Sand Cord Grass
Spartina bakeri
Sea Lavender
Argusia gnaphalodes
Necklace Pod
Sophora tomentosa
Bay Cedar
Suriana maritima
Silver Buttonwood
Conocarpus erectus var.sericeus
Seaside Evening
Oenothera humifusa
Golden Beach Creeper
Ernodea littoralis
Beach Jacquemontia
Jacquemontia reclinata
Beach Elder
Iva imbricate
Beach verbena
Glandularia maritima
Sea Oxeye Daisy
Borrochia frutescens
Jamaican Caper
Capparis cynophallophora
Railroad Vine
Ipomoea pes-carprae
Morning Glory
Ipomoea spp
Beach Bean
Canavalia rosea
Sea pickle
Sesuvium portulacastrum
Beach Sunflower
Helianthus debilis
Corkystem passionflower
Passiflora suberosa,
Beach Croton
Croton punctatus Jacq.
Saw Palmetto
Serenoa Repens
Scaevola plumieri
Wild Sage
Lantana involucrata
Cabbage Palm
Sabal Palmetto
Varnish Leaf
Dodonaea viscosa

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