10 Years Service



10 Years Service
An internal online magazine issued by Zakum Development Company for its employees
Issue No. 51 April - May - June 2012
ZADCO Honors Long Service Employees
Mangrove plantation in the Island Arzanah
The Public Relations Department is pleased
to inform ZADCO big family and its staff in their
different sites as well as members of their families
and colleagues in ADNOC Group of Companies
that the advent of ZADCO magazine as of this
issue will be via the electronic means instead of
the conventional way of printing on papers as it
was the case to the last issue. The issuance of the
magazine will be periodical hoping that "bulletin"
will be a better way of communication with the
oil society and the outside community through
its contents that will truly represent ZADCO's
community activities, events and accomplishments
step by step.
H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed congratulating Khalifa M. Murad for
winning two golden medals in world Jiu-Jitsu championship
The recent period witnessed a various internal
activities. The most prominent of which was the
recognition of long service employees who have
spent many years serving the company and
presenting their best experiences and efforts to
assisting the company achieve its targets during
the previous decades.
As customary, ZADCO participated in ADNOC's
HSE Awards along with other OPCOs in a vibrant
atmosphere of competition presenting their
latest of projects that are marked by innovation,
inventions, advantages, knowledge sharing and
exchange of expertise.
Zadco Participated in GEO Conference at the Kingdom of Bahrain Strengthening its role in the service of the UAE
community in all fields, ZADCO participated in a
number of activities. The landmark of which were
the environmental campaigns that were held in
collaboration with competent authorities in the
UAE. It is worth mentioning, in this context, that
several social and sports activities have been also
held in a sign that reflects the vibrant and glittery
aspects of ZADCO's big family life.
While you go through this issue of ZADCO
magazine, we hope you will forward your comments
thereon as a contribution that will help us present
our best standards that ZADCO occupies as a
Performance Driven Organization.
67 Medals for UAE Nationals in
Jiu-Jitsu sports Championships
Long Service Awards in ZADCO ADNOC, 2011 HSE Award Ceremony
US Ambassador Visits UZ & Zirku
Internal Audit Group
CM Employee Academic Achievements 2011 12
Commercial Dept. Philosophy
Talent Management in ZADCO 15
Commercial Drilling (CM Drilling) 16
Living Desert, Environmental Campaign
Application of Water Saving Device
UZFDS Laboratory has been accredited
with ISO 17025:2001
HSE Focus:
HSE Man of the Month
Medical Page "Colorectal Cancer"
"Zadco" an internal online magazine
Company for its employees.
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A group photo for ZADCO top Management with head ofiice Awardees
Under the Support, Encouragement and Follow-up of
H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Juniors and Professionals won 67 Medals In the
World and Schools Jiu-Jitsu Championships
The Jiu-Jitsu is rapidly growing in the UAE
thanks to the special care by H.H. Sheikh
Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown
Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme
Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.
As a result, the UAE Junior and professional
stars have achieved an unprecedented
achievement when they won 67 different
medels in the world world and schools JiuJitsu championships which was sponsored
by ADNOC & Group of Companies.
The UAE’s Juniors and Professionals stars
have achieved a big and unprecedented
accomplishment when they won 67
different medals in the World and Schools
Jiu-Jitsu Championships which was
sponsored by ADNOC and group of
H.H. Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed congratulating Khalifa M. Murad for winning
companies. 48 of which went to the
2 golden medals in world Jiu-Jitsu championship
juniors while 19 to the professionals.
This achievement shows that this sport
is becoming popular in the UAE and
being cared for particularly by H.H. General Sheikh
H.H. General Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan,
Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of
emphasized that the UAE, under the wise leadership
Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE
of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President
Armed Forces.
of the United Arab Emirates, attach great care to youth
in the form of increased support to the sport in the
Faisal Al Ketbi acquired two gold medals in the violet
UAE as an integral part of the country’s’ present and
belt competition of 100 Kg category while Abdullah
future assets who is expected to raise the national
Al Ketbi, Ahmed Mousa and Shams Hassan won a
flag high in regional and international competitions.
gold medal each In the free weight competition.
Najlaa’ Mohamed won a silver meda with bronze
H.H. received, at Al Bateen palace, the 22 males and
medals went to Khalifa Al Mazrouei, Abdul Wahhab
26 females Jiu-Jitsu champions as well as Faisal
Al Hosani, Yahya Mansoor, Ali Al Dara’I, Hassan Al
Al Ketbi, Abdullah Al Hadefi Al Ketbi, Ahmed Mousa
Romaithi, Mohammed Al Menhali, Ahmed Ghloum,
and Shams Hassan, the gold medalists world cup
Tarki Al Ketbi, Taleb Saleh, Mohamed Al Qubaisi, and
winners of 2012 Jiu-Jitsu.
Hajirah Hassan whereas Eman Mohammed scored
two medals.
During the meeting, H.H. expressed his pleasure
to meeting those talented youth who represent the
UAE Juniors, beginners and youth champions topped
future of this sport. He encouraged them to pursue
the table unchallenged with 12 gold, 14 silver and 22
their efforts to achieve both scholastic and scientific
bronze medals.
supremacy in order to represent the UAE in the
International forums.
The Jiu-Jitsu sport has recently become one of the
most important sports in schools with plans to extend
As an appreciation to his achievement, H.H. General
it by increasing the number of participating schools
Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, paid a visit to
as part of a strategic plan that aims at sustaining the
the Emirati youth, Khalifa Mohamed Morad, the gold
momentum of the sport. The sport was first pioneered
medalist of Jiu-Jitsu 2012 under 38 Kg, and the gold
in 14 schools among 6 to 12 years old boys and girls
medal winner of Abu Dhabi schools championship
students. Today, it includes 50 schools with over
which was held at Zayed University, at the family
20,000 students of grades 6 to 8 participating.
house in Al Ain.
Long Service Award Ceremony
Abu Dhabi Awardees with ZADCO top Management
Abu Dhabi
A special ceremony was held on 23/1/2012 at Sheikh
Khalifa Energy Complex, Abu Dhabi, to honor ZADCO
long serving employees who have been working for
ZADCO for a period of 10 to 30 years.
The event was attended by top ZADCO senior
management led by H.E. Saif N. Al Suwaidi, ZADCO
CEO who addressed the gathering and thanked
the honorees for their effort and contribution to the
Company success.
Mr. Al Suwaidi said; "I would like to welcome all of you to
our long service awards ceremony. The main objective
of this ceremony is to recognize the contribution
of each of the awardees for their contribution and
commitment to ZADCO success. I would like to take
this opportunity to appreciate your outstanding overall
achievement in 11 stretched targets, the excellent HSE
performance, maintaining high production average
35 Years Service
Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Kazem
Al-Marzouqi Ali Mahmoud Abdulla Al Ahmadi
Hafidh Salem Al-Maskari
30 years Service
Ms. Nada Moussly Hussain Mohsen
Ali Maddi
Mohamed Ali Mohamed Al Aulaqi
and the exceptional optimization initiatives".
"ZADCO appreciates your long experience and
achievement in different fields and the transfer of
this expertise to younger UAE nationals in order to
prepare the new generation to task ahead to continue
ZADCO"s present and future projects" he added.
The recognition certificates and awards were presented
to the long serving employees from the following units
by the CEO and management team followed by group
photos to commemorate the event.
- CEO group
- Development Unit
- Operations Unit
- Technical Unit
- Administration Unit
- Corporate Support Unit
Mohamed I. Shaba'n
Ali Omar Ahmed Bakthier
Eyad Abdul Razzaq Al Assi
Ms. Fadya M. Al- Nahdy
Mohammed M. Abu Samra
Ittooly V. Rajan
Faisal Mohamed Hassan
Marugulam Krishna Sabapathy
Isa A. Shahin
Ali O. Hamdan Badwan
Mahmoud Ahmed Khalil El Agha
Muawia A. Hussein
Mohammad Ali Salem
Khader M. Qaddoureh
Ahmed Yassin Yusuf
Abdallah A. Al Buraiki
Ms. Khawla Mohammad Tiraoui
Mohamed Adnan Aref El-Tawel Saeed Hussein El-Absi
Omar Ibrahim Mousa
Kamal M. Kaafarani
Shariff Idarus Shariff Abdulla
Fadel Salem Saeed Shbair
Eshak Abdelmannan Mohamed
25 Years Service
A. Alrefaei
David Crouch
20 years Service
Abu Baker A. Al Aidarous
Ms. Randa Abdallah Ahmad Mohamed Arfan Al Katheeri
Ms. Balqis Ali Salem Al Dowaila
Ibrahim Abdulla Sayyar
Xavier K. P.
Yahya S. Al Shamsi
Ali K. Al Shamisi Ms. Majida Al Ameeri
Husain A. Al Khouri
Naveen Mukund Kamath
Ms. Kawthar Ahmed Hammouri
15 Years Service
Daoud S. Al Marzouqi
Ms. Souheir T. Osman
Nashat Abbas Hassan Ali Susarla Iswara Prasad
Mohamed Ahmed Al Hosani
Ali Hassan Al Mohsen
Abdulla Rashid Al Mansoori
Hussain S. Almutahari
Mohamed Braik Al Ameri
Mohsen N. Al Ameri
Nader S. Abdulla
Ramesh Kumar Vahi
Awad Alsayaari
Ms. Iman Matar Al Nawfali
Ahmed Faraj Ahmed Al Lardhi
Ali Hamad Al Mehrezi
Ahmed I. Abdi
Khamis Qassour AlShamisi
Ms. Wafa Ibrahim Ali
Ms. May Salem Jabour
Khaled Naser Al Shekaili
Ahmad Ikrayyim Younis
Abraham K. Bijoy
10 Years Service
Mohammed Alsayed Alhashmi
Helal Ali Nayea Mubarak
Al Mansouri
Faisal Ebrahim AlJasmi
Abdulla Mohamed Saeed Al Falahy
Syed Aslam Shaheer
Tariq Mohamed Almuaini Tariq Abdulkhaliq Al Mutawa
Ms. Shahra Sheikh Eissa Al Nahdi
Ali Hassan Abdulla Al Hammadi
Ms. Seham Saleh Al Jaberi
Abdul Fattah Taher Hassan
Ms. Noura Obaid Al Zaabi
El Sayed Ahmed Emam
Ahmed Saeed Al Alawi
Hassan A. Al Mansory
Mohamed A. Sharman Atef Elghassnawi Abdulla Abdul Qader Al Shateri Hassan H. Almarzouqi
Abdul Hamid Mukri
Hamza S. AlYousuf
Nael M. Abdallah
Ali M. Al Amoudi
Mohamed D. Al Mazrouei
Shaheen I. AlBeshr
Unnikrishnan K.
S. K. Muralidharan Umesh Kishanchand Gupta
Ms. Mariam S. Al Dhaheri
Helal M. Al Mazrouei
Shamsuddin Kozhipurath
Ahmed M. Al Nuaimi
Mohamed Saeed Al Muhairi
Mohammad Moeen Ahmed
Abdulla Musallam Al Ameri
Ms. Aisha M. Al Shihi
Saeed M. Khouri
Ms. Afra A. Al Mansoori
Ms. Wafa A. Al Maleki
Nadhmi Abdulrahman Abdullah
Taleb Hasan Al Ameri
Yaqoub Mohammed Al Marzouqi
Zakareya S. Abu Zanat
Mohamed Abdulla Al Neyadi
Emad Ali Al Shalloudi
Mohammed Saeed Helal
Suhail S. Al Meharrami Ibrahim Jasim Jumaa Jasim
Saeed Ali Nasser A. Al Shamisi
Mejahed Saeed Ahmed Al-Jaberi
Jasem Ali Bin Ghafan
Saif Rashed Saeed Al- Habsi
Mohamed Abdinur Ali Yusuf
Jaafar Saleh Aidha Al-Ameri
Mohamed Abdulla A. Al-Ahbaby
Ali Humaid Ali Ahmed Shattaf
Musallam Suhail M. Al -Rashedi
Ronald F. Alphonso
Hasan A. Al Senani
Saud I. Baniyas
Saeed F. Abdi
Bader K. Al Dhaheri
Abdulla A. Mohamed
Abdulla M. Al Balooshi Mohamed A. Al Zaabi
Nasser A. Kamali
Sultan M. Mohammed
Ahmed R. Al Dahmani
Khaled A. Al Baloushi
Moosa H. Al Balooshi
Shueib A. Yousuf
Salim Ismail
Hamad Tahoos Al Neaimi
Fahad Rashid Al Mansoori
Taha H. Abdulla
Tariq J. Aljunaibi Yunus Chozhiyattel
Saeed Z. Al Mansoori
Abdulkhaleq M. Al Baloushi
Govind Bhai Patel
Zayid J. Khamis Agapito A. Andales
Shanmugam Rajasekaran
UZ Awardees with the Senior Management
Upper Zakum
Employees and support staff who have been working for a period of 10 to 35 years at Upper Zakum site were
presented with awards and Long Service Certificates at a special ceremony held at Upper Zakum Field on
Mr. Badr Al-Mansoori, SVP-O (UZ/ZR), addressed the ceremony and stressed that the event further
re-enforced the important role of the staff to the overall success of the Company.
Mr. Al-Mansoori conveyed ZADCO's appreciation to the employees for their hard work and contribution towards
the achievement of a more broadly representative and service delivery driven of ZADCO's business.
He then presented the long service certificates to the awardees at the end of the ceremony followed by group
photos to commemorate this special event.
35 Years Service
Mohamed Amer Saleh Binajjaj
Al Hajeri
30 Years Service
Shariff Idarus Shariff Abdulla
Fadel Salem Saeed Shbair Eshak Abdelmannan Mohamed
20 Years Service
Mustafa A. Jendi
Salah Abdelghany Hassanein
Neri Dominic Almeida
Abderraouf Ben Farhat Saidi
Govinda Pillai Gopakumar Madathil
Chialessery Rappai Joy
Nouhad Mahmoud El- Khoumassi
Ahmed Mahmoud Omar Hassan
Niaz Mohammed Khan
Abdullah Kunhi
Thekkum Parambil Kunhi
Mangat Chali Kanattil Hassan
Ashraf Mohamed
Mishra Bankateshwar Patarath Rajendran Mohammad Iqbal
Talapady Mahammad Shareef Chonari Moideen Kutty
Acham Parambath Abdul
Thadicara Kunjuvereed
Kanni Parambil Mohamed
15 Years Service
Basem Awadh Mohamed
Hassan Khalil Ibrahim Mohamed
Al- Hammadi
Mohammad Nannisab Nadaf
Yaser Bader Al-Ali
Mahdi Saleh Ahmed Tammam
Sujit Sukumar Chatterjee Omar Othman Eissa Al-Nuaimi
Abdulla Abdul Rahman A. A.
Safwat Obaid Farhan Bawazir
Mohamed Salim Al- Marashda
Thonikkara Kutty Saidali
Vinson George K.
Edwin Nadura Padilla
Abdul Rahman Fatheh
Vinay Manohar Rane
Angelo Christopher Fernandes
Chamatha Kundil R. Prasad
10 Years Service
Mohammed Saeed Helal
Suhail S. Al Meharrami
Ibrahim Jasim Jumaa Jasim
Saeed Ali Nasser A. Al Shamisi
Mejahed Saeed Ahmed Al-Jaberi
Jasem Ali Bin Ghafan
Saif Rashed Saeed Al- Habsi
Mohamed Abdinur Ali Yusuf
Jaafar Saleh Aidha Al-Ameri
Mohamed Abdulla A. Al-Ahbaby
Ali Humaid Ali Ahmed Shattaf
Musallam Suhail M. Al -Rashedi
Ronald F. Alphonso
A group photo from Zirku Ceremony
A ceremony was held in Zirku island on 1st February
2012 To honor the long serving employees.
The event was attended by, SVP(O) (UZ/ZR),
Mr. Badr Al Mansouri and the PR manager.
The island Manager, Mr. Faisal I. Al Haram, presented
ZADCO’s management short speech saying; “I
would like to welcome you all and particularly your
distinguished guests including the SVP(O) and the PR
Manager to the 2011 ceremony which organized to
honor the long serving employees at Zirku.
Mr. Al Haram added that the ceremony is designed to
recognize those with 10 to 30 years service records
with ZADCO which reflects ZADCO’s appreciation
to its workforce as the most valuable asset as well
as a commitment to honoring their dedication and
contribution to the company.
Zirku site Manager said that the long service
award is also a true manifestation of ZADCO's
policy which underpins human resources as the
back bone of development and success at work
and attaches great importance to retain the most
qualified technical and administrative individuals.
I would expect that many of you have been working for
ZADCO for 20, 25 or 30 years and have, over the time,
passed your knowledge and experience on to UAE
nationals and other junior employees who continue
30 Years Service
Mohamed Saeed
Moin S. Saleh
Adel Naji Kaddoura
Abdel Hamed S. El
to move forward to developing ZADCO's work in the
same dedication and professionalism.
This award is presented to all employees at different
levels of responsibility and expertise who have
worked as a team for the benefit of ZADCO, and to
those who have been here for thirty years it is surely a
life working time.
Your long and hard dedication and commitment to
ZADCO are precious. Working offshore is not an easy
task due to the social factor of separation from families
and loved ones. Despite all these difficulties, you have
achieved your job in high degree of professionalism
and awareness of HSE regulations.
It is customary on these occasions to evaluate
the success made last year and to highlight our
achievements. We should be proud of achievements
we accomplished so far.
I would also like to highlight few points regarding
health and safety issues. Today we mark 1,932 days
since last LTI.
Mr. Faisal I. Al Haram concluded his speech by
saying: "As we are also facing a tough challenge of
upcoming shutdown task. Your long time experience
will be employed to overcome this challenge in a
professional and safe manner which will also help to
keep our excellent safety record".
Abdellatif Houmane
Pullambi Basheer
25 years Service
Punnoli K. Sasidharan
Pattai M. Kumaresan
20 Years Service
Bharat M. Ajmera
Vinay P. Vazirani
Krishnasamy Somu
Tadeusz Wyszynski
Ali Obaid Al Shamsi
Ali S. Al Hammadi
Ali Y. Al Ali
Ayyoob Padinjreveetil
Mohammed Hussain
Usman Pattantuthoduvil
Abdul Khader Najeem
Xavier Fernandez
Raghava Harady
Sadasivan Nair
Ali Hussain
Pattillath Ibrahim
Abbu Baker Bantwal
Mohan D. Shetty
Bhag Grewal
Kuriakose Varghese
Rajan S. Cheriyedath
Akbar Basha
Joseph Gomez
Balbir Chand
Sreenivasan Kunjuraman
Khalid Kodappana
Moideen Koya Babu G. Madakkavil
Md Habibur Rahman Ramiz
Nuhmanul Fahim
15 Years Service
Zayed M. Teezani
Omer Mohammad Abdi Elmi
Saeed A. Al Kaabi
Ronel A. Loma
Abdulla E. Al Romaithi
Aamer K. Bani Tameem
Mohamed A. Aldhari
Orakkan Praveen
Bhupendra S. Taragi
Nizar V. Purayil
Wali Khan Akbar Khan
Joji Xavier
Jacinto T. Alli
Danilo G. Lozano
Veerapathiran Paulraj
10 Years Service
Hasan A. Al Senani
Saud I. Baniyas
Saeed F. Abdi
Bader K. Al Dhaheri
Abdulla A. Mohamed
Abdulla M. Al Balooshi
Mohamed A. Al Zaabi
Nasser A. Kamali
Sultan M. Mohammed Ahmed R. Al Dahmani
Khaled A. Al Baloushi
Moosa H. Al Balooshi Shueib A. Yousuf
Salim Ismail
Hamad Tahoos Al Neaimi
Fahad Rashid Al Mansoori Taha H. Abdulla
Tariq J. Aljunaibi
Yunus Chozhiyattel
Umm Al Dalkh
Group photo from Umm Al Dalkh
On 6/2/2012, Mr. Masayuki Furuya SVP(SU), accompanied by SUFD Manager, SUFEMS Team Leader and PR
Team Leader visited UAD to honor the Long Serving employees of Umm Al Dalkh Field. The event was hosted by
Mr. Abdulla Omar, UAD Site Manager, who welcomed the SVP(SU) and the Visitors to this event.
At the ceremony, Mr. Furuya addressed the attendees and congratulated the employees for their long period of
service. He also conveyed the management appreciation for their contributions. The long service certificates were
presented to the awardees by the SVP (SU), followed by taking group photos to mark the event.
The event also witnessed the celebration
of reaching 2000 NO LTI day. Mr. Furuya
congratulated all employees for their
excellent safety record and distributed
safety memento to UAD employees.
35 Years Service
20 Years Service
Visitors were then taken on site tour to
see the ongoing project activities on the
30 Years Service
10 Years Service
Abubaker Hashim
Safwat S. El-Makadma
Tayeb Al Harbi
Pradeep Kumar
Nagarajan Ajith Kumar
Zayid J. Khamis
Agapito A. Andales
Shanmugam Rajasekaran
Long Service Award Ceremony in Arzanah Island
A Ceremony was held on 12th March, 2012
to award Arzanah long serving employees.
The ceremony was attended by Mr. Masayuki
Furuya, SVP-SU and PR Team Leader. In
his word, Mr. Furuya expressed ZADCO's
appreciation to the long and dedicated
services of the awardees. This was then
followed by presenting long service
certificates and group photos were taken.
Mr. Furuya and Site Management then
recognized Satah employees who made
achievements in safety and operation
during 2011. Special recognition was
presented to Mr. Khalifa Al Suwaidi,
STMTN Skilled Helper for his extraordinary
to work.
25 Years Service
Omar Bakhit Saeed Al Ameri
20 Years Service
Rymond G. Fradian
15 years Service
Saleh M. Al Marri
10 Years Service
Saeed Z. Al Mansoori
Abdulkhaleq M. Al Baloushi
Govind Bhai Patel
At the end of the ceremony, a raffle draw
was conducted and valuable prizes were
given to winners. Lunch was served at the
end of the ceremony.
ADNOC Celebrates its 15th Annual HSE Awards
Group photo from ADNOC Celebration of HSE Award-2011
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) organized
its 15th Annual Health, Safety and Environment Awards
Ceremony at the Jumeirah Etihad Towers Hotel in
Abu Dhabi on 8/4/2012.
In his welcoming keynote speech, H.E. Abdulla Nasser
Al Suwaidi, ADNOC Director General, said that "Over
the past years, the oil and gas industry has contributed
significantly to the development and progress of the
local communities through investment, provision of
basic needs and improvement of the quality of life in
these communities", "The continuation and momentum
of the HSE performance is vital to the success and
sustainability of our industry. ADNOC HSE Awards
stand as an important evidence to our commitment
to improving our performance in HSE fields". He said
The ceremony was attended by CEOs of ADNOC
and its Group of Companies, general managers and
heads of shareholding companies in the UAE and the
contracting companies.
The Awards covered seven categories; Innovation,
Environment, Health, Safety, Sustainability, HSE
performance and HSE Champion As well as a Special
recognition awards to their directorate, divisions,
Group companies and contracting partners working in
the UAE.
At the end of the ceremony, H.E. honored the winning
companies where Abu Dhabi Gas Development
Company Ltd, (Al Hosn Gas), has won the first award
in the Innovation category, for their "Standard on
Hazard Identification of Escape, Evacuation and
Rescue (HAZEER)".while ADNATCO & NGSCO came
second for their "Citadel Formation on Board Ships".
In the Environment category, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh
came first for its "Flaring Road Map: Going Beyond
our Own Best Practices" with Abu Dhabi Polymers
Company Ltd. (Borouge) second for its "Water
Footprint" program. In the Health category Abu Dhabi
Gas Industries Company Ltd. (GASCO) came first
for "Innovative Ergonomics Scheme for Computer
Users" while ESNAAD came second for "Workshop
Ergonomics". In Safety category, GASCO came first
for its "Hydrogen Sulfide Zone Classification, the
Provision of Permanent Refuge Operator Shelters
ZADCO CEO receives award from H.E Dr. Jouan Salem Al Dhaheri,
Secretary General of the Supreme Petroleum Council
and a new Specification for Temporary Safe Refuge",
whereas National Drilling Company (NDC) came
second for its "Proactive Asset Integrity Report (PAIR):
Protecting the Workforce, Environment and Assets".
In Sustainability category, Borouge came first for
its 'Water for the World' initiative and ADNATCO &
NGSCO came second for their "Cadetship Program".
The HSE Performance Award was awarded to
Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER) with
Mr. Jasem Ali Al Sayegh, CEO of TAKREER, was
named the HSE Champion.
H.E. Abdulla Nasser Al Suwaidi handed Special
Recognition Awards to ZADCO for its HSE "Multiple
Casualities Disaster Management MCDM Project"
which was intended to provide ZADCO with medical
response by a third party in the event of MCDM
resulting from unforseenable disasters. Abu Dhabi
Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO), Abu
Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO),
Zakum Development Company (ZADCO), Abu Dhabi
Gas Liquefaction Company Ltd. (ADGAS), ADNOC
Medical Services Division jointly with National Drilling
Company (NDC), Bunduq Company Ltd and Abu
Dhabi Oil Company (Japan) (ADOC.)
The 'Group Company and Contractor Partnership'
Awards were awarded to LeasePlan and Tyco Fire &
Security (UAE) by NDC and the Petroleum Institute,
Zadco Participated in GEO Conference
at the Kingdom of Bahrain
ADNOC representatives at the conference
Under the patronage of His Royal Highness, the Prime
Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Prince Khalifa
bin Salman Al Khalifa, H.E. Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali
Mirza, the Bahraini Minister of Energy inaugurated
on 4th March the 10th Middle East Geo-science
Conference and Exhibition - GEO 2012, at the Bahrain
International Exhibition Centre.
Since its inception in 1994, the GEO series has been
playing a significant role in the growth and transfer of
petroleum geo-science technology in
the Middle East, helping to develop its
large producing fields, vast hydrocarbon
reserves and untapped potential. This
year's conference runs parallel to the
GEO 2012 Exhibition taking place
under the theme of "Shaping the Future
of Geo-science in the Middle East".
The pace-setting agenda incorporated
senior keynote speakers, 5 executive
level panel discussions, and more than
360 paper and poster presentations.
Mr. Abdulla Al Neyadi, ZADCO Reservoir Geologist,
presented a paper titled 'Characterization and
Static Modeling of Dolomitize Burrows for Improved
Simulation of Water Movement within a Middle Eastern
Carbonate Field' in the GEO 2012 conference.
In his paper he examined the "results of a recent
investigation of burrows in core and their impact on
reservoir flow properties" and proposed "an effective
property modeling approach, using small-scale
The 14,000 square meter exhibition
features more than 150 exhibitors from
ADNOC presenting Mr. Mirza with token of appreciation
27 countries, serving as important
showcase for the latest exploration
technologies whilst acting as a conduit for the
models to account for the potential impact of these
strategic collaborations and healthy competition.
burrows on fluid flow".
H.E. Dr. Mirza, was honored and presented with a
token of appreciation at the ADNOC & Its Group of
Companies stand in the presence of senior officials
from the ADNOC and its Group.
ADNOC participation was coordinated by ZADCO
on behalf of ADNOC and its group of Companies.
Mr. Al Neyadi then concluded that "Developing
accurate geological and simulation models can help
in adapting field development strategies to deal with
these challenges" and "Understanding these burrowed
networks from various perspectives is critical for the
future development plans of this reservoir".
US Ambassador Visits Upper Zakum & Zirku
The Ambassador and ZADCO Seniors at UZ field
H.E. Mr. Michael Corbin the ambassador of USA
accompanied by staff from the American embassy in
Abu Dhabi together with representatives from ADNOC,
ExxonMobil, and top officials of ZADCO General
Management Team, paid a visit to Upper Zakum field
and Zirku Island on 23/2/2012. The ambassador, along
with the accompanying delegation, were introduced
to the facilities in the Upper Zakum field while flying
over the under-development facilities specially the
new artificial Islands that are considered a new
landmark and an important milestone in the oil
At Zirku, the ambassador was received by the Island's
management where he toured the artificial facilities
and the venues of the new projects that are dedicated
for development as well as the under-development
projects. He also visited the control unit where he had
a look at the oil loading operations and the up-to-date
mechanism to run and operate them.
Following the tour, the ambassador had his lunch
under the auspices of Mr. Ali Hassan Ali Al-Marzooqi,
Senior Vice President, Development and Mr. Badr
Obaid Al-Mansoori, Senior Vice President Operations
who gave a detailed explanation on the process of
the company's oil operations and the future plans.
Mr. Faisal I. Al Haram, Zirku Site Manager, concluded
the visit with an explanation of the operations
process, future projects on the Island and ZADCO's
commitment to implementing the highest professional
systems in the management of oil operations.
A meeting of IAG in progress
The Internal Audit Group (IAG)
The Internal Audit Group (IAG) held its last meeting
at ZADCO on 18th January 2012. The theme topic
of the meeting was the initiative of "Anti-Fraud
Framework" which is promoted by Abu Dhabi
Accountability Authority (ADAA). Whose representative
made a presentation on the topic urging the Group
Companies to adopt this initiative.
Other Agenda items discussed during the meeting
- Audit staff training and UAE Nationals development
- ADAA assessment of Internal Audit Functions in the
Group Companies
- Audit Committee related issues.
- Audit Management Systems to be adopted by the
Group Companies
The IAG is an informal professional forum of Managers/
Heads of the Internal Audit (IA) units within ADNOC
Group Companies. IAG has been meeting continuously
(2-4 times a year) for almost 25 years for the purpose of
knowledge/experience sharing, information exchange
and coordination among members for mutual interest
within the realms of Governance, Risk, and Control
The main objectives of the group are:
• Promote knowledge sharing among
Group's IA Community and with external audit
organizations such as (Abu Dhabi Accountability
Authority-ADAA, Audit Firms, and Professional
Associations) in the areas of GRC. This is achieved
through presentations, discussions, networking,
and other means.
• Promote and facilitate alignment among ADNOC
Group of companies' audit practices, in dealing with
organization's policies, methodologies, processes,
systems, and professional/industry best practices.
• Promote and Coordinate efforts of recruitment,
training, and development of Emirati Auditors as
well as conducting Specialized Training to enhance
the skill sets of the IA staff to meet job requirement
by arranging collective training programs/courses in
a cost effective manner.
• Gain visibility/understanding of the Group
businesses, Oil and Gas Industry and related
services. This is through members presentations
on respective Company's organizations and
its activities. In addition, IAG may invite Audit
Committees Chairmen/Members, CEO's/GM's and
other Senior Executives to some meetings to
understand their prospective and make efforts to
deliver as per their expectations in order to become
value provider to the Group companies.
Commercial Employee Academic Achievements 2011 - 2012
ZADCO congratulates its commercial department employees for their
academic achievement for the year 2011 - 2012. ZADCO wish them success
and progress.
Team Position
Description and dates
of Achievements
Layla AL Kaabi
Office Admin Bachelor degree in Management Information Technology (2011)
Sara Al Qamzi
Office Admin
Completing VQ Level 3 in 'Business
Administration' Portfolio (2012)
Mariam Al Dhaheri
Bachelor degree (2012) and completing VQ Level 3 in 'Business Administration'
Hussain Shabibi
Material Bachelor degree in Engineering
Management (2012)
Waleed Khouri
Inventory Bachelor degree in Engineering Controller Management (2012)
Helal Al Mazrouei
ICPM Certificate Manager (2011)
Nawal Al Zaabi
Registration VQ Level 3 in 'Business Officer Administration' (2011)
Masifa Al Hameeri
Commercial Masters in International Law (2011)
Tariq Al-Manthari
ICPM Certificate Manager (2011)
Moza Saif CMP
Al Mazrouei
Completing VQ Level 3 in 'Business
Commercial Department Philosophy
Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives are the core subject of this topic with focus on performance and quality in
Commercial Contract (CMC).
In order to achieve the below goals and objectives, (CMC) shall apply the following Standards in order to simplify
and eliminate any activities that do not add value. This is optimized through the following mechanism:
Client value shall always be a key factor in establishing particular strategies.
Trade with contractors and suppliers in an ethical, professional and fair way.
The good name of ZADCO should be protected.
Award on value rather than price.
Establishment of strategic long term critical items/services business partnership.
Seek 'Win/Win' through establishing viable contracts that address the interests of both parties.
Deal with the contractor and supplier according to ZADCO's business and cost.
Usual tendering policy with emphasis on added value.
Monitor Contractors and Suppliers performance and update the bidders list accordingly.
Motivate contractors and suppliers where added value is gained by ZADCO.
Commercial Contract (CMC) MISSION & VISION
CMC aims to provide a quick quality service to our clients in order to assist them to achieve their performance
goals while maintaining commercial integrity and developing a good relationship with our Contractors to foster a
closer partnership for the mutual benefits of ZADCO and its Contractors.
CMC has the following goals and objectives:
• To set targets and assess performance in order to
continually improve.
• To be Proactive in dealing with our clients and partners.
• To be responsible and accountable for our performance.
• To consolidate agreements so as to reduce the number of
• To communicate with Clients and Partners for better
understanding to improve performance.
• To encourage transparency in our dealings to foster respect
between ourselves, our Clients and Partners.
• To provide a value added service.
CMC, provides Commercial Services by being responsible
for all Contracting and Procurement activities to the following
Support Units and General Management Teams (Clients), to
provide a quick and efficient response to our Clients requests.
• Operations & maintenance of all plants Equipment and
facilities at all ZADCO Sites.
• Some of UZ750 drilling project.
• Catering services for all ZADCO including 4 artificial islands.
• Logistics support.
• Support services:
-- Information Technology (IT)
-- Human Resources (HR)
-- General Services (GS)
-- Public Relations (PR)
-- Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
-- Manpower Development (MD)
-- Business Process & OrganizationDevelopment [BPOD]
Faiza Mohamed Hussain (ZADCO CMDS)
Talent Management in ZADCO
Right Program for Right Talent
ZADCO shareholders have vision and aspiration not
only to maintain the production levels from its depleting
wells and aging facilities, but also to enhance it from
current 550 K bbls/day to 750K bbls/day by drilling
new wells, developing its fields, adding new facilities
and enhancing production by using latest technology.
This is a challenge as a large number of highly
experienced staff are expected to retire within the next
5 years, and there is growing need to depend on local
Emirati Talent.
Therefore, ZADCO is actively pursuing Talent
Management Strategy to identify, attract, develop,
deploy, motivate and retain talent to strengthen
Organization Capability and meet ZADCO Business
emphasis the Talent Management. In this context, 5
new initiatives have been launched which are under
various stages of implementation, as follows:
1) Succession Planning for Key/Critical Positions in
2) UAE Nationals Career Development
3) Leadership Development & External Certification
4)Development of the Subject Matter Experts &
5) Recognition of Long Term and High Performing
Employees (Junior Talent)
The above initiatives primarily focus on development,
engagement, motivation and retention of the Talent.
ZADCO Manpower Development
managers in identifying and
developing talent to meet ZADCO
business needs. During 2011,
number of UAE Nationals have
been successfully developed and
promoted to critical positions
including Sub Team Leaders,
Team Leaders, and Managers at
Sites & Abu Dhabi.
ZADCO Talent is defined as Employee who is
recognized with special personality traits, capability &
achievements e.g.:
1) Outstanding or high performance
2) Unique skills relevant to ZADCO business needs
3) Advanced/mastery level competencies
4) A wide range of skills for multitasking
5) Exceptional leadership & soft skills
6) Ability to fast track to key/critical positions
ZADCO has already established best practices
in Human Resources Management & Manpower
Development, there is paradigm shift to specially
One UAE National had a very
natural talent to develop as a
Specialist instead of leadership
or management role. ZADCO is
providing all required support
including the provisions for
extensive development through
attachment with international
shareholders. Similar talented
candidates for
other specialization areas are
being outsourced based on the business case and
candidates' interest.
For more information about the Succession Planning
& the UAE Nationals Career Development, you may
refer to the Business Process on ZADCO network/MD
Website or contact MD Management, who are just a
phone call away.
If you have Talent, ZADCO has a program for you.
Mohamed Ali Khan (ZADCO MDSP)
Commercial Drilling (CM Drilling)
To be one of the top Drilling Commercial Department in the region who is providing Drilling
Contracting services of satisfactory quality and reliability to our customers.
• To ensure that our customers receive cost effective services of the highest quality standards
by preparing and executing the required acquisition plans and by implementing the latest
innovative Management Techniques.
• To invest in and maintain a strategic partnership with our customers that will form the keystone
of the company's future.
Aim (Objective)
High business principles and values.
Developing arrangements to meet future commercial requirements in drilling.
Procure high quality services for the best value.
Effectively manage contracts and continuous quality improvement of the tenders and contracts
Provide excellent customer service.
Pursue continuous workforce learning to ensure critical, high quality skill sets.
Ensure high quality Contracts are in place in a timely manner.
Establish close rapport with Stakeholders.
Exert and share best contracting practices within the organization.
Mussafah Offshore Supply Base - LG Division
On 4th February, 2012, the UAE
celebrated the 15th National
Environment Day 2012 with the
theme "Living Desert", under
the auspices of H.H. Sheikh
Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan,
Arab Emirates and Ruler of
Abu Dhabi. Celebrations aimed
at educating the public on the
importance of conserving the
UAE's natural heritage, and protecting the desert from
pollution, specially the adverse impacts of plastic bags
on the desert.
In line with the above, H.H. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed
Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs,initiated the
"Desert Clean-up Campaign", across the UAE.
A joint environmental campaign amongst sister
companies, namely ADMA-OPCO, TOTAL ABK,
BUNDUQ, ESNAAD and ZADCO was successfully
conducted on 6th February, 2012 at Mussafah
Offshore Supply Base - LG Division, in the presence
of Management representatives of the five above
mentioned companies.
The objectives of this campaign were as follows:
• Continuity of leadership message towards
preservation and protection of environment.
• Progress of achieved environment structural
• Enhancement of the public worksites environmental
• Boosting and demonstration of the concept of
environment care and protection.
The campaign program started with HSE Statement,
mop-up of the site facilities and mitigation of wasted
material were conducted.
Three presentations were made by LG Manager,
entitled "Desert Clean-up Campaign", by Abu Dhabi
Environment Agency Representative, entitled "UAE
Desert" and by Ministry of Environment and Water
Representative, entitled "Living Desert".
These were followed by a quiz session related to the
At the end of the ceremony, certificates, gifts and
mementoes were distributed to active participants, in
appreciation to their efforts, and commemorating this
special event.
Clean-up Campaign organized by ZADCO
Zakum Development Company (ZADCO), in collaboration with the
Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and the center of waste management,
has organized a clean-up campaign in the manors' area of Al Wathba
Desert in order to raise environmental awareness and preservation
of the desert.
In compliance with the directives of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed
Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, and as part of the
campaign launched by the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi under
the theme of "Vibrant Desert", a presentation has been made to raise
awareness among participants on necessary precautions required
to be observed during the campaign to safeguard their safety and
The strategic goal of the campaign was to preserve the cleanliness
of the desert, raise awareness among the youth, encourage the
public hygiene, raise public awareness of ways to dispose of waste,
minimize littering, especially plastic materials due to its negative
impact on the wild and primitive life, and to promote the value and
the positive image of the desert among its frequent visitors.
150 people participated in this campaign by using a number of
heavy equipment provided by The Center of Waste Management in
Abu Dhabi. A total of 18 tons of waste was collected. Manors' owners
in the area have commended and appreciated this environmental
Application of Water
Saving Device
Performance Enhancement
Table 1 and table 2 illustrate the amount of water saving
as a direct result of fitting the aerator saving device.
Consumption Average
Usage/ day Occurance
No of Unit
in LQP
Minutes/ no.
Consumption (L)
Taps50 9 8 2 7,200
Back ground:
Water is a vital natural element in life. Preserving
water is considered by many as a serious challenge.
A pioneer experiment has been conducted by fitting
a simple aerator saving device of 3 liter and 6 liter
capacity inside all cabins, common toilets and kitchens
at the UAD platform.
Umm Al Dalkh (UAD) field is an offshore facilities
originally designed to cater for 40 persons living on
part of the platform equipped with necessary utilities
to accommodate for that limited number.
Recently, particularly in 2010/2011, the ongoing
development required similar increase in the number
of persons-on-board (POB)
POB was increased during the day time activities to
about 160 and during the night activities to 110. This
is due to the ongoing planned projects for UAD field
development to sustain the oil productivity. Such
increase in activities would see a matching increase in
daily water consumption.
Objectives of fitting water saving device:
• To ensure the continuous supply of the Reverse
Osmosis (RO) unit with adequate amount of water
supply for POB, kitchen facilities and laundry etc...
• Minimize amount of power required for pumping
water and other chemical consumption.
• Eliminate the need for extra water storage units at
UAD for the near future.
• Reduce the emission of carbon dioxide (as a result
of reduced power consumption)
Features of the aerator saving device:
Aerator is a simple device which can be fitted inside
the water tap. This mechanism allows air to mix with
water in typical proportion which results in reducing
water flow rate from tap by 35% without noticeable
effect on users.
The device comes in two storage capacity of 3 liters
and 6 liters.
W/ Closet
Total Consumption per day (Litres)
Total Consumption per day (Barrel)
Table 1 shows water consumption BEFORE the aerator
saving device was fitted.
Description No of Unit
With Water
in LQP
Saver- (L/Min) Usage/ day occurance
with Water Saver
Minutes/ no.
(L/ Day)
Taps50 6 8 2 4,800
W/ Closet
Total Consumption per day with water saver (Litres)
Total Consumption per day with water saver (Barrel)
Table 2 shows water consumption AFETR the aerator
saving device was fitted.
This experiment was conducted at the UAD platform
and proved effective by achieving the following:
- Saving about 7,520 litres of water per day.
- Reducing the number of break down time of the RO
unit and ensuring the continuous supply of water to
meet demand by POB.
Experiment evaluation:
proved effective in
saving water by fitting
devices. This also
complies with ADNOC
water and energy
We hope that the outstanding result of this experiment
will encourage other ADNOC group companies to
adopt similar water and energy saving technique.
UZFDS Laboratory Accredited
with ISO 17025:2005
ZADCO's UZFDS laboratory
(Mussafah) has been accredited
with the ISO 17025:2005 by the
Emirates National Accreditation
System (ENAS) as the first
company in the field of oil and
gas to have acquired this level of
accreditation in the UAE.
"I am pleased to announce that
UZFDS lab has been accredited
with this recognition for its
Mussafah lab. Seated from left to right; Mohamed Al Jawahari (UZFD support manager), Mr. Ray Mitro
quality of laboratory work" and
(VP UZFD), Mr. Hamad Bu Alrougha (previous UZFD support manager) and Mr. Abdulla Al Falahy (team
that the well deserved certificate
accomplishment and a milestone
recognition", said Ray Mitro, VP UZFD.
specific requirements. UZDFS laboratory is offering
high quality laboratory support to ZADCO operations.
While Mr. Mohamed Al Jawhari, UZFDS Manager said
that " the support and encouragement by ZADCO
Facts about ISO 17025:2005:
CEO, top management and the work of the strong
team at the laboratory have been the driving force
• ISO 17025:2005 is the international standard
behind the success story of the laboratory", he added.
used by testing & calibration laboratories,
The initial application for the ISO 17025:2005
accreditation was submitted to ENAS in July 2011. The
accreditation was awarded in April 2012 following a
continuous and refined work to meet the international
initially issued by the International Organization
for Standardization in 1999 and subsequently
published in 2001.
It is worth mentioning that the effort to acquire this
certificate was initiated by Mr. Hamad Bu Alrougha,
the previous SU field development manager, who
carried out the burden of this task while his successor,
Mr. Mohamed Al Jawhari, got all support from him to
finish the task.
ISO 17025:2005 incorporates all the ISO 9001
requirements that are relevant to the scope
of testing and calibration services as well
as specifying the requirements for technical
competence. ISO 170252005: focuses on the
laboratory competence to carry out tests and/or
"This is not the peak of our achievement" said Abdullah
Al Falahy, laboratory team leader. "It is an incentive
for us to keep the excellent work and strive for more
improvement as the ENAS will carry out an annual
check to monitor the work and we have to renew the
accreditation every three years" he said.
ISO 17025:2005 also provides guidance to owners
and operators of laboratories on both quality
management in a laboratory environment and
technical requirements for the proper operation of
a testing laboratory.
Benefits of ISO 17025:2005:
We have plans for future "our aim is to sustain and
further improve our achievement and quality" said Dr.
Syed Shaheer, the laboratory supervisor, chemistry
UZFDS Laboratory was establish in 1982 in Sadyyat
Island and was later relocated in a modern facilities
in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi in 1998. It provides chemical
and core analysis services by a strong and highly
skilled team supported by state-of-the-art technology
which allows the laboratory to streamline sample
flow through the lab to provide high quality data per
National & International recognition
Recognizes the technical competence of
laboratory staff
Assures the client that results are technically valid
Provides comparability in measurements
Decision makers can rely on test result
Improves staff motivation
Ensures better support in the event of legal
Assists in the development of new program
Reduces technical barriers in trade
Saves money by getting it right first time
HSE Man of the Month
Mohamed Al Hameemi
Sr. Panel Operator
Mr. Al Hameemi has won the title of the HSE man at Umm Al Dalakh
(UA) as he demonstrated Health consciousness by reducing his
weight to control obesity as to remain fit & healthy for work.
HSE Man of the Year-2011
S. M. Rafeeque
Plant Operator
Mr. Rafeeque has won the title of HSE man of the year 2011 at
Umm Al Dalakh (UA) as he remained vigilant and demonstrated
proactive safety approach at all times by observing near miss
and taking immediate actions to avoid further escalation several
HSE MAN OF THE MONTH at Upper Zakum (UZ)
The following employees won the
title of HSE man
Ismail Mohamed
Traffic Assistant
Rashed Saeed Ali
WIP Operator
Ajay Kumar
Mohammad Ismail
Catering Supervisor
U. Nicolas
Surendran Anil Kumar
Instrument Technician
Sugadan Vasu
HVAC Technician
New Recruits
March - April 2012
A New group of UAE Nationals were employed by ZADCO in March 2012 within ZADCO's policy of post
Faisal Abdulla Ahmed
Mohamed Naser Ahmed
Abdulrahman Abdulla
Sultan Alaleeli
Rashed Abdulla Khalifa
Bin Qadhib
Taha Abdulqader Salem
Abdulla Saif Saeed
Mohamed Hamad Saif
Ahmed Mohamed Eisa
Hamdan Matar
Mohammed Almansoori
Mr. Faisal Abdulla Ahmed Thuwaini
LGL-ZR / Zirku Island
Mr. Abdulrahman Abdulla Sultan Alaleeli
ZRGMW /Zirku Island
Mr. Taha Abdulqader Salem Alhashimi
GSG/Abu Dhabi
Mr. Mohamed Hamad Saif Alshamsi
PR-PA / Zirku Island
Mr. Mohamed Naser Ahmed Alahmed
UZCM / Upper Zakum Field
Mr. Rashed Abdulla Khalifa Bin Qadhib
ZRFM / Zirku Island
Mr. Abdulla Saif Saeed Aldhaheri
FINM-GV - Abu Dhabi
Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Eisa Alhammadi
DR-DCOD1 / Apper Zakum Field
Mr. Hamdan Matar Mohammed Almansoori
LGL-ZR / Zirku Island
Aerobic Course for Ladies
The Aerobic sport class started on January to end of April 2012. The class was joined by 30 ladies who were
divided into 2 sub classes of 15 participants ladies each. The classes, coached by an instructor from the Lions
Sport Club, were held in Al Hosn Club on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Prophet Birthday
The Prophet Birthday celebration
was held in Al Hosn Club on 4th
February 2012. The celebration
was in the form of free activity
and workshop for children.
Several educational and game
activities for children took place.
At the end of the event, all
children were presented with a
souvenir to take back home.
Ladies Evening
The event took place on 14th February and was designed for ladies and their guests. Around 40 ladies attended
that night where they had a good time, exchanged thoughts and shared knowledge.The attendees were later on
addressed by Dr. Samir Al Ali who presented a useful presentation on Skin Protection.
Drawing Classes for Ladies and Girls
The drawing classes were held in Al Hosn Club where Sundays being allocated for ladies whereas
Wednesday for girls. The class aimed at teaching the principles of the art of pencil drawing.
Taking place between 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m., the class commenced on March 4th and ended on April
2012. The number of participants were 10 in each class.
Fruits of Ramadan
There are many meanings and secrets behind the noble worship of fasting, the first being that fasting makes
individuals accustom to worship and submission to the Almighty Allah who will be observed at all times as well
as dedication to work and to avoid hypocrisy.
Fasting also habituate oneself to patience, strength of will and determination, patience is truly manifested in
fasting. Fasting also educates society, promotes unity and solidarity amongst Muslims. The fasting person feels
the sense of belonging to the society when he observes others fasting. He feels related to that society where all
are enjoying obeying Allah.
Fasting makes us feel what hungry and poor people are going through whereas we may not remember them
Recommended deeds in Ramadan
To break the fast quickly on time and start breakfast with dates and water. To break the fasting in two phases while
accelerating Maghreb prayer and to avoid overeating and sleeping immediately after breakfast. To quit smoking
during and after Ramadan. To eat the Suhoor (before dawn meal) as recommended by the prophet (PBUH). To
brush teeth with Miswak (Salvadora persica) for cleaner and healthier teeth and gum and pray Taraweeh which
is a healthy prayer that also involves a simple physical exercise. To do your work properly as with little effort the
fasting person is capable of performing his work perfectly in Ramadan, and eventually ask Allah for good health.
May Allah accept our good Deeds
Colorectal cancer, commonly known as bowel cancer,
is a cancer resulting from uncontrolled cell growth in the
colon, rectum, or appendix. Symptom typically includes
rectal bleeding and anemia which are sometimes
associated with weight loss and changes in bowel
Diagnosis of colorectal cancer is via tumor biopsy
typically done during sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy.
The extend of the disease is usually determined by a CT
scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. There are other
potential imaging test such as PET and MRI which may
be used in certain cases.
Most colorectal cancer occurs due to lifestyle and
increasing age with only a minority of cases associated
with underlying genetic disorders. It typically starts in the
lining of the bowel and if left untreated, can grow into the
muscle layers underneath, and then through the bowel
wall. Screening is effective at decreasing the chance
of dying from colorectal cancer and is recommended
starting at the age of 50 and continuing until a person
is 75 years old. Localized bowel cancer is usually
diagnosed through sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy.
Cancers that are confined within the wall of the colon are
often curable with surgery while cancer that has widely
spread around the body is usually not curable and
management then focuses on extending the person's
life via chemotherapy and improving quality of life.
Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed
cancer in the world, but it is more common in developed
countries. Around 60% of cases were diagnosed in
the developed world. It is estimated that, in 2008, 1.24
million new cases of colorectal cancer were clinically
diagnosed, and that it killed 610,000 people.
Signs and symptoms
The symptoms and signs of colorectal cancer depend
on the location of tumor in the bowel, and whether it has
spread elsewhere in the body (metastasis). The classic
warning signs include: worsening constipation, blood in
the stool, weight loss, fever, loss of appetite, and nausea
or vomiting in someone over 50 years old. While rectal
bleeding or anemia are high risk features in those over
the age of 50, other commonly descriptive symptoms
include weight loss and change in bowel habit are
typically only concerning if associated with bleeding.
Family history in two or more first degree relatives have
a two greater risk of disease and this group accounts for
while about 20% of all cases. Some risk factors such as
older age and male gender cannot be changed, many
can. A high fat, alcohol or red meat intake are risk factors
for colorectal cancer as well as obesity, smoking and a
lack of physical exercise. The risk of alcohol appears
to increase at greater than one drink per day. People
with inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and
Crohn's disease) are at increased risk of colon cancer.
Appearance of the inside of the colon showing one
invasive colorectal carcinoma (the crater-like, reddish,
irregularly shaped tumor).
Most colorectal cancers can be prevented by:
Current dietary recommendations to prevent colorectal
cancer include increasing the consumption of whole
grains, fruits and vegetables, and reducing the intake of
red meat. The evidence for fiber, fruits and vegetables
however, is poor. Physical activities can moderately
reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.
Aspirin and celecoxib appear to reduce the risk of
colorectal cancer for those at high risk. However it is
not recommended for those at average risk. Vitamin D
intake and blood levels are associated with a lower risk
of colon cancer.
More than 80% colorectal cancers arise from
adenomatous polyps making this cancer amenable
to screening. The three main screening tests are fecal
occult blood testing, flexible sigmoidoscopy and
colonoscopy. Fecal occult blood testing of the stool is
typically recommended every two years. In the United
States screening is recommended between the age of
50 and 75 years with sigmoidoscopy every 5 years and
colonoscopy every 10 years. It is believed that screening
has the potential to reduce colorectal cancer deaths by
The treatment of colorectal cancer depends on how
advanced it is. When colorectal cancer is diagnosed
at early stage surgery can be curative. However, when
it is detected at later stages (metastases are present),
this is less likely and treatment is often directed more
at extending life and keeping people comfortable.
Chemotherapy may be used in addition to surgery in
certain cases.
In Europe 5 year survival for colorectal cancer is less
than 60%. In the developed world about a third of
people who get the disease die from it.
The aims of the follow-up are to diagnose, in the earliest
possible stage, any metastasis or tumors that develop
later, but did not originate from the original cancer.

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