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Acoustic Rhythmic Roots
“I’ve been playin music ever since I was a kid. One day I was
driving with the old man when this song came on the radio that
put me on my path right there and then. That song was Sunshine
Superman by a guy called Donovan. He’s been a big inspiration
to my music ever since.
Like Donovan I took the acoustic root. I’m a multi-instrumentalist
with no sequences, loops or pedals. I just get a kick out of getting
the most sound out of what I can hold at the one time while
singing about what touches me emotionally. Actually it’s all
about emotion. It’s what I see, what I feel and what I have learnt.
I’m a dreamer not a planner. I just go with the flow. I listen to my
gut and follow my intuition. Cause life can change in an instant
on this crazy journey.” AKOVA
“AKoVA’s welcoming vibe has a worthy place at summery festival
gatherings universally. He’s a natural showman. Any act to get
people dancing like no-ones watching is always welcome in this
crazy world.” Forte Magazine
“This guy is SIC!” Ash Grunwald
AKoVA is an artist of both imagination and conscience. Utilizing
vocals, guitars, ukulele, Cajon, djembe, ankle bells and an
assortment of other percussive instruments. Most played at once!
“This one man roots machine is adventurous and playful. Bringing
the party simply by seeing how much sound he can project.”
His signature blend of acoustic rhythmic roots comes from a life of
music. With tribal drumming, driving rhythms and lyrics that make
you glad to be alive. AKoVA is one of the most unique multiinstrumentalists seen in years. An experience for the eyes, feet
and soul.
He has been recognised for his songwriting talent by MusicOz
2012 finalist and 2013 top 4 in his genre. Unsigned Only
Songwriting competition finalist. AKoVA has shared stages from
bar rooms to festivals with Ash Grunwald and the boys from the
Living End, Fyre Walk, Kingtide, Tijuana Cartel, and most recently
The Gin Club, Afro Moses and Dubmarine.
“AKoVA’s an amazing performer. His music is not only original and
fun it has real substance and meaning. I still can’t believe it’s just
one guy playing all those instruments at the same time. What a
showman.” Adam Iffland 92.5FM
With extensive community radio support nationally. AKoVA has
moved it up a gear with his new single, “Time to Stand”. To be
released with music clip Aug 2014, followed by EP.
He released his debut album Earth Recruit 2013. It can be found
on iTunes and his website. AKoVA is currently touring his new
single Time To Stand nationally.
Website: Electronic Press Kit: Facebook: Soundcloud:­‐1 Media Enquires: Alexandra Kovacic
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