Ausschreibung 2016


Ausschreibung 2016
Trainings-OL /
Fundraising für OL in Südafrika
die Gruppe aus Polokwane am BIG 5 OL in gesponserten Dresses
Datum, Ort
Samstag, 27. Februar 2016, Immensee, SZ
Chieme (=Chiemen Ost), Massstab 1:7‘500, überarbeitet 2016
Danke der OLG Goldau für den Gratisdruck.
Parkplatz beim Fitnessparcours, 200 m nordöstlich des
Restaurants Baumgarten, Immensee. Markiert ab Immensee.
Keine Garderoben. Parkplätze sind vorhanden.
vor Ort
Start und Ziel
bei der Besammlung, Start von 13 bis 14.30 Uhr
kurz, einfach
Pieter und Liz Mulder, Stefan, Coni und Andrea Hess
Coni Müller
Trainingsdrucker Sportident. Die Rangliste wird am Abend auf den
Homepages der OLV Zug und OLG Goldau publiziert.
Fr. 10.- für Erwachsene
Fr. 5.- für Kinder
warme und kalte Getränke, Sandwiches und Kuchen
2.1 km + 90 m Steigung
3.3 km + 170 m Steigung
4.9 km + 270 m Steigung
Coni Müller, Tel. 041 760 69 15
Pieter Mulder, Tel. 079 682 94 52
[email protected]
[email protected]
Wozu sammeln wir Geld:
Sometimes our sport throws up totally unexpected but pleasant surprises.
For many years the South African Orienteering Federation and a number of individuals tried to
promote orienteering amongst the black community, with only limited success.
In August 2011 however there was fresh hope. The SAOF made a presentation in Polokwana, in
the distant Limpopo province. Mary, a teacher at the local Mphachue Secondary School became
smitten. She brought along pupil Ephraim who, despite having had no tuition, produced a
schoolmap and together with Mary organised an OL event.
The SAOF recognised their splendid efforts and invited both to a school camp and a workshop
and provided Ephraim with a compass and a laptop and OCAD to make maps. Financial
assistance has made it possible for the twosome to start a club and spread the OL gospel to other
schools in the province.
Members of OLV Zug and OLG Goldau have provided finance, shoes and clothing but more
funds are needed, in particular where the members of the new club need to travel to events that
inevitably are a long distance away. Ephraim has been busy making maps of other schoolgrounds
but, due to the lack of transport has to travel there by complicated routes using shared taxis.
The club has to hire a small bus to transport a dozen club members to OL events.
You can help these courageous OL colleagues by attending our fundraising event at Chiemen or
by making a donation. Our friends in South Africa will be very grateful.
More about the club on
in der Mitte Ephraim, der Präsident des Polokwane Orienteering Clubs

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