fouta · everyday towels made to last designed in switzerland · made


fouta · everyday towels made to last designed in switzerland · made
Value chain
February 2016
The social workshop Drahtzug and the social
company TRINAMO help long-term unemployed
and people with mental disabilities to achieve
long-term integration and social and professional reintegration
Weaving in small-scale
Tunisian businesses
The endings get twisted and
knotted by hand primarily by
women in homework
Soziale Einrichtungen und Betriebe
Quality control is done in social
workshops and institutions
Yarn production and dyeing
according to the highest
environmental standards
The Werkatelier der Sozialen Einrichtungen und Betriebe Zürich investigates the
career opportunities of unemployed
welfare recipients and people with disabilities and supports them on their way
back into working life
Towels that do not pass our quality
control get "upcycled"; we turn them
into new products in order to minimize
waste and preserve natural resources
Cotton from controlled organic
cultivation, with fair and humane
working conditions
Available in more than
40 retail and design
stores in Switzerland
Design and conception done in our
studio in Zurich (Basis-Lager)
fouta · everyday towels made to last
designed in switzerland · made in tunisia
with respect for people, culture and
Learning studio for trainees; engagement for preservation of the
tailor‘s/dressmaker‘s profession
Timeless towels for everyday use,
long-lasting and multifunctional,
good alternative to terry towels
Supporting aid projects in Tunisia, for
example «schoolbags for tunisian
Project collaboration; rearching institutional
partners for the organisation of intercutlural
traineechips in Tunisia
Speaker and discussion participant to promote
the intercultural discourse
e.g. panel discussion:
«Identität im Wandel?
Arabische Frauen als
Wissens- und Werteträgerinnen»
e.g. seminar:
«Der Wert und Unwert von Kultur
in der Generation Revolution –
zwei Tunesierinnen berichten»
«Design day and Perspectives for Trainees»
together with LU Couture
Donations in kind that benefit children and adolescents who either live in
the Pestalozzi Children's Village or
come here to participate in an intercultural exchange project