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JULY 2016
No holiday is complete
without seasonally
appropriate kitchen towels.
The assorted cream and
burlap Halloween towels from
K&K Interiors (10%) is just
the thing to start a tradition.
Happy Haunting! $4.50 (877)
Have more fun in the kitchen with Potluck Press’ (10%)
traditional flour sack towels! The line features a wide
array of designs, from the sophisticated to the whimsical.
Made of 100% Egyptian cotton and generously sized, 28” x
30”. $5.00 (877) 818-5500
With the LOL Made You Smile
towels from Primitives by
Kathy (10%), choose from
dozens of designs to create a
customized assortment that
fits just right in your store.
The artful, whimsical, and fun
kitchen towels are made of 100%
cotton. $4.00 (866) 295-2849
Celebrate the Christmas season with cotton embroidered tea towels
featuring holiday phrases in four unique designs from Creative Co-Op,
Inc. (10%) Measuring in at 28” x 18”, these towels are perfect for your
Secret Santa! $4.00 (866) 323-2264
The Turkish paisley and
red medallion set of two
decorative tea towels is
a new introduction from
Midwest - CBK, LLC (10%).
The whimsical and eyecatching set make them a
terrific hostess gift. Made
from cotton. $7.00 (800)
Even if you don’t use
the delicious pie recipes
printed right on the towels
from Dennis East Int’l
(DEI - 10%), you will love
the homespun look of
the cotton dishtowels.
The two assorted designs
feature pumpkin or apple
pie. Brighten up dish duty!
$3.00 (800) 430-5665
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retail advantage group
Merry Christmas Y’all
tea towel from burton +
BURTON (5%). This linen
tea towel features a burlap
gathered Christmas tree
and Merry Christmas Y’all
embroidered message.
Linen, wood buttons. Set of
4/$29.99 (800) 241-2094
in T e x t i l e s
This collection of creatively designed
kitchen towels are ideal for house
warming, hostess, birthday, and
thank you gifts. Display these
towels along with baskets, a set of
beautiful dishes or with decorative
hooks for cross merchandising
ideas that inspire.
gift shop
Farm To Table cotton
dishtowels are cleverly
ensconced in a fruit
crate shaped berry
bowl. The gift sets, from
Two’s Company (10%),
are available in three
designs: Feeling Good
Tomatoes, Lettuce Eat,
and You Look Radishing.
$7.50 (800) 896-7266
introducing s
Create your style with DaVinci Inspirations
from Center Court (10% ex displays).
Personalize stackable bangle bracelets,
necklaces, or traditional link bracelets with
petite, collectible charms. Great mark-up,
low-investment. $2.50 - $5.00 (574) 2738985
True Brands
10% Discount
(800) 750-8783
Opening $0 Reorder $0
True Brands is the leading designer and supplier of beverage lifestyle accessories
worldwide. From their headquarters in Seattle, WA, they offer the best on-trend products,
branding and prices on the market. The multi-brand strategy offers something for every
customer, whether it’s an innovative bar tool or quirky animal corkscrew.
...a curated feature unveiling
on-trend products
For Arts Sake Greetings & Carol
Wilson (10%) “Style-lets” notebooks
feature a floral theme with 224
lined pages. Display included with 12
designs, 4 pieces per design for a total
of 48. Pre-pack $167.52 (800) 689-5270
HABA USA (10%) has curated a collection of
toys that fall into the STEM category (Science,
Technology, Engineering and Math education).
Farming Around includes 22 wooden shapes and
even a set of instructions for game play ideas.
$20.00 (800) 468-6873
Invite God’s presence into the coming days with
this beautiful 2017 weekly planner from Harvest
House Publishers (10%). The pages are graced
with verses from the book of Psalms and charming
illustrations from artist Michal Sparks. SRP $14.99
(888) 501-0160
These adorable panda leggings
and matching shirt are from
Doodle Pants (10%). This
is a wild collection offering a
great selection of best sellers,
including the pink and blue
elephant, butterfly and sloth
styles. Leggings $9.50 Shirt
$9.00 (562) 682-2999 www.
Introducing Coco; Organic
Tagua Jewelry’s (10%)
20” necklace is unique like
no other, handmade from
recycled Coconut Shell,
Acai Berries, and Tagua
Nut. Complete the look
with matching earrings.
Necklace $16.95 Earrings
$3.99 (772) 266-8712
Don’t Hire
Warm Bodies!
by Anne Obarski, Merchandise Concepts
I have often been asked, “I am a small store owner, how do
I compete with the big stores for great employees?” Here’s my
answer. First, great employees are not born they are developed in a business
atmosphere where training is stressed, individuality is encouraged and
personalities are respected. Word travels about the work environment in
all sizes of stores. The key to recruiting quality employees is promoting and
possessing a positive work environment no matter how large or small you are.
A Family Affair
Heart of the Family from
Center Court (10%)
charm necklaces offer
everything near and dear to
your heart. Display program
features three necklace styles
and an assortment of charms
to represent family, faith, furry
friends and more. Free display with
Starter Package. $775.00 (574) 2738985
Cr e at i v ely R ecru it Employ ees
Focus on specific employment needs and develop specific job
titles and descriptions for each of those positions. These criteria
will be beneficial in matching an employee to a specific position. Later, in the
review process, these same criteria can be used to measure accountability.
This also is the groundwork for your advertising. Write several different
help-wanted ads that can be positioned in various media. Be specific in your
requirements. “What personality characteristics do I want and what amount
of experience am I looking for?” Do I want “rookies” that will need a lot of
training, or am I looking for seasoned veterans that come with valuable
retail experience.
The distressed white weathered framed wall art with
delightful sayings for grandparent’s home by The
Grandparent Gift Co. Inc. (10%). Rope for hanging
and unbreakable Plexiglas front. Made in USA. $12.50
(770) 619-3167
Go back to your list of criteria and decide what the “have to have” items are
and those that would be “great to have”. Example, ”Seeking associate with
strong sales record and must have managerial experience.” It is obvious that
the candidate must have a sales and managerial background.
Compete with large stores by attracting new employees through creative
advertising. The ad must reflect the positive aspects of working for your
company. Something should spark their curiosity to respond to the ad.
“Specialty store seeking a highly motivated person to join our creative sales
team. Fun atmosphere and great benefits.” One or more of the descriptive
words must catch their attention to make them want to respond to the
ad. Try unique ways to advertise. Recently, I saw this sign in a jewelry store
window, “If you like looking at our merchandise, you’d love selling it. Inquire
inside.” I had to hold myself back.
The Fanatic Group’s (10%) 16 oz. Soft Touch Tumbler is
a best seller! The double-walled, stainless steel tumbler is
available in all colleges and high schools. The Mom & Dad
gift set is just the thing for your next tail-gating event.
$14.00 (732) 512-1777
H i r i n g a nd Int erv iewing On Purpose
Did you know that most people spend more time with
the people they work with than with their own family? As
you interview, be conscious of personality traits that will be an asset
or a possible hindrance to your team. Don’t be afraid to ask specific
questions that the candidate must answer and take notes that you can
refer to later. Within the interview, begin questions with the phrases,
“Tell me about a specific time...” Or “Share some examples of..” or “Tell
me about how you handled a difficult customer.” Look for concrete
examples. If you are ever questioning the decision to hire someone, ask
yourself, “Would I want this person working for my competition?”
Po wer Tra ining
Too often small stores overlook this
important component of developing
a strong retail team. I read recently that
salespeople should see training as an ongoing
process that will enhance their careers
permanently and not just a quick fix. The cost
of hiring and training a new employee can run
almost 50% of the annual cost of the employee.
Your incentive should be to train to retain.
Don’t Hire Warm Bodies! continued on page 4
Due to a lack of orders, the following Vendors will no longer be extending a discount to Retail
Advantage Group Member Stores: Kurtz Designs
5224 West State Road 46 #337
Sanford, Florida 32771
4 07.2 6 8 . 4 4 4 4
The Heartland Collection
from Haute Jewelry
Concepts (30%) features
your favorite state on
earrings, toggle bracelet
or toggle necklace. A
unique way to show
off your hometown
pride. $2.90 - $5.90
(844) 559-6626 www.
Spirit of the Southwest, from Green Hill
Productions (6.5% ex distributive titles), is
an instrumental journey through the heart of
the American Southwest. The instrumental
styling carries you to spiritual bliss. $7.19 (800)
Mele & Co. (10%) has been “America’s Jewelry Box” since 1912. The
brand represents history, tradition, craftsmanship and legacy. Keep
your jewelry organized while you travel with the best-selling, Giana
fabric jewelry box. $12.00 (800) 635-6353
Escape to a tropical
retreat at home! Let the
scent of island flowers
bloom while you cleanse,
hydrate, and soften your
skin with 30% Aloe Vera
in Frangipani Bath and
Shower Gel from Key
West Aloe (10%). $3.00
- $8.00 (305) 521-0701
Don’t Hire Warm Bodies! continued from page 3
There are a number of great video training products that you
can invest in for your employees. Invite guest speakers, send
your associates to seminars, and develop a library in a break
room with motivational and sales training tapes and videos
they can borrow. Team development should be an on-going
process and a good manager should be continually looking
for ways to add to the learning process.
Research has shown that money is not the
number one motivational factor for employees.
Regardless of what type of business, employees are looking
to find a sense of belonging and where it is recognized that
their work efforts make a difference in the company’s success.
Practice, practice, practice!
Reward , R e wa rd , a nd R e tai n
Rewards do not always have to be monetary! Is that a
surprise? It shouldn’t be. A good manager knows it is important to
On the Go game books make
the perfect travel toys for kids!
From Melissa & Doug (5% ex
Sunny Patch & Trunki), each
of these fun-packed activity
books is bound in a compact
format with a sturdy back
cover to support comfortable
coloring. $2.50 (800) 284-3948
Carson Home
Accents (5%)
revolutionary Dura Soft™ fabric is remarkably
soft yet extremely durable and enhances the
rich, vibrant colors of each design. FlagTrends
messages are readable from both sides! $5.00
(800) 888-1918
be a cheerleader as well as a coach. You can reward all of your
team players by possessing winning characteristics yourself.
Motivate your employees by allowing them to make
suggestions, to take risks, to fail, to be challenged and
to succeed all the while knowing that you have an open
door policy.
Radical thinking says that the customer never
comes first, the employee does! If the employee is
happy in their job, if they feel appreciated and if they respect
the leadership of the store, they will give outstanding
customer service because they enjoy what they are doing.
Reward daily. A simple compliment, a written note, a
public acknowledgement at a weekly meeting are all nonmonetary ways of compensating employees.
Review their performance frequently, not always to add a
raise, but to provide feedback for successes as well as for
areas of improvement.