Corporate Styling Concepts – modern and innovative.


Corporate Styling Concepts – modern and innovative.
Corporate Styling Concepts – modern and innovative.
Superior Design with Ceramics.
No other building material is as versatile in its application
excellent position as manufacturer of high-quality archi-
as ceramics: the variety of colours, sizes and surfaces
tectural ceramics. Architecturally demanding projects all
offers practically unlimited possibilities for creative
around the globe show the extensive competence of the
designs. Both indoors and out. And that independent of
company and the high level of its products, which are
the style of ambience – whether functional, puristic or
setting new standards internationally with regard to
noble, representative or modern, extravagant. Thus,
design and quality. The decisive strong point of Agrob
ceramics provides optimal solutions also at the realization
Buchtal is its capability of supplying complete systems
of contemporary Corporate Styling concepts in bou-
and of solving problems: thanks to well thought-out con-
tiques, department stores, hotels or car salons. For more
cepts and project-specific individual production, even
than four decades, Agrob Buchtal has secured itself an
extremely complex special tasks can be mastered.
Shopping as an Aesthetic Experience.
Up-to-date shop construction demands materials of an
absolutely suitable to meet these requirements. Because
elevated stylishness, which perfectly harmonize with the
the inexhaustible range of harmoniously matched colours,
colours and forms used in modern architecture. At the
the variety of sizes and surface structures permitting cre-
same time, they are supposed to underline the individual
ative combinations as well as effective decorative elements
“Corporate Styling” of the enterprise in a discreet but dis-
ensure an unmistakable public presentation whose sym-
tinct manner. Ceramic wall and floor coverings are
pathetic flair attracts customers and motivates employees.
Variety as Source of Creative Impetus.
The wide range of different sizes – from the mosaic up to
or special steel also follows the trend. As our ceramics is
the representative large format – offers almost unlimited
provided with the proven Protecta surface upgrading or
possibilities for individual combinations. The colours and
the world-wide patented Hydrotect surface coating, it
surface structures are matched to each other in such a
also offers decisive advantages in the daily use. So, the
way that conclusive overall concepts for wall and floor
unique Hydrotect technology ensures that even tena-
can also be convincingly realized. And new unusual large
cious dirt can not deposit anywhere. In this way, the
formats, Leporello elements and undulated structures set
time and money required for maintenance are consider-
visual highlights of a particular kind. The aesthetic com-
ably reduced. The tiles can be kept clean easily and
bination with contrasting materials such as glass, wood
retain their brilliant beauty permanently.
January 2007
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