STANDARD EQUIPMENT North 3.9 oz. Dacron Main and Jib Sail



STANDARD EQUIPMENT North 3.9 oz. Dacron Main and Jib Sail
North 3.9 oz. Dacron Main and Jib Sail
Teak Benches
Aluminum Foam Filled Spars
Stainless Steel Standing Rigging
Quality Blocks and Running Rigging
Auto Bailer
Plexus Hull/Deck Joint
Sealed Buoyancy
Pivoting Fibreglass Centreboard and Rudder
Pivoting Mast
Hiking Straps
The large, open cockpit provides
dry, comfortable sailing for up to
six, with room to stretch out.
95 sq. ft.
46 sq. ft.
Hull Colour
Coloured Sails
Jib Furling
5.0 oz. Sails
2nd Bailer
Boat Cover
Sail Cover
Motor Bracket
The light weight responsive hull
is a pleasure to sail in all types
of weather.
The kick up centreboard and
rudder blade make for easy
beaching and launching.
The CL16 is one of the most successful boats in the C&L Boatworks line. For over 40 years, the CL16 has
been depended on by sailors who needed a stable dinghy with the option to enjoy racing. Many sailors who
bought their first CL16 many years ago still enjoy the boat today.
The big dependable CL16 is a fantastic all round dinghy that everyone can enjoy. The reasons for the popularity of the
CL16 are that it is so versatile, easy to rig, launch and sail. As a family sailboat, the CL16 provides rewarding performance
with space, comfort, stability and security for up to six family and friends. For competitive racing, the CL16 is easily sailed
by a crew of two.
The graceful, double-chine planing hull behaves well in all weather conditions, providing speed and maneuverability in light
air, plus stability and safety in heavy weather. Adding the optional spinnaker and/or trapeze adds to the CL16’s
performance and fun. The pivoting mast is easily raised or lowered by 1 person. Owners also appreciate the low levels of
maintenance, the quality construction and incredible value for the money.
The CL 16’s strength/weight ratio is achieved by using the best materials and highly skilled craftsmen to lay-up the hull and
deck by hand. Had conventional chopped strand mat been used or roto-molded plastic, the CL16 would be much heavier
with increased drag.
Today’s C&L Boatworks has used experience and feedback over the last 4 decades of boat building, combined with
today’s technologically advanced materials to create some of the best day sailboats available in the industry. We at C&L
Boatworks strive for continuous product, support and performance improvement. This says a lot considering many CL’s
from the early 1970’s are still on the water and remain competitive on the race course.
Today’s CL16 building process uses vacuum bagging with core cell in the cockpit floor, foredeck, gunwales and hull to
provide superior strength, stiffness and durability without the added weight of cheaper less effective material.
All C&L Boatworks boats have Plexus bonded hulls along with Plexus bonded rubrails, creating the ultimate hull/deck joint.
Safety is essential, which is why camps, clubs and schools have chosen C&L Sailboats for many years. The CL16 is
divided into 4 sealed buoyancy compartments in conjunction with close-cell foam to keep it afloat in any circumstance.
Built to last and backed by a history that proves it - the CL16 is the best sailing dinghy to share the moments with.

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