sport fishing to casiquiare


sport fishing to casiquiare
A journey of adventure, jungle and unique fishing experience, only for those who love nature and are
passionate about the sport ......
The Venezuelan Amazon is one of the paths of wildlife and the world's richest
biodiversity, the majestic Orinoco, the vast jungle path connects the Atlantic, but also the
Black Rio and Amazon through Casiquiare Brazo (Arm), single arm in the world which
links two major river systems. It has a passage full of adventures with his quick and
sectors of large rocks which printed a touch of adrenaline to passersby of those banks.
In dry season they can be detailed lot of hieroglyphs carved on the rocks. The variety of
caimans, aligators (babas), helmeted, ducks, parrots, macaws, tortoises, turtles, tapirs,
peccaries, macaws in the night walks) and even anacondas, brighten and enliven the
For lovers of sport fishing areas surrounding the arm Casiquiare represent an oasis in
the variety, quantity and size of aquatic species, large peacocks (Pavon), Cajaro catfish,
striped, laulau, bully, Caribbean (Piranhas) and playful dolphins will keep you well
Suggested sites peacock bass fishing would be Veripamoni, Curamoni and Pasiba gaps
(Guramoni and Pasiva on some maps and GPS); for big catfish in the majestic
Casiquiare in its backwaters and deep sites. The great advantage of the camp we offer
is that you can locate in a place accessible to the three sites peacock, usually at the
entrance of Curamoni place. Or if you prefer prior coordination of at least one week in
advance at one of three sites set to enjoy that and other fishing area.
The transfer from the Emerald (Option 1) will canoe metal 10 meters with 40HP Yamaha engine,
propeller, spark plugs and engine 15HP should require switching machine; The camp must have sailed
the previous day in the Bongo 17 meters TORO III, they will be built close to the entrance of Curamoni
huts roof tarps depending on how many people can be 6.50 x 12 meters and 6.50 x 18 meters. A power
plant (usually used from 06:00 to 21:00hrs), a water pump for shower, frezzer from 300 liters a ice
maker 75 kilos in 24 hrs, a fan will have hours of food. Option 2 is from Samariapo 60 kms from Puerto
Ayacucho by land, in Bongo of 17 mtrs, are two days to install navigation camp, ideal for ecotourism,
adventure and photography, reduces the cost of the charter flight by about half, luggage advantages
and access. More than 1500 kms of navigation throughout the tour.
Embarcación TORO III
The accommodation will be in single beds and mosquito nets that fishermen should wear a life jacket
orange standard will be provided; Provided with a folding chair by fisherman which may carry in the
canoe and camp. Each canoe carried drums, lighthouse, a cellar of 48 qts, with soft drinks and ice for
other beverages, plus a thermos of water and first aid kits (one of the canoes will antivenom kit).
Fishing is done in canoes in groups of up to 4 fishermen 's guide, he was traded to the canoes instead
of aluminum cans 16 feet accidents coupling between fishing with lures, because they will be more
separated from each other and the possibility of sitting in camping chairs, however caution should be
exercised. Eight hours of daily operations of transportation and fishing are guaranteed unless
unforeseen circumstances occur as rain, mechanical breakdown or beyond our physical unavailability
of any member of the team do.
Day 1: Esmeralda - Casiquiare
Arrival in La Esmeralda, ideal at 09:00 and 10:00
a.m. to undertake maximum output in type boat
canoe camping chairs by the Orinoco River and
Brazo Casiquiare lasting 4 to 5:30 pm
approximately (depends on the level of the river)
to the Rio Curamoni, in removals snack, water
and 1 soft drink 2 liters per boat, arriving staying
and have dinner.
Day 2: Curamoni - Fishing activities
Breakfast at the camp and fish in the Curamoni river and its lakes, lunch
will be at the camp as it is near the fishing area, in the afternoon return
to fish and those who want to keep energy for night fishing catfish,
should select their bait and coordinate with guides. Dinner
Day 3: Fishing in Veripamoni
Breakfast. Veripamoni starting to lasting 1h 30 min depending
on the level of the river will move personnel and material in
canoes to make lunch in a chosen area, the return will be at
4:45 pm at the latest and dinner will be held 2 hours of arrival.
Night fishing output Casiquiare staff who so desires.
Day 4 and 5: Pasiba - Fishing activities
Breakfast. Pasiba output gap lasting 3 to 4 hours depending on the level of the river will move personnel
and material in canoes to make feeding a chosen area, including overnight stays in a makeshift roof
site, the return will be at 2:30 pm on day 5, you can visit the Dolmen of Capibara each way if they wish.
Day 6: Breakfast. Fishing is planned meat on a stick
(barbecue) in places of their choice preference Veripamoni
Day 7: Breakfast, fishing Curamoni, lunch and dinner in
the camp.
Day 8: Breakfast and depart at the Esmeralda at 05:00
in the canoes, lasting 4-5 hours depending on the river level.
- Meals indicated in the itinerary.
- Cava with ice, drinking water in thermos, 1 soft drink 2 liters
by daily boat, 2 gatorade per person per day,
2 beers daily fee (according to availability
at the market),
- Guide and scouts in the area.
- Step sailing permits. Transfers river.
- Equipment and kitchen tour.
- First aid kit in camp.
- Satellite phone for emergencies only. Private use with
additional payment in dollars.
- Personalized assistance.
- Medium sized backpack or raincoat large hammock and mosquito net, raincoat or poncho hand all
the time.
- Fresh and light clothing, long sleeves, socks, rubber boots middle cane, Sweater, swimsuit, shorts,
hat, towels and blanket.
- Fishing gear, rods, carretos, reel, network, carnadera tarraya, lures, gaffs.
- Two pairs of shoes and sandals, safety glasses for transfers.
- Flashlight (preferably red light for the pest) and camera.
- Mosquito repellent (enough), essential medicines, allergy and sunscreen.
- His alcoholic beverages, biscuits, candies.
- Kit useful personal toilet paper, shampoo and soap, etc.
- If you are carrying firearms must submit bearing force the
- Air tickets (transfer to and from the Emerald is not included in the cost , it's optional)
- Other alcoholic beverages besides the 2 beers daily fee.
- Medical, airlifts emergency medicine treatments.
- Fishing Tackle (no where to buy), flashlights, batteries, phone (no cover)
- Everyone should go and provide protection of electronic equipment.
You can take tours or walks through the Casiquiare or lagoons, itinerary changes prior hiring for
purposes other than fishing, such as ecotourism, films, archaeological expeditions, scuba (must be
certified and carry their equipment), among others. Under no circumstances hunting or poaching,
trapping mammals, birds or fish for commercial purposes or to be subjected to captivity, waste pollution,
illegal mining or guides or mistreatment of natives of the area is accepted.
Fishing in these areas requires resourceful, patient, cautious, insurance agencies, people who have no
experience should be oriented to minimize unsafe acts as most of the situations must be treated on an
outpatient basis by large distances between sites fishing, camping and localities. Is guaranteed to be
in places where you can get copies of peacocks (Pavon) above 11 kilos and catfish over 70 kilos
because we caught and released, of course luck, tackle, fishing equipment and techniques are crucial.
This is a totally different fishing that has taken place in any part of Venezuela and the world, we have
the logistics, camp sites selected and most importantly experienced guides in the area for their safety
and fishing recommendations.
It has the best intention to comply with the itinerary and food, but probably have to make changes prior
coordination with fishermen, due to environmental conditions, personal or group situations (if you want
to relax, get up sooner or later than expected, fish more at night than day or vice versa, river conditions,
among others), will always be the decision of the majority of the group prevails, remember that output
is 2 groups normally must go together to the same area for safety, but if they decide to go to different
places accommodations should be sought for this purpose. There is much humidity, season it usually
rains at least showers every day, be prepared with raincoats and mosquitoes, gnats, ants, bachacos,
bees, wasps and spiders that eventually occur.
Pasimoni travel will be made separately, with another fee due to the distance from the Esmeralda,
requiring an extra day return home and one bongo load fuel and lubricants 40 % more than Curamoni
and fishermen will be out with the Esmeralda at 07:30 hours to navigate and reach the day, also from
San Carlos de Rio Black. Arrangements must be made at least two months in advance.
We have contact with owners of C -206 aircraft for flights to and from Puerto Ayacucho, which he gladly
gives his number to coordinate your itinerary or through us may also contract with a guarantee of roll
the itinerary an extra day for bad weather.
• 28 APRIL 16 TO JUNE 3 (4 OUTPUTS 8 OR 10 DAYS)
The two groups are 3 or 4 fishermen each, mobilizing a canoe with less personal than that number
does not suit by shortages of gasoline and lubricants in the area, which will more expensive.
Reservations are made in advance with the 100% payment 45 days from the date of departure to move
logistics support (50 % non-refundable within 30 days before the trip and 100 % non-refundable within
10 days for sailing), quotas will be saved only for 5 days, after that time will have passed them if have
not been confirmed with payment.
For reservations and contact phone costs 58 4265303949 and 4166508965 or via
[email protected]
Note: For peace of mind and ours must be filled format waiver agreement for procurement of services.