Famous Madam Heidi Fleiss` little black book will be for sale.



Famous Madam Heidi Fleiss` little black book will be for sale.
Famous Madam Heidi Fleiss’ little black book will be for sale.
 I’m (Deviler) assistant writer Gene Langley filling in for the “Sports
Master”, Ron Lizotte.. Ron should be back in the saddle soon! He is now
assisting Donald Trump with his election campaign.
I’m gonna try to keep Ron’s high standards by publishing a newsletter in his
absence! Ron will be back soon, so don’t get your shorts caught in the crack
over my sorry attempt to equal his knowledge and writing abilities.
So what’s been happening in the World of Sports?
Boxing: Many were suckered into paying to watch Floyd Mayweather and
Andre Berto “fight” on PPV Sept. 12, 2015. Mayweather recorded his 49 th
straight victory as a professional boxer, but I for one was not impressed with the
“show”. I spent $100 to sit in the “cheap seats” at the MGM Grand Garden
Casino in Vegas and wished that I had bought a bottle of Chaves Regal for my
friends at the hunting club in Malaga instead. It was so boring! Will Floyd
fight again? In my opinion, and contrary to what the “sports world” reports, I
still think that Rocky Marciano was the greatest fighter ever.
I’m sorry. I’d like to report some interesting information on the topic, but this
“sport” just hasn’t resonated with me yet. Sorry. It’s kind of like watching
“cricket”, “bingo” or “tiddley-winks”. WTF are they doing out there! I’ve tried
watching and I’ve even spent time on-line to figure it out, but I just don’t see
the logic of the game and can’t get excited. That’s just me talking. The action
is fast and furious, but nothing happens to get me excited! I’m sick of seeing
1-0 scores after 90+ minutes of “play”. In your opinion, do you think that
soccer will ever become a ‘National Sport’ in the USA?
Now we’re talking my language! The 2015 season is exciting and packed with
intrigue and some fantastic teams and pennant races! The Phillies are pretty
much done for the year and will undoubtedly finish with over 100 losses, but
maybe they’ll be able to pick up a couple of nice draft choices in the off
season. Hey, they dumped Ruben Amaro so that has to be a positive? Now we
need to get rid of a few others, like Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz. Sorry, but
they have played out their usefulness and need to go in my opinion. They
served their purpose, but they are not helping anymore. That’s my opinion.
The season has just begun. Are you playing in any “Fantasy Leagues”? It’s a
fun way to stay involved and see how smart you are. Most sites are FREE to
join, so give it a shot. The pundits pick the favorites every year. Have you
picked your favorites yet!
I’m a die-hard Eagles fan so my remarks are biased. I think we’ll win 12
games this year and make the playoffs.
Fishing South Jersey and being on the water:
It’s October! The days are getting shorter and the gardens are full of weeds
from neglect. Just admit the truth. No one is going to hold it against you. The
tomatoes, zucchini, and sweet corn have been picked and everyone is getting
ready for Fall and then Winter!
Stripers should be in the Delaware Bay this month. And for those brave souls
willing to endure the weather, waves , expense, and frustration! Good luck and
good fishing guys! You are an amazing few! We wish you great fishing and
incredible catches this season!
However, it’s also a good time to go fishing for the “fair-weather guys, too”!
Try the Delaware Bay and some of the “head-boats” or “Charters” out of
Fortesque, Cape May, or along the South Jersey shore. Even if you end up
“skunked” you will have a GREAT time with friends and new acquaintances.
Believe me on this fact! Fishing with friends is an
experience that almost every man (and some woman)
will NEVER forget! I can still remember excursions
on the Bay when I was only 6-years old! Take your
kids fishing!!
Hunting: Deer hunters, now is the time to bag the big
bucks! Get the bait out… get the buck lure out… and
get your buns out and hunt during the upcoming rut!
Take advantage… while the crops are still in the
fields…. after the harvest… after the leaves fall….
everything (deer movement) changes.
Waterfowl hunters should have their blinds built..
boat, motor and trailers should be in good condition. Check those life jackets
PDFs for wear and tear of seasons past.
TRIVIA: What year was the first NJ hunting license required?
1909 $1.15
Heidi was one of the most mysterious madams in the business in the
90s and now her book of clients will be auctioned off on eBay!
Back in 1993 the book was the talk of the town and sent shock
waves through Hollywood and Franklinville, NJ when Fleiss
threatened to publicly name some of her johns.
As for the book, it’s 28 pages, encased in a red Gucci planner.
The people selling the book on eBay say the names include actors,
musicians, sports figures, agency execs, politicians and a DEVILer
Sports Rap writer.
Minimum bid for the book is $100,000.00.
PS: perhaps Ron’s absence has something to do with this book and he is not working on the
Donald Trump presidential campaign? Be sure to check the DEVILer’s November issue for
more details.
If it weren’t for
baseball, many
kids wouldn’t
know what a
looks like.
Phyllis Diller
Old guy: "Yesterday I picked my wife up from the nursing home,
had sex with her until dawn, and then took her back."
Young guy: "Yo Dude, that is so sick!"
Old guy: "Why? She works there!"
The South Jersey DEVILer: True wealth is not comparing yourself to others, but enjoying what you have. Especially when you have more than everyone else.