Overview_EU FIN


Overview_EU FIN
Eu Fin Project – An Overview
The project aims to create a network of
European municipalities and organizations
that share a strong and flourishing tradition in
the fishing sector.
The specific objective is foster citizens’
perception on Common Fisheries Policy and
their participation on policy-making process
Lega delle autonomie locali (Italia)
Comune di Ravenna (Italia)
Comune di Montignoso (Italia)
Comune di Borgia (Italia)
Comune di Siracusa (Italia)
DICA Onlus (Italia)
Municipality Agia (Grecia)
Periferia Thessalias (Grecia)
Zadar County Development Agency (Croazia)
Local Municipality Apatin (Serbia)
Municipality Tetovo (Macedonia)
Municipality Pegeia (Cipro)
Baskia Vau Dejes (Albania)
Baskia Skhoder (Albania)
Municipio de Espinho (Portogallo)
Ajuntament de Denia (Spagna)
Ayuntamiento de Mazarron (Spagna)
Urban Municipality of Tuzi (Montenegro
1st Event of Ravenna 9th-11th February 2015
Involvement of students in training activities to raise their
knowledge on the fishing sector
1st Event of Ravenna 9th-11th February 2015
Workshop with experts and representative of the stakeholders of
fishing sector to discuss on the situation of fisheries in the
Mediterranean Sea, highlighting the problems and future prospects,
the economic and environmental sustainability, safety and health for
consumers, marketing strategies for the marketing of fish products.
2nd Event of Denia 6th- 8th May 2015
Workshop on sustainability in the marine environment in relation to
traditional fishing and on the innovation of its techniques.
2nd Event of Denia 6th- 8th May 2015
Round-Table to define the agreements to create a long-lasting
cooperation bodies
3rd Event of Espinho
9th - 11th September 2015
Main Objectives:
Increase the awareness of the citizens on the
Artisanal Fishing as a sustainable practice and
tourism opportunity
Creation of an international association of
Mediterranean Fishing Organization
Present the
and elaborate
a common and shared
project proposal
About the proposal:
Med Programme Call for project proposals:
Protecting and promoting Mediterranean
natural and cultural resources (Axis 3)
Specific Objective 3.2.:
To maintain biodiversity and natural
ecosystems through strengthening the
management and networking
of protected areas
The aim is sustainable development
of artisanal fisheries through an
integrated multidisciplinary approach
that find the limit, conflicts and strengths
and furthermore aims to eliminate conflicts with
antagonistic activities (as water activity and sport
and industrial fishing) through the revaluation of
existing resources.
4th Event Siracusa (to be define)
Main objectives:
Official Signature of the Memorandum of
Establishment of the Chart of the EGCT
Dissemination of the Results