To the first edition of The Colombian Film Festival
This festival starts as a reunion with our country and its talent and as a
reconnection with life and its vital energy. Also born from the inspiration
and confidence of all those who dared to believe that it was possible to
have the best of our cinema in the heart of Manhattan. In this cultural
tour, it will offer some a window to our country for the first time, others a
reminder of all Colombia’s vibrancy, along with a reconnection for those
that still call Colombia home. The experience of living a path dotted with
multicultural nostalgia and smiles; With Springtime defined as a flourishing
stage for development the bright minds of the festival development, see
this as no better time to bringing together the brightest creative minds
our culture has to offer . For native Colombians, it is there common
places, their neighborhood, their music and the people who share this
united emotions, for Colombians that now call America home it is a proud
moment. Through the collective imagination of our talent, we connect
again with who we really are, in a retro feed full of emotions and vivid
memories that strengthen the bonds of our essence: COLOMBIA.
Este festival nace del reencuentro y la reconexión, un reencuentro con
nuestro país y su talento y una reconexión con la vida y su energía vital.
Nace además de la confianza de todos aquellos que se atrevieron a
creer en que era posible tener lo mejor de nuestro cine en el corazón
de Manhattan. En este recorrido cultural, queremos que también usted
que por primera vez se asoma a la ventana de nuestro país, viva y sienta
nuestras historias universales de trazos multicolores con sendas pinceladas
de añoranzas y sonrisas; porque no es casualidad que The Colombian film
Festival nazca con la primavera. Para los Colombianos, el Colombian Film
Festival es un reencuentro con sus lugares comunes, el barrio, su música
y la gente con la que solían compartir. A través del imaginario colectivo
de nuestro talento, nos conectamos de nuevo con los que somos en una
retroalimentación cargada de emociones y recuerdos vivos que fortalecen
los lazos de nuestra esencia: COLOMBIA.
54 Varick Street, New York, NY, 10013
Juan Carvajal
Festival Director
Message from the Colombian Ambassador
Message from Colombia Consul General in New York
Carlos Alfredo Urrutia Valenzuela
Elsa Gladys Cifuentes Aranzazu
Colombia’s film industry is rapidly growing
and opportunities for foreign filmmakers
abound. Currently, Colombia is ranked in
the top five nations in Latin America for
the number of films produced annually.
The film industry contributes to the
global human development effort by
linking communities through its cultural
contributions and providing a vehicle of
economic growth.
This festival aims at showing the world the
quality of Colombian films, its impeccable
production, the talent of actors and
producers and the beautiful landscapes
of our country.
Our visionary President Juan Manuel
Santos in the Government of “Prosperidad
para todos” and our Foreign Minister
María Ángela Holguín will open the
way to the international treaty of
cinema without borders. The film law
and the confirmation of these festivals
will globalize Colombia talent and the
multicultural and multiethnic landscape
of Colombia which compete in the film industry today.
Activities like this film festival ensure
that international film producers become
aware of all that the nation has to offer
and help strengthen the Government’s strategy to promote Colombia as
a prime location for international film production, in accordance to Law
“Filming in Colombia” (Law 1556 of 2012).
La industria cinematográfica en Colombia está creciendo rápidamente y
las oportunidades para productores extranjeros abundan en nuestro país.
Actualmente, Colombia se encuentra dentro de la lista de los cinco países
de América Latina que más películas producen anualmente.
El Festival busca mostrarle al mundo la calidad del cine colombiano, la
impecable producción, el talento de actores y productores colombianos y
los hermosos paisajes de nuestro país.
Actividades como este festival fortalecen, además, la estrategia del
Gobierno de Colombia de promover el territorio nacional como escenario
para la producción fílmica de acuerdo a la Ley “Filmación Colombia” (Ley
1556 de 2012).
Congratulations to Juan Carvajal for this initiative and thanks to everyone
who worked on this festival and believed in the proposal.
El cine como contribución de la cultura, como motor económico y como
entretenimiento: se suma al esfuerzo colectivo del desarrollo humano, une
pueblos, universaliza los sentires y nos hace ver como ciudadanos del
Nuestro visionario Presidente Juan Manuel Santos en el Gobierno de la
Prosperidad para todos y nuestra Canciller María Ángela Holguín le abren
el camino al tratado internacional del cine sin fronteras. La ley del cine y
la confirmación de estos festivales mundializan el talento Colombiano, la
capacidad técnica instalada y los paisajes multiculturales y pluriétnicos de
Colombia que hoy compiten.
Felicitaciones a Juan Carvajal por esta iniciativa y en cabeza de él
agradecimiento a todas las personas que han trabajado en este festival,
que han creído en esta propuesta.
Juan Carvajal
CFFNY Director
Colombian filmmaker, web designer, creative of new media
and interactive TV, graphic artist, and various other things
wrapped into one package.
Welcome Message
Born in Cali, Colombia, before enduring the timeless
pursuit of creating a once in a life time foot print in North
America, of the cultural revitalization as an being creating
in Colombia, Juan Carvajal has already established himself as a visionary
in this field.
He studied Radio Production in his hometown Cali where he started working
in radio and in the beginnings of the regional network Telepacífico. In 2000
he moved to Bogotá, earning a Bachelor degree in Cinematography and
Professional Photography, Juan worked as a creative interactive media,
Web designer, Graphic artist, in well known Colombian companies such
as Caracol, RCN, Telmex, Claro, Max Media, MTV3. And his work was also
shown out of his own Country.
Opening Night
Festival Schedule
After 4 years working in Colombia as a developer of creative programs
for TV, he was contacted by a finish company called Rovio proposing him
to move out of the country to Finland and Spain in order to create his
own company Smart Media Factory to develop interactive programs for
Finland, Spain, Argentina, Panamá, Marruecos and Colombia.
Panels & Lectures
Living in Spain, Argentina and Finland gave him the opportunity to spend
few years working as a graphic reporter for some of these companies;
besides, he was able to make two short films Espumas and En Busca de
Andrés Caicedo.
Short Films Showcase
Festival Guests & Special Thanks
In 2009 he returned to USA as writing and audiovisual reporter for
Colombian media networks, while he continued working in his company
Smart Media Factory and with the aim of creating his own project, his
dream, a Colombian Film Festival.
He is currently working in the pre production of a documentary at the
Gaza Border and he will start the production in NYC of his first film in
6:30PM / Theater 2
2011-Carlos Moreno / 88 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | An ordinary farmer’s morning routine is interrupted when
he makes a grim discovery in the middle of his cornfield. The man does
everything possible to report his finding all while everyone is preoccupied
with Election day.
Theater 2 / 7PM [ 80 min ]
7:30PM / Theater 2
2012- Directed by Jhonny Hendrix
2011-Andres Baiz / 115 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | A woman’s insecurities leads to a psychological thriller that
explores the limits of love, jealousy and betrayal.
Synopsis | A 27 year old Afro-Colombian mother, tries to keep a promise
to her son, suffers a series of consequences trying to keep it. No one
understands how difficult it can be for a Colombian family of a marginal
town to have a birthday cake.
This woman embarks in a journey that brings her to discover a serious
health concern affecting her impoverished village.
8:30PM / Theater 1
2011-Mario Riberro Ferreira / 96 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | A business woman following her miraculous hair restoration
dreams in need of financing, finds her perfect victim, a vulnerable 40 year
old balding man still living with his elderly wealthy mother.
Caliwood and Cali’s New Cinema
Coordinated by Carlos Moreno, Jhonny Hendrix, Alexander Giraldo and Andy Baiz
6:30PM / Theater 2
11:30AM / theater 2
2012-Riccardo Gabrielli R. / 96 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | A lost treasure in a city and the greed of a group of men, drives
them to kidnap a woman on their quest to unlock the mystery of a hidden
briefcase. Risking the lives of others and their own along the way.
Coordinated by Andrés Burgos and Patricia Castaneda.
Moderated by Víctor Javier Solano
12:00pm / theater 1
NEW legal framework promotes colombia as shooting location
By Adelfa Martinez, Director of the Bureau of Cinematography, Ministry
of Culture
7:30PM / Theater 1
12:20pm / theater 2
2012-Andrés Burgos / 84 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | Sofia dreams to go to the ocean. A place where she has never
been before. Her husband has promised that he will fulfill her dream. However
the couple’s daily routine has made that impossible so Sofia decides to take
action giving him the lesson of his life.
Lecture by Rafael Urrea
1:00pm / theater 1
8:45PM / Theater 2
2012-Alexander Giraldo / 90 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | A perfect crime can take more than a 3 minutes, love, friendship,
family, all together in 180 seconds of excitement, that will gather the best
and the worst of human beings.
2012-Antonio Dorado Zuñiga / 70 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | Apaporis takes us through Northwest Amazon, where we
discover the secret knowledge of Caboyiari and Cubeo indigenous
cultures, who uses the Yage ( The vine of the gods) to revive dead animals.
9:30PM / Theater 2
2011-Mario Riberro Ferreira / 96 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | A business woman following her miraculous hair restoration
dreams in need of financing, finds her perfect victim, a vulnerable 40 year
old balding man still living with his elderly wealthy mother.
1:00PM / Theater 2
1:30PM / tHEATER 1
THE SECRET / EL SECRETO / 16 minutes
3:00PM / Theater 1
By Patricia Castañeda
2012-Diego Fernando Bustamante / Ana Sofia Osorio Ruiz / 88 Minutes /
Spanish with Subtitles
amanecer / day break / 19:40 minutes
By Alvaro Ruiz
Synopsis | An asian woman lost in Colombia in her way to the United
States, finds herself developing an unexpected relationship with a young
man that surpasses the need for words
THE trumpeter / EL TROMPETISTA / 6 minutes
By Miguel Rueda
I’M FROM COLOMBIA / 2 minutes
By Yeimi Salazar
4:00PM / Theater 2
bed 5 / cama 5 / 13 minutes
By José Luis Arzuaga
2010-Antonio Von Hildebrand / 94 min / In English
koko: clowns or mimes / KOKO: PAYASOS O MIMOS? / 19:24 minutes
Synopsis | The absurd and paradoxical history of Colombia’s thirty-year
struggle with international drug trafficking, following the journey of Pablo
Escobar’s hippos.
By Mateo Stiverlberg
RUSH / 11 Minutes
By Juan Fischer
APT 101 / 16 minutes
By Claudio Cataño
5:00PM / Theater 1
the red elephant / EL ELEFANTE ROJO / 26:45 min.
2012-Arturo Ortegon / 93 minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
By Ana María Hermida
Synopsis | Julian is a writer who has lost interest in life. Meanwhile his
friends travel to an exotic area of their country to avoid his boredom,
finding themselves in situations that they were not prepare to handle.
I am Julia / 14:40 minutes
By Marisol Carrere
6:00PM / Theater 2
2012-Michael Wolfe / 100 minutes / In English
Synopsis | Three friends, one secret, two endings. What if you could
rewrite your past? They got their chance.
Born in Sevilla (Valle). For more than 24 years
was actor of Teatro La Candelaria, led by
Santiago Garcia, where he participated in
productions such as La Trifulca, Los Diez Dias
que Estremecieron al mundo, Golpe de Suerte,
Vida y Muerte, Severina, Nosotros los Comunes,
La Historia del Soldado, El Dilaogo del Rebusque,
En la Raya, El Paso, Maravilla Estar, Corre Corre
Carigueta and many more. He was director of
El Callejon del Gato and directed for 15 years
Alcaraván Studio Theatre, where are La Brujula,
Contrafaz y Las Peregrinas.
7:30PM / Theater 1
2012-Riccardo Gabrielli R. / 96 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | A lost treasure in a city and the greed of a group of men, drives
them to kidnap a woman on their quest to unlock the mystery of a hidden
briefcase. Risking the lives of others and their own along the way.
He has performed in over 30 films and film
productions including: Amar y Vivir of Carlos
Duplat, La gente de la Universal (1991) by
director Felipe Aljure, Soplo de Vida(1999) by
Luis Ospina, Golpe de Estadio(1998) under the
direction of Sergio Cabrera, Sonar no Cuesta
Nada (2006) by Rodrigo Triana, La historia
del Baul rosado(2005) by Libya Stella Gomez,
Dios los Junta y ellos se Separan (2006) by
Harold Trompetero, El Colombian Dream(2006)
by Felipe Aljure, Dr. Aleman (2007) by Tom
Shreiber, Perro Come Perro (2008) and Todos
tus Muertos(2011) by Carlos Moreno, among
other films.
8:00PM / Theater 2
2012-Andrés Burgos / 84 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | Sofia dreams to go to the ocean. A place where she has never
been before. Her husband has promised that he will fulfill her dream. However
the couple’s daily routine has made that impossible so Sofia decides to take
action giving him the lesson of his life.
Winner of the Best Actor Award at the Second
Latin American Film Festival New England (1994,
USA), Best Actor Award at the Latin American
Film Festival of New York in 1996, Award, Best
Actor 2011 Unitec contemporary. Award for
Outstanding Lead Actor in Macondo Awards
9:30PM / Theater 1
2011-Andres Baiz / 115 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | A woman’s insecurities leads to a psychological thriller that
explores the limits of love, jealousy and betrayal.
lifetime achievement Award TO ÁLVARO RODRÍGUEZ
The Comfort and Safety of
Our Residents is Our Priority
Tribute by Carlos Moreno
11:00AM / theater 1
PANELISTS: Angélica Blandón, Martina García, Karent Hinestroza, Carolina
Gómez, Carolina Guerra and Patricia Castañeda
12:00PM / theater 1
1:00PM / Theater 2
2012-Hector Franciso Cardona Castano / 80 Minutes /
Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | Toto la Momposina a music Icon of the Colombian culture, with
her poetic language transport us to the caribbean country. People, music,
traditions, all the beauty of the landscape.
Lassoing Affections /
2:00PM / Theater 1
L e a v e t h e k e y s W e w i ll d o t h e r e s t
Providing Property Management
Operations With a Value
Added Approach
Hudson County/
Property Management
Apartment Rentals
Condo/Co-op Sales
Commercial Leasing
2012-Talía Osorio Cardona / 70 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | They were born on the land doing what generations of horseman did
before them, rounding up livestock, but the landscape has changed as outsiders
have come in for the riches of black gold, their fight, survival or change.
3:00PM / Theater 2
2012-Riccardo Gabrielli R. / 96 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | A lost treasure in a city and the greed of a group of men, drives
them to kidnap a woman on their quest to unlock the mystery of a hidden
briefcase. Risking the lives of others and their own along the way.
RCA Management Properties
P.O.Box 20484
New York, NY 10017
545 Kennedy Blvd
Bayonne, NJ 07002
[email protected]
Festival Guests
Andrés Burgos, Director Sofia y el terco (Sofia and the
Stubborn): Colombian writer and filmmaker, Andres Burgos
was born in Medellin. He wrote and directed the short film
Gajes del Oficio and Sofia y el Terco (2012) is his first feature
film. As a writer, he has published the article La gente casi
siempre (EAFIT University, 2000), and the novels Manual de la Pelea
(Norma, 2004) and Nunca en Cines (Norma, 2005); he was also selected
for the anthology Señales de Ruta (Arango Editores, 2008.)
4:00PM / Theater 1
2012-Johhny Hendrix / 80 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | A 27 year old Afro-colombian mother, living in poverty, tries to
keep a promise to her daughter. After the little one asked for a birthday cake.
Cristina Villar, Producer Sofia y el terco (Sofia and the
Stubborn): Cristina holds a bachelor degree in Science in
Speech Communications from Emerson College and she
is currently pursuing her Master in Creative Writing at the
Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She has worked as
advertising copywriter and creative director and BTL agency business
manager with several advertising agencies in Puerto Rico and Colombia.
As a scriptwriter she has written for juvenile and children’s programs for
the public television in Colombia. Cristina is the executive producer and
casting manager of Sofia y el terco.
5:15PM / Theater 2
2012-Miguel Urrutia / 86 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | The thriller of “Wake up and die” tells the story of Camila a
woman who is trapped in a reality in which she finds herself waking up not
knowing where she is and as she goes back in time finds herself reliving a
deadly nightmare.
Arturo Ortegón, Director Apatía (Apathy): Colombian
scriptwriter and filmmaker. Born in Bogota, Arturo studied
at the Film School of Universidad Nacional of Colombia. He
directed the documentary El Show (2004) and since 2005 he
was the writer, producer, musician and actor of his own project
Apathy, a Road Movie.
5:15PM / Theater 2
2012-Juan Uribe / 112 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Andres Baiz, Director La cara oculta (The Hidden Face):
Colombian director, born in Cali. He directed several short
films, including La Hoguera, which was selected to participate
in the 60th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. He became
known when his first film Satanas received the award for Best
Picture and Best Actor in the Monte Carlo Film Festival and was invited to
participate in the San Sebastian Film Festival. His latest film Roa will be
released in the Cartagena Film Festival.
Synopsis | In a attempt to escape his past in the army and after feeling let
down by his family, a young Colombian men seeks comfort on those who
are on the wrong side of the law. Everything changes when destiny brings
him to the love of his life. The question is if it is too late.
7:15PM / Theater 2
Martina Garcia, Actress La cara oculta (The Hidden Face):
Colombian actress Martina García has worked in both, TV
and cinema. Some of the films she has starred include: Perder
es cuestión de método, Satanas, Amar a Morir, Biutiful and
Operacion E (2013). She was nominated for Macondo Awards
as Best Lead Actress for The Hidden Face.
2011-Carlos Moreno / 88 Minutes / Spanish with Subtitles
Synopsis | An ordinary farmer’s morning routine is interrupted when he makes a
grim discovery in the middle of his cornfield. The man does everything possible
to report his finding all while everyone is preoccupied with Election day.
Carolina Guerra, Actress La lectora (The Reader): Colombian
actress, model and TV presenter. She started her career in
MTV’s show Rock dinner. She has appeared in TV shows like
La Ruta Blanca (2012), La Diosa Coronada (2010), El Cartel 2
(2010) and in short films as La Guagua. She is also part of the
cast of Gallow Hill (not released yet).
Paola Turbay, Actress Mamá tómate la sopa (Mom, Eat Your
Soup): Born in Bogotá, Colombia. She holds a bachelor degree
in Psychology. She gained international attention when she
was crowned Miss Colombia and was a runner-up for the title
of Miss Universe. After appearing on several television shows
in her native country, Turbay landed one of the lead roles (playing the wife
of Jimmy Smits) on the CBS ensemble drama Cane, which premiered in
the fall of 2007. In 2008, she appeared in several episodes of The Secret
Life of American Teenager; in 2009, was part of the cast of The Closer, and
she was nominated to the ALMA Awards in Drama Category Actress. In
2010 and 2011, she was co-star in True Blood and was in an episode of The
Mentalist. In 2012, she was judge of Colombia’s Got Talent. She has starred
in films like Perder es cuestión de método (2004), Lenny, the Wonder Dog
(2004), El amor en los tiempos del cólera (2007) and Flights of Fancy
Carolina Gómez, Actress La lectora (The Reader): Colombian
actress, presenter and model, who held the title of Miss
Colombia 1993 and Miss Universe First Runner-up. Carolina
has acted in tv shows including A Corazón Abierto, Desperate
Housewives Latin America(2010), Tiempo final, Mujeres
Asesinas. She has also starred in the following films Greetings to the devil,
The Chosen One, Federal, Martinis al Atardecer, El Paseo.
John Alex Toro, Actor El azul del cielo (The Blue of the Sky):
Colombian actor, born in Pereira. He has acted in several tv
series and soup operas and films such as La primera noche,
María Full of Grace, Buscando a Miguel, El Amor en los Tiempos
del Cólera.
Carlos Moreno Herrera, Director Todos tus muertos (All Your
Dead Ones): Colombian Filmmaker, Carlos Moreno was born
in Cali. He studied Social Communication at Universidad del
Valle and has a master degree from Universidad Autonoma de
Barcelona, Spain in Audiovisual Narrative. He has worked as a
director and editor in various audiovisual formats and genres ranging from
documentary, short film, feature film, through the video, experimental
video and TV commercial; works and projects carried out in Colombia,
Central America and Spain. With his films Dog Eat Dog, One History of a
Goal, All You Dead Ones. Carlos has received over 14 international awards.
Alex Giraldo, Director 180 segundos (180 Seconds):
Colombian musician and filmmaker, Alex Giraldo was born in
Cali. He studied Social Communication and Film Directing in
Colombia and Art History in Cuba. He is the writer and director
of several short films, including Angeles y Libelulas, for which
he recieved an special mention at the Experimental Film Festival FinCortex;
Victeria y Globuleo, winner of the Cinemateca Distrital de Bogota Award;
Fragmento Fundamental winner of a special mention at the Muestra de
Nuevos Realizadores, Cuba; Sueños de colores and Coctel molotov. Alex
has also directed several music videos and comercials.
Álvaro Rodríguez, Actor Todos tus muertos (All Your Dead
Ones): Colombian actor. He has more than 30 years of
experience in theatre, and has starred in more than 24 films
including Amar y Vivir (1999), Bolivar soy yo (2000), Perder
es Cuestión de Método, Soñar no Cuesta Nada, El Colombian
Dream, Buscando a Miguel and Perro come Perro, among others.
Angelica Blandón, Actress 180 segundos(180 Seconds):
Born in Pereira Angelica lived in New York for a period of time
and when she went back to Colombia, she became the star in
the tv series and soap operas Sin senos no hay paraiso, Las
Muñecas de la Mafia, El cartel de los sapos, Tres milagos. She
starred also in Paraiso Travel, Almas Perdidas, 180 Segundos. She was a
awarded Best Actress award at the Festival de Cine de Bogota for her role
in Paraiso Travel.
Ricardo Gabrielli, Director La lectora (The Reader): Colombian
director, producer and writer, Ricardo Gabrielli was born
in Germany. He has produced, directed, wrote and acted in
almost all of his short films, including Daylight, Memories, 3
Smiles Back, The Double To Your Neighbor, and I Don’t Love
You Anymore. Director of El Capo, which gave him the India Catalina
Award for Best Director, he has also directed episodes of Tiempo Final,
Mentes en Shock and Kdabra.
Hector Francisco Córdoba, Director Totó: He holds a degree
in Social Communication. In 2006, he made his first documentary
Los Niños del Cauca which participated in several festivals in
Venezuela, Los Angeles, Miami and Mexico. One of the pioneers
of the video clip in Colombia. He received an India Catalina award
Miguel Urrutia, Director Volver a morir (Wake Up and Die):
This Colombian filmmaker has written and directed two feature
films, films and be the advisor of -at least- 20 film projects. He
is an Animator and VFX leading expert in Latin America and
the Founder of the film movement called “Recursive Cinema”.
for his documentary Toto which has been also nominated in other international
film festivals. Francisco is currently making a documentary for Discovery
Channel and is the general director of La Crea Media Group.
Patricia Castañeda, Director El secreto (The Secret):
Colombian actress, writer and filmmaker, Patricia Castañeda
was born in Cali. As an actress she has participated in several
tv shows, including Los Caballeros las Prefieren Brutas. She
was also part of the cast of Satanas, El Amor en los Tiempos
del Cólera, Yo soy otro, La vida era en serio. As a writer, she has published
the novels Virgina Casta and La noche del Demonio y otros cuentos; and
next to Andy Baiz she wrote Roa which is premiering at Cartagena Film
Miguel Rueda, Director The Trumpeter: Colombian filmmaker
born in Bogota, Miguel graduated in the field of Fine Arts and
Graphic Design with a specialty in Illustration and Experimental
Animation. He has been in the Animation World for 12
years, working for advertising companies, TV channels and
newspapers, as illustrator, animator and motion graphic designer. Miguel
lives in New York where he is exploring on experimental animation, creating
short and features films and finding ways to talk about his own stories.
Jhonny Hendrix, Director Chocó: Colombian producer and
filmmaker Jhonny Hendrix created Antorcha Films in 2003,
a company that has produced several award winning films
such as Perro come perro, Anina, Doctor Aleman, Deshora
and the documentary Cenizas del Perdón. In 2008, he won
a scholarship to attend the Fundación Carolina’s script development
workshop. In 2011 he directed his first feature film Chocó, selected in the
Panorama Section of the Berlinale Film Festival.
Juan Fisher, Director Rush: Film director, screenwriter, actor,
and producer. His debut as an actor was in “Kapri, Musik die
Sich Entfernt in 1984”, directed by Ferry Radax (Capri, Italy
1984). Since then, he has worked in more than a dozen films,
television and theatre productions in Colombia and the US.
His first feature film was El Séptimo Cielo, New York, 1999, which was his
debut as producer, director and screenwriter. The film won the award for
Best Colombian Film in the Bogotá Film Festival; his second feature film,
Buscando a Miguel was awarded in several international film festivals.
Karent Hinestroza, Actress Chocó: Colombian actress, Karent
Hinestroza was born in Chocó. Licensed in Dramatic Arts
from Universidad del Valle she started her career in the award
winning film El vuelco del cangrejo. In 2010, Karent starred in
the box office hit El Paseo. She got the main role in the film El
faro which has not been released.
Kika Child, Actress: Colombian television, theatre and film
actress born in Bogota. She was trained in dancing and music
since her childhood. She studied scenic arts in Paris and her
debut was in the TV series A escondidas; then she starred in
several series as Guajira, Dos mujeres y Cazados. She acted in
films like Gatica, el mono, El Censor and Ilona llega con la lluvia.
Esteban Copete Actor Choco: The Kinteto Pacífico was created
in 2008 as a musical proposal by Esteban Copete, who was
influenced by the musical currents of the Colombian Pacific
coast and the mixed of varied genres. He founded the quintet
in order to obtain an autochthonous sound while injecting an
air of contemporary music by integrating rhythms of African roots. Using
traditional instruments like the marimba chonta, hype, cununos, snare,
cymbals and brass guasa, the band includes electro bass and soprano
saxophone bringing out a unique and contagious sound. Members of the
band are: Esteban Copete, Marimba y saxofón soprano; Carlos Loboa,
Cununos, bombo y coro; Sergio Ramírez, bombo, redoblante y coro;
Jefferson Obando, bajo electro acústico y coro; Fernando Hurtado, voz
y guasa.
Claudio Catano, Director Apt 101: Colombian actor, born in
Bogota. At the age of fifteen he abandoned high school to
dedicate himself to the theater. A couple of years later he joined
the professional acting business where he was cast as the
lead in two TV series in Colombia. Acting led him to painting,
painting led him to writing poetry and two screenplays in development,
acting led him to directing his first short, Apt 101.
Juan Carlos Caicedo, Executive Producer Pablo’s Hippos:
Colombian filmmaker, with a degree in Economics and a
specialization in Television from the Universidad de los Andes,
in Bogotá. He has been Executive producer of projects that
have been acquired by the BBC in London and the Sundance
Channel. He is the producer and cofounder of Mira+ pictures LLC. He
is currently the producer of Once Once through which has produced
projects like El Cartel de los Sapos.
Michael Wolf, Director Maybe tomorrow: American actor,
writer, producer and director, best known for his work in the
film Maybe Tomorrow which gave him the award for Best
Actor in a Feature Film, Best Director and Best Film at the
2012 Golden Door Film Festival and was nominated for Best
Supporting Actor in the 2012 Hoboken International Film Festival; His film
Maybe Tomorrow was runner up for Best Feature in the 2012 Philadelphia
Independent Film Festival, was showcased at the 2012 Hartford Flick
Fest and the 2012 Bahamas International Film Festival. As a writer he
is a member of the Writers Guild of America, he has written 4 pilots, 13
screenplays and 2 books.
Director: Juan Carvajal
Board Adviser: Consul General Elsa Gladys Cifuentes Aranzazu
Executive Producer: Adriana Aristizabal
Project Manager: Jenny Saavedra
Press Director: Diana Vargas
Press Contributor: Luciana Villalba
Press Assistant: Jennifer Garcia
Art Director: Juliana Castro
Digital Designer: Michael Posso
Carolina Ravassa, Actress Maybe tomorrow: Colombian
actress dancer and voice over artist. She’s fluent in English,
Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, spent her childhood between
Colombia and the US, where developed a passion for acting,
She went on to study in Spain and Italy, got a Theatre Arts
degree at Boston College and continued her film studies at The New York
Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. She is now pursuing her acting career in
NYC and has been in several indie films and theatre productions.
Production Assistant: Diana Mantilla
Broadcast and Social Media: Mayra Mc’Causland
Director Pre-festival Events: Gladys Noreña
Coordinator Pre-festivals Events: Mauricio Villegas
Assistant Pre-festival: Luz Mery Quintero
Marketing Assistants: Andres Calle ,Valentina Rodriguez, Daniela de Leon
Printing: Milton Mendez
Yeimi Zalazar, Director I’m from Colombia: Graduated from
the Universidad Nacional de Medellin with a degree in fine arts.
Yeimi has been living in New York City for the past 4 years. She
specializes in stop motion film and is also pursuing a graduate
degree at Brooklyn College.
Marisol Carrere, Director I’m Julia: a native of Colombia
based in NY, has written & produced I am Julia...caught in the
bully’s lair, centered on her own story, with the objective to
help eradicate bullying in the schools. Marisol received various
recognitions, awards & nominations for Excellence in Acting
and for I AM JULIA.
Adelfa Martinez: Since 2010, Adelfa has been the Director of
Cinematography Colombian Ministry of Culture, that promotes
the audiovisual culture in the country; graduated from the
University of Valle in Cali, Colombia, with a media degree,
she produced documentaries in Colcultura (governmental
institution). She has participated in many projects that strengthen the film
industry in Colombia.
Special Thanks
Embajador de Colombia en Estados Unidos Carlos Urrutia Valenzuela,
Consul General Central de Colombia en New York Elsa Gladys Cifuentes,
Luis Armando Soto Boutin Director de Asuntos Culturales Cancilleria,
Natalia Peña Cultural Attache Washington, Consul Laura Montoya, Milton
Mendez, Rene Mandeville, Robert C. Arnone, Dina Kirk, Miriam Colleta,
Ramon Pineda, Norma Morato, Carmen Alicia Zárate, Brenda Kessler,
Hector Ruiz, Ernie Perez, Juan Esteban Rodriguez, Jorge Criollo, Federico
Mejia, Maurico Palacio, Maria Marquez-Hass, Roger Asmar, Steve Rosse,
Polly Ferman, Carlos Vasallo, Ivan Enriquez, Loren Hammond, Melissa
Perez, Susan Gramlich, Cristina Grajales, Carlos Macias, Adriana Larrota,
Claudia Castro, Alejandro Riaño, Angela Maria Hernandez, Vianey Vacca,
Jessica Testa, Stella Barrero, Lilly Gallor, Adriana Vargas, Marco Antonio
Navarro, Marco Tulio Carvajal Rosana cano and Jhonny Saavedra.
A Nicolas Carvajal ( La inspiración).
Volunteers Team
Oscar Garcia, Nora Garcia, Jennifer Sosa, Andres Perdomo, Mauricio
Garcia, Shery de Jesus Quijano, Marcela Caycedo, Yeimi Salazar, Carmenza
Salgado, Nicole Katzew, Kevyn Lopez, Beatriz Ruiz, Irene Jaramillo,
Alexandra Valencia, Jennifer Beals, Navarro, David Gonzalez Aristizabal,
Andres Calle, Erika Aristizabal, Angela Maria Hernandez, Valentina P
Correa, Aracelly Soto, Luz Mery Quintero, Sergio Camargo Juan David
Pulgarin, Daniela de Leon, Valentina Rodriguez and Paola Guerrero.