2009 Kimochi Newsletter


2009 Kimochi Newsletter
A Message from the Executive Director
Happy Thanksgiving! On behalf of Kimochi,
I wish the happiest of holidays to you and your
Kimochi Inc. has provided a range of
culturally sensitive programs and services for
San Francisco seniors and their families that
help our elderly live with dignity and independence since 1971.
We offer a range of in-home, residential and social day programs,
including information and referral, social services, Japanese
meals, transportation, and health and consumer education.
From July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008, Kimochi provided 92,513
meals; for the same twelve month period in 2009, we provided
95,124 meals – an increase of 2,611 meals from the previous year.
This summer, Kimochi was notified of an immediate $100,000 cut
in funding from San Francisco’s Department of Aging and Adult
Services. Your donation of $100 buys 10 meals.
and changes in the health conditions affecting seniors. Japanese
Americans living in Bay Area communities surrounding San
Francisco are looking to Kimochi to assist in serving seniors and
their families. Eight focus groups, comprised of seniors from
throughout the Bay Area, provided plan input. Participants clearly
value Kimochi’s brand, programs and community contribution.
Despite the funding cut, Kimochi remains committed to
delivering nutritious lunches to all seniors who come to us
and providing the transportation services, residential and
respite care, adult social day care and social services that
3,000+ Bay Area seniors and their families rely on.
Overarching strategic approaches emerging from our planning
work include:
We are working to absorb the budget cut over multiple programs
and staffing, but a reduction of this magnitude cuts deeply. We ask
for your help: $50 can provide 25 nutritionally balanced meals;
$100 provides ten one-way
trips on our wheelchair-lift
equipped ADA accessible vans;
$500 provides one senior with
three days of 24-hour respite
care at Kimochi Home, our state
licensed residential care facility.
•Immediate and energetic leveraging of the Sansei generation
that founded Kimochi to secure Kimochi’s long-term health and
capacity to serve future generations.
Our Strategic Plan was
undertaken during this time of
severe economic recession, with budget crises
at both the state and local levels challenging all
community-based social service providers and the
nonprofit community as a whole. That looming
crisis has shadowed our work. The impetus
for the plan comes from change – changes within the Japanese
American community, changes in how people are choosing to age
•Consideration of strategic partnerships with other for-profit and
nonprofit entities serving the Japanese American community as it
shifts and changes.
•Careful use of Kimochi reserves for expansion of existing
programs and/or research and development of new programs
to serve the aging Sansei generation, including Alzheimer’s and
dementia services, education and assistance regarding health,
nutrition, and legal; and financial planning related to the end
of life.
•Expansion to nearby counties, beginning with San Mateo County.
Thanks to your support, Kimochi, Inc. remains a vital community
leader, serving seniors with compassion and respect. We plan to
diversify our resource base, service area and programs in order to
reach the communities, individuals and families that need it.
H&Y Architects Is Selected To Oversee The Kimochi Home Renovation Project
When Kimochi, Inc. initiated its Kimochi Home Renovation
Capital Campaign, we knew it would be important to retain
professional assistance in updating our rooms and furnishings
after 25 years of use. We decided upon a firm that has a proven
track record of building and designing for us, H&Y Architects.
They helped to design and build our 1715 Buchanan Street Site
where we continue receiving compliments on how beautiful and
welcoming the site is for our clients and families.
About the firm and staff...
Established as a firm in November 1988, H&Y Architects, Inc. is
a privately held Corporation engaged in providing professional
architectural services. Kenneth Yamamoto is the sole principal
of the firm. He is a graduate of California State Polytechnic
University and the University of California at Berkeley receiving
architectural degrees from both institutions. H&Y has handled a
diverse range of projects including hospital and medical facility
work for Kaiser, and the Veterans Administration, retail store
facilities for Target Department Stores, office planning for various
agencies and Housing Modernization Projects for various Housing
We are in the final stages of selecting colors and furnishings for
the common areas and private rooms. Our timeline is to begin
painting in the next few months followed by installing new
carpeting and new furnishings throughout the building. We hope
to be done by next spring when the seniors can enjoy a more
updated, comfortable and warm place to call “home.”
For more information about Kimochi Home, please contact
Linda Ishii at (415) 922-9972 or [email protected]
CLUB NIKKEI Kimochi’s Exciting New Program
It’s CLUB NIKKEI!!! It’s our club for our active and independent
seniors – a way to provide them the opportunity to get out and enjoy
life without having to worry about such things as driving or someone to
go with. Our committed staff and committee members put their hearts
and souls into planning a variety of group activities for seniors to enjoy,
as well as providing a safe and fun social environment. The club enjoys
activities such as dinners, brunches, shopping, festivals, fairs, exhibits,
shows, sport events and concerts. We’ve even gone bowling and hit a
few casinos! We also have the pleasure of planning overnight trips or
“mini vacations” as well! Our past
overnight trips have been to Monterey/
Carmel and Yosemite. As Club Nikkei
grows, it is our goal to expand the scope
of activities to meet the needs of our
seniors, regardless of age and/or gender
– whether 60 or 100, male or female!
If you are interested in joining Club Nikkei,
please call (415) 931-2294, or e-mail Pam Hong,
Club Nikkei Coordinator, at [email protected],
or Steve Ishii, Associate Director, at
[email protected]
A New Face on “Sansei Live!”
“This year was the most challenging Sansei Live! in recent years,”
notes Executive Director, Steve Nakajo, referring not only to the
tough economic climate for fundraising but the new face being
put on Sansei Live! “The Sansei Live! Planning Committee did
a fantastic job in both planning and adjusting to last minute
changes. We have heard many positive comments from the
guests and entertainers.”
recently released mixtape titled The Lyrics Born Variety Show:
Season Pho (4!). The mixtape comes as he finishes up his fourth
studio album, As U Were. Sharing the Sansei Live! stage was
ScoJourners, including members Skitz the Samurida, Estairy,
Curt Sak, An Na and Max, who are all San Francisco born and
raised and who have been making music together since 2001.
The night’s entertainment also included
performances by Michelle Martinez, R&B/
Pop vocalist, and returning Sansei Live!
favorite, EXPO, one of the few bands to
feature a three-piece horn section that
mixes soulful love songs and Latin rock.
DJ John Jow kept the music flowing.
This year’s Sansei Live! was
celebrated on October 17
at the Presidio Officers’
Club in the San Francisco
Presidio. What was different
this year was a re-dedicated,
more purposeful focus on
appealing to a younger
generation and introducing
them to Kimochi. The Sansei
Live! Planning Committee
Co-Chairs, Amy Sujishi and Eric Kobuchi,
led the committee to pull tighter reins on the
event and entertainment. “We tried some new
things this year, especially in our program,
to draw a crowd of 30-45 year olds to whom
Sansei Live! was originally designed to
appeal – to introduce
a younger group of
people to Kimochi
and their community,
to emphasize the
responsibility of
philanthropy, all while
proving you can have
a great time doing so,”
says Kobuchi.
In this economic climate, the Planning Committee
was braced for tough ticket sales. So they innovated
with some fresh ideas for fundraising and
outreach, using their social networks and
face-to-face meetings to get the word out
among their friends and selling tickets.
Special thanks go to Ted Fang, Angela
Pang and Tamiko Wong of the AsianWeek
Foundation for arranging the first Sansei
Live! pre-event at the J.W. Marriott in Union
Square to promote Kimochi
and Sansei Live! to younger
professionals and using their
e-mail database to promote the
event. In addition, numerous
committee members and
volunteers worked to pull off an
exciting evening.
As a result, we nearly had a
full house and Sansei Live!
raffle tickets sold out for the
first time. Kimochi came close
to matching last year’s total pre-event
sponsorship, advertising and straight
donation amount. This re-vitalization
of Sansei Live! is just a start and a
demonstration of the positive change
emerging from new, young faces of
Kimochi. Their dedication, new ideas and energy to Sansei Live!
was inspiring and very appreciated. We look forward to their
continued involvement for Sansei Live! 2010.
Foremost, was
securing the white-hot talent of Hip
Hop’s Lyrics Born as the evening’s
audience-drawing headliner. Lyrics
Born is Tom Shimura, born in Tokyo,
Japan, and raised in Tokyo, Salt Lake
City and Berkeley, California. He is a founding
member of the seminal, independent record label,
Quannum Projects. As an Asian American rapper, Lyrics Born
is redefining the face of independent hip-hop. His career spans
the 1996 release, The Album, to 2008’s Everywhere at Once, and
To volunteer for fundraising events,
please contact Sandy Mori at (415) 931-2294 or [email protected]
Legacy Society
Members of Kimochi’s Legacy Society would receive:
Since 1971, Kimochi has continued to serve as a resource for
the Community by providing programs and services for our aging
seniors. Several families have already recognized the importance
of Kimochi’s mission by naming Kimochi as a beneficiary of their
estate. For these special supporters, we are pleased to announce the
creation of Kimochi’s Legacy Society, for donors who have made
planned gifts to Kimochi.
• Recognition in Kimochi’s administration building with other
members of the Legacy Society.
• An invitation to an annual Legacy Society event.
• Periodic updates from Kimochi’s Executive Director.
• Priority notification and registration to future estate
planning seminars.
You can become a member today by informing us that you have
made a planned gift. A planned gift can be as simple as naming
Kimochi as a beneficiary of your will or trust. There are also many
ways that you can make a planned gift to Kimochi and receive a
lifetime income and tax-benefits in return, such as naming Kimochi
as the beneficiary of a charitable gift annuity or charitable trust.
• Recognition in our newsletter.
A planned gift to Kimochi does more than recognize the
importance of Kimochi’s mission today. A gift in your estate also
supports Kimochi’s vision for the future needs of seniors in our
If you would like more information on how to make a planned gift to Kimochi, or have already done so,
please contact Scott Ito, planned giving manager, at (415) 740-4004 or [email protected]
$10,000 Donation to Kimochi, Inc. In Memory of Dr. Tokuji & Haruye Hedani
The children of Dr. Tokuji and Haruye Hedani presented a $10,000 contribution in their memory to Kimochi, Inc. The Hedani
children are: Janet Hedani Yip (husband, Steven Yip; daughter Carrie); Barbara Hedani-Morishita, (husband, Dr. Leroy Morishita;
sons Kyle & Derek); Dean Hedani (wife, Melanie; children Tamari, Dustin & Austin).
They made the following comments:
“Dad’s optometry office was on Fillmore Street and both our parents were very
active in various community organizations in Japantown. They instilled in all of
us the importance of volunteering and supporting community service agencies.
We miss them very much and know they would be very pleased that we are giving
back to the community by this donation to Kimochi.”
– Janet Hedani Yip
“Kimochi is more than a place to stay or a place to eat. The staff and employees
treat you like good friends and family and sincerely care for you.”
– Dean Hedani
“After Mom passed away we had to come up with a 24/7 care plan for Dad.
Maintaining him at home was our goal and we relied on several of Kimochi’s
programs to make this possible, such as referral services, transportation, daycare,
in-home services, and home-delivered meals. As adults live longer, we see it is
important to maintain an organization like Kimochi, especially in today’s
difficult times.”
Left to right: Steve Nakajo, Executive Director, Kimochi, Inc.,
Dean Hedani, son of Hedani’s, Mark Moriguchi, Treasurer, Kimochi
Board, Janet Hedani Yip, daughter, Barbara Hedani-Morishita,
daughter, Carrie Yip, granddaughter, Steven Yip, son-in-law
– Barbara Hedani-Morishita
As exemplified by the children’s comments, Kimochi’s overall philosophy is to provide the appropriate culturally sensitive,
community-based long term care services to keep seniors in their homes, apartments, or neighborhoods.
Representing the Board of Directors, Board Treasurer Mark Moriguchi, expressed his gratitude to the Hedani family for their
generous donation to the organization.
For information on how you can make a gift to Kimochi in memory of a loved one,
please contact Scott Ito at (415) 740-4004 or [email protected]
Pacific Gas And Electric Company Donated $20,000 To Kimochi, Inc.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company contributed $20,000 to Kimochi, Inc. in 2009,
allocating funds to the following:
$4,000 for our May 31 event “The Spirit of Giving Begins at Any Age,” giving our
Kimochi Spirit Award to different age groups who volunteer with Kimochi.
Jane K. Yura, Vice President, Regulation and
Rates Regulatory Relations, and new Kimochi
board member; Travis T. Kiyota, Director,
Government Relations
$5,000 for our Nutrition Program.
$4,000 for our September Golf Tournament.
$3,000 for our October Sansei Live! event.
$4,000 for our December Silver Bells Arts & Crafts Faire.
Paragon Contributed $1,000
$7,500 grant to Kimochi, Inc.
Union Bank Foundation has allocated a $7,500 grant to
Kimochi, Inc. for general support of Kimochi’s services
for low-income seniors. Those services include social
day care, in-home support services, transportation, health
education information, home-delivered meals, wellness
activities, and residential/respite care. In its 38th year
of services, Kimochi serves 3,000 clients citywide and
administers and operates a service delivery system that
includes transportation; information, referral and outreach
services; a drop-in lounge; health and consumer education
seminars; senior center activities; social services; congregate
and home-delivered Japanese meals; in-home supportive
services; adult social day care; and 24-hour residential/
respite care.
In 2008, the Paragon Real Estate Group made a $1,000
contribution towards the Kimochi Home Improvement
Capital Campaign. Additionally, the company made
another $1,000 contribution in November, 2009. Paragon
is located at Levi Plaza on Battery Street and is a new
corporate supporter of Kimochi, Inc. Mia Takami had
nominated Kimochi for the contributions, which come
from the Community Enrichment Fund at Paragon.
Left to right: J. George
Tanaka, Senior Vice
President, Japanese Market
Segment, Union Bank; Mary
Ishisaki, Kimochi Board
Secretary; Keiji Miyoshi, Vice
President, Manager Japan
Center Office, Union Bank;
Steve Nakajo, Executive
Director, Kimochi, Inc.
Paragon is entering its 5th year in business and has opened
its new office at 1400 Van Ness Avenue.
Pictured Above:
Front, left to right: Ruth Dawson, Realtor Associate; Mary Ishisaki, Kimochi Inc.
Board Secretary
Back, left to right: Steve Nakajo, Kimochi, Inc. Executive Director; Gary Johnson,
Kevin McLeod, Broker Associate; Sally Stull, Principal, Managing Broker; Anita
Head, Principal, Manager Broker; Miyuki “Mia” Takami, Realtor Associate
SOURCES OF FUNDS (Total: $2,448,624)
$80,000 (3%)
Interest Income
$10,000 (0.5%)
General Donations
$288,058 (12%)
$950,299 (39%)
$134,417 (5.5%)
Program Donations
$191,154 (8%)
Fees for Service
$794,695 (32%)
EXPENSES (Total: $2,448,624)
$88,972 (3.5%)
Adult Social Day Care
$199,168 (8%)
$781,958 (32%)
Social Services
$442,461 (18%)
Kimochi Home
$462,810 (19%)
$473,253 (19.5%)
Dave Yokoyama Wins the 28th Annual Kimochi Golf Tournament
Dave Yokoyama triumphed over a field of 124 golfers to win the
28th Annual Kimochi Golf Tournament held September 18, 2009
at the Richmond Country Club. Under ideal Indian summer
weather conditions, Yokoyama shot 87-25-62 to win Field Low
Net honors and the prestigious Tosh Hara - Sam Sato Memorial
Perpetual Trophy.
Special recognition was given to Shig Futagaki and Roy Masuda,
the inspirational leaders of the Nisei Plastics golf tournaments
which initially supported various East Bay Issei housing
developments and now the Japanese American Services of the East
Bay (JASEB). Kimochi also thanked Donna Kimura, Tournament
co-chair and the Kimochi Golf Committee and Tournament &
Raffle volunteers, including representatives of the Cherry Blossom
Alumni Association Midori Iwata, 2008 Princess and Tamiko Wong,
1999 Princess for their assistance with the raffle.
Field Low Gross honors went to Robbie Otaguro who shot 78 and
sports a 12 handicap. Otaguro is a member of the Bay Area Asian
Golf Club and Lake Merced Golf Club.
“On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers, I want to
express our deep appreciation for your participation in today’s golf
tournament and the many of you who have supported this event
over the past 28 years, including the Golf Tournament and Raffle
volunteers” stated Roy Ikeda, Chairman of the Kimochi Board of
Directors. “As you may be aware, Kimochi has endured significant
budget cuts from the City & County of San Francisco this past
year and the proceeds from this tournament will enable Kimochi to
continue to provide the many programs and services to the elderly
in the community,” said Ikeda.
SF fireman Alson Lee won the Championship Flight shooting
81-16-65. Todd Eshima (Century Golf Club) was the victor
in the First Flight with 87-21-66 and Fran Mori again won the
Women’s Flight with 89-19-70. Jim Handa was the Super Seniors
Flight Champion at 100-32-68. Susan Kwock shot 70 to win the
Calloway Flight.
Master of Ceremonies David Ishida thanked the Golf Committee
members and many tournament and raffle volunteers, and
recognized the initial leadership of Tosh Hara and Sam Sato in
the development of this golf tournament, particularly noting their
commitment to community service. Tournament co-chair Lowell
Kimura presented the Tosh Hara - Sam Sato Memorial Perpetual
Trophy to Field Low Net winner Dave Yokoyama. Tournament
co-chair Jerry Kika presented the trophies to flight winners Alson
Lee, Todd Eshima, Fran Mori, and Susan Kwock. Tats Nagase,
representing the Hiura Family presented the Wilfred Hiura
Memorial Perpetual Trophy to the Super Seniors Flight Champion
Jim Handa.
The Following are
the Winners of the
Golf Tournament
Championship Flight:
Alson Lee
Robbie Otaguro
Gary Masada
Shoe Sugiyama
Gen Yasuda
David Sakamoto
Field Low Net Champion:
Field Low Gross:
Super Seniors Champion:
First Flight:
Todd Eshima
Jerry Kika
Henry Scott
Jim Handa
Scott Muranishi
Harvey Kido
The Kimochi Golf Committee expressed appreciation to the staff
of the Richmond Country Club for their warm hospitality and
excellent service and to the sponsors for the golf holes, Holein One and Closest-to-the Pin contests. Kimochi also wants to
thank and acknowledge the Hole-in-One sponsors – Jerry Kika &
Family, Dick Yamamoto and David Fujita of MIF Insurance, Allen
Okamoto, Michi Yamato, and Lowell & Donna Kimura for the
$10,000 Putt for Cash contest. Sim Seiki won the Putt for Cash
contest and was awarded a Taylor Made wedge.
Dave Yokoyama 87-25-62
Robbie Otaguro 78
Jim Handa
Hole #3 Jan Makin
3’ 3”
Hole #7 Irene Masada
Hole #11 Judith Handa
11’ 10 ½”
Hole#16 Irene Masada, Karen Morisawa
Women’s Flight:
Fran Mori
Karen Morisawa
Arly Nagase
Marsha Taam
4’ 6 ½”
Callaway Flight:
Susan Kwock
Gerry Gervais
Paul Hara
Kimochi Golf Committee: Co-chairs: Jerry Kika, Lowell Kimura, Richard Alcantara, Darryl Chun, Rich Eijima, Todd Eshima, Anna S. Higaki, Ben Hogo, David Ishida, Joe
Kawasaki, Donna Kimura, Joe McManus, Duane Ong
Tournament Volunteers: Midori Iwata, 2008 Princess, Cherry Blossom Alumni Association, Tamiko Wong, 1999 Princess, Cherry Blossom Alumni Association, Lorri Arishita, Alexis
Chan, Hebe Cheng, Genie Gee, Pam Hong, Emily Hsieh, Steve Ishii, Mary Ishisaki, Alice Jeong, Fumi Kawasaki, Mari Kimura, Ryan Kimura, Ella Kitagawa, Trina Kobata, Al Matsui,
Sandy Mori, Arly Nagase, Tats Nagase, Etsie Nakajo, Steve Nakajo, Wes Nihei, Al Petrich, Teri Shiozaki, Laura Takeuchi, Margaret Tse, Jeanne Wing, Les Yim, Gilmore Wong
Scoring Committee: Century Golf Club of San Francisco
Nichi Bei Times Report
for his participation in this event. Tamura has his own catering business
and previously worked at Google and San Francisco State University.
The Kimochi Spirit Awards - honoring organizations, individuals and
corporations for their commitment to Kimochi, Inc. and its seniors was held May 31 in the Issei Memorial Hall of the Japanese Cultural
and Community Center of Northern California in San Francisco’s
The Kimochi Spirit Awards were presented to Cub Scouts Pack 29,
Buddhist Church of San Francisco, Boy Scouts of America; Troop 58
from Konko Church of San Francisco; Asian
American Recovery Services Inc., Residential;
and the Community Involvement Team (CIT) for
the Elderly at Levi Strauss and Company; and
Kevin Johnson, a 13-year-old who had been in
Cub Scouts Pack 29 and was inspired to donate
to Kimochi, Inc. after visiting the seniors living in
Kimochi Home.
Steve Nakajo, the executive director of Kimochi,
Inc., served as the master of ceremonies. Roy
Ikeda, chairperson of Kimochi, Inc.’s board of
directors, gave welcoming remarks.
Consul General of Japan in San Francisco
Yasumasa Nagamine gave brief remarks about his
participation in the Kimochi Home Christmas
program for the seniors and spoke about his
mother in Japan who passed away last year.
Nakajo thanked the sponsors Pacific Gas and
Company, Union Bank, and Kaiser Permanente.
He said this year Kimochi did not reach their fundraising goal for
this event and will extend their campaign drive. Nakajo said Kimochi
appreciates all the support they receive from people in the community
that helps the organization continue to provide the services and
programs for the seniors.
Special guests Beverly Ng, representing state Senator Mark Leno;
Noriko Shinzato, representing state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano;
Lauren Lester, representing State Board of Equalization Chairwoman
Betty T. Yee; Francis Tsang, representing San Francisco Mayor
Gavin Newsom; and Phil Ting, San Francisco city assessor/recorder,
recognized Kimochi, Inc. for its work.
Mary Ishisaki, who was in charge of the raffle, thanked everyone for
supporting the raffle that made its goal of raising $10,000 before the
event occurred.
Ting along with San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, whose
District 5 includes Japantown, spoke about their connection with and
support of Kimochi, Inc. Supervisor Eric Mar, representing District 1,
was recognized with his daughter, Jade.
The program ended with Yoshiaki
Hata, vice president and regional
manager of Japan Airlines drawing
the winning raffle ticket for the
grand prize of two tickets to Japan
donated by Japan Airlines.
Jun Aita, Kimochi Senior Center assistant and Chie Takeuchi performed
three compositions on the flute.
The attendees were served a bento box lunch of misoyaki salmon,
candied hangar steak, steamed rice, sesame seed green beans, and
mochi cake prepared by Chef WadeTamura. Nakajo thanked Tamura
Volunteers, donors and everyone
who helped make this event possible, were acknowledged.
29 Years of Service and Dedication
On July 29, 2009, Kimochi board, staff, volunteers, and seniors held a special retirement program for head
cook, Akitoshi Takazawa, celebrating 29 years of service to our organization.The Nutrition Program was
brightly decorated in yellow. Takazawa-san assisted us in planning and preparing a five week menu providing
nutritious, healthy, well balanced Japanese style hot lunches five days a week for over 300 seniors a day at
our senior center. For individuals who are physically unable to travel to the site due to a disability, illness,
or recent hospital discharge, hot meals were provided to seniors at their homes. Approximately 120 lunches
continue being delivered daily to homebound seniors living in Japantown, the Western Addition, Sunset, and
Richmond districts of San Francisco.
Executive Director Steve Nakajo was the emcee and highlighted Mr. Takazawa’s long cooking career with our
organization where he has prepared over 2.5 million meals for 30,000 seniors! What an accomplishment! He
has trained and worked along side 100’s of volunteers and a dedicated team of cooks to provide seniors from
all over San Francisco with a delicious, nutritious, Japanese style hot lunch. We are the #1 senior meal site in town! Assembly member
Tom Ammiano, representing the 13th District, sent a special certificate congratulating Takazawa-san for his service. He also received a
retirement gift from the agency and an “honorary” gold card so he can eat lunch at Kimochi for a lifetime! The program ended with a
special “kampai” celebratory toast followed by cake enjoyed by all the nutrition participants.
For more information about Kimochi’s Nutrition Program,
please contact Justin Ng at (415) 931-2287 or [email protected]
Kimochi, Inc. thanks the following donors (monetary & in-kind) for their generous contributions
between July 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009:
A & F Dental Lab
A Hui Hou
AAA of Northern California
Abacus Products Inc.
Hisashi Abe
Martha Abe
Jean & Kaz Abey
Acorn Ink
Lucy Adachi
Aitoh Company, LLC
Hatsuro & Amey Aizawa
Dr. & Mrs. Alaric Akashi
Keiko Akashi
Nosuke & Judy Akiyama
Minoru & Ruby Akiyoshi
Alaina Shiu Designs
Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
Richard Alcantara
William & Patricia Alex
Alfred’s Steakhouse
All American Trophy Supply
Aloha Warehouse
Yutaka Ando
Yoshihiro & Fumie Aoyama
Katsusumi Araki
Edward & Alice Arikawa
Tom & Akiko Arikawa
Hiroko Arima
Seiso & Hideko Arita
Tetsuo & Keiko Asano
Marie, Grace & Jane Asaoka
Paul T. Asazawa
Ashley & McMullen
Asia Plumbing, Inc.
Asian Accents
Asian American Recovery Services
Asian Firefighters Association
Asian Gift Designs
Asian Pacific Fund
Aspen Ten
At Printing
Atlantis Casino Resort
Avi Resort & Casino
Awat Productions
Thedford D. Ballard
Raymond & Laurie Balzarini
Margaret Baran
Leona Barfield
Cara Mia Barnacascel
Sean Barnacascel
David Barron
Donald & Joan Beach
Beach Blanket Babylon
Elaine Beatson
Yumi Bellamy
Benkyo-do Company
Berkeley Bowl Produce
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
David & Marion Bernardo
Bruce & Judi Bernhard
Best Buy
Big Island Candies
Diana Bigornia
Chiyo Blackson
Christopher Bomar
Azah Borham
James Bowser
Boy Scouts Troop 12
Kristine Boyd
Michiko Braden
Braden Toureast, Inc.
Autumn Bristol
Bud Brown
Willie L. Brown
Buddhist Church of Oakland Golf
Buddhist Church of SF Dharma School
Fumiko Butler
By Bowen / J Low
Cache Creek Casino Resort
Cadette Troop # 32958
Cahill Contractors, Inc.
Cal Neva Club
California Flower Market, Inc.
California Pacific Medical Center
Diane C. Carr
Sachiko Casanova
Patrick Casserly Jr.
Catholic Healthcare West
Dennis J. Chan
Mae Gwen Chan
Sherman & Dori Chan
Simpson B. Chan
Gary Chang
Michael Chang
Samuel Chang
Charles M. Schulz Museum
& Research Center
Edward Chen
Yvonne Chen
Don & Nancy Chew
Irving T. Chew
Chic Moderne
Chickie Babies Crafts
Chicks & Frogs
Kevin Chin
Paul & Cynthia Chin
Chinatown Community
Development Corporation
Chinese Community Health Plan
Irvin Chinn
Chizu’s Creations
Arthur Cho
John Chooey
Jeanette Choy
Randall P. Choy
Darryl Chun
Dr. June Chun
Dr. Heejay A. Chung
Elsie Uyeda Chung
Richard Chung
Steven Chung
Church of Perfect Liberty
CJ Fat Choy Creations
Coast Craft Design, Inc.
Edward Coleman
Susan Colson
Raymond Connors
John S. Cooper
Jorge A. Cordova
Junko Craft
Crane Pest Control
Roger & Patricia Crawford
Creative Accents
Pao Pao Curran
David & Julie Curto
Cynthia Sasaki Designs
Jack & Jun Dairiki
Florence Dare
David DiDomizio
De Goff Family
Hideko De Vine
Edmund G. & Jane Q. Dea
Department of Aging and Adult Services
Dennis & Sandy Dineen
Direct Sign Outlet
Florence Dobashi
Emiko Doi
Russell Doi
DooBu Restaurant
Kiyoko K. Dorsey
Drs. Hiura & Hiura, Optometrists
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Drucker
Terry Duffy
Purita Dulay
Cynthia Dunn
Ebisu Restaurant
Yukie Echizen
Richard Eijima & Tami Suzuki
Warren & June Eijima
Eldorado Hotel Casino
Ellen Nakai & Friends
Atsushi Endo
Hideko Endo
Masaru & Chiyo Endo
Lisa Eng-Beeman & Bart Beeman
Enter the Stillness Arts
Sachie Erabi
Chris & Brooks Erikson
Escolta Fine Arts
Todd T. Eshima
Estate of Tashiko Shimizu
Fairfield Maxwell Inv.
Far Niente
Fat Rabbit Farm
Bessie Fellezs
Manny Fernandez
Lucy Fisher
Claire Candace Fitzgerald
J. Emery Fleming-Hasegawa
Marjorie I. Fletcher
Anita Fong
Arly J. Fong
Edson Fong & Pauline Ishisaki
Heather J. Fong
Howard Fong
Dr. John Fong
Ken Fong
Four Yams
Ann Francisco
Franklin Canyon Golf Course
Fruits Basket
Fuji Shiatsu
Chico Fujii
Laurence R. Fujii
Paul & Joan Fujii
Sharon M. Fujii
Miyeko Fujimitsu
Hanako Fujimoto
Linda Fujimoto
Yoshiko Fujimoto
Gary Fujino
Masayoshi Fujinuma
Atsushi Fujita
Yoshiko Fujita
Fujiya Cosmetics
Adelyn Fukuda
Hiroshi & Janice Fukuda
Nobusuke & Fumi Fukuda
Dr. Yasuko Fukuda
Yasuko Fukuda
Bill & Rose Fukumitsu
Sumako Fukumori
Michiyo Fukumoto
Hiro & Dianne Fukushima
Rhoda Fukushima
Yoshitomi Fukushima
Kiku Funabiki
Alana Fung
Irene Mayshan Fung
Lucky Fung
Kaz & Amy Furusawa
Stanley & Terrie Furuta
Joline Furuya
Yas & Emiko Furuya
G & G Produce
Kinuko T. Galon
Patrick T. & Maureen Gardner
Dr. Bella Shen Garnett
Gary Zimin Drapery Installation
Dale Garzoli
Derrell Gee
Don S. Gee
Gail Horita Gee
Gerry Gervais
Lucy Ghoda
Lorraine Gin
David E. & Joyce Glatt
Goemon Restaurant
Kiki Goforth
Robert L. Gojio
Richard & Karen Gok
Golden Gate Artists
Golden Gate Optimist Club
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Naomi Gould
Portland Grant
John W. Gressman III
Kristen Growney
William E. Growney
Terri Guh
Laurie Gutierrez
Ray A. Guzman
Kristine Hachiya
Mitzi Hada
Tanako Hagiwara
Haight Street Eyecare
Robert Haines
Mary K. Hallisey
Halsted/N. Gray Carew & English, Inc.
Gordon & Amy Hamachi
Hajime & Judy Hamaguchi
Robert E. Hamaguchi
Alisa Hamai
Tak Hamai
Tomio & Kimi Hamai
Hamano and Associates
Marianne Hampton
Hana Ichi Flowers
Juji Hanada
Millie & Ken Hanada
Asa & Yuriko Hanamoto
Ayako Hanaoka
Mary E. Hancock
James & Judith Handa
Kenzo & Nancy Handa
Harry I. Hanen
Noboru Hanyu
Masaye Hara
Paul Hara
Peter & Christine Harada
Ryan A. & Margaret Y. Harada
Harrah’s Reno
Harrah’s/Harveys Lake Tahoe
Dorothy Harrison
Hartstring Jewelry
Jane Hashimoto
Janet Hashimoto
Taiko Hashimoto
Glen & Reiko Hatakeyama
Masako Hattori
Pat Hattori
Toshiye Hattori
James Hay
Hiroko Hayashi
Shigeo & Sumie Hayashi
Joanne Hayashida
Joanne Hayes-White
Midori Heckert
Dean Hedani
Rod Henmi & Lisa Findley
Henry’s Ice Cream Distributing
Mayu Hideshima
Edith Higa
Kenneth, Lynn, James & Derrick Higa
Ann Y. Higaki
Jeffrey & Anna Higaki
Shigeru & Sumiko Higaki
Toshiko Higaki
Daryl Higashi
Jitsuo & Sakaye Higashi
Steve Higashi
Highway 12 Vineyards & Winery
William Hikido
Hilton San Francisco Union Square
James Hirabayashi
Kazuo Hirai
Kelly Hiramoto
Paul T. & Rina Hirano
Toshiki Hirasawa
Rhonda Hirata
Stacey Hirata
Mary Hiromoto
Yo Hironaka
Jack & Kiyo Hirose
Wayne & Chris Hiroshima
David Hirota
Yoshikazu Hirota
Brian Hitomi
Lloyd & Naomi Hiura
Karl E. Hixson
Marian Hiyama
Kenneth & Yoshiko Ho
Benton Hogo
Hokubei Mainichi, Inc.
Sue Tsugiko Holdaway
Holiday Inn Express Hotel
& Suites-SJ Int’l Airport
Raymond Hom
Homie Wear
Chuck Hong
Jung & Yoshiko Hong
Pamela Hong
Sumi Honnami
Honu’s Restaurant
Kent S. Hori
Grace Horikiri
Carl H. Horikoshi
Shoji Horikoshi
Michiko Horio
Rosie & Elaine Horita
Shiro & Marsha Horita
Don & Mitzi Hoshi
Tom & Gaylene Hoshiyama
Satoru & Carolyn K. Hosoda
Ayako Hosokawa &
Glenn M. Morimoto
Hotel Kabuki
Hotel Tomo
Edward Howden
Stephen & Donna Howell
Peter & Robin Howes
Chidori Hoy
Jimmy & Yumi Hu
Tommy Huie
Barbara Huntley
Wa Huong
Yun Hwa
Hae Wan Hwang
Craig Ichiuji
Kiyoshi W. & Shizuko Ichiyasu
Walter & Rose Ichiyasu
Dr. Charles Igawa
Kazue K. Ihara
Alice S. Iiyama
Roy H. & Joanne Ikeda
Patricia Ikegami
Carolyn Ikei
Frank & Kiyoko Ikenaga
Mary Ikenaga
Ross Ikuma
Andrea Imazeki
Denis & Darlene Imazeki
Elaine A. Inai
Cathy Inamasu
Richard Inami
John Ino
Lance Inouchi
Ryu Inoue
Takahide Inoue
Daro Inouye
Gary Inouye
Howard & Sandra Inouye
Mitch & Ann Inouye
Paul Inouye
Tom Inouye
Valerie Inouye
Glenn Iriye
Dardie Ishida
David Ishida
Fred & Mariko Ishida
Mary Ishida
Stanley & Helen Ishida Abramson
Hatsumi Ishii
Kiyome Ishii
Mas & Sets Ishikawa
Ben & Mary Ishisaki
Dawn Ishisaki
Richard & Esther Ishisaki
Ronald & Dawn Ishisaki
Sadako Ishizaki
Takako Ishizaki
Gaylan & Lily Ishizu
Island Cloud
Island Designs
Isobune, Inc.
Tomi Isono
Ben & Minako Ito
Caryl Ito
Mutsuyo Ito
Scott Ito
Tomomi & Chizuko Ito
Don & May Iwahashi
Celia Y. Iwama
Harold Iwamasa
Jun & Nancy Iwamoto
Michael M. Iwamoto
Roy Iwao
Carl Iwasaki
Jeff & Carrie Iwasaki
Larry & Masako Iwase
Noriko Iwata
Frank & Jane M. Iyama
J. Handa Construction
J. Sugihara “Beautiful Things”
Armeka Jackson
JACL Health Benefits Trust
JAE Awards
Jane Jansen
Japan Airlines
Japan Center Garage Corporation
Japan Food Corporation
Japanese Community Youth Council
Japantown Arts
Jentka & Deanna Designs
Patricia K. Jeong
Andrew & Ginger Jew
Cynthia A. Jew
Lawrence Joe
Lester & Jill Johe
Gerald & Olga Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Robin & Lorraine Johnson
Sharon & Michael Jong
Joseph Schmidt Confections
JTB International, Inc.
Atsuko Jurenes
JWW Consulting Engineers
Kabuki Springs & Spa
Emy Kada
Linda Kadani
Hisashi & Aki Kagami
Michael S. Kagehiro
Mariko Kahn
Mitsuko & Shizue Kajita
Takeo & Aiko Kajiyama
Chizu Kakiuchi
Yaeko Kamada
Dr. & Mrs. Saburo & Joyce Kami
Joe & Miyeko Kamikawa
Michael Kamimoto
Toshiko Kamishita
Kiyo Kanamori
Yoshiko Kanazawa
Joji Kanda
Chieko Kaneki
Jane Adachi Kaneko
Kansai Bistro
Peggy Kanzawa
Dr. & Mrs. Harvey & Gay Kaplan
Hiroshi & Sadako Kashiwagi
Ken & Guadalupe Kashiwahara
Kasumi Golf Club
George T. Kataoka
Aaron Katekaru
Eiko Kato
Fusaye Kato
Jody L. Kato
Kenny Kato & Barbara Patterson
Sharon Kato
Stella Kato
Kato, Feder & Suzuki, LLP
Neil M. & Jane A. Katsura
Kiki Kawabata
Jeffrey Kawaguchi
Mamiko Kawaguchi
Mari A. Kawaguchi
Michi Kawaguchi
Lewis S. Kawahara & Akiko Takeshita
Yoshihisa Kawai
Kawaii Kreations
Paul Kawakami
Shinichi Kawakami
Tim Kawakami
Tom Kawakami
Raymond & Kaye Kawamoto
Vera K. Kawamura
James & Kazuko Kawanishi
David Kawano
Elinor K. Kawano
Mary Kawano
Robert Kawano & Mary Eijima
Joe & Fumi Kawasaki
Fujiko Kawasetsu
Melva Kumi Kawashiri
Yoko M. Kawata
Emily Kawauchi
Susumu Kawazoye
Kayoko Designs
Maria Kazakoff
Miyako Kazama
Yuriko Keenan & Kunio Inoue
Kyoko Keenon
Larry & Karen Kern
Harvey & Jean Kido
Marshall J. Kido
Candace Y. Kika
Jerry Kika
Kikkoman International Inc.
Barbara M. Kikugawa
Michael Kikugawa
Todd A. Kimoto
Miyoko Kimotsuki
Hatsuno Kimura
Karen Kimura
Keija Kimura
Lowell & Donna Kimura
Mayumi Kimura
Ryan Kimura
Kinokuniya Bookstores of America
Akiko Kinoshita
Kintetsu Intl. Express (U.S.A.), Inc.
Kirala Inc.
Kirin Law Group, P.C.
Kisha Studio LLC
Donald Kishi
Russell Kishida
Helen E. Kishimoto
Arthur S. Kitagawa
Mik Kitagawa
Richard & Hiroko Kitagawa
Stephen D. & Ella Leong Kitagawa
Yukio Kitagawa
Aiko Kitano
Hisashi Kitano
Alan & Sylvia Kitashima
Yoshiko Kitawaki
Dr. & Mrs. William & Kikue Kiyasu
Susan Kiyoi
Ellen Kiyomizu & Gregory Chew
Stella Kiyota
Sachiko Kjerbo
Kimiko Klein
Barbara Knees
Mitsuko Knight
K. K. Koba
Dick J. Kobashigawa
Rev. & Mrs. Ronald & Sayoko Kobata
Earl Kobayashi
Sandra Kobayashi
Glenn & Doris Kobuchi
Koda Farms Milling, Inc.
Fred I. Kodani
Chino & Kuniye Koga
Kenneth Koga
Louise & Mary Koike
Betty Kojimoto
Mits & Sadame Kojimoto
Collette Kondo
Konko-kyo Church of San Francisco
Marlene R. Kono
Richard & Grace Kono
Clarence J. Koontz & Angela Foo
Dr. Robert Koshiyama
Ilena Kovalcik
Ima Kozen
Sharon Krainer
Anne M. Kronenberg & Paul R. Weiland
Kumamoto YMCA
Riyo Kunisawa
Kyle & Emily Hsieh Kuniyoshi
Takeo & Yukiko Kuno
Robert H. & Kisae Kuroda
Harriet Kuroiwa
Dorothy Kurosaki
Emi Kuruma
Kushi Tsuru Restaurant
Craig Kuwabara
Kuwada Realty Co.
May Kwan
Kwan Henmi Architecture/Planning
Susan Kwock
Louis & Lavinia Kwok
Wei-Tai Kwok & Violet Hsu
Mary Kyono
Labit’s Arts & Crafts
Ladies Auxiliary Nisei Post 9879
Wing & Dorothy Lai
Yasuko Landa
Bette Landis
Lanna’s Crafts
James Larsen
Paul Larson
Mary Law
Law Office of Bill Fazio
Le Central
Alfred H.C. Lee
Alson Lee
Benny Lee
Bernie F. Lee
Carey A. Lee
Deborah J. Lee & William Tamayo
Ed Lee
Edna Lee
Hisako S. Lee
Ivy Lee
Jason Lee
Jeffrey Lee
Jerry & Charlene Lee
Lily Lee
Miyoko Lee
Patricia Lee
Patti Lee
Randy Lee
Vivian Lee
Yeon Shim Lee
Kay Leghorn
Sandra S. Lek
Douglas Leong
Jenny Leong
Mike Leong
Yuko Leong
Leslie Designs
Levi Strauss & Co.
Leland Lew
Lloyd & Dyana Lew
Lia Sophia Jewelry
LightHouse for the Blind
Linda Lee Designs
Little Buddha Baby
Susan Lo
Yoshiko Lohuis
Lone Tree Golf & Event Center
Isabel Louie
Rick W. Louie
Terry Louie
Gregory Low
Frank Lowe
Derrick & Louise Tsumori Lue
Kevin Lui
Kuei-Chu Lu-Lin
LuLu Luxe
Baron B. Lum
Franklin & Yoko Lum
Lyall Harris Notecards
Phylisanne Lyons
MAC Knife, Inc.
Thomas T. Machida
Made In Hawaii.com
Candida Madrigal
Seigo Maeda
Lynn A. Maeyama
Frank Mah & Jeannie Young
Frances Maher
John & Jan Makin
Makras RealEstate
Albert Mamiya
Scott Y. Mamiya
Bonnie Manning
Derrick & Cindy Yamawaki Mar
Eric & Sandra Mar
Pierre Marie-Rose
Mariko III
Mariner Computers LLC
Ruth Mark
Market Garage, Inc.
Jilma A. Marshall
Rie Martinez
Olympia Martyn
Mary’s Creations
Charles & Miyuki Masada
Gary & Irene Masada
Shirley Masada
Keith Masaki
Jim & Darlene Cheng Masamori
Gary Massetani
Carolyn Masuda
Howard Masumura
John T. Masunaga
Robert M. & Marilyn S. Masuoka
The late Kenneth Matoba
Sandi Matoba
Helen M. Matoi
Alan Matsuda
Sumi Matsuda & Josephine Matsuda
Glenn & Betty Matsui
Kiyo Matsuki
Daphne Matsumoto
Fred & Gayle Matsumoto
George & Teri Matsumoto
Mari Matsumoto
Matt Matsumoto
Michiko Matsumoto
Sachiko Matsumoto
Yutaka & Yoshiko Matsumoto
Linda Matsumura
Robert & Diane Matsumura
Phyllis & Kinya Matsuno
Rick Matsuno
Amy Matsuo
Betty Matsuo
Setsuko Matsuoka
Wayne Matsuoka
Tsutomu Matsushita
Henry & Michi Matsuura
Craig T. Mayeda
Michiyuki & Fuyuko Mayeda
Shigeko Mayehara
Mary Anne McGuire-Hickey
Joe McManus
Melinda Mae
Pablo Mesina
Michael Toshio Cuisine
M.I.F., Inc.
Miko Dolls
Patricia M. Miller
Minami Tamaki, LLC
Jeffrey Minamide
Mingei Company
Hisako Minobe
Mio, Inc. on Fillmore St.
Haruko Misumi
Janice Mitsuda
Masatoshi Mitsuda
Shigeo Mitsuda
Toshio Mitsuda
Mel & Ondria Miyakado
Toshiko & Harold Miyake
Patrick Miyaki
Glenn & Lisbeth Miyamoto
Ko Miyamoto
Mary Shizue Miyasaki
Ron Miyasaki
Von Miyasaki
Cheryl & Ets Miyashiro
Sumiko Miyata
Chieko Miyoshi
Tania Miyoshi
Bob & Marisa Mizono
Dr. D. Kenneth Mizono &
Dr. Mary Yanagi
Dr. & Mrs. Gary & Lisa Mizono
John Mizono
Natsuko Mizuiri
Kiyoshi Mizuno
Chiyoko Mizutani
Modern M
Monterey Market
Kazuko Morgan
Ai Mori
Bill & Fran Mori
Floyd Mori
Jeff & Sandy Mori
Johnny & Wendy Mori
Kazumi & Arrice Mori
Mits & Miki Mori
Eddie & Alice Moriguchi
Ken Moriguchi
Mark & Masako Moriguchi
Frank & Ida Morikawa
Manabu Morikawa
Ben Morimoto
Frank E. Morimoto
Helen Morimoto
Hiroshi & Suzuko Morimoto
Ronald Morimoto
Stephen & Jodi Morimoto
Gail Morin
Frank & Veronica Morino
Jerry Morino
Mary M. Morino
Russell Morino
Tamaye Morino
Aiko Morioka
Christine Morioka
Frances Morioka
Thomas & Karen Morioka
Kay S. Morioki
Karen Morisawa
Alan S. Morishita
Dr. Leroy Morishita &
Barbara Hedani-Morishita
Maro Morohoshi
Marco Moxquuz
Don & Lillian Munakata
Satoru Munekawa
Masae Murai
Carol Murakami
Shirley Murakami
Toyoko Murakami
Tsutaye Murakami
Haruyo Murakawa
John & Susan S. Muranishi
Scott Muranishi
Susan Muranishi
Dr. Emily M. Murase & Neal Taniguchi
The late Kenji Murase
Mutsu & Aki Murashige
Clifford & Dawn Murata
Seiki Murono
Myrtle V. Fitschen Charitable Trust
N. Funk Ceramics
Joan Nagai
Suzanne Nagai
Haruko Nagaishi
John T. Nagano
Naganuma Design and Direction
Barbara Nagareda
Chiyeko Nagareda
Gene T. & Chiyoko Nagase
Laura T. Nagase
Tats & Arly Nagase
Kay Yasuko Nagata
Fumi Naito
Kuni Naito
Nanami Naito
Yukari Naito-Deitch
Shigeru Nakabe
Mitsuko Nakahara
Beatrice S. Nakahata
Dr. & Mrs. Donald T. & Alice Nakahata
Hiroshi & Joyce Nakai
Jason Nakai
Kazuo & Susy Nakai
Nancy K. Nakai
Nick Nakai
Russell Nakai
Toshiko Nakai
Stephen H. Nakajima
Benh Nakajo
Helen Nakajo & Andrew Whitelaw
Steve & Etsie Nakajo
Haruko Nakamoto
Kaz & Cindy Nakamoto
Dennis Nakamura
Hanako Nakamura
Jemiko Laulani Nakamura
Dr. Lawrence H. Nakamura
Victor & Yumiko Nakamura
Yurie Nakamura
Stuart K. & Mami Nakanishi
Fusako Nakano
Robert M. & Yukiko Nakano
Terry Nakano
Henry S. Nakao
Bobby & Evelyn Nakata
Akira Nakatani
Dennis Y. Nakatani
Penny Nakatsu
Steven R. Nakazono
Kazuo & Rosalyn Nanya
Tom & Valerie Nara
Ben & Eleanor Narasaki
Yaeko Naritomi
Misuye & Stanley Natsume
ND Jewelry
Mary Negi
John Neishi
Tokie Nerio
Justin Ng
Marvin Ng
Phillip Ng
Kalvin Ngoon
Jake Nguyen
Rose Nieda
Fumi Nihei
Tom Nihei
Wes & Lynn Nihei
Nihonmachi Little Friends
Nihonmachi Terrace Apartments
Ivor T. Nii
Nikkei & Retirement
Nikkei Lions Club of San Francisco
Nisei Plastics
Nobuo Nishi & Linda Omori
Barbara Nishida
Jeannette Nishikawa
Clara M. Nishimoto
Edward Nishimoto
Masako Nishimura
Richard & Hiroko Nishimura
Barbara Nishiwaki
Yaeko & George Noda
Hank Nogawa
John T. & Diane Noguchi
Nellie Noguchi
Saye Noguchi
Stacey Y. & Michael A. Nolan
Dr. & Mrs. Gary G. & Hiromi Nomura
Harry T. & Anna Nomura
Kay Nomura
Masasue & Kyoko Nonaka
Sachiko Norbury
Leonard Nordgren
Nobby Noriye
North American Sales
NOZOMI Institute
Debra Nwora
Russell Obana
Keiko Obata
Alice Ochi
Mickie Ochi
Somao Ochi
Edward & Lois Oda
Rose Oda
Brian M. Ogawa
Harusue & Yoshiye Ogawa
Hiro & Betty Ogawa
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. & Susan Ogawa
Janice Ogi
J. June Ohara
Akira & Tomoko Ohno
Kazumatsu Ohno
Toshio & Taeko Ohsumi
Jane Oka
Yoshi Oka
Mitsufumi & Rumi Okabe
George Okada
Okada Originals
Kumi Okamoto
Mari Okamura
Sue Okamura
Tets & Nancy Okano
Cynthia Okazaki
Thomas Okazaki
Margo Okazawa-Rey
Zohreh Okuda
Kunio Okui
Shizuko Okuma
Brendan O’Leary
Judy Y. Olive
Harold Omatsu
George Omi
Kiyoko Omi
Ronald K. Omori
Richard On
On Lok Senior Health Services
On the Bridge
Claire & Robert Ong
Ronald Ong
Thelma Ong
Timothy G. Ong
Dennis Oniki
Ken & Kay Onishi
Jon A. Onizuka
Chiyeko Ono
Hiroko Ono
Jerry Ono
Shirley Keiko Ono
Teresa M. Ono
Aiko Onodera
Elizabeth Hiromi Onodera
Jo-Ann Ono-Wong
Asa Y. Ormond
Pat Orr
Cheryl Osada
William & Louise Osada
Yuko Osaka
Kazuye Osaki
Wayne & Sally Osaki
Joan Osato
Dean Oshida
Aiko Oshita
Jane C. Oshita
Yuriko Oshita
Dr. Dean Osumi
Jerry & Eleanor Osumi
S. John Ota
Chiyoko Otagiri
Robbie & Sets Otaguro
Ken Otani
Satoru & Mary Otoshi
Otoshi Plumbing
Andrew Y. Otsuka
Misao Otsuki
Kimihiro Outa
Richard Ow
Byron J. Oyama
Gloria Oyama
Janet T. Oyama
Patricia G. Oyama
Roger Oyama
Susan Oyama
Mike Ozorio
Pacific Commercial Services
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Pacific Leisure Management
Mitsue Paderna
Reiko Pang
Paper Desserts
Paragon Real Estate Group of SF, Inc.
Dr. Harrison Parker Sr.
Parking Concepts, Inc.
Patti Ogden Design
Perfect Limo Service, Inc.
Naomi Peterkin
Philantrophic Ventures Foundation
Physical Therapy Services
Pika Pika
Poleng Lounge
Ira Pollack
Hilary Poon
Pork Store Café
Ruth Posey
Positive Solutions
James Howard Pye
Monica Quattrin
James Queen
Quilt Styles of Hawaii
R. S. Suzuki Jewelers
Ricky E. & Bernice A. Rael
Thomson Reuters
Chieko Reyes
Kathy Reyes
Richie’s Wholesale Florist
Richmond Country Club
Helen Ripple
RM Creations
Rockridge Optometry
Sachiko Rodriguez
Hadley & Susie Roff
Ron Wong and Associates
Terry Rosenstock
Paul Rosentiel & Jan Masaoka
Nancy H. Rubin & Jimmy Loyce
S.F. Automatic Transmission Center
Safeway, Inc.
Irene Y. Saiki
Fumiko Saito
Ryo Saito
Warren Saito
Robert Sakai
Emyko Sakakura
Kiyoshi Sakakura
David Sakamoto
Hiroshi V. Sakamoto
James Sakamoto
Tsuneko Sakamoto
Etsuko Sakimura
Joe & Takaye Sako
Margine Sako & Brad Heinzen
Giichi Sakurai
Mike Sakurai
San Francisco Bay CCC
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
San Francisco Drakes
San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798
San Francisco Giants
San Francisco Nisei Fishing Club
Elsie Sano
Sanppo Restaurant
Dorothy Santo
Hideki Sasa
David & Cindi H. Sasaki
George & Doris Sasaki
Haruko Sue Sasaki
Irvin K. Sasaki
Tomiko Sasaki
Amy Sato
Dennis & Susie Sato
Dora Sato
Edward & Joanne Sato
Helen K. & Kenneth K. Sato
Noriko Sato
Wayne Sato
Yone & Daisy Satoda
Joyce A. Satow
Satsuki-kai, Inc.
Kazuyo Sawamura
Hans Schilling
Schools of the Sacred Heart
Barbara Schultheis
Henry Scott
Delphia Scully
Nathan Segal
Albert & Sharon R. Seid
Sam & Yuki Seiki
Sim & Sue Seiki
Kikuyo Sekino
Self-Help for the Elderly
Eileen Sera
Walter & Harumi Serata
Sew Asian
SF Asian Peace Officers Association
SF Brannan St. Wholesale
SFDSA Project Funds
John & Pamela Shannon
Moira Shek
Fumio Shibata
Jason Shibata
Tosh & Alice Shibata
David T. Shida
Hiroko Shida
Roy & Rosemary Shigematsu
Randy & Linda Shigio
Hsueh Shima
Ross Shimabukuro
Chizu Shimada
Shimada Styles
Amy Shimamoto
Hiko & Susan Shimamoto
Dale F. Shimasaki
Fred F. & Ellen Shimasaki
Gary Shimasaki
Alice Shimazu
Esau Shimizu
George T. Shimizu
Hiroshi & Susanna Shimizu
Misao Shimoda
Masako Shimomura
Doug Shimosaka
Dr. Dennis Shinbori
Jonathan Shindo
Richard T. & Elene K. Shindo
Hiroshi Shinsato
David & Eliza Shintaku
Richard & Georgette Shintaku
Yasuko Shintaku
Yone Shintaku
Shig & Hisako Shinzai
Etsuko Shioya
Emi Miyoshi- Shiraki
Takeo & Maye Shirasawa
Joe Shiro
Shiro Designs
Siena Global Designs
Siena Hotel Spa & Casino
Silver Fox Cleaners
Silver Legacy
Lawrence Simi
Lillian Kwok Sing
H. Marcia Smolens
Kathleen M. Smookler
Keiko Snelgrove
Solem & Associates
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Daisy L. Soo Hoo
James Soohoo
Jim & Kayoko Sorensen
Southwest Airlines
Sozo LLC
Spinner Mortgage
Annie Spivack
Stanford Court
Glenn Stansbury
Starbucks Coffee Company
Edwin Stephens
William Stipinovich
Strategic Education Services
Cynthia Strong
Studio One
Shiro & Annie Suenaga
Karlyn Sugai
Larry Sugimoto
Norma Sugiyama
Osamu & Karen Sugiyama
Shigeki J. & Kimiko Sugiyama
Hajime Sujishi
Ted & Jean Sujishi
Marshall M. & Misako Sumida
Sue Sumida
Tats & Yoko Sumida
Sumofish Tshirts
Andrew Sun & Alicia Wang
Sundance Cinemas
Sundance Kabuki Kitchen
Michael Surles
Marumi Suyeyasu
Harry & Lorraine Suzuki
Hiroko Suzuki
Joan T. Suzuki
Kayo Suzuki
Seiji & Nancy Suzuki
Setsuko Suzuki
Victor Suzuki
Tom & Marilyn Swartz
Sweetwater Valley Ranch
DBA Asian Pair
Toyoko Swingle
T. Okamoto & Co.
Michael & Marsha Taam
Paul J. Tabacco
Michiyo Tada
Glen & Ryoko Tadakuma
Takashi & Fumiko Tagawa
Harry Tajima
Gilbert Takahashi
Julie Takahashi
Katy Takahashi
Rita Takahashi
Teruko & Yoshi Takahashi
Darin Takakura
Donald & Sandra Takakura
Susan Takamoto
Judy Takano
Shig & Chiyo Takao
George & Gerry Takaoka
Fumiko Takashi
Rui Takashima
Irene Takasuka
Vernon Takasuka
Julie Takata
Wayne Takata
George T. & Rosalind Takeda
Kyoko Takeda
Russell & Linda Takei
Amy Takemoto
Joel Takemoto
Ko & Hisako Takemoto
Lillian Amy Takemoto & Kenneth Wu
Rodney M. Takemoto
George & Mitsue Takenami
Atsuko D. Takeshita
Chie Takeshita
Hideko Takeshita
Sumako Helen Takeshita
Laura Takeuchi
Patricia F. Takeya
Reiko Takushi
Tony Tam
Kiyoko Tamaki
Steven K. Tamaki
Tamano & Chaw Residential Design
Yoshiko Tamashiko
H.H. Tamura
Sam & Celeste Tamura
Frank & Edith Tanaka
Dr. John Tanaka
Marilyn & Roger Tanaka
Misae Tanaka
Mitoko Tanaka
Richard Y. & Betty M. Tanaka
Shigeko Tanaka
Violet Tanaka
Brian Y. Taniguchi
Gary & Mayumi Tanimura
Ted & Susan Tanisawa
Michiko Tashiro
Clint Taura
Dennis H. Taya
Teikuro Corp.
Ten Speed Press
Karen Terada
George & Amy Teragawa
Takatoshi & Minako Terahira
Silvie Thang
The Hard Wear Store
The Nakahara Accountancy Corp.
The San Francisco Foundation
Mike Thomas
Thousand Cranes Pharmacy
3D Investments, LLC
Tilden Park Golf Course
Kaoru Corkie Toba
Tobi’s Creations
Ikuko K. Toizumi
Donna Tojo
Mary Toki
Hiro Tokubo
Wendy Tokuda
Marilyn Suzu Tokunaga
Mary Tom
Tokiko Tom
Louis & Janet H. Tomimatsu
Clayton Tominaga
James & Jean Tominaga
Matthew Tominaga
Grant T. Tomioka
Kirk & Lyn Tomioka
The late Nancy Tomioka
Art & Tomie Tomita
Kenji & Mary Tomita
Yae Tondo
Alicia & Millard Tong
Elaine & Steve Tong
Toot Sweets
Robert Toriyama
Taro Toya
Alicia Toyooka
Charlie Toyooka
Alison C. Treaner
True Charisma
Herbert & Stephanie Tsang
Helena Tseng
Pat Tseng
Chiyeko Tsuchitani
Hideko Tsuchiya
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Yuen Ming Tsui
Daisy Tsujimoto
Sumiko Tsujimoto
Joanne Tsujisaka & Doris Uyeda
Stan & Kiko Tsujisaka
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Gary & Leslie Tsukamoto
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Will & Myrna Tsukamoto
Dr. Himeo Tsumori
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Two Lulus
Mary S. Twomey & Carol Yaggy
Ubisoft Entertainment
Dennis & Josephine Ubungen
Hideo S. Uchiyama
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Gloria E. Uejima
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John H. Umemoto
Union Bank
Uoki K. Sakai Co.
Neill & Janice Urano
Masaji G. & Hiroko Uratsu
Akiko Ushijima
James & Lillie Ushijima
Tokiko Ushijima
Gary & Camella Joo Uyeda
Ken T. & Darlene T. Uyeda
Sachiye & Terry Uyemoto
Dr. & Mrs. Ted & Aileen Uyemoto
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Villa Romana Restaurant
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Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop
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Dr. Scott Yokoi & Dr. Suzanne Ishii
David A. Yokoyama & Michelle C.
Eddie Yokoyama
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Yoneo Yoshimura
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Yume Glass Art
Hwa S. Yun
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Mesfin Zaid
Hideko Zidek
Kimochi, Inc.: Continuing Generations Of Caring
generation Japanese Americans) were unable to take advantage of
mainstream social services. In response, the Sansei volunteers began
looking for ways to assist the older generation, and Kimochi, Inc.
was born. Today, Kimochi, Inc. provides care and support to more
than 3,000 seniors and their families throughout San Francisco.
Since 1971, Kimochi, Inc. has developed and promoted an
intergenerational philosophy of care for seniors and families. The
word “kimochi” means “feelings” in Japanese. For our organization
it refers to our feelings for our older generations. We began when
a few Sansei (third generation Japanese Americans) realized that
because of language and cultural barriers, many elderly Issei (first
1715 Buchanan, San Francisco, CA 94115 • Administration: (415) 931-2294 • Social Services: (415) 931-2275 • Fax: (415) 931-2299
to help families develop the skills necessary to perform caregiving
Kimochi, Inc. moved to this site in February, 1999. The building is
owned and operated by the agency and houses our administrative
staff. Counseling rooms and the Henri and Tomoye Takahashi
Board/Conference Room are available on-site for staff and agency
use. Anyone interested in volunteering, can come and talk with our
staff and learn about the many volunteer opportunities available
throughout the agency. We have approximately 250 volunteers
assisting us each year in our program areas.
Kimochi joined the Transitional Care Network in 2007 and
collaborates with San Francisco Senior Center and other agencies
in the partnership to coordinate Homecoming Services for seniors.
The program targets isolated seniors who are being discharged from
acute care hospitals who could benefit from more communitybased care and support as they transition home.
Club Nikkei
Club Nikkei is a new membership based program for targeted
seniors in our community. It is designed to outreach and attract
healthy, independent seniors who are interested in joining a group
for exciting overnight trips, dinners, and activities. Staff plans
quarterly calendars and all transportation for excursions is provided
by our transportation program. We have added this important
service to provide more fun social and recreational opportunities
for our seniors to enjoy.
Social Services Program
Kimochi’s Social Services program offers a variety of support
services for seniors, their families, and friends. Social workers and
case managers are on staff to provide Japanese and Korean language
translation, information and referral, naturalization assistance,
counseling, assistance with insurance and government benefits,
seminars and workshops on aging, as well as advocacy for the
elderly. Support groups to address topics on aging are also available.
Social workers also help seniors and families in locating, hiring,
and retaining providers to help with personal care and household
chores. Case management services are also an important part of this
program to help clients and families identify additional resources to
keep seniors at home and independent for as long as possible. This
is a fee-for-service program.
Home Safety Service
Partially supported by a grant from the Asian Pacific Fund, Kimochi
now offers a home safety program for senior homeowners and
renters in San Francisco. Staff conducts home safety assessments
and helps seniors identify potential and existing safety issues that
could compromise their ability to live safely and comfortably at
home. Staff can assist and provide smoke detectors, stair strips,
and other items free of charge. We have also compiled a referral
list of contractors, electricians, and plumbers who can help seniors
in maintaining and repairing their homes. Let us assist you in
remaining at home and independent!
The program also provides Family Caregiver Support Services.
This service targets spouses, siblings, and children who are actively
involved in caring for a senior and provides them with counseling
services, family caregiver support groups, assistance with hiring
caregivers to help the family, and 24 hour respite care placements.
We also offer family caregiver training in both Japanese and English
1581 Webster Street #202, San Francisco, CA 94115 • Tel: (415) 563-5626 • Fax: (415) 931-2299
The Kimochi Lounge, located within Japan Center, is the agency’s
original site. Seniors come to “the lounge” to catch up on
community news and socialize. The site also houses a book and
video library where seniors can check out materials for free. In
2007, a new senior information and resource section was added to
have important health, safety, nutrition, and caregiving resources
available for seniors and families. In July 2009, we opened the lounge
for seniors and families on Saturdays. Please drop by and visit!
1840 Sutter Street, #101, San Francisco, CA 94115 • Tel: (415) 931-2287 • Fax: (415) 931-2299
(Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California – JCCCNC)
A nutritious well-balanced Japanese style hot lunch is provided
5 days a week. Any senior 60 years of age or older is welcome. A
five week menu is produced by staff, and our nutritionist ensures
each meal is healthy, nutritionally well-balanced and adequately
proportioned for seniors. An average of 300 meals is served daily.
Senior Center
In addition to enjoying lunch at the nutrition program, seniors
are encouraged to participate in activities at the center. Staff and
volunteers plan and offer a variety of activities on a monthly basis.
We have morning exercise classes, a ceramics class, group singing
classes, Hawaiian dance, odori, bingo, arts and crafts, Qi Gong, day
trips, and overnight trips.
Home Delivery Program
Individuals who are physically unable to travel to the nutrition site
due to a disability, illness, or recent hospital discharge, can receive
hot meals at their homes. Approximately 120 lunches are delivered
to homebound seniors living in Japantown, the Western Addition,
Sunset, and Richmond districts of San Francisco.
The transportation program offers seniors the opportunity to
use safe and reliable door-to-door van services which help them
maintain a connection with their community and friends. Group
rides are provided to and from seniors’ homes to the nutrition site,
Kimochi Home, and Japantown. Cemetery trips, senior center trips,
grocery trips, and medical trips are also provided.
KIMOCHI HOME - Home of Healthy Attitudes
1531 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 • Tel: (415) 922-9972 • Fax: (415) 922-6821
Adult Social Day Care Program (License # 380504138)
This is a program licensed by the State of California to provide
seniors with a schedule of social and recreational activities. Staff
trained in programming and providing services to seniors requiring
social, emotional and physical support develop a monthly activity
calendar which includes daily exercise, lunch, singing, bingo, video
viewing, trips, and special cultural and intergenerational activities.
Seniors are safe, active and entertained while families receive respite
from caregiving responsibilities.
provide 24 hour care to ambulatory seniors. It has the capacity
to house up to 20 seniors in either single or shared rooms. They
receive supervised, non-medical care and assistance with activities
of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and taking medications.
Regular assessments are conducted by staff to determine each
senior’s personal care and daily living needs.
Respite care is 24 hour care for seniors in need of short term
placements. Temporary stays are available for seniors needing a
place after a hospital discharge, when family is out of town or in
need of respite, and for seniors interested in potential long term
placement as a resident.
Residential/Respite Care (License # 380504099)
The residential program is licensed by the State of California to
Roy H. Ikeda,
Mark Moriguchi,
Lowell Kimura
Richard J. Moore, M.D.
Silvie Thang
Ellen Kiyomizu
Ayako Nagano
Michael Yamaguchi
Thomas T. Ogawa,
D.D.S., Vice Chairperson
Paul Chin
Bonnie Manning
Benh Nakajo
Jane Yura
Shoji Horikoshi
Gary S. Mizono, M.D.
Hiroshi Shimizu
Mary Ishisaki, Secretary
Please visit our website at www.kimochi-inc.org for more information about our various programs and services.
If you would like to be on our mailing list, please contact Kimochi at (415) 931-2294 or [email protected]
1715 Buchanan Street • San Francisco, CA 94115
The Event Center
at St. Mary’s Cathedral
1111 Gough Street
S.F., CA 94109
March 27, 2010
Conveniently located at the
corner of Gough St. & Geary
Blvd., walking distance from
Japantown. Free Kimochi
Shuttle Service to/from
Japantown. Pick-up/drop-off
at Peace Plaza on Post St.
Kimochi has been offered a new and exciting fundraising opportunity
by KTSF, Channel 26! Look for us on KTSF during our first
fundraising telethon on Saturday, March 27, 2010, from 4 p.m. - 5:30
p.m. The telethon will be hosted by Ken Kashiwahara, an Emmy
award winning, retired ABC news correspondent. As one of the first
prominent Asian American national news correspondents, Ken was a
role model for other Asian Americans establishing themselves in the
news business.
Sponsors: Pacific Gas & Electric
Company • AsianWeek Foundation
• Direct Sign Outlet • Paper Tree •
Japan Center Garage Corporation
(Participants as of 10/26/09): A Hui Hou, Alaina Shiu Designs, Asian Gift Designs, Asian
Pair, Baskets by Shizu, BeDezine, Chic Moderne, Chickie Babies Crafts, Chizu’s Creations,
Classic Hawaiian Designs, Collette C. Kondo, Creative Accents, Creative Alternatives, Cynthia
Sasaki Designs, Dardie Ishida, Donna Tojo, Ellen Nakai & Friends, Enter The Stillness Arts,
Fabrications, Fancy Four Paws, Fat Rabbit Farm, Four Yams, Golden Gate Artists, Graceful
Crystals, Hanko Designs, HomieWear4Dogs, InCharacter Asian Calligraphy, Island Cloud,
Island Designs, J. Sugihara, JCCCNC, Jeannine Calcagno Niehaus, Jentka & Deanna’s
Designs, Jerome Espiritu, Jewels by Joanne, Kadozen, Kam Ng, Kathy Yoshihara Design,
Kawaii Kreations, Kayoko Designs, Kimochi Arts & Crafts, Kimochi Ceramics, Lanna’s Crafts,
Laura Takeuchi & Lynn Nihei, Leslie Designs , Little Buddha Baby, MAC Knife, Inc., Made
In Hawaii.com, Mari & Me, Marian Wong Design, Mariko III, Melinda Mae, Mendy Marks,
Mignon, Miko Dolls, Mingei Company, Nancy Funk Ceramics, Nikonina, Nishimura Designs,
Okada Originals, Paper Desserts, Patricia Jeong, Petal Attraction, Pigs Fly, Quilt Styles of
Hawaii, Randall Enterprises, LLC, RM Creations, Senses & Scents, Sente, Sew Asian, Shimada
Styles, Shirley Nishikawa, Shiro Designs, Siena Global Designs, Sumofish, T. More Creations,
TLC Quilting, Tobi Creations, Tomodachi8, Two Lulus, Waka, WWW Crafts, Yume Glass Art
The telethon will include a Japanese-themed show, interspersed with
brief segments, produced by Kimochi, highlighting Kimochi Home,
the Nutrition Program, Home Meal Delivery/Transportation, Social
Services, Board Members, corporate sponsors and entertainment.
Video of various programs will be taped by Susie Willemsz-Geeroms
and her team at Hedgehog Films.
This is an excellent opportunity for Kimochi to raise money by
reaching out to a broad Asian Pacific Islander audience and showcase
the many services available to the community! It’s also a great venue
for our corporate sponsors to gain visibility and show their support for
Kimochi. If you have any questions or want to know more about the
telethon, please contact Steve Nakajo at (415) 931-2294 or [email protected]
kimochi-inc.org or Linda Omori at [email protected]
©2009 Kimochi, Inc. All rights reserved. • Designed and Produced by NDD Creative.

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