Dock Lines 12 - December 2014



Dock Lines 12 - December 2014
“For a Better Marina”
Volume 13 Issue 12
From the Dockmaster:
Hello Folks. We again hope that
all of You had an enjoyable
Thanksgiving Holiday and wish
You all a Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year celebrations as
well. We always look forward to
having our Snowbird population
of friends back with us again!
Beautiful fall weather is here
after a nice mild summer, so like
last year, we may just have a
perfect year with a great winter
Your Dockmaster
as well. Thank You all for your
Leif Lustig
flexibility in accommodating the
important annual Boat Show and
its change of access arrangements.
The welcome back party in November was a lot of fun,
even with the frigid temps and gusty winds which
drove us inside the store. How about another party?
The next one will be on December 17th, but we will try
having it earlier at 4pm in front of the store. Pot luck,
burgers and dogs, BYOB and we’ll have another nice
time together. If anyone wants to play an instrument
for some background music, please let us know.
Thank You all for choosing
this marina!
Storm Preparedness
Keep an eye out for the cold
fronts as their winds can
occasionally be pretty rough.
Keep the lines doubled if
staying in the slip for a while.
December 2014
Bicycle thefts are less frequent, but continue to
occur. Thank You for properly securing your bikes and
keeping an eye on them. Please help by reporting any
suspicious activity to FMPD directly at 321-7700, or
contact the office at 321-7080. The EMERGENCY
number is still 911. You are also asked to call Your
Dockmaster Leif at 707-5316 so that Your concerns
can be known and dealt with.
All bicycles should be secured by appropriate chain or
braided cable, 3/8” diameter or larger with a
hardened heavy duty lock and with the cable run
through the frame, both wheels and a bike-rack or
Your vessels hardware. A photograph of Your bike and
the serial number should be recorded and a copy kept
in the marina office. The serial number is located
under the pedal hub.
Good Neighbor Practices
Please clean out the dock carts after you have
finished using them and bring them back to the
marina office for the next Customer. Keep control
of Your pets and clean up after them. There is a dog
waste bag station to the south of Your Lee Street
parking lot. Please do not disturb other Customers by
smoking in the restrooms and laundry area, and help us
all out by disposing Your cigarette butts in the
receptacles around the marina office.
Thank You for respecting your marina and thinking of
Key West Express
Remember the best way to Key West is—
Key West Express—1-888-539-2628
Pumpout Equipment
$180.00/100' at Grainger,
Metro Pkwy.
1.5" male quick-connect hose
barb $8.50, 1.5" female quick
-connect hose barb $16.00 at
Keco, 1-800-900-pump.
City of Fort Myers Yacht Basin
Dock Lines
Hose valve (requires two male thread to hose barb fittings)
$24.15 at Chemical Containers, 1-800-346-7867.
1.5" and 1.25", male thread to 1.5” male quick connect deck
fittings @ $10.00 are available at the marinas ship’s store.
Universal deck fitting (tapered rubber to male quick connect)
$40.00 at Keco.
Welcome Back Party
(I think one of our beloved Snowbirds
brought the chilly weather ! Just saying.)
Quote of the Month:
Listen to the wind, it talks.
Listen to the silence, it speaks.
Listen to your heart, it knows.
—Native American Proverb
Local Events
Farmers’ Market, Under the Bridge,
1st Friday of every month is Art Walk Night, 6—10pm, Shops,
Galleries & After Party @ The Royal Palm Hotel,
continues Saturday 12—4pm
3rd Friday of every month is Music Walk, 7pm—12am
4th Saturday of every month is Downtown Car Cruise-Ins
featuring classic cars of all ages, 5—8pm
Every Tuesday night it’s karaoke @ the Hideaway Sports Bar
Friday Night Live Concert Series in the historic downtown
River District's Patio de Leon, 6pm
Florida Repertory Theater: New Season starts—
Jan 9—28 One Slight Hitch, a zany, new, romantic comedy by
Lewis Black (adult language)
Visit our own web site:
Contact us via email:
[email protected]
Call us to make a reservation:
(239) 321-7080
We monitor VHF Channel 16
As always, thank you for docking with us!

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