June 2012


June 2012
Issue 1, March 2012
June 2012
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SaltekN einw IBA
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SALTEK in IBA 2012
SALTEK’s Specialized Bakery
Did You Know That?
Why Choose SALTEK?
miniSMART Line
SALTEK representing European
Bread & Pastry Machineries
The countdown for one of the most important fairs in the bakery
world has already started!
IBA 2012 is approaching and preparations have already taken place at
As its 3 rd active contribution in IBA, SALTEK strives this year also
to prove its triumphant and successful participation in this fair. With an
area of 88 sqm, the attractive booth of SALTEK will exhibit its newly
invented fully automated pita bread production line of miniSMART®.
As already informed to you in our previous E-Letters, the
miniSMART® line is a fully automated line of 3.98 meters long only
which produces 500 pita/hour for loaf diameter 100 – 280 mm and
replaces the commonly used technology of cross sheeting method
with the one called unidirectional sheeting system.
Do not miss this opportunity to see miniSMART® line live in our
booth during IBA 2012 fair in Germany from September 16 th to 21 st at
SALTEK’s booth A2.500.
March 2012
SALTEK’s SpecializedI Bakery
ssue 1, March 2012
Beside our various Arabic Pita bread lines, we do also specialize in the
production of a variety of machineries for pies, manakish, pizza, lahmajun,
small pita bread etc...
Suitable for bakeries, restaurants, snacks and ideal for baking oriental pies
such as manakish, pizza, lahmajun, small pita bread..
Different rustic or modern decorative profiles exist.
Cladding of combined stainless steel and ceramic
tiles on the outer body gives an
astonishing appearance of the oven.
Cladding of beaten copper on the
face of the oven and putting bakery’s logo.
The floor of the oven inside the
baking chamber can be either of steel
or stone.
The ceiling of the oven inside the baking chamber can
be either of refractory brick or steel
The oven is totally insulated using rockwool, fiber
ceramic and salt
The gas burners of the oven can work using natural
gas, LPG (Low pressure gas), propane or butane
Electrical ignition of burners
Safety features on gas burners
The flour-sieving machine is suitable for industrial
bakeries and canteen kitchen.
It is used to separate the impurities from the flour
before mixing and kneading processes.
The flour once sieved, is poured into the bowl of
the mixer.
Aesthetic finishing and a convenient
filling height in order to apply on any
brand or size of mixer.
Stainless steel covers
Locking option on rear wheels
March 2012
Did You Know
Issue 1, March 2012
Why Choose SALTEK?
Most Arabic bread is made from a simple formula consisting of
only the essential ingredients: wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast.
These are referred as the major ingredients.
Other materials such as sugar, oils or improving agents may also
be included. These are referred as additional ingredients.
In this issue of our E-LETTER, we will cover the role of water in
determining the best suited for the production of Arabic bread:
Water is essential for the formation of dough, and has an important
role in some of the major changes that take place during the production of bread. Moisture content of bread is essential to its character,
contributing to its softness, flexibility and crumb texture..
Water hardness which is water that has high mineral content (in
contrast to “soft water”) is caused by calcium and magnesium salts:
Medium hardness up to approximately 150ppm as CaC03 ( calcium
carbonate ) is desirable for bread making as the calcium improves
dough properties.
Water which is low in calcium and magnesium salts may reduce
water absorption and result in sticky doughs.
The quality considerations applicable to water as an ingredient of
bread are similar to those applied to drinking water. It should not
contain harmful bacteria and should be free from objectionable
odour, flavour, and colour.
Saltek is ISO: 9001:2008 certified company, for Quality Management
In our choice of raw materials and components, we carefully take into
account conformity to food grade and hygienic standards.
We are in the process of implementing the requirements of the
European Directive under 2006/42/EC (CE Marking) on our products.
Saltek continuously upgrades the design of its products in conformity
with Machinery Safety norms under ISO:12100.
Our machines are durable, built to work nonstop and with minimal
maintenance serving our customers for extensive periods of time.
Prominent and experienced bakers worldwide trust only Saltek lines
because of the distinguished quality of bread that our machines
Through our periodic customer satisfaction surveys, our customers
commend on Saltek’s punctual and effective after sales support of the
maintenance and installation teams.
Saltek’s Latest
N e w sITechnology:
s s&u e E1v, eMna rt csh
miniSMART Line
Since 1978, Saltek is continuously upgrading the design of pita bread
equipments and production lines. Saltek’s miniSMART Line is company’s
latest innovation.
miniSMART Line is the optimal choice for small, medium size
bakeries, restaurants, malls, hotels, residential complexes etc.
Output capacity: 500 loaves/hour
Loaf size: 100-280 mm
New technology called UNIDIRECTIONAL SHEETER replaces the
commonly used cross-sheeting system which enables now the assembly
of the whole line in one unit, one frame and one direction.
Exclusive Representative of European Bread & Pastry Machineries:
SALTEK also supplies European bread machineries as an authorized dealer to the most flourishing multinational
companies including the brands: