presentation - the Friends of Murphy Library


presentation - the Friends of Murphy Library
Make Artisan Bread
at Home
Friends of Murphy Library
Perfect Bread
• The perfect combination of:
Video Clips
Artisan Bread in Minutes per Day
Boules, Batards & Baguettes
Perfect Pizza at Home
Focaccia & Flatbreads
Forming Loaves and Slashing
Online Resources
» Ciril Hitz (Breadhitz)
Lean Bread
• Flour
• Yeast
• Salt
• Water
Flour and Yeast must be fresh
• Unbleached Bread Flour
• Unbleached All Purpose Flour
• Whole Wheat Flour
• Instant Yeast
(Bread Machine yeast)
• Other yeast must be proofed before use
Liquids and Salt
• Use bottled water for consistency
• NOT distilled water!
• Olive Oil, Milk, Eggs or melted butter add
flavor and soften the crumb
• Kosher Salt and Sea Salt add different flavors
to the bread
• Adjust salt to taste; bread very bland with low
or no salt
Hydration & Bakers’ Percentages
• Hydration = Percentage of Liquid ingredients to Flour
Example - recipe has 16 oz flour
66% hydration requires 10.7 oz liquid
75% hydration requires 12 oz liquid
90% hydration requires 14.4 oz liquid
• Calculations easier with metric measurements!
Why weigh ingredients?
• Weight of flour does not convert consistently to
volume equivalents (cups) depending on how cups
are filled and type of flour
• Example: 16 oz flour may be equivalent to between
3 ¼ and 4 cups, depending on how tightly packed
into the cup
• Weighing also saves on washing measuring cups!
Recipes are only GUIDES
• Try to follow a new recipe exactly the first time
• Get to know how the dough looks and feels at
each stage
• Critique the final product and make adjustments
for different ingredients and personal taste the
next time
• Adjust for humidity, room temperature, elevation
My Master Recipe
–16 oz unbleached bread flour
–12 oz water (75% hydration)
–1 teaspoon salt
–1 teaspoon yeast
• Mix all together until combined, let sit for 30
minutes, then stretch and fold once
• Let rise for 2 hours, refrigerate in oiled container up
to 3 days
On Baking Day
• Transfer dough to lightly floured surface, divide as
• Form into final shape on parchment, let sit for 1 hour
• At 30 minutes, preheat oven to 450⁰ F
• Just before placing in oven, slash tops of loaves
• Optional - add steam to oven
• Bake for 25 minutes or until done (200⁰ internal
temp or hollow sound when tapped)
Variations are endless!
– Olive Oil & Rosemary
– Whole Wheat
– Oatmeal & Honey
– Pizza
– Focaccia
– Rolls & Buns
– Flatbreads (Pita, Naan)
On a Budget?
Digital Scale
from $10 at many stores
Measuring Cup and Spoons
Under $10 at many stores
Mixing Bowl
from $10 at many stores
Storage Container (6 Qt)
$30 for 2 @ Amazon (with covers)
Dough Scrapers
$2 - $15 at Restaurant Supply stores
Parchment Paper/Baking Sheet
$20 for 100 half sheets 16”x12”
Oven Gloves
Cooling Rack
For the Serious Baker and Gadget Freak
Stand Mixer from $180
KitchenAid Stand Mixer
Bosch Compact Mixer
Bosch Universal Mixer $400
Ankarsrum Stand Mixer $800
(Electrolux DLX, Assistent, Verona, Magic Mill)
Danish Whisk
from $7 at many stores
Proofing Baskets/Couche
Bread Lame
from $6 at specialty stores
Covered Dutch Oven
from $20
Pizza Peel
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Baking Stone or Steel
from $30 at many stores
Baking Pans
Silicon Baking Mats
Ingredients are cheap, recipes adapt to your schedule…