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113861 Brochure.indd - Vail Fine Art Gallery
Friday and Saturday, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Colorado Impressionist
Beautiful Mountain and European Landscapes and Still Life
Angela Mia
De la Vega
February 14 and 15, 2014
Friday and Saturday, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Chance Hays
March 28 and 29, 2014
Friday and Saturday, 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Back for another season with Vail Fine Art!
Western Abstract Expressionist Artist and Pro-Rodeo Cowboy
“Alley” ~ Vassiliy P. Kossenkov - Oil on Canvas - 31.5” x 27.5”
David Jackson
Oil On Canvas - 36” x 48”
Extraordinary Bronze Figurative Sculptor,
Capturing the Fleeting Moments of Childhood
“September Sunshine”
“Equious” ~ Oil on Canvas - 36” x 48”
January 31 and February 1, 2014
Return Service Requested
Bronze, ED/45
21.5”H x 11” x 9”
Also available
Museum Quality Fine Art
Post Office Box 1953
Edwards, Colorado 81632
“The Clearing” ~ Acrylic on Canvas - 24” x 24”
Vail Fine Art
Gallery, Inc.
Vail Fine Art Gallery, Inc.
Winter Artist Receptions
We Warmly Invite you
to Meet These Collectible Artists
Winter 2013-2014
These artists and more
are available through
our galleries:
“Sudden Command”
“Premiere Neige”
“A Spring Road”, 1978
Richard Riverin
Oil on Canvas - 24” x 30”
Robert Hagan
Oil On Canvas - 30” x 50”
Vladimir Pavlovich Krantz
Oil On Panel - 15 3/8” x 19 ½”
Arbe l Henry Asencio l Alvar l Ardissone
“Portrait Of A Girl”, C. 1955
Alexander Maksimenko
Oil On Panel - 15.25” x 11.5”
“Winter Landscape”, 1966
Howard Behrens l Ovanes Berberian l
Graciela Rodo Boulanger l Joseph Brown
Nikolai Timkov
Oil On Canvas - 18.75” x 24”
Michael Atkinson l Petr A. Basanets l
Soon Ju Choi l Dali’ l
Dubord l Martin Eichinger l Eyvind Earle
Michael Flohr l Caroll Forseth l R.C. Gorman
“Le Gueridon”, 1996
Marcel Mouly, 1918 - 1/7/2008
Oil on Canvas - 45.5” x 35”
“The Touch”
Yuri Yuroz - Bronze, ED/ 49 - 27” H
Siri Hollander l Bradley Chance Hays l
Robert Hagan l David Jackson l Nile Jade
Siri Hollander - Bronze ED/12 - 68”
Berc Ketchian l Mark King l Vassiliy
P. Kossenkov l Vladimir Krantz l Aldo
Luongo l Sam Park l Piccasso l Pissarro
“Beauty Of First Snow”
Vladimir Pentjuh
Oil On Canvas - 48” x 36”
Dear Collectors and Friends of the Arts:
Here in the Rockies the snow has begun to fly! The
higher peaks are covered in glistening white and we
can’t wait for the next storm to come our way.
We’re eagerly anticipating a major Winter of skiing,
fine dining, and above all, art collecting. In the beautiful
Rockies we call home, the spectacular views have
been well captured by several of our best artists who
have spent hours out in the cold getting just the right
color and composition to capture a major memory for
your home. What makes some of these lovely artworks
even better is that snow and blue skies are all around.
This makes for a very colorful contrast of white snow
against a brilliant blue sky, all on one canvas.
You will be delighted to see these fabulous new works.
Also, I have pulled out some very special pieces
from my archives, painted by some of Russia’s finest
painters. These are master painters who have had great
success in every art market in the world. Look for
magnificent blends of color, immediacy of brush stroke,
and a very pleasing composition. I am bringing in three
very collectable new artists for the winter as well as
everyone’s favorite Cowboy artist Chance Hays. He
will be here painting in the gallery each week and has
had fabulous success in his first season with us. He is a
fine artist and a great personality, so be sure to come in
and meet him.
I’m looking forward to personally visiting with each of
you, please stop by my flagship gallery in Vail and have
a smooth cup of tea or coffee with me and we’ll catch
up together!
Family l Dmitri Maevsky l Makk Family l
Vladimir Nasonov l Alexandra Nechita l
Henry Ramirez, Jr. l Renoir l Martin Roberts
Michael Rozenvain l David Schluss l
James G. Tylich
Owner, Vail Fine Art Galleries
Jane Seymour l Victor Shvaiko l Vladimir I.
Singaevsky l Nicolai Timkov l Kraig Varner
“Alpen Glow, Baldy”
“Winter Day II”, 1973 ~
Fedor Zakharov - Oil on Canvas - 27.5” x 30.25”
Caroll Forseth
Oil On Canvas - 36” x 36”
“Construction Worker”, C. 1968
Valentin Stupin, 1911Oil On Canvas - 39.5” x 27.5”
Jose Miret Vasallo l Angela Mia De la
Vega l Michal Zaborowski l Fedor Zakharov
Gallery Owner, Jim Tylich, traveling abroad and
finding beautiful artworks for our collectors.

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