we mean business.


we mean business.
How a test run at Schaefer’s Hobby Shop
proved Make ‘n Take’s huge potential —
"We had kids lined up!"
Art Schaefer — Owner of
Schaefer’s Hobby Shop and
President of the National Retail
Hobby Stores Association
(NRHSA) — knew that Revell
National Make ‘n Take Day was
a great idea for his own St. Louis,
Missouri, store. An unadvertised
test two weeks before the March
8 event proved him correct.
Art considers future business
created from the activity well
worth his effort. “A Boy Scout
leader asked if he could bring
his entire troop in for a building
“I put my 13-year-old
son in charge,” he says. “We
used Revell’s model of the
movie Camaro. And
before we could
even get the table
ready, kids were
lining up!”
His Make ‘n
Take preview
was a hit with
grownups, too.
“The model took
about 30 minutes to
complete. That gave
parents some time
to shop without
worrying about the
session. I said it would cost them
$3 per kit. His response? No
Other Revell models in the
Make ‘n Take program — the
Stealth fighter and Apache
helicopter, for example — have
Art already thinking ahead about
more ways to capitalize on its
“Every hobby shop needs
an activity center,” he explains.
“Consistent activities
draw attention, build
interest and create
excitement that
leads to more sales
opportunities. It only
makes sense to set aside
one Saturday a month
for a plastic model
Any more advice? “If
you’re not signed up for
Make ‘n Take,” Art says,
“give it a try!”
We Mean Business.
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